August 11 2014

    For the Authors


Standard template used when asking an author for permission to record/podcast their work:


I am contacting you though about this particular forum post and you work! I would like to ask for permission to record this your work as a .mp3 and podcast it?

If you visit you can learn all about what we do. Posts menu for examples, about page for general information and legal disclaimers, and cast page to see who we work with!

We make .MP3’s of items like yours. They are then posted to the site as a podcast. It goes to Itunes under “Echoes from the Caverns”, can be retrieved with most podcasting software, played on the web site, and downloaded. Avatar’s Radio (internet radio station) downloads them and plays them on the station.

All proper credit is given. We do not seek to take credit for other’s work but rather to turn it into another format and spread it further among the community! We have multiple people we work with to do the recordings. I handle the web page, pod-casting publishing, some of the marketing, and some of the public relations.

I am contacting you to ask if we may have permission to podcast your fine work! We are never offended or upset if someone says no. A no thank you will be completely honored and no further explanation is needed. We love blanket permissions if you plan on doing other stuff!

Please let me know if this would be ok? Either way I appreciate your time!

Oh! As an additional note: Want to read your own work? Is there someone that has voiced for us before that you specifically want to read your piece? We can work with that!