July 31 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 07-31-15

Hello Everyone! Lord Baldrith here flying solo. Poor Asclepius has run into some horrible internet issues. Talk about bad timing! Hope you are enjoying Release 20!!! Here is the news for July 31st, 2015.

  • Play Release 20 Now!
  • Role-Players of the Avatar
  • Shroud of the Avatar Trailer (Fan Updated)
  • Player Owned Towns, Island Template, Editor, & Dara Brae
  • Battle Banners, Obsidian Towers (oh, and Outhouses)
  • Tower Home Renovations
  • 31 Day Countdown for 10% Summer Bonus & Reward Expirations
  • 17 Day Countdown for Pledge Splits & Merges
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • World Builder/Level Designer and VFX Artist Job Openings
  • Recommended Games to Back

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July 24 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 07-24-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for July 24th, 2015.

  • Architecture of the Obsidians, Part 3: Desolis Underground!
  • Very Large Creatures: Trolls in R20
  • The Tantalus Consortium
  • Player Owned Town Editor Video
  • Last 3 Days of Rize Up’s Batten Disease Charity Drive
  • Lord British and Lord Blackthorn Keynote CGF2015: Ultima Online Postmortem
  • Plant Lovers Delight!
  • Free Domestic Shipping at Relics by Rild
  • 38 Day Countdown for 10% Summer Bonus & Reward Expirations
  • 24 Day Countdown for Pledge Splits & Merges
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • This Week In the News
  • Upcoming Events
  • World Builder/Level Designer and VFX Artist Job Openings
  • Recommended Games to Back

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July 19 2015

Special Presentation to Asclepius on behalf of The Caverns Guild

Im a bit ashamed at myself that this has not been done sooner and I am glad to be rectifying the situation by taking care of it now!

I hereby as Guild leader of The Caverns Guild and with agreement and consent from the guild, grant upon thee honorary membership in our family!

Baron Asclepius

As the Guild leader of The Caverns Guild when I put forth the question to the guild about how they felt about doing this, I very promptly had a lot of people not only saying yeah do it, but I felt there was an undertone of “Stupid damned question Stile”.

Many members of the guild just by the nature of friendship, helping out friends, and wanting to understand friends interests have helped out with many of the projects that you work on in your role with The New Britannia Theater Troupe, Lord Baldrith, and Myself. I list Lord Baldrith specifically and not others on our projects, as he is a formal member of The Caverns Guild as well! Although right now he has a very understandable stronger focus on getting Wizards Rest organized (and doing an amazing job!!!).

Even beyond that your partnership with myself in projects has been instrumental in me being able to spend more time with the guild at a time things were very hectic and moving quickly. Since then moving them onto your own plate and taking them on as your own role. Sort of becoming my replacement for many of the job duties I did and working side by side with Lord Baldrith in my stead. Allowing me to take on a smaller role and just jumping in on the larger issues while handling the day to day things yourself with Lord Baldrith. Thusby in all reality contributing as much to The Caverns Guild AS many of it’s members!

While I cannot award Lord Baldrith an honorary membership in the guild since he is already a member I can grant you one! I have never tried to recruit you into the guild simply because being your friend and having your trust and loyalty I know how strongly you give it. You already belong in a guild and so long as that can work that is where your trust and loyalty lay and I have always respected that.

The honorary program we have though is something I had started thinking about back during kickstarter and when I was still contemplating what I would want in a guild. I knew I wanted it to be something for exactly this sort of situation. Since then only two others have been given. One to The Mad Hermit and the other to Sir Frank. There are most definitely other people that should be offered one and someday I shall do so. They are however meant to be rare, very meaningful, and very carefully given out.

Their nature is meant to be genuine in that you are considered a full member with no obligations. Visit our sites, use our forums, vote on our decisions. Alternatively do not say hi for a year or two and then drop in and well make sure you’re fed and have a room for the night! For that very reason they shall not often be given out more than one in any short period of time!

So while there may be others who are on a list it is definitely way past your time and sorry to be a bit slow on it. If you get a chance swing by the new guild website at http://www.thecaverns.net/guild and poke around, just so you know what we can offer you if you ever need a hand. Not to mention your a large part of the reason I have had the time to do a new guild website! You should see what your work accomplished *winks*.

You already know where the forums are and as soon as I have a chance you’ll find you have additional access to the guild member section. If you find yourself needing a place to drop a house, Neath still has some lots available. Just let us know and we’ll light some candles for you and get the paperwork filed.

Damned, thats a long winded speech.. I hope no one is offended if I use this as a template for future inductions!

Ankh Quill

July 17 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 07-17-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for July 17th, 2015.

  • Architecture of the Obsidians!
  • One Month Countdown for Pledge Splits and Merges
  • Do you have a Public Cache Chest Quest?
  • NBNN Interview With Starr Long
  • 10% Bonus on Player Owned Towns & Capping Overland Map Access to 230 Towns
  • Tantalus Consortium Visual Guide to Player Owned Towns) & Reward Expirations
  • 45 Day Countdown for 10% Summer Bonus (Now including Player Owned Towns) & Reward Expirations
  • Community Sponsored SotA Con at Gen Con 2015!
  • Batten Disease Charity Drive by Rize Up Gaming
  • Koldar’s Trading Card Giveaway
  • The Kobald Mask 4-More Pack
  • Tree Lovers Delight!
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • World Builder/Level Designer and VFX Artist Job Openings
  • Recommended Games to Back

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July 11 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 07-10-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for July 10th, 2015. Excellent news day! We have much to gab about!

  • 52 Day Countdown for 10% Summer Pledge Bonus & Reward Changes
  • Hangout of the Avatar: Release 19 Postmortem, Royal Warrant & ONBE Awards
  • NBNN Interview with Chris Spears
  • Very Large Creatures: Trolls (work-in-Progress)
  • World Builder/Level Designer and VFX Artist Job Openings
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
  • Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
  • How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Games to Back

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July 7 2015

The Mug of Balldrick, Vol II – by enderandrew – narrated by Sharm

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. Once again I am delighted to welcome Sharm to the mic; she is bringing us the conclusion of a fabulous story by enderandrew.

The Mug of Balldrick: Vol II
By Zoe Marie the Bard

I wished my story ended there with King Reginald content and the rangers safe at home in the woods. Sadly, it does not. Everyone knows the fabled Mug of Balldrick is lost, waiting for someone else to claim it. If they knew why, perhaps they would not seek it.

There is power and value in a sword that can slice through a dragon’s hide like paper, or a lute that can sate the appetites of deadly serpents in the sea. Most of these treasures become forgotten trophies in a vault, or only have particular worth when they are used by the king’s armies far from his home. But there is also great power in appeasement. This mug was designed to be used by the king. Always was it in his sight or grasp, and quick was it to bring King Reginald to a sleepy and content state with the whiskey contained within.

His armies slowed their conquest. More frequently they were called home for banquets, parades and revels. Their ruler wanted cause to celebrate and for everyone to see his favorite trophy time and time again, firmly in his grasp. The soldiers were thrilled to return home to their families and see an end to war they thought they might never see. Sages and bards alike praised their benevolent royalty for the foresight not to overextend their reach until they finally lost a major battle.

New maps were commissioned as this mighty empire now seemed to have stabilized. Lines were no longer being redrawn every day. When the cartographers were done, a giant framed tapestry of this new empire was prepared for the royal banquet hall.

But as the king stared at his new empire, his smile faded. There was one stretch of land he surrounded on all sides, but did not claim. There was land within his borders that was not his own. No one knew why, but it led people to question. Furthermore, the surviving neighboring kingdoms were now emboldened and proud. Their lands were too formidable to conquer where so many others fell before them.

Reginald would stare at this map every night while sipping from his precious mug, knowing it originated from these woods he had not yet claimed. If the woods produced his favorite trophy, then what further treasures lay unclaimed? Was he a fool to ignore them?

He commanded his armies to battle one last time. He would claim those last woods and end any debate as to why his empire did not seem whole. King Reginald traveled with his army, ready to use his unique talents to spot any hidden magical treasures.

The armies amassed outside the woods, but they saw no rangers prepared to fight them. For all they knew, there were only the small number they encountered years before. Victory was assured and King Reginald wanted to mark the occasion with a toast to show off his prized treasure once more to his entire gathered army. As he commanded the invasion to begin and then brought the mug to his lips, he uttered “that is quite cold.”

That chill spread from his lips until his entire body froze. A wall of ice began spreading towards his court and army. It bore the mass of a growing glacier, but moved like a hurricane. It became the new inevitability of conquest, replacing the army that once had a similar effect. Within seconds, his entire army was trapped in ice, unable to move.

The small band of rangers emerged from their woods, with a small stampede of animals in front of them. The frozen army shattered before them, ice and blood flooding the edge of the forest. There was another stream of torrential tears from the eyes of the rangers as they laid waste regretfully to the army who had broken their vow.

Some say this led to the name of Bloodriver, and these rangers were the progenitors who would someday become the Elves of Vertas Pass under Obsidian magic. I do not know that.

Nor can I verify the claims that the cursed mug was thrown into the fires of Blackblade Pass, hoping to quench the neverending chill made more potent by the ever-present sense of the grasp of death itself. But I can say that story continues that the reason the mug never ran dry is it contained a portal to an elemental plane of whiskey. The flames of Blackblade Pass supposedly set fire to the entire elemental plane, leading to angry whiskey elementals invading, in turn leading to the cataclysmic Fall.

All I can say for certain is that if this mug is real, the story is quite clear. It was a prized treasure in honest hands, and a deadly curse in dishonest ones.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

July 4 2015

To Love Me – by enderandrew – narrated by littlegeeklost

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. We have another guest narrator for you today, this time I’m glad to welcome littlegeeklost, who is bringing us a great story by enderandrew.
Background music “Heart Lessons”, by Smartsound.

To Love Me
By Zoe Marie the Bard

Kendrick looked up and swore he truly saw for the first time.

He was no poet. He couldn’t explain why certain curves, softness, warmth and glow affected him such, no more than he could explain why the right chords from a lute could bring him near to tears. But before him was a beauty so unparalleled and enchanting that he was literally awestruck. If everything that evoked happiness in him could be distilled in one human being, it stood within his sight just then.

In took him perhaps a minute for the sucking feeling in his chest to remind him that he should breathe. That need surpassed his need to touch and kiss this wondrous face, but only just. Emboldened, he strode over.

“Forgive me Miss if I am out of line, but I have never truly known beauty until just now. Grant me a kindness with both your name and the pleasure of your company for perhaps a meal or any arbitrary pursuit you can imagine.”

Erin has accustomed herself to flattery and tried to remain gracious even though it was commonplace. But she couldn’t help but chuckle as Kendrick’s customer took offense to how he had walked away in a near trance to approach her.

“I thank you for your words kind sir, but I should not take you from your patrons.”

“Will full apologies to you both, I do not think I’ll forgive myself if I merely let you go without professing how I feel this moment. Please, tell me your name and that you will see me again. If this isn’t the very definition of love at first sight, then I know nothing.”

Erin’s flattered smile faded a bit into disappointment. “Please sir, do not hang love on sight. You know not me, nor my name. In time my beauty may fade. Ephemeral passions will fade even faster. Let us part then as friends with fond memories of a moment, but please do not mistake this for love.”

A desperate pang set in with Kendrick. The words stung, but he was not to be dissuaded. “If what I feel this moment isn’t love, then perhaps I don’t know what is. But I’m willing to learn.”

She sighed and took a long look at her mysterious suitor. “The troubadours would say love makes fools of us all. But I would say you cannot love that which you do not know. Love comes from devotion and understanding, To love me is to know me.”

Kendrick understood that his earlier professions were firmly rebuked but he felt strangely reassured. “Perhaps I was mistaken. But then teach me. I would know you if it pleases you.”

She relented with a bashful smile. It was true that her beauty was legendary and she was accustomed to repeated suitors. But there was an undeniable sincerity here that struck her, even if it seemed misguided. If someone else wanted to know her, and how she felt about love she saw no harm in sharing her views. So they walked together that night along the peaceful waterways of Ardoris. They spoke of their respectful childhoods and even childhood dreams. The next day Kendrick wished to see her again, but she had her horses to attend to. So he accompanied her in her chores and poured as much consideration and compassion into them as he doted upon her.

Each evening was like the previous with Erin unable to find reason why Kendrick couldn’t accompany her for whatever tasks demanded her time. Days turned into weeks and months, brimming full of fond memories until even years passed.

Erin never saw Kendrick (kind as he was) with the same fiery passion that he initially saw her, but in time they saw each other in the same light. There was a familiar understanding that warmed each other’s hearts at the mere thought of each other.

Kendrick reached out his hands to Erin’s soft cheeks and paused momentarily before uttering “You told me once that to love you is to know you.”

He drank deeply from her lips, kissing her with a passion refined through time.

“I would add, to know you is to love you.”

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

July 3 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 07-03-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for July 3rd, 2015. Happy Birthday Lord British! Hope Everyone has a great 4th of July!

  • Port Phoenix Lore
  • Q3 2015 Schedule Update
  • Architecture of the Obsidians!
  • Very Large Creatures: Trolls
  • Tantalus Consortium’s Reinforce Novia – Quest
  • Remix of the Avatar
  • New Outdoor Fountain Decorations
  • Thou hast been invited to the Release 19 Postmortem!
  • World Builder/Level Designer and VFX Artist Job Openings
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
  • Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
  • How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Games to Back

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July 1 2015

Sir Franks Story Part 1-Written by Avatar Acid

Hello Everyone…here is a wonderful story by Avatar Acid. This performance includes a wonderful cast of voice actors.


Narrator: Womby

Sir Frank: Lord Baldrith

Shady Cat’s vendor/bartender: Doctor Shroud

Magistrate Telar: Cordelayne

The Black Mage: Staticgrazer

Two Men Discussing Sir Frank: Lord Baldrith

Guard: TheMadHermit

Produced by: Lord Baldrith

Sir Franks Story Part 1 by Avatar Acid

Welcome to old manor by Alexandr Zhelanov

On the very edge of the known world shrouded in wonder and mystery lies the Outpost,far beyond the claimed territories of Governments, Empires, and Lords, it is a destination for many. Misfits, travelers, diplomats, and traders who seek opportunities usually outside their own means often find their way to the Outpost for the promise of a new chance in life.


Sir Frank’s intentions however were to make his visit to the Outpost as short as possible, he is quite happy with the life he already has and the Outpost is simply the last stop in the next great chapter of that life. With dusk finally coming to an end he rose to his feet, sticking into his mouth the last piece of a fine dried meat selection he had prepared to replenish his body before the long day ahead. He was acutely aware of his surroundings including the anxious scratching of claws in a tree’s branches above him. He clamped down on the meat with his teeth and tore a piece off, then with a sharp whistle he tossed it up in the air and with all the grace of a drunken fool his uniquely abled companion swooped from the branches to catch it.


Frank: “I’ll give that one a six Furt, keep trying through!” said Sir Frank.


Completely unfazed by the comment Furt happily ate his prize, his broad wings keeping him in the air as he did so. Sir Frank put out a small concealed fire which was built into the side of some rock outcroppings to keep it hidden from prying eyes, and when he heard the chewing stop he reached into his pocket for a coin.


He flipped it up into the air for Furt with a simple suggestion and gesture with his left hand towards the Outpost, “You know what to do Furt.”

Histories and tales by Alexandr Zhelanov

Furt let out a quick bark of acknowledgment and wasted no time at all, he flew off in the direction of the Outpost. Sir Frank collected his things, drew his cloak and started off himself to cover the short distance between his position and the Outpost. He doesn’t have long on the short walk but uses that time to think about troubling things and about the information in which he has come by, about the danger which now surrounds the world. Information privy to only those who know how to firstly intercept it, and then decipher it. Sir Frank was unsure as to exactly when in the near months or years these dark times would come to pass, but he is sure of one thing and that is that the world will look very different in the not so distant future. Everything will change and many will not live to see it, Sir Frank had come to one conclusion. He is going to make it through the troubling times ahead, no matter the cost.


Soon enough Sir Frank came to one of the entrance gates to the Outpost which is already open, he walked through to be met by a group of guards most of whom were busy talking with various incoming travelers like himself. One of the guards finished and started to walk towards him with a general look of disapproval.


Guard: “Name?” the guard asked with a stiff upper lip.


Frank: “Frank.” he replied, knowing there wasn’t a good chance anyone here would recognize the Master of Coin and he wanted to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Though that won’t last long, Sir Frank has already spotted two men looking his way with his keen eyes.


Guard: “What is your business here in the Outpost?” the guard asked again.


Frank: “I’m on my way through, I’m just here for the night.” he said as he brought his finger to his ear, with a twist he adjusted something that none other than him knew was there. Turning his ear towards the two men, Sir Frank listened.


Seemingly Random Guy 1: “I wonder what the Master of Coin is doing all the way out here,” one of the men asked the other. “there is nothing for him here.” Sir Frank observed their puzzled expressions as he eavesdropped in on their conversation. He recognized the clothing worn by the two men and had made a guess on their identities based on information he had read over in the past. He turned his attention back to the guard who handed him a piece of paper.


Guard: “Don’t lose this,” the guard said pointing. “the Shady Cat isn’t far, just around that corner and a ten minute walk, they’ll have a room.”


Aristocracy by Alexandr Zhelanov


Frank: Sir Frank nodded as he collected the note the guard handed him and set off, walking right by the two men who had been speaking about him very nonchalantly, again catching part of their conversation as he walked by, “Very odd indeed.”


Sir Frank made his way towards the Shady Cat taking in, or rather being bombarded by, his surroundings. A hodgepodge of style and décor from many different cultures, and still to his surprise it all flowed together more like a live performance of the arts, lacking the disorder of the abstract.


The walk was quick, he came upon the sight of the Shady Cat in no time at all. Nothing unremarkable at first glance, just the typical smells and sounds which might accompany any such establishment. A waft of savoury foods, large quantities of ale, and of course the music of Bards. Sir Frank made his way past your average porch dwellers and straight into the Shady Cat.

Sailor Waltz With Water Effects C64 Style by skrjablin


The Bards had just started a new song, a pleasant introduction to the piece was being played by skilled lutenist, and chatter was not loud and at an even murmur. Sir Frank slowed his walk to the vendor as he took a mental note of the Shady Cat’s layout. A large man to his left slammed his metal jug onto the wooden table after releasing it of all liquid, two exits in the back and one in the front, stairs up to his right, seating and stage to his left. Chatter died as a vocalist began to sing, your average song about regret and hindsight, but decent skill for the location he thought to himself.

Come Around by p0ss


The vendor looked up from behind the counter as Sir Frank approached andbefore the vendor could offer Sir Frank stated his intent.


Frank: “Just a room for the night.” he indicated to the vendor.


Vendor: “Right. That’ll be eleven and a quarter. Just make’r half.”

Winter Waltz by Alexandr Zhelanov


Frank: Sir Frank grinned, he put down eleven and then asked “So why then eleven and a half?”


Vendor: “We round up round here, ain’t nobody got a quarter piece any more.” he said taking what Sir Frank had already laid down.


Frank: “I’ve always got exact change.” Sir Frank jibed as he flipped the rare quarter piece up into the air landing into one of the cups the vendor had picked up to polish.


Vendor: “I’ll be a son of, ya know this is worth more than the eleven don’t you?” he asked surprised.


Frank: “Keep it, it wasn’t my only one,” he said as he held out his hand, the vendor handed him a key. “thanks.”


Vendor: “Your loss friend. Up one, all the way down, seventeen.” said the vendor out his big smile as he pocketed the quarter piece.


Sir Frank nodded then climbed the stairs to the first floor and walked the unusually long hallway of unusually small rooms, the original rooms were probably cut into halves he thought, unlocked his room and walked in. Not exactly what he was accustom to, but he didn’t think he would be there long enough to notice. After having a quick look around the room he laid down on the bed and put his feet up.


With the music and comfort of a bed for a change, he thought he could just slip into his first decent sleep in a long while. What he didn’t do however, is forget who he is and what he has to do, his eyes opened, he heard several footsteps. Sir Frank sat up hung his feet over the end of the bed onto a large circular rug, his staff made a hollow thud as he lowered it to the floor.

Steeps of Destiny by Alexandr Zhelanov



The greeting party seemed well organized, they didn’t talk as they arrived and arranged themselves outside the door. Then Sir Frank heard a few words, foul words, magic words, the door unlocked as if the key was presented and then burst open after a kick. Two men with short pole arms hurried in flanking two others, one with a staff, and another well-dressed individual with his weapon not drawn. There was an unusual silence for a while as the men all faced each other in stare.


Frank: “I assume one of you is going to tell me what all of this is about.” Sir Frank calmly stated.


Telar: “Sir Frank, Master of Coin?” the man in the decent garb asked.


Frank: “Got me in one.” he responded.


Telar: “I am Magistrate Telar, I had to see this one for myself.


Frank: “Well Magistrate,” Sir Frank commented while standing up, “the show is actually down stairs, I know this because I can hear it from up here.”


Magistrate Telar let out a crooked smile but his men had no such appreciation of Sir Frank’s humour, the men with pole arms were visibly agitated that he had stood up. The man with the staff Sir Frank quite appropriately assumed was the magic user, held out his hand towards the ground.


The Black: “Going somewhere?” the noticeably thin and pale man asked Sir Frank.


Frank: “Well yes, now that you mention it my sickly friend, I am leaving, far past this place in fact. You won’t really have to worry abo—“ he was cut off as the magic user slammed his staff down onto the wooden floor. A few words came out of his vile mouth again as his staff glowed a subtle red hue.

Tragedy Alley by Alexandr Zhelanov


The Black: “You aren’t going anywhere Frank,” said the magic user, “you’ll be coming with us now.” he finished quite pleased with himself.


Frank: “Why is that?” Sir Frank asked as he lifted his rod off the carpet. Sir Frank stepped off the carpet to the side at great disbelief by the men in the room. He kicked the carpet aside revealing a magical design of some kind which was painted on the floor. “Because of this here magic trick? Have to admit, the staff glowing red was kind of neat though. I’m surprised you had enough time to design this circle too, don’t you have some reagents somewhere that need sniffing?”


The guard types stepped back and the magic man was about to speak again but Magistrate Telar cut him off. “Now, now, everyone I think we can resolve this without further escalation. Please leave me with Sir Frank for a moment.”


Without question all three vacated the room, Magistrate Telar closed the door behind them then unclasped his scabbard and sword. He leaned it against the wall then walked over to a small table to sit in one of the chairs, motioning for Sir Frank to join him.

Dissonant Waltz by Yubatake

Telar: “Sir Frank,” Telar started as Sir Frank took his seat, “It seems that a man of your prominence isn’t able to remain entirely invisible while travelling abroad. I was actually alerted to your arrival about a day ago by an, interested party.


Frank: “Some party.” Sir Frank shot out.


Telar: “Quite. I am sure you are well aware of the Outpost’s status on intergovernmental affairs, we don’t choose sides. We’re a place where everyone can come to do business, make the deals you just can’t make back south.” Telar asserted.


Frank: “Wild guess here,” Sir Frank started, “there are exceptions.”


Telar: Telar continued. “I like to think of these little occurrences as compromises. When I became aware of who you are and learned that you were travelling to some yet to be known destination, it raised my interest also. There might be more people than you think who are interested in where you are going and what you are up to Sir Frank.”


Frank: “That is of course my business Magistrate, none of theirs, none of yours.” He responded.


Telar: “And I agree with that Sir Frank. I’ve been paid quite a large sum in order to interrogate you before letting you leave the Outpost. But here is what I am going to do instead. The Outpost has to remain neutral territory to survive, there can be no doubt about our position here on that matter. You will come with me and I will deliver you to the lockup for all to see, in the early morning when it is quiet you will be released. I will inform the interested party that you gave us the slip, and collect my money based on whatever you decide to tell me.”


Frank: “How can I say no to such a,” Sir Frank added a spin to his next word, “compromise. I’ve heard about the Monolith building.” Sir Frank stood and motioned towards the door. “Shall we?” he asked.


Telar: “Ah, you know a good deal about the Outpost Sir Frank. Yes, come, let’s get this show on the road.”


Sir Frank knew everything about the Outpost exactly because of the Monolith building. Hundreds of years ago the Monolith vanished, leaving no trace of itself. Before that the Monolith was enshrined in a structure, it was one of the oldest structures in the world now and has today been relegated to serving as a jail. Sir Frank had no quarrels with spending the night in that jail, it was exactly where he needed to be.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe