March 31 2016

The Inquisitor – by Blaquerogue – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the first instalment of a great story from Blaquerogue. It is entitled
The Inquisitor.

Background music by Smartsound.

As a young boy, I remember listening to the Priest in the Monastery, how great the Gods were and what we did to be humble and serving. Give to the poor help the needy, take care of each other daily, never give in to riches or favoritism. Those were the days long past.

Now in this new world there is definitely a Shroud to the Avatar. Clerics are outcasts, Priests are non-existent, and Paladins have no place anymore in this new world we have abruptly been sucked into. Instead we have Mages, lots, and lots of Mages, and different types as well. Mages with swords, Mages with pole arms, Mages with bows. How strange this new world is. Although it is strange and different, the Clerics and Paladins, and Priests will once again arise. We hear the cries of the weak and slighted, our ears are not deaf to your calls, we hear them every time we are in this sacrilegious world!

I simply go by the name Inquisitor, for names are not needed to spread light upon this darkened world. Who we are does not matter. What we do does, and that is what really matters! Never should we ever put ourselves before those that are in need of blessings, and heals! Simple things we cannot yet do in this world. It will come Brothers and Sisters of the Gods, once again we will bring light unto a darkened place. My story is just one of many to come. The future is not so bleak as we may think, and will not be, once we spread the knowledge of the Gods once again in this world!

When I was brought here by the Gods, I knew there was a purpose and a rite of passage set for us. I started talking to this gypsy woman who asked many questions, that really needn’t be answered, for I knew what I was and what I needed, not what she thought I should be. The conversation was irrelevant. I humored her and left!

When I arrived in the village, that was a smoldering picture of what it used to be, I realized how much this world needed the knowledge of the gods! I met a dying guard who gave me some papers for someone I know not, and a key.

As I continued to the center of the town I saw bodies strewn about, and certain individuals were taking the belongings of the dead. I guess they really don’t need that stuff anymore, so I did not cast judgement upon him, instead I joined in! Let’s face it, I needed to get something for protection and fighting since I could hear the Dark Elves outside trying to break in. I found a sword, and apparently the Gods had granted me a decent enough chain armor chest piece to get me through this first trial.

In my search I found an elegant elven mirror, and some elven keepsake necklace, the looter outside traded it for a bone dagger! Now at this point I thought I had truly got me a special weapon! But alas – it was as useless at talking to the gypsy. Some power within it kept me from arming it! Well…Back to the sword. After I had collected all that I needed I went to the gate and unlocked it.

There waiting for me was an elf apparently with some anger issues who immediately started attacking me! I needed to defend myself (I never thought I was this good with a sword!) After I had killed him I said his last rites, to pass on to his Gods peacefully. Then I felt a sharp pain in my back as an arrow struck me! Another elf was about to meet his maker, and it was done. Again I read him his last rites to pass him on. Finally, I found a gate and my true Trials had begun. My next stop would be Soltown, but I had to make it through an unholy pass of mountains to get there.

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March 30 2016

Kahli Rises from the Ashes – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the final chapter in the thrilling saga from Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled

Kahli Rises from the Ashes

Background music by Smartsound

469 Years Following The Cataclysm…
On Tiwesdai, the 3rd of Marse, the Month of the Seafarer, the Life-Giving Season of Sprengh, at the Arrival of Dusk
A Location was Rediscovered

Elgarion hobbled over the crest of a weathered hill, pummeled by chill air which swept down from the looming mountains behind him and buffeted upon his bent and hunched back. The old man’s tattered gray robes and wispy hair and beard fluttered about just as leaves whipped past oft brushing against his aged cheek. The icy wind bothered him little, however, going mostly unnoticed. What captivated him was not the cold nor his weariness; before him lay a ruin which at long last, was something finally most familiar to him. At the feet of the Bone Spires, now different and reshaped from the Catacylsm, barely recognizable, Elgarion De’Kahli gazed with tearing eyes upon a solitary windmill.

The old sorcerer’s mind compared what he saw now to what was then. An image of surreal beauty, windmills intermixed with keeps and towers and grand spires superimposed upon the ruins of today. Ghostly stone walls stood stalwart in the distance, the sun setting upon their ramparts casting the final yet brilliant radiance of Artenius’s light throughout the city. With each blade of the windmill passing before him, a rhythmic darkness was cast, each pulse shifting the light and bending shadow. Only a single windmill remained. It was in good repair, oddly. But elsewhere, the walls had crumbled. The tall spires collapsed and lay in heaps of once painstakingly gilded stonework. No more homes remained. The loving peoples of Kahli… gone. The vibrant markets… gone. The spectral laughter of children caused the hairs on his neck to rise in a shiver. It was the wind playing tricks, surely, passing through the hollows of trees, which had now overgrown the old yet majestic city of Kahli.

Elgarion had returned. Some 469 years following the Cataclysm, the Marquis De’Kahli had returned.

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March 25 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 03-25-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar!

  • Making of Valhold
  • Artifice (A Work In Progress)
  • Mountain Player Owned Town Template
  • Broadcast Automated Phonograph
  • GDC and SXSW Wrap Up
  • Recap “Pronoia” Cross Promotion
  • Sandillox Presents: Name That Tune
  • 38 Day Countdown to Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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March 23 2016

The Fourth Era – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the next chapter in the fascinating saga brought to us by Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled
The Fourth Era
Background music by Smartsound

On Moonandai, the 9th of Novembre, the Month of Thanks, the Laborious Season of Harvest, in the Midnight Hour
A New Era Began — “The Fourth Era: The Oracular Enlightenment, 250 P.C. to Present

The age following the Obsidian War of the Third Era, as many ages do, commenced with an end of one great power and the coming of another. As the final lance broke upon the shield of a weary soldier and the last sword spilt blood upon the death mired terrain of now forgotten battlefields, the Obsidian Empire diminished to mere fragments of its former glory, broken and defeated. And from the gloom of this former darkened age arose a seer–an entity of such reach and power that her eyes gazed upon all. Her coming was herald to a new age of hope and prosperity to many though others did not enjoy her prying eyes. In the beginning, her Watchers were scattered and few, but towards its culmination, the eyes of The Oracle were everywhere and there was never a soul who did not feel their ever-watching stare upon their backs.

As the realms of the world recovered from the great war of the previous age, villages, towns and cities once again flourished as they once did in the ages of old. For the first time since the great Cataclysm, a renewed hope entered the minds and hearts of the masses, and the lords and ladies of the land sought treaty and peace over territory and strife. As the villages mended their fences and tended their sheep, the grand cities built high walls and spires in honor of their former glories. But within each settlement, another structure became common as the years passed, for the Conservatories of the Oracle were built and her reach and sight and influence soon became known to the world of New Britannia.

In time, it was rare to converse with anyone that had not sought her guidance, whether by need or mere curiosity. The Conservatories of grand cities would oft be wrapped in long lines of people seeking her audience. One by one they would enter, and as they departed, they would forever feel her whisper and guidance upon their supple minds, gentle yet persuasive. So many cherished the words of The Oracle as a grand wisdom–unchallengeable.

But where there is love, there is also suspicion and hatred. For the kings and lords of the realms, if not bending to her guiding hand, oft worried for her influence upon their peoples. To what end could she desire? Did The Oracle guide their people against the rule of law? Did their people now see her as the higher power? Even some religious leaders of the lands took to similar jealousy or worry as tithing or faith waned. Overall, however, her presence was accepted. The Oracle’s influence grew nearly unabated, and the The Fourth Era of The Oracular Enlightenment, unlike many of its predecessors, did not end in bloodshed. It ended with the return of the Avatar, and the peoples of New Britannia once again were graced by outlanders from other worlds.

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March 21 2016

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire – Apollox Evanheart

Hello I’m Apollox Evanheart. Thanks for checking out my second single:

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire by Apollox Evanheart

Background Music: Atlanta (Prod. By The Rookies)

I was doubted
Your Judgment it was clouded
Try to overtake me
Might just get you shrouded
We’re four deep
At the knight round table
Thought you were connected
You’ve just been disabled

Might want to hold your tongue
Maybe hold that breath
I’d hate to see your family
Suddenly Laid to rest
But no one seems to learn
With Chaos I bring flame
And that will get you burned
Suddenly end of game

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And Overwhelm Me
Turns Out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

I bring Apocalypse
I bring chaos
Trying to reach the dark side
Going to need a séance
Conquer by all means
I bring terror that is tragic
I use a sword and Shield
Not afraid to use Dark Magic

I hate when people assume
I’m a role model
Just trying to start my reign
I’m not here to coddle
I want to drink some ale
And sleep with your women
The fruit of evil taste so good
Don’t care if its a sin

It seems that Evil
Consumes us all
Don’t worry about my rise
Just watch your fall
I’ll be your friend
I’ll pick up the slack
Shake your hand
While I knife you in the back
I’m going to push
To get what I need
A dominating force
Built on Power and Greed

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And overwhelm Me
Turns out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

Don’t get it twisted
Don’t need you confused
When I said I needed your help
I just wanted you to move
You’re fortunate
That I’m here
This place with be great again
I’m kind of a seer

Rise above hate
Rise above the rest
Time to grind it out
Time to beat this quest
No matter what I do
Chaos defines me
A Knight in shinning armor
Raised in the streets

March 19 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 03-18-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar!

  • The Making of Brittany
  • The Making of the Halls of Artifice
  • New Male Avatar
  • RizeUp Cystic Fibrosis Charity Drive
  • 45 Day Countdown to Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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March 18 2016

My Name Is Sunlara – Written by Apollox Evanheart – Narrated by Sunlara

Hello Everyone! Here is a wonderful poem written by Apollox Evanheart and narrated by Sunlara. Very heartfelt work here! Great reading Sunlara!

My Name Is Sunlara

Background Music: “Desolation” by Marcelo Fernandez (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

I’ve been drifting for days
A boat with no direction
But going many ways
A sense of urgency
To get where I need to
Have yet to set a destination
In search of happiness
I’m stuck in a queue

Trying to set a new path
My reputation is tainted
I need to take a better picture
Maybe a new life can be painted
I’ve tried to escape my past
I’ve burned a bridge or two
Holding my breath for help
I’ve started to turn blue

I’m not looking for a hand out
Just looking for a hand
I’m a women with nothing left
And favors is what they demand
I want to do this right
I want to be strong
I’m in no need of a Knight
To help me carry on

Don’t be mistaken by my beauty
Don’t misunderstand me by my looks
I’ll soon take back what is mine
No longer to be overlooked
I have two feet to stand on
Goals and dreams to drive me
The next time a favor is asked
You’ll be the one on your knees


March 13 2016

A Rap Toknight – Rapped – Produced by Apollox Evanheart

Hello Everyone, Lord Baldrith here with an Amazing song/rap by Apollox Evanheart. You can get into this one it’s really awesome! Apollox has done the whole thing, Production/creation!

A Rap Toknight by Apollox Evanheart

Music titled Promethazine by Bruce Wayne

I’m the hottest thing
Let me show ya
Apollox Evanheart
Representing…. Novia
A Knight by day
A King in the sheets
Royalty by blood
Raised by the streets

By the God’s
I’ve been blessed
The best thing to hit Shroud
Straight out of Wizards Rest
A surprise for all
That I’ve been gifted
But you know how it goes
No rest for the wicked

You know how it is
Ride in on my mount
Back talk this Knight
Pillage through your town
Plunder what I need
And get the hell out
Throw me a parade
You better bow down

And you know this
Just met these wench’s
Collar full of lipstick
Gave you a night of me
Its was pleasant
But I got to go before breakfast

I’m a warrior
I’m a soldier
If you don’t represent Chaos
Get the cold shoulder

I rock a sword
I use a shield
Disrespect me
Will often get you killed
I think my time to shine
Is now
Try to dethrone me
I laugh out loud
You’re at a game of checkers
I’m at a game of chess
You’ve just been flattened
Call you hard pressed
Everything I do
No regrets
When I dominate
No one forgets

A dominating force
Dominating pleasure
Like a pirate
Lookin’ for booty
I’m getting my treasure
The haters hate
Said it couldn’t be done
Who do you bow for now in Novian

O no
The end is near
Better write history
Make this very clear
I don’t demand respect
I push fear
My time is up
My path is clear
I’m out of time
Got to cause some pain
Hope you don’t mind
As I start my reign

Album with EQ - B&A


March 11 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 03-11-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar! We had a surprise guest this week while the podcast was going! We are happy to have guest:


  • Sneak Peek: Brittany, Capital of Novia
  • The Making of Skrekk – Part 3
  • The Making of Shores of Malice – Part 3
  • Sandillox Wrestling Federation
  • EVL Saint Patrick’s Day Pre-Party
  • Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 27 Postmortem
  • 52 Day Countdown to Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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March 11 2016

A Change…From Knight to Day-Written by Apollox Evanheart-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone: Lord Baldrith here with another fine and emotional poem by Apollox Evanheart! I have been asked to create this piece with emotion and heartfelt apathy to an emotionally troubled and terrorized soldier in times of battle.

A Change…From Knight to Day by Apollox Evanheart

Music: “Prepare Your Swords” by Bojidar Marinov

I feel like a monster
While enemies fall victim to my sword
I’ve protected my King and country
But I don’t deserve any rewards
I feel hopeless
Those things will never seem to change
Loyalty, Respect and Honor is my code
But now that becomes something to blame

I’ve slain many men
Most having family and children
I’m praised as a hero
But suffer and feel more like a villain
Who am I to judge?
How do I decide who to save?
I’ve lead my men to victory
But I don’t deserve your praise

These visual hallucinations
Are eating me up inside
The voices speak calmly to me
Often leaving me to cry
Another day I will suffer
Another day I ask why
Something has got to give or break
I can’t take another sleepless night

I want to stop the voices
I want to contain this rage
I’ve done this my whole life
Now I grow old in age
Is it too late to change my path?
Can I even be redeemed?
If Nataurz taught me anything
It’s to always follow your dreams

Album with EQ - B&A