August 13 2014

Removing Soundcloud syndication!

I am removing the Soundcloud syndication of podcasts.

The limited amount of space for a free account creates more work to rotate our pod-casts in addition to the already additional work needed to add them in the first place.

I don’t believe anyone is using Soudcloud for these podcasts! It is probably good to have from a marketing standpoint, but that’s about it!

In the event anyone ever want’s us on soundcloud and is willing to cover the costs for an account OR wants to request I run a fundraiser for it due to a perceived interest, I could re-visit it at that time. I think right now though its not an added benefit and just creates more work so killing it!

The account will remain active with an intro piece though!

Echoes from the Caverns’s stream on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Theater Masks

August 13 2014

Introductory post by Asclepius

Hello everyone, Asclepius here with a short introductory post. Recently I joined the Caverns as part of the news team with Lord Baldrith. Since then the volume of fan fiction work sent in by the community has increased dramatically, to the point where Lord Baldrith can’t handle all the work on his own. I have been asked to come on board and voice some podcasts as well.

This post serves two purposes; firstly to let you know that there may be another voice bringing your creations to the wider community, and secondly if you can see and hear this, then I’ve mastered the trick of posting the podcasts to the Caverns site!

We do have a bit of a backlog at present, but we will try to clear it as fast as we can. In spite of that, we still want to bring as many original creations to the community as possible, so don’t stop posting.

Echoes…Echoes…echoes from the caverns was brought to you by Lord Baldrith, Asclepius and Sir Stile Teckel. Do you have a piece you would like us to read? Please contact us at, or

News Team logo with moon

August 12 2014

Indi Martin and William O Billman II to Guest Star on weekly newspodcast 8/15/14!

Indi Martin and William O Billman II have agreed to do a guest spot on the weekly news podcast on 8/15/14! So be sure to listen to this podcast after it airs and join in with Lord Baldrith and Asclepius after they cover the last weeks worth of Shroud of the Avatar followed by an interview of our special guests! A special thank you to both of them for agreeing to come on the show.

If your not familiar with the Newscast by now, then head over to the website and read up on it!

Calendar – Echoes from the Cavern.

If your not familiar with our guests.. I have to ask – Do you read ANY of my stuff??? Currently making a Geo-caching card game, Creating Shroud of the Avatar Geo-caches, Graphic novels, Novels, Comic Books, and custom artwork – OH MY!! Busy people!!! Do a search on them at my site and you’ll find out plenty!

Now this is just pure coincidence as far as timing goes. I recently hired Indi to do a Custom Character Portrait for me of Stile Teckel. I did an article over on my site not to long ago about her being the best go to place for Character portraits for us Shroud of the Avatar backers! I also gave you a link to one Sir Frank commissioned.. I don’t like to talk the talk but also do what I say, and so I commissioned one as well! Check it out and be sure to check out their other work!

(15) Tortoise & Hare Creations.

Stile Teckel Final

August 10 2014

We need a voice actor – that can pull” Loud booming and evil”

We need YOU

We are working on a really large podcast for some fan fiction. Currently we are in need of someone that can do a voice that is evil sounding, and loud booming.

This is NOT a processional gig! Were not professionals and were working with a LOT of people. Its a “just do the best you can” gig. If you think you can even somewhat pull off a voice like that, then we can use you.

Do NOT offer to help us out unless you will be able to do it for us withing a timely manner (A week?). We are already replacing many people who have as long ago as two months ago offered to do voices and we still do not have their lines. At this point we would like to finish this podcast and get it out to the community and its going to take time to put it together and publish it!!

So anyone that offers to help, needs to be earnest in they will do so within a reasonable time line please!

You really don’t have THAT much to do. You can use whatever recording software you have. If you need something you can download audacity which is free and only takes a moment to install.

We send you the story with your lines highlighted to make it easy for you!!! You use whatever mic you would normally use (A headset is ok!). We will edit out background hiss and things like that – just please try not to have background noises when you record (TV, kids screaming, dogs, these are things wed like you to avoid).

Then press “Record” on audacity, and read your lines!! Try to capture the mood as best as you can and such. Aim for that evil loud booming aspect!!! Put a bit of a pause between each line to make it easier for Lord Baldrith to cut them out and edit them into the producing.

Save the file and arrange to send it to me. THATS ALL!!!!!


  • Its fun
  • You are participating in a project that involves a lot of community members
  • you will be heard by many!
  • You will be listed in the cast credits!
  • You will be listed as a member of The New Britannia Theater troupe! (Like the actors guild of real life, if you participate one time, in any production, you are a member!)

Please contact me if you can help!!!

Don’t have a loud booming evil voice but want to do stuff like this? WE may have some other voices we need for this production (but maybe not, were wrapping up the last of them). But even so – we will do other stuff we can use voice actors for on a continual basis – so if you want to do one and we can’t get you in this one, let us know. Well get you in others. My one condition to anyone is: We need stuff back from people in a reasonable time limit – or we WANT to be TOLD – “I dont have the time right now, but ask me for the next one”.

Thank you everyone for your time and consideration!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

August 10 2014

September 5th News cast annoucement

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

Strangely somehow Lord Baldrith is on vacation on September 5th. We are a bit confused as to how this as valid as no one in the New Britannia Theater Troupe seems to have signed his vacation request, yet he says he is on vaction. Their will be an internal investigation on this to figure out who gave him this authorization!

However the show SHALL go on! Asclepius had offered to do the show on his own but really now! When I think of many talk shows when a regular cast member is missing, they susuallly choose a “friend of the show” to fill in for the missing participant.

So it is with great pleasure I announce that for that weeks show Lord Jouten shall be filling in for Lord Baldrith!



News Team logo with moon

August 9 2014

Have News, Advertisements, events, or looking for something to do?

*Crack goes its wippy tail!*

Lord Baldrith and Asclepius cracked the wip at me and said “Hey Stile, get off your arse and start having some of the community send us some news!!” So please help me out so they don’t beat me to badly! If you have news articles you see in the forums, on the net, that you are involved in, about yourself, your guild, advertisements, or anything else Shroud of the Avatar related drop us a note!

You can use one of these contact forms, although ideally send it to myself (Stile), and ill forward onto them – as that way I can also do it as a text post at the Caverns for you.

Contact | Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond.

Contact Baldrith | Echoes from the Cavern.

Contact Asclepius | Echoes from the Cavern.

I Figured id put together a couple of topics together on this post though. I’m always looking for “reporters” for the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond also. Someone to help do news pieces. I empower the people I work with, I do not direct or dictate. Ask Lord Baldrith, Sir Iscyle, Gabriel Nightshadow, Timelord, Amber Raine, Asclepius, or any of the many other people I have or do work with! I do not take credit for your work and in fact I will help try to get you recognition for it! I am very easy to work with – its a hobby, its for a game, its supposed to be fun!

You can do news on:

  • Specific topic(s) that you follow or that are important to you
  • On things from certain places or locations (MMO web sites? The forums? etc..)
  • On nothing particular just what you fill like when you feel like it.
  • You can do one post a year or 20 a day.
  • I can forward you stuff right to your email so you don’t even have to look for news!

If you have:

  • WordPress experience that is great!
  • If you do not its not hard, and ill help teach you as you need and want (I even have some instructional videos..)

If you want:

  • Ill help make some custom graphics for you
  • Ill give you an Ankh quill of your own color
  • A email address if you want one (not required)
  • A contact page on the site(s)

What I ask is:

  • Try to be casual – don’t worry about being mr. stuck up professional
  • Be yourself, have fun with it
  • Put your life first
  • Stay away from politics
  • When criticizing something by adding opinions always be do it constructively
  • Don’t do anything illegal or in violation of Portalariums TOS
  • Don berate other people and treat them how you want to be treated
  • Don’t public Founder, Dev+, or things told to you in confidence that are not public
  • Disagree with Portalrium or someone else relevant to your topic but do it politely and don’t start a war
  • Use common sense
  • That you ask me for anything you need so I can try to help it, because otherwise ill leave you alone
  • You let me thank you often
  • That I can communicate with you be email – It is more powerful in that its not limited to any one platform

Theater Masks Logo for Echoes v2

Ankh Quill

August 9 2014

Is Soundcloud of value to you for Podcasts from Echoes of the Caverns?

So I started putting the Echoes of the Caverns podcasts on Soundcloud recently. This is in addition to it going on Itunes, played on Avatars radio, Tumblr, your own faviorite podcast program, direct from the website, or download them!

So now that Soundcloud has been going for a few weeks – IS that an important platform to you? As here’s the deal: Soundcloud was a testing platform. As its only free for a tiny bit of space! So just getting a feel for how people feel about if they want to use it.

At this time what Ill be doing is deleting the older casts to make room for the new ones. If its a popular platform im going to run a fundraiser to fund it. It could be funded a month at a time at 15.00 a month or 135.00 a year. Don’t really want to put the fund raiser / financial tracking in place for it though unless people are using it! You can use it without needing to donate though.. Just want to know there is a need and if there is ill do a fundraiser. So if thats of value to you, leave a comment, drop me a note, etc. If i hear from a couple people they like that option ill set up a funding bar.


Ankh Quill

August 9 2014

Llama Death of Old Britain-Written by Eriador-Sung by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…Lord Baldrith here with a Song by Eriador!  Bare with me again in song as I try vocalizing this dark, yet orchestrated melody.  I hope I did it the way you wanted Eriador 🙂

Background music by Alexandr Zhelanov called Ambush in Buch.

Here is the lyric:

Eriador – Llama Death of Old Britain

Ok, is a song related to SotA and the death of Old Britain (like my llama-novel):

And now is time to wear my shroud,

the road will hide four legs,

Eight virtues, you should be proud

but your world is going to end.

The moon will shake, the river cries

the stars demand a crash,

And you will die, and maybe rise

where lie the avatars.

And the purple death, the purple death,

will consume your dreams,

But if one day again we cross our breath

remind me how it feels.

Yes, if one day just we cross our breath

remind me how it feels.


August 8 2014

Death-Written by Sir Frank-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello all!  Lord Baldrith here with another great story by Sir Frank titled Death.  Background music by Zander Noriega titled Black Drought.

Here is the text:

Death – Written by Sir Frank

The troll clamped a huge fist around Sir Frank, and jerked him skyward.Unable to breathe, let alone scream in agony, Sir Frank struggled to sink his dagger into the monster’s calloused knuckle. The troll whipped the old knight back and then drove him face first into the remains of a thick stone wall.

It was as if being washed in fire and then hit by lightning. Then drowning. Panic. Darkness. Increasing pressure. Fighting to breath. It all faded into a quiet void. Then, the sensation of falling.

His ghost arrived on a high piece of ground. The world below was familiar, but misty and distorted. It was night, and Daedalus gleamed with its otherworldly moonlight. Sir Frank’s spirit hung there for a few peaceful moments.

Then his body arrived. Body and spirit wove themselves together without any effort on Sir Frank’s part. Sensation returned. He felt bruised from head to toe, and then all of his nerves sprung to life, tingling and prickling all over. Finally, cool air filled his lungs, and he was breathing again.

The weight of his body returned, and Sir Frank slumped to the ground.

He took deep slow breaths, staring up at the shattered moon that was his symbol.

“Daedalus in his agony, indeed”, thought Sir Frank, and looked to see what of his equipment had been drawn back to his spirit. He was glad to find his best dagger had stuck with him.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

August 8 2014

Echoes From the Caverns 8-8-14

Hello Everyone!  Lord Baldrith and Asclepius here with another great Installment of the news.  This week we have guest stars Lord Jouten and Sir Frank!  Excellent interview and interaction with these guys they are great to talk to!   Over 1 hour long this week!  Hope you enjoy!

News Team logo with moon

*Note from Stile Teckel
This is truly fantastic! A special thank you to both Sir Frank and David Peters for guesting on the show. It truly honors me and blows me away to get to work with the people in the community. I am touched that you think enough of me to work with us when I dropped a note asking, it truly means a lot. I can’t do it justice with words so shall leave it as thank you. That goes to everyone of course, but this particular time you both *bows*. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor.

Lord Baldrith and Asclepius amazing as always also, and thanks for braving my insane ideas!

We will be continually looking for new guests and we want you! whomever you are, you have a voice with us – when we can make it happen from a scheduling stand point! At this time I am in talks with several people who will be joining as a guests, and some people I think many of you will be excited about!!! But until I have confirmed dates and times you will have to wait to find out who!