April 29 2015

The Diary of Eva Grace, Vol III – by enderandrew – narrated by Lady Adnor

Hello everyone, this is Lady Adnor, and I am pleased to bring you the continuing story of Eva Grace, written by enderandrew.
The Diary of Eva Grace – Vol III
Told by Eva Grace

I thought death would be the end of me. I thought wrong.

My spirit began to rise from my body. I kept looking at Thomas, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking into the eyes of my dead body below as I kept rising. But then he faded away into a ball of light. The world grew dark, but the rest did not fade away. At first I was petrified (at least as much as a spirit could be). I could not move, nor find the words to shout. But as it became clear I had not simply dissipated into nothingness, I wanted to fight back. I wanted a way home to end this nightmare.

Why had Thomas called for Dreyfus? Was there something he could do to bring me back? To save me? Now I bolted through the window into the night as a ghost. I looked to find my killer, but all I saw were the occasional balls of light. I could not make out any people. I saw two move towards the tavern. Were they mere guards, or was Dreyfus among them?

I panicked and circled around further. I stumbled upon the graveyard by the moon tower and the symbology terrified me. I scrambled some more and I came across what looked like a chapel. These did not seem like religious folk that I could tell, a few superstitious perhaps. But there in front of me was a symbol that did call out to me, an ankh. At least I knew it to be an ankh. What was it here? What did it mean in this world? I wasn’t sure if it meant the end and that final dissipation into nothingness, but it felt right and I was drawn in.

And then suddenly I was back in bed. But this wasn’t another nightmare I was awaking from. I could feel the pain in my chest, and weakness through my whole body. There was no hole where the dagger had been, but Thomas and Dreyfus were there beside me. Dreyfus had some sort of healing kit he had brought into the room, but now they both stared in shock as I returned from the dead.

I did not know then what I know now. My soul is not of this world, and the world will not accept it. Though I may die here, it will not be a final death. If there is an afterlife in New Britannia, it will not have me. I was a freak. I ran from the room and the town further still. I kept running for weeks, relying on the kindness of travelers and small farms to keep me for a night at a time as I traveled the land. I needed to escape anyone who had heard of me and what had happened.

Some of the stories traveled as well. Some said perhaps the “woman who lived” was really undead, the work of a necromancer to raise the dead. They say Jaged was caught and disappeared in The Clink, never to be seen again. For a while I feared my own visage and what it might represent. I understood a bit how he feared me as well.

But as I traveled to the mainland, other stories followed as well that weren’t about me. They told of other outlanders pouring through in great numbers. Some of them died as well to wolves or bandits or fearful blades like I had. They too rose from the dead and I realized my condition wasn’t unique.

What brought us here, and kept us even through death? I never believed in destiny myself or any type of prophecy. I had no desire to play any part in it. I just wanted a new home where I wasn’t a pariah. I had become anathema to myself. I needed a place to stop and gather my thoughts, to rediscover who I was now in this world. Maybe then I could someday find a new way home.

That was when I found it. It was a small village, a holdfast they say, named Rift’s End. I hoped that wasn’t the case for me. I did not want this to be the end of my journey when home seemed so far away. But I knew I couldn’t run forever.

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April 24 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 04-24-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for April 24th, 2015.

  • PaxLair: SotA’s First Player Owned Town
  • Shroud of the Avatar: New Beginnings Comic
  • Summon Phoenix Skill
  • Abe’s Solace Bridge Upgrades
  • Release 17 Dev+ QA Server is Live
  • More Fences Galore
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • AmbushedGamer Live twitch Interview with Lord British
  • Community In-Game Images and Videos
  • Get Your Red Fez Hat!
  • Send Gift Function Added to Account Page
  • Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
  • Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
  • How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
  • Upcoming Events

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April 22 2015

The Diary of Eva Grace, Vol II – by enderandrew – narrated by Lady Adnor

Hello everyone, this is Lady Adnor, and I am pleased to bring you the continuation of the Diary of Eva Grace, written by enderandrew.

The Diary of Eva Grace – Vol II
Told by Eva Grace

He found me in the tavern, where I spent most of my free time. I was a little drunk and I didn’t expect hostility. Some treated me with a little trepidation or concern, but this was a town of good people. I was still a stranger in a strange land, but more and more this town felt like home every day. I was beginning to suspect I would miss it when I left. I promised I would write and Thomas was even teaching me how to do that here.

When he appeared behind me and grabbed my shoulder, my quill dragged across the page.

“Hey, watch it! I only have so much parchment,” I called out as I turned to face my attacker.

He had no qualms about hitting a woman as he shoved me hard into the bar. Thomas moved quickly around the bar to intervene.

“You’re going to have to leave Jaged. I won’t have any of that here.” Thomas did not yell, but his stern voice was quite clear. He would have no violence in his establishment.

“Don’t you see that she endangers us all? We’re only a couple years away from the prophecy. Do you not know that she is an outlander? And what if the calendars are off? What if the prophecy is now?” He appealed to the crowd. I could sense their fear. But I wasn’t sure if they feared him or me.

“Lord Enmar is aware of this superstition. She is not the only outlander in Novia. It is not yet the year of prophecy, nor do I put stock in such nonsense. He wisely agreed that we will judge individuals by their actions. She’s been trying to help in her time here.”

“Sadly, not very well I must admit,” I muttered. Thomas didn’t seem to approve of my interjection.

“She means well, and that is the point. She may not have been born here, but she is here now and she is a guest in my tavern. I will not tolerate anyone laying a hand on her again. If it happens again, you will deal with me and then you’ll deal with the guard.”

Perhaps Jaged anticipated the crowd would immediately side with him and he could have mob justice. As he surveyed the room and none jumped to his cause, he stormed out unsatisfied. I knew the matter was not yet resolved. I was still shaken up. Thomas insisted I drink tea instead of ale and crawl into bed so that I would awaken to a fresh day.

If only that were the case. The tea did help calm my nerves but I had trouble sleeping that night. Nightmares kept creeping in and I was suddenly terrified of this new world I found myself in. I wondered if I would ever find a way home. Then suddenly I awoke from one nightmare only to find myself in another.

Jaged stood over my bed. He shoved a pillow over my face to smother my scream as he whispered “I will not let you burn this world”. I thought he meant to suffocate me and then he plunged a dagger into my heart. It was a shocking bolt of pain unlike any I had ever felt. I screamed out dying breaths that the pillow could not hide. Thomas awoke and ran to my room, seeing Jaged climb out the window and drop to the street below. I remember the last memory before my death was Thomas calling desperately for the guards to fetch Dreyfus and turning to look into my lifeless eyes.

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April 19 2015

The Exodus – by Themo Lock – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from Themo Lock, entitled
The Exodus
(historical account from the Lockbrier archives, as recorded by Jerison the bard)
Background music “Lowland Invasion” by Smartsound

Therion Lock sat on his heels at the mouth of the cave system and stared up at a sky in turmoil, what should have been blue skies instead was smoke and fire. In the distance an enormous, jet black meteor sheathed in flame, parted the clouds and plummeted to the ground with a tremendous boom sending up plumes of strange purple dust high into the air. Shardfall, fragments of a shattered moon raining down on the land and laying waste to civilisation. He shifted his attention to the smoking ruins of Paxlair and clenched his fists in frustration and anger, the twin towers had been reduced to rubble and many of the cities homes still smouldered and smoked a sight that brought tears to his eyes. But it was not the deadly hail of stone that was the cause of this destruction; the bane of Paxlair travelled on leathery wings and had a name of her own… Adelind. The dragon had been driven from her lair by the shardfall several weeks previous and she now sought shelter in the cave system on the city outskirts. For many months the citizens of Paxlair had worked to shape these caves into a new home at Governor Winfield’s behest, the project was to be a haven from the chaos and a bunker in which to weather the shardfall. Deep within the underground system was a natural spring, stores of food and other supplies as well as an established mushroom farm. The senior mages of the city had also been experimenting with an unstable rift at the back of the cave as a possible last ditch escape route should worst case scenarios come to pass. Losing the caves to the dragon would surely seal the fate of the city’s population and all now worked tirelessly to secure the area.

Three times the beast had assaulted the city, each time driven off by Nanoc and the militia but at the cost of many lives. Therion and his family were masons and had been tasked with overseeing the construction, an overwhelming task hindered by tremors and darkness. Construction of the subterranean housing was now halted as focus shifted to the caves entrance, wooden framework was in place and stone recovered from the fallen towers was stockpiled nearby ready to be set in place. Governor Winfield now ushered the last of the Paxlair citizens into the cave system, a long procession of soot-covered refugees carrying the remains of their possessions while Nanoc and the militia worked to repair a damaged ballista and erect earthworks. Therion’s sons were were off with the foresters gathering timber and he nervously glanced at the distant tree-line before picking up his tools and returning to work. The wide cave-mouth needed to be closed off to a narrower, more defensible size and it was going to require a lot of stone to withstand the onslaught of a dragon.

“Dragonsign!” the shout rang out from a nearby watchtower and raised the hairs on the back of Therion’s neck, he spun on his heel and cried out to see plumes of fire descending from the skies into the streets of the emptying city. The militia took up position in front of the cave, readying their arrows and spells while Nanoc screamed instructions at a terrified engineer. Therion sought cover behind the piles of cut stone and fumbled to string his bow with trembling hands, he had not fired an arrow for over a decade. A deafening roar from above and the dragon came into view, wings folded back, maw open in a hideous sneer, the beast dove from the sky directly at the militia. “Loose loose loose!” screamed Nanoc as the militia launched a barrage of spells and missiles into the air, very few found their mark. Undaunted, Adelind unfolded her wings and slowed her descent, coming to ground directly in front of the militia. Molten saliva dribbled from her mouth as she inhaled deeply, a look of pure rancour in her eyes. With a loud twang the engineer fired his ballista with surprising accuracy, the oversized arrow piercing the dragon’s right shoulder and throwing her off balance. The beasts head flung to the side, spewing flame across the hillside as she whipped her tail at the ballista shattering the engine into splinters and sending Nanoc and the engineer tumbling back into the cave. The militia pushed the assault, leaping over the earthworks and bearing down on the beast with pole-arms and blades under cover of another barrage of arcane lightning and arrows. With horror Therion watched as the dragon regained her footing and charged, flinging the militia aside and disappearing into the cave. Screams echoed from within and the sound of dragonfire as those remaining outside fell to their knees in defeat, all was lost. Broken and bloodied, the engineer hobbled into view with a large yellow flask in hand “This prize will be her last!” he screamed, smashing the flask into the cave wall. The explosion knocked Therion to the ground, a stone splinter embedded into his forearm and ears ringing. Dazed, he looked around in dismay… the militia were all dead or badly injured, the city was once more in flames and the cave system was sealed. The governor and citizens could not have survived; there was no safe haven from shardfall. Paxlair had fallen.

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April 18 2015

The Diary of Eva Grace, Vol 1 – by enderandrew – narrated by Lady Adnor

Hello everyone, this is Lady Adnor, and I’m pleased to bring you a wonderfully written piece by enderandrew, titled
The Diary of Eva Grace – Vol I
Told by Eva Grace

I didn’t write these things as they happened. I didn’t even know how to write then in rune, or use parchment and quill. Nor did I have time to sit and collect my thoughts at the time, but it seems I have all the time in the world now. But my story is true as well as I remember it.

They say I was one of the first to cross over in ages. The lunar rifts had been dormant for some time. No one had seen a new outlander in years. And how was I supposed to know the timing was bad and that there was some prophecy forthcoming?

I don’t remember precisely what happened or how I ended up here, save for that first sight of etheric energy of a moon tower, and the blue glow of the lunar rift behind me. I feared I was mad or trapped in some lucid dream. Years later I’m left wondering if my life before was the dream. I had a lover I left behind, but now I don’t fully remember his face. I only remember that I once remembered it. He is like the sun that has already slipped past the horizon. I can still see the glowing outline of what once was. Would he remember me? Did his life move on without me?

To say I was confused is a gross understatement. The town guard surrounded me. As Nicolas the guard questioned me, I could only offer questions myself in response. Though he felt it impossible, he worked out that I was an outlander, an off-worlder. It still seems so impossible that I am on another planet until I look at the moonlit sky and see the alien horror and wonder of Daedalus staring down at me.

I was taken before Lord Enmar, who had heard tales of outlanders before, although they were much fewer in number when I arrived. He charged Captain Dreyfus with finding me work so I would not be a debtor or a burden on the town.

My life of relative comfort on Earth hadn’t prepared me for a day of truly honest labor here. I assisted different people in town with their tasks hoping to find one I was good at, where I could apprentice and earn my keep. I’m ashamed to admit I wasn’t good at any of them. I was a writer back home and I simply didn’t know any other trade. I couldn’t even pass as a bard here as no one would understand my stories nor would they have any frame of reference.

At first I wondered if I could use my knowledge from Earth to further technology here, perhaps become rich or help find a way home. But even my basic knowledge of electronics and physics proved worthless here. After stumbling across a magnetic rock, I could produce nothing by rotating it around thin copper wire quickly. And yet this world has its own forces and energies unlike nothing I had seen at home. There were radios supposedly powered by the moon and etheric energies.

I sat in the tavern, laying out my problems and ordered a cocktail. Thomas was confused. He had mead, wine, ales and lagers. But no one here knew much about mixing juices and distilled alcohol. It was literally a foreign concept to them. I realized that perhaps the only thing I had to offer this world was the ability to mix and pour drinks they had never tried.

Thomas was a good barkeep in his own right. I had decided on my new fate, that I would save some coin and find a town that needed my services tending bar and pouring drinks. I knew I wouldn’t stay in Owl’s Head. I just hadn’t realized how soon I would be leaving.

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April 18 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 04-17-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for April 17th, 2015.

  • Steam Special Promotion: 25% Off Thru April 21
  • Abe’s Vertas Pass Upgrades
  • Judging a Book by its Cover
  • Fences Galore
  • TableTop with Wil Wheaton & Richard Garriott
  • The Mad Hermit’s Video of Lord & Lady British’s Easter Celebration
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
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April 10 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 04-10-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for April 10th, 2015. (Notice our special guest for part of the newscast 🙂

  • Duke & LotM VIP Design Roundtable and Lady British’s Easter Event
  • Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 16 Postmortem
  • Street Names in Release 17
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Community In-Game Videos
  • Elven House in a Hill Stretch Goal Item
  • New Hat Variations
  • Decent: Underground Kickstarter Successfully Funded!
  • Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
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April 10 2015

The Ebon Viper Chapter 1-Written by blaquerogue-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…here is a great story By blaquerogue! Possibly an ongoing series!

The Ebon Viper – Chapter 1 by blaquerogue

Temple of the Mystics by jdagenet

Blaquerogue sat there in his dark den, running his dark fingers around the wine goblet, deep in thought… He knew they would not let him go that easy, he was stupid to think otherwise, after all it is the Assassins Guild! There was always someone willing to fill your shoes, when your as good as he was at his art of death! Someone was always trying to take that title as, “the greatest assassin” in The Kingdoms of Cartador.

For that was absolutely what he was! He had a target on his back every day he left his keep. Always some young Rogue trying to take the title! It always ended up the same, that same Rogue choking on his blood as his lungs filled with blood! “The Ebon Viper” was an artist, and death was always his masterpiece.

Core by jdagenet

He had only one equal, his fellow Dark Elf Ariella, known as “The Night Orchid“. She was just as good as he. They trained all through their younger years in “Underdark”, a place where Drow come from. They were like any other elf race except they had black skin and dark magic’s, also thirst for blood and power. Like Ariella he longed for freedom of rule by the Tyrants that ran it! Ariella was the first to escape the Underdark, and Blaquerogue was the second.

How he missed her! After all Blaquerogue taught her to fight with scimitars, strictly forbidden by the Elders! Female Drow were supposed to be Priests, Males supposed to be slaves and fighters. Ariella took Blaquerogue as her slave to protect him from the mistreatment he would get by any other Priest, She taught him magic’s forbidden by the elders of course and he taught her the art “shadow dance” one of the most deadliest sword techniques of all.

He knew she would escape this place he even handed her a map he had made, to do it! When she did, of course he was blamed, beaten, and accused of chasing her away by trying to mate her against her will. He and her would never be a mating couple. They were best of friends though, and a deadly force when together!

For they knew each other so well, that they moved in perfect synchronicity without a word between them when fighting, felling all that came before them. Then they got the order to kill a human child, and that is when things went sour! Blaquerogue refused to follow that order, as well as Ariella they were both separated. She was thrown before her man and he was left to punishment of the priests. He had heard she escaped, and was happy for her, then one day, he followed suit!

One day they would see each other again he was sure of it! For just recently he heard of some doings of someone named “Night Orchid“! A Thieves Guild master was assassinated in some town just passed the swamps to the North. He knew she kept the name he gave her at a young age, and he smiled for once in the many years of being an Assassin at this thought!

Sigil by Joseph Gilbert / Kistol

Getting back to the main thought, the only way out of the Assassins Guild and business was by taking out those that would try to kill him if he left. He knew he was going to have to start with making Teron disappear! Teron was the only one foolish enough to try and kill him. He had been trying to work his way up to Blaquerogue’s level within the guild for years. Blaquerogue, “The Ebon Viper” was the only thing standing in Teron’s way!

Blaquerogue threw his glass across the room shattering it against the stone wall! He then went to his locker and began pulling out his tools of the trade, and strapping them on. A black Ebony Scimitar that had an eerie dark purple glow shimmering off it, and an ivory dagger unnaturally light for its size. He slipped the scimitar in its sheath and sheathed the dagger in a hidden compartment just under his Black Dragon leather armor chest he wore, matched by the Black dragon leather pants and boots.Yes, he was Upper Class, elite to say the least, his trade paid well!

He filled his various belt pouches with flasks of green liquid, and flasks of a smoky grey liquid, followed by four more daggers, one in each boot, and one under each sleeve of his chest piece. Throwing his back pack on, he was off to collect another life to add to his collection of so many over the years, but finally this time for his own well being.

Article 196 Section 1 by Zander Noriega

He slipped out of his secret exit only passage from his house and the door swung close slowly and latch without a sound blending into the design of the side of his keep. Moving at a fast pace barely making a sound and heading to the city below.

“Gold Crest” the name of this city in the south of the continent, was a lot less glamorous than its name. It was just another bustling city filled with people from all walks of life. The streets were dirty and dingy, shop keeps lined the main street, as well as thieves and pick pockets.

Blaquerogue knew them all. The shop owners were closing down for the night moving their wares back inside the shops. The sun had been down for little over and hour and the lanterns lit the streets except the alley ways, they were never lit. Walking with the crowds he slipped off into one and over to the next street. This is when his skill came into effect! Keeping close to the shadows he would pass people by as they looked around to see where that movement of air came from! As they turned around he was long gone.

Dipping back into another alley he knew someone was following him, he could smell them! This one smoked a pipe he knew for tobacco lingered on him still! Hugging the shadows down the alley he stopped and looked up. A shadow jumped from one roof top to the other, quickly he rolled to the left side of the alley and into the shadows there! Slowing down he crept like a beast stalking its prey, he could hear the padded foot steps moving up and down the alley via the roof. Quickly he found a shadow at the edge of the alley opening up onto the busy street. There he waited quietly dagger already pulled and waiting like that of a vipers fangs for the strike, it would come he knew!

Shadow of the Clouds by MyCannonSing

Sliding off the roof and dropping just in front of him was a fellow clad in black cloth as he turned around, an ivory blade opened his neck spilling blood forth! Blaquerogue threw his hand over the mouth and nose of this one dragging him back further into the shadows! There he held him low until finally he suffocated or drowned in his own blood, two deep jabs to the mans heart, and the cat and mouse game was over as he stuffed the body behind some boxes there in the alleyway. Cleaning his ivory blade he cut the purse from the mans belt and dumped the coin into his own. Then Blaquerogue threw his cloak around him and grabbed an empty liqueur jug he found in the ally. He splashed what little was left on his cloak, and stumbled out into the crowd just another “drunkard”.

The Reach of Hunger by Zander Noriega

He was bumping into people and apologizing they bought this muse hook, line, and sinker! When he crossed the street into the next alleyway he counted his take four bags of coin should make for a good night at the tavern where he knew he would find Teron drinking as usual, Rogues should never have a usual place! This was Teron’s first mistake!

The tavern was busy with patrons, it was wall to wall people, drinking laughing having a good time, after a long day of work. He walked through the front door a quick glance around the tavern, he knew all he needed about the people, the exits and where Gantrel the Assassins Guild master was, his normal table at the back of the place, He saw Blaquerogue walk in and smiled his toothy grin.

This was one of those places they called a “safe house”, no one was allowed to perform any of their dirty deeds here or they would suffer with their life! One of the many rules Gantrel had made, since this was his favorite place to be. Teron slipped behind Blaquerogue, but not unnoticed! He went straight for Gantrel’s table. He was stopped by some of his thugs who said no word, Gantrel waved them off and Blaquerogue sat down next to him.

“Well met my friend, have you finally reconsidered your retirement?” he said with a smile. “no one one will touch you here I promise, It is the rules as you know!” with almost a challenge in his voice! Blaque picked that up clearly! Sitting down next to him was Teron who made his way to the table as well, trying to get an ear on things and being Gantrel’s personal body guard in the absence of Blaque.

Blaquerogue looked at Teron and smiled then said “Yes I have reconsidered things, as of late!” putting his left arm around Teron. “He seems like a good fit for the job as your new bodyguard!” Teron smiled, and Blaque could see his head was growing bigger by the second!

“And what of you?” said Gantrel, which area would you like to work in? Moving our market from town to town? Enforcing protection fees?” Blaquerogue smiled and said “no I was thinking of something much better! maybe becoming a partner to you? What do you think of that? We can make the split of 60/40 ill get sixty percent of your operation!?” The smile fell from Gantrel’s face with a quickness! Just as confused as Gantrel so was Teron with a confused look on his face!

Blaquerogue just smiled and said “You are a liability to the guild, that is why you will get forty percent of the profits!” Gantrel upset belted out “what is this you speak of!! in my place of business!” In the blink of an eye six quick jabs into Terons heart with the ivory dagger cutting through his armor as if it wasn’t there! Blood sprayed splashing all over Gantrel’s face, and Blaquerogue’s armor! he gently laid Teron on the table face first! The whole place was in shock at this moment! Especially Gantrel! Blaquerogue called out to the thugs standing around the table, “clean this mess up!” They did as they were told for they were paid well by Blaquerogue!

Turning back to Gantrel, he said “This is what i think of your rules! Poor Teron would still be alive, at least for a couple more hours if i hadn’t found this on him!” He pulled out a piece of paper and threw it down on the table! There sitting in front of Gantrel was a bounty for two thousand gold, for Blaquerogue’s head signed by Gantrel himself, blood still dripping and smudging the ink! “Your thugs work for me now!, and as for you fat man this is where your story ends!” A quick slash across his throat and the conversation was over in a waterfall of blood! He looked up at the crowd and said “Let this be a lesson for those that choose to cross me “The Ebon Viper!” Business will continue as usual! I am your new Guild Master!” With that, they went back to drinking, but were a lot more quieter, softly talking and whispering amongst themselves. More than likely plotting Blaquerogue’s death under their breath, but he would be ready if they dare tried!

Third Month by megupets www.megupets.com

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April 4 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 04-03-15

Hello All! Here is the news for April 3rd, 2015. Happy Easter!

  • SotA Companion App
  • More Spectra Mines Entrance
  • Judging a Book by its Cover
  • Release 17 Grand Tour Quest Reward: Fez Hat
  • R15 Decoration Contest Winners
  • Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 16 Postmortem
  • Black Gate Games GDC Interview: Meeting the Ultima Team
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Decent Kickstarter in Final Week
  • Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
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