May 21 2016

Sweet Tendencies Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Here is another awesome song by our Soul grabbing star Apollox Evanheart!


Sweet Tendencies by Apollox Evanheart

She said she likes the way
That I make her feel
She had a broken heart
And I was the heal
She was an wreak
But not that way anymore
She likes the way I make her feel
I was something she could adore
Many emotions we can come together
We can share this laughter
And spend time forever
We can make this feel
More then alright
Come over my place
And you can spend the night
So much I am a softy
I’m a big teddy bear
So you don’t have to get off me
I want you to have the best time
You ever did
Forget your past
Your ex boyfriend was the bitch
I am the best thing
That happened to you
But honestly and truthfully
You complete me too
Lets forget about those bad times
Lets save up your energy
We have a whole life
To make new memories
Damn lil momma
I see your smile
Forget about my own past
Stare at you for awhile
Forget about the x
I already found my treasure
I’m lost in your touches
Buried in your pleasure
Leave out the emotion
And just have some fun
Forget about your toys
Lets just use our tongues
I didn’t mean to be naughty
I meant that as a whisper
If I use my tongue
You’ll find me a good kisser
I’m just trying to figure out
What’s Next
We can go to my place
And I can show you my flex
I respect you
For everything you are
But you and I want the same thing
And that’s to go hard
This ale has me
A little tipsy
But we should start the night off
With a strip tease
I want you to know
My feelings for you are real
You seem like my Wonder women
And I’m your man of steele


April 27 2016

Tragedy-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Another GEM by our star Apoollox!


Tragedy by Apollox Evanheart

Music prod by illwillbeatz


Tragedy has struck

Now were all F*

Waiting for that moment

That I can get that rush

Waiting for that moment

That I am no longer touched

My inner demons Speak to me

Feel like I’m in the clutch



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi im the Lawmen, Jury and judge


They say I’m no good

They say I’m ill hearted

Well I’m here to clean the trash

And you just brought all this garbage

Thought you could make yourself well known

Well I think its time to take your ass back home

I hear the dinner bell

I’m getting kind of hungry
I’m eatting up this competition

Sorry to put it bluntly


Let me put your mind at ease

I’m a f* cure

And you’re the disease

A plague of men

A scum of this nation

If I was god

Id be embarrassed of my creation

I know your trying to fit in

I think I understand

But I got my Choas in order

And you didn’t have your sh* planned


Ladies and Gentlemen

Apollox Evanheart now sentences you to a public execution

You son of a Bi*


I’m sorry if you thought I would be polite

I’m a cannibal

An Animal

An executioner of my time

A long list of enemies

Have kept me on my grind

Your blood on my hand

I wont lose sleep at night



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi I’m the Lawmen, Jury and judge


I find it funny how things evolve

How I can run the streets

Then rule them all

How one day I climb

And the very next you crawl

But watch your back

Not always safe behind stonewall



April 13 2016

Heartthrob-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Heartthrob by Apollox Evanheart

Music by Omnibeats
I’m the gift
That you never knew you needed
Sex appeal with a splash of conceited
Stare at me to long
Think you’ve cheated
Blizzard outside
I just got it heated
Drooling at the mouth
I can understand
Got a boy at Home
But you need yourself man
You got your toys for delight
But what you really need is a Novian Knight
I’ll try to be sensitive
Im there for your needs
Always eager and willing to please
There’s the moment
Its time for me to Seize
Grab your hips, dip and squeeze
Let me take your hand
Show you what I mean
This might be a fantasy
But its not a dream

Damn she grindin real slow
She got me actin like ive never seen this sh* before
She got this place lit on fire
Make a Playa Knight want to suddenly retire

She Whispered naughty things
She seemed wild
A Devilish Look
But a Angel when she smiled
She had me captivated
Had me mesmerized
I’m The Knight but felt like she compromised
The night seemed long
And the music was bumping
The music got aggressive
And our bodies kept rubbing
Filthy Stag was crowded
Party was getting lit
Best time of my life
That’s Safe to admit
A generous Knight
I paid for all drinks
I caught her off guard
She didn’t know what to think
She whispered in my ear
I want to see if its possible
That we can go somewhere
Where cloths are optional

Wow she had me surprise
Wasn’t sure if she wanted the Man or the Knight
I guess I didn’t really care what it seemed
I suddenly wanted Strawberries and the whip cream
I took her back to my place
So we could be fulfilled
Kick back Avatars Radio and Chill

A night a bliss
A marathon a passion
First night met
Filled with compassion
A fire within
A bed set ablaze
Stay in the morning
Ill make breakfast the next day
I’m the Knight of Wizards Rest
I’m Apollox E
You just managed
To sweep me off my feet
A heartthrob
You just made me skip a beat
A Cold Body
You just Turned up the heat

March 21 2016

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire – Apollox Evanheart

Hello I’m Apollox Evanheart. Thanks for checking out my second single:

Here’s My Reign, Here’s My Fire by Apollox Evanheart

Background Music: Atlanta (Prod. By The Rookies)

I was doubted
Your Judgment it was clouded
Try to overtake me
Might just get you shrouded
We’re four deep
At the knight round table
Thought you were connected
You’ve just been disabled

Might want to hold your tongue
Maybe hold that breath
I’d hate to see your family
Suddenly Laid to rest
But no one seems to learn
With Chaos I bring flame
And that will get you burned
Suddenly end of game

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And Overwhelm Me
Turns Out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

I bring Apocalypse
I bring chaos
Trying to reach the dark side
Going to need a séance
Conquer by all means
I bring terror that is tragic
I use a sword and Shield
Not afraid to use Dark Magic

I hate when people assume
I’m a role model
Just trying to start my reign
I’m not here to coddle
I want to drink some ale
And sleep with your women
The fruit of evil taste so good
Don’t care if its a sin

It seems that Evil
Consumes us all
Don’t worry about my rise
Just watch your fall
I’ll be your friend
I’ll pick up the slack
Shake your hand
While I knife you in the back
I’m going to push
To get what I need
A dominating force
Built on Power and Greed

You thought you had the edge
Thought you could progress
You took a wrong turn
Made a bad guess
Thought you could overpower
And overwhelm Me
Turns out I Dominate
Your life is now complete

Don’t get it twisted
Don’t need you confused
When I said I needed your help
I just wanted you to move
You’re fortunate
That I’m here
This place with be great again
I’m kind of a seer

Rise above hate
Rise above the rest
Time to grind it out
Time to beat this quest
No matter what I do
Chaos defines me
A Knight in shinning armor
Raised in the streets

March 13 2016

A Rap Toknight – Rapped – Produced by Apollox Evanheart

Hello Everyone, Lord Baldrith here with an Amazing song/rap by Apollox Evanheart. You can get into this one it’s really awesome! Apollox has done the whole thing, Production/creation!

A Rap Toknight by Apollox Evanheart

Music titled Promethazine by Bruce Wayne

I’m the hottest thing
Let me show ya
Apollox Evanheart
Representing…. Novia
A Knight by day
A King in the sheets
Royalty by blood
Raised by the streets

By the God’s
I’ve been blessed
The best thing to hit Shroud
Straight out of Wizards Rest
A surprise for all
That I’ve been gifted
But you know how it goes
No rest for the wicked

You know how it is
Ride in on my mount
Back talk this Knight
Pillage through your town
Plunder what I need
And get the hell out
Throw me a parade
You better bow down

And you know this
Just met these wench’s
Collar full of lipstick
Gave you a night of me
Its was pleasant
But I got to go before breakfast

I’m a warrior
I’m a soldier
If you don’t represent Chaos
Get the cold shoulder

I rock a sword
I use a shield
Disrespect me
Will often get you killed
I think my time to shine
Is now
Try to dethrone me
I laugh out loud
You’re at a game of checkers
I’m at a game of chess
You’ve just been flattened
Call you hard pressed
Everything I do
No regrets
When I dominate
No one forgets

A dominating force
Dominating pleasure
Like a pirate
Lookin’ for booty
I’m getting my treasure
The haters hate
Said it couldn’t be done
Who do you bow for now in Novian

O no
The end is near
Better write history
Make this very clear
I don’t demand respect
I push fear
My time is up
My path is clear
I’m out of time
Got to cause some pain
Hope you don’t mind
As I start my reign

Album with EQ - B&A


November 21 2015

Lord Baldrith brings .ABC Files to Echoes from The Caverns!

Lord Baldrith is an avid .ABC collector at this point. He has created a spreadsheet to use as a database with different categories in correspondence with .ABC files for a better experience. Then he said “Let’s give this to everyone!”.

So we present to you Music at Echoes From The Caverns, presented to you By Lord Baldirth! A full .ABC collection, master database spreadsheet, over 1,200 files and growing, and you do not have to maintain it! All downloadable at a single click or as individual files, your choice.

We have plans to possibly be offering this full collection as a full-blown online database with filters in the future! We did not want to make you wait though so until then please enjoy these ways to enjoy this collection.

You can go directly to the page on Echoes with this new offering, here:

Have .ABC files you want to share and see added to this collection? Please use our contact form to send Lord Baldrith a note. Include a dropbox link or whatever your file share of choice is) in the comments so he can download them. We do not guarantee they will be added or how quickly of course but will make all efforts to do so! LB does have a passion for this after all!

Thank You Lord Baldrith! You are certainly overdue for a ONBE In my opinion!

Ankh Quill

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November 6 2014

The Ballad of Amber Raine – by Gabriel Nightshadow – sung by Amber Raine

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. The New Britannia Theater Troupe is proud to present

The Ballad of Amber Raine.
Written by Gabriel Nightshadow, and performed by Amber Raine, this has a special place in the history of Shroud of the Avatar.

It was performed during the first ever live in-game stage production by the theatre troupe, in conjunction with Avatars Radio.

Chaos save Ye Virtuous Gentlemen (The Ballad of Amber Raine)

There was an orphan maiden girl, most innocent and pure
Who joined the Church of Chaos, her path in life was sure
She waited for her Lord to come, the prophecy did say
Her dead master would come to life one day
Come to life one day
Lord DarkStarr would come to life one day

She took up arms in mortal fight, a warrior was she
Defending all her sisters, and her skill was great to see
Until the day she fell in war, on Owls Head road she died
Though Time Lord brought her back to life
Her faith did not survive
Though Time Lord brought her back her faith did not survive

She left the Church and wandered far, till Time Lord showed the way
She’s now a bounty hunter, finding criminals for pay
The felons run in fear of her, no mercy does she show
Her blades and Mori Tura are the last things they will know
Last things they will know
Her blades and Mori Tura are the last things they will know

She lingers in the shadows, for the darkness is her friend
And happiness is something she will never see again
Still waiting till her master comes, and finding her lost spoon
The Spoon of Chaos will be with Amber soon
Be with Amber soon
The Spoon of Chaos will be with Amber soon

The children taunt the villains as they cower in the night
They cry “What will you do now, as you face the force of might?
Our Amber Raine is after you, her red hair fierce to see
The Angel of Darkness will never let you be
She’ll bring you down you’ll see
The Angel of Darkness will never set you free!”

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

August 9 2014

Llama Death of Old Britain-Written by Eriador-Sung by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…Lord Baldrith here with a Song by Eriador!  Bare with me again in song as I try vocalizing this dark, yet orchestrated melody.  I hope I did it the way you wanted Eriador 🙂

Background music by Alexandr Zhelanov called Ambush in Buch.

Here is the lyric:

Eriador – Llama Death of Old Britain

Ok, is a song related to SotA and the death of Old Britain (like my llama-novel):

And now is time to wear my shroud,

the road will hide four legs,

Eight virtues, you should be proud

but your world is going to end.

The moon will shake, the river cries

the stars demand a crash,

And you will die, and maybe rise

where lie the avatars.

And the purple death, the purple death,

will consume your dreams,

But if one day again we cross our breath

remind me how it feels.

Yes, if one day just we cross our breath

remind me how it feels.