April 11 2018

Impressions of New Britannia, Written by TG Community Manager Cerus, Read by Stile Teckel

Hello, this is Stile Teckel here with a new piece I had the pleasure to read and then Ascelipus stepped up and made it sound good :).

Impressions of New Britannia, Written by TG Community Manager Cerus, Read by Stile Teckel

This is the opening Poem written to announce the contest you can find here.

I hope I did not roll to poorly on my Bardic skills, and you enjoy!


Can you smell the thriving forests?
Can you taste the salty seas?
Can you sense the blazing deserts?
And the struggling fights for peace?

Can you hear the festive music
In the Taverns of PaxLair?
And the smell of burning cities
When the cabalists appear?

Hear the battlecries of Satyrs
As they come to take your soul
Feel the moments of pure glory
As the gustball hits its goal

Praise the beauty of each flower
Praise the crows above your head
Praise the sweet and too, the sour
Praise every tear that has been shed

Live the New Britannian moments
Praise the light, and too, the dark
For our hopes grow in the darkness
And stars are born from little sparks​

November 3 2016

A Beastly Exhibition – by Themo Lock – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful poem by Themo Lock. It is entitled
A Beastly Exhibition
Background music by Smartsound

Kevin was a visionary, a farmer and a showman,
his farm had recently been struck by flood, he took it as an omen.
The land was in proximity to the bustling Brittany Fields,
he had a plan that would surely profit more than agricultural yields.

He would build a grand bestiary… a pay-to-spectate zoo,
and fill it with every creature known, from wolf to bugaboo.
So far he had a horse, 2 sheep and a mildly distempered bear,
and was in negotiations to acquire a crocodilian breeding pair.

Construction was already underway, he was renovating the stable,
hammer in hand, Kevin perched atop a ladder that was quite unstable.
It’s dietary needs misunderstood the bear ate its curry but wasn’t well,
the beast’s rear let out a trumpet blast that’s volume was rivalled only by its smell.

Alarmed by the sudden demonic turn, the sheep charged blindly at the wall,
the impact jarring the rickety ladder which in turn began to fall.
Kevin’s trousers caught a loose nail, leaving him temporarily suspended,
then with the sound of tearing cloth.. pants remained but Kevin descended.

He landed on a panicked sheep and he grabbed the creature to prevent its escape,
and looked his naked torso over in relief that he barely suffered a scrape.
The bear however was enraged and confused and broke free from its stall,
startled further by Kevin’s womanly screams it burst right through the wall.

The entire side of the barn collapsed in a noisy, dusty cloud,
leaving the half naked Kevin clutching a sheep in full view of a gathering crowd.
He would have thought himself in a nightmare if he only was asleep,
as realization set in that it appeared as if he was a little too fond of sheep.

A woman screamed and covered the eyes of her giggling and pointing child,
anger spread, a guard was called, the crowd was quickly getting riled.
“What in the abyss is this?!” questioned the guard as he fumbled with his sword,
“A mishap with my bestiary” Kevin squeaked “Nothing untoward”.

“Bestiary!?” the shocked guard exclaimed “That is illegal and obscene!”
“What? NO, WAIT…” Kevin gasped “That isn’t what that word means.”
The guard was having none of this and Kevin was violently arrested,
on charges that would never be dropped no matter how much he protested.

Meanwhile in Rajim’s Curry Hut patrons were caught unaware,
as the seaside restaurant was unexpectedly stormed by a berserk, farting bear.
The events of that day would never be discussed in company that was polite,
and unfortunately for Kevin, the truth of what transpired would never come to light.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

May 21 2016

Sweet Tendencies Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Here is another awesome song by our Soul grabbing star Apollox Evanheart!


Sweet Tendencies by Apollox Evanheart

She said she likes the way
That I make her feel
She had a broken heart
And I was the heal
She was an wreak
But not that way anymore
She likes the way I make her feel
I was something she could adore
Many emotions we can come together
We can share this laughter
And spend time forever
We can make this feel
More then alright
Come over my place
And you can spend the night
So much I am a softy
I’m a big teddy bear
So you don’t have to get off me
I want you to have the best time
You ever did
Forget your past
Your ex boyfriend was the bitch
I am the best thing
That happened to you
But honestly and truthfully
You complete me too
Lets forget about those bad times
Lets save up your energy
We have a whole life
To make new memories
Damn lil momma
I see your smile
Forget about my own past
Stare at you for awhile
Forget about the x
I already found my treasure
I’m lost in your touches
Buried in your pleasure
Leave out the emotion
And just have some fun
Forget about your toys
Lets just use our tongues
I didn’t mean to be naughty
I meant that as a whisper
If I use my tongue
You’ll find me a good kisser
I’m just trying to figure out
What’s Next
We can go to my place
And I can show you my flex
I respect you
For everything you are
But you and I want the same thing
And that’s to go hard
This ale has me
A little tipsy
But we should start the night off
With a strip tease
I want you to know
My feelings for you are real
You seem like my Wonder women
And I’m your man of steele


April 27 2016

Tragedy-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Another GEM by our star Apoollox!


Tragedy by Apollox Evanheart

Music prod by illwillbeatz


Tragedy has struck

Now were all F*

Waiting for that moment

That I can get that rush

Waiting for that moment

That I am no longer touched

My inner demons Speak to me

Feel like I’m in the clutch



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi im the Lawmen, Jury and judge


They say I’m no good

They say I’m ill hearted

Well I’m here to clean the trash

And you just brought all this garbage

Thought you could make yourself well known

Well I think its time to take your ass back home

I hear the dinner bell

I’m getting kind of hungry
I’m eatting up this competition

Sorry to put it bluntly


Let me put your mind at ease

I’m a f* cure

And you’re the disease

A plague of men

A scum of this nation

If I was god

Id be embarrassed of my creation

I know your trying to fit in

I think I understand

But I got my Choas in order

And you didn’t have your sh* planned


Ladies and Gentlemen

Apollox Evanheart now sentences you to a public execution

You son of a Bi*


I’m sorry if you thought I would be polite

I’m a cannibal

An Animal

An executioner of my time

A long list of enemies

Have kept me on my grind

Your blood on my hand

I wont lose sleep at night



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi I’m the Lawmen, Jury and judge


I find it funny how things evolve

How I can run the streets

Then rule them all

How one day I climb

And the very next you crawl

But watch your back

Not always safe behind stonewall



April 13 2016

Heartthrob-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Heartthrob by Apollox Evanheart

Music by Omnibeats
I’m the gift
That you never knew you needed
Sex appeal with a splash of conceited
Stare at me to long
Think you’ve cheated
Blizzard outside
I just got it heated
Drooling at the mouth
I can understand
Got a boy at Home
But you need yourself man
You got your toys for delight
But what you really need is a Novian Knight
I’ll try to be sensitive
Im there for your needs
Always eager and willing to please
There’s the moment
Its time for me to Seize
Grab your hips, dip and squeeze
Let me take your hand
Show you what I mean
This might be a fantasy
But its not a dream

Damn she grindin real slow
She got me actin like ive never seen this sh* before
She got this place lit on fire
Make a Playa Knight want to suddenly retire

She Whispered naughty things
She seemed wild
A Devilish Look
But a Angel when she smiled
She had me captivated
Had me mesmerized
I’m The Knight but felt like she compromised
The night seemed long
And the music was bumping
The music got aggressive
And our bodies kept rubbing
Filthy Stag was crowded
Party was getting lit
Best time of my life
That’s Safe to admit
A generous Knight
I paid for all drinks
I caught her off guard
She didn’t know what to think
She whispered in my ear
I want to see if its possible
That we can go somewhere
Where cloths are optional

Wow she had me surprise
Wasn’t sure if she wanted the Man or the Knight
I guess I didn’t really care what it seemed
I suddenly wanted Strawberries and the whip cream
I took her back to my place
So we could be fulfilled
Kick back Avatars Radio and Chill

A night a bliss
A marathon a passion
First night met
Filled with compassion
A fire within
A bed set ablaze
Stay in the morning
Ill make breakfast the next day
I’m the Knight of Wizards Rest
I’m Apollox E
You just managed
To sweep me off my feet
A heartthrob
You just made me skip a beat
A Cold Body
You just Turned up the heat

March 21 2016

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire – Apollox Evanheart

Hello I’m Apollox Evanheart. Thanks for checking out my second single:

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire by Apollox Evanheart

Background Music: Atlanta (Prod. By The Rookies)

I was doubted
Your Judgment it was clouded
Try to overtake me
Might just get you shrouded
We’re four deep
At the knight round table
Thought you were connected
You’ve just been disabled

Might want to hold your tongue
Maybe hold that breath
I’d hate to see your family
Suddenly Laid to rest
But no one seems to learn
With Chaos I bring flame
And that will get you burned
Suddenly end of game

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And Overwhelm Me
Turns Out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

I bring Apocalypse
I bring chaos
Trying to reach the dark side
Going to need a séance
Conquer by all means
I bring terror that is tragic
I use a sword and Shield
Not afraid to use Dark Magic

I hate when people assume
I’m a role model
Just trying to start my reign
I’m not here to coddle
I want to drink some ale
And sleep with your women
The fruit of evil taste so good
Don’t care if its a sin

It seems that Evil
Consumes us all
Don’t worry about my rise
Just watch your fall
I’ll be your friend
I’ll pick up the slack
Shake your hand
While I knife you in the back
I’m going to push
To get what I need
A dominating force
Built on Power and Greed

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And overwhelm Me
Turns out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

Don’t get it twisted
Don’t need you confused
When I said I needed your help
I just wanted you to move
You’re fortunate
That I’m here
This place with be great again
I’m kind of a seer

Rise above hate
Rise above the rest
Time to grind it out
Time to beat this quest
No matter what I do
Chaos defines me
A Knight in shinning armor
Raised in the streets

March 18 2016

My Name Is Sunlara – Written by Apollox Evanheart – Narrated by Sunlara

Hello Everyone! Here is a wonderful poem written by Apollox Evanheart and narrated by Sunlara. Very heartfelt work here! Great reading Sunlara!

My Name Is Sunlara

Background Music: “Desolation” by Marcelo Fernandez (http://www.marcelofernandezmusic.com).
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

I’ve been drifting for days
A boat with no direction
But going many ways
A sense of urgency
To get where I need to
Have yet to set a destination
In search of happiness
I’m stuck in a queue

Trying to set a new path
My reputation is tainted
I need to take a better picture
Maybe a new life can be painted
I’ve tried to escape my past
I’ve burned a bridge or two
Holding my breath for help
I’ve started to turn blue

I’m not looking for a hand out
Just looking for a hand
I’m a women with nothing left
And favors is what they demand
I want to do this right
I want to be strong
I’m in no need of a Knight
To help me carry on

Don’t be mistaken by my beauty
Don’t misunderstand me by my looks
I’ll soon take back what is mine
No longer to be overlooked
I have two feet to stand on
Goals and dreams to drive me
The next time a favor is asked
You’ll be the one on your knees


March 11 2016

A Change…From Knight to Day-Written by Apollox Evanheart-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone: Lord Baldrith here with another fine and emotional poem by Apollox Evanheart! I have been asked to create this piece with emotion and heartfelt apathy to an emotionally troubled and terrorized soldier in times of battle.

A Change…From Knight to Day by Apollox Evanheart

Music: “Prepare Your Swords” by Bojidar Marinov

I feel like a monster
While enemies fall victim to my sword
I’ve protected my King and country
But I don’t deserve any rewards
I feel hopeless
Those things will never seem to change
Loyalty, Respect and Honor is my code
But now that becomes something to blame

I’ve slain many men
Most having family and children
I’m praised as a hero
But suffer and feel more like a villain
Who am I to judge?
How do I decide who to save?
I’ve lead my men to victory
But I don’t deserve your praise

These visual hallucinations
Are eating me up inside
The voices speak calmly to me
Often leaving me to cry
Another day I will suffer
Another day I ask why
Something has got to give or break
I can’t take another sleepless night

I want to stop the voices
I want to contain this rage
I’ve done this my whole life
Now I grow old in age
Is it too late to change my path?
Can I even be redeemed?
If Nataurz taught me anything
It’s to always follow your dreams

Album with EQ - B&A

March 11 2016

I Bid You…Goodnight-Written and Narrated by Apollox Evanheart

Hello everyone! Lord Baldrith here with a great and dark poem by Apollox Evanheart. Produced by Lord Baldrith.


I Bid You…Goodnight by Apollox Evanheart

Music: “Closed Area” by: Alexandr Zhelanov https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov

Sometimes I struggle
Feeling as if I’m bypassed
Looking forward to the future
But haunted by my past.
I try to reach the next chapter
I try to turn the page
A book with a happy beginning
But its contents filled with rage

Not a day goes by
I don’t start to contemplate
I try for a better life
Only beginning to hesitate
Held back by my fears
Losing grip of my dreams
If your heard the voices I have
You’d also like to scream

I don’t want to be a hero
I don’t want to be your saint
I give into the overwhelming pain
I don’t show much for restraint
I might seem to have wisdom
I may seem I have a voice
But if I was to try make a good decision
I wouldn’t be able to make that choice

I’ve dealt with it this long
Ill deal with it some more
Another chapter to be wrote
Another voice to ignore
I’m done for now with this battle
I no longer want to fight
I want to say to be continued
As I bid you… goodnight

Album with EQ - B&A

March 1 2016

Stunning Narrated and Written by Apollox Evanheart

Hello Everyone Lord Baldrith here with a wonderful Poem by Apollox Evanheart! He narrates/raps this lovely piece. I had the honor of working the production side.

Stunning Narrated and Written by Apollox Evanheart

Our eyes locked
I was a bit speechless
I tried to introduce myself
She overwhelmed me with weakness
A woman i just met
How could this be?
Im Apollox Evanheart
I’ve lain down with many beauties

I’ve always been a ladies’ man
Never to be shy after sundown
But her beauty had me by the grip
Felt like i needed to settle down
I don’t usually believe in soul mates
I’m not all to sure what that means
But if i had to decide tonight
I might have to make her my queen

Her mesmerizing looks
With her stunning red hair
The twinkle in her blue eyes
My attraction to her i must declare
I had built up the courage
To say my name and then some
She replied with a “Hello”
“My name is Madison”