October 31 2015

Echoes From The Caverns 10-30-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for October 30th, 2015. Hope you are enjoying Release 23!

  • Play Release 23 Now!
  • The Traditional FireLotus Release 23 Party!
  • R23 Patch Notes
  • New Player Owned Town Template: The Underground Biome
  • Player Owned Towns of Beran’s Reach – Capital of The Beran League
  • Extra Life. Play Games. Heal Kids.
  • Localization Leaders Needed
  • R22 Halloween Decoration Contest Winners!
  • Pianist Bernie Katzman Joins Markee Dragon Playing Shroud of the Avatar
  • Last 3 Days for Fall Reward & Sale Expirations
  • Get Your 15% Black Friday Bonus
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
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October 24 2015

Patience of a Dead Spirit – by EMPstrike – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a couple of wonderful and chilling poems by EMPstrike.
Background music is by Smartsound.

Patience of a Dead Spirit

Nothing to say
Nothing to show

Waiting for nothing, at last it’s arrived.
The ghost of a hope no longer alive
Just the waiting remains with no reason behind.

A bucket, empty, bone dry from evaporation
As it sits, unfilled, for what seems like generations.

And the water is gone.
And gone, that which would fill it

…But damn anyone who dares to renew it.

This bucket must wait to be filled by the tide
That no longer will visit the cavity inside.

The grim ghost of a hope that its contents return.
Not some fresh, new, clean source, but the one that was first.

The Ghost of the dying, or dead Hope that was fueled,
Leaving nothing behind
But patience.

This deadly numb patience, the husk of a goal
That once dreamed each drop would return to the whole,
Is now simply nothing.
It’s for nothing, I wait.

With nothing to show.
And nothing to say.

Sacrificial Sanity

Fear not, in the dark
Of things yet unseen,
That cause slight discomfort,
As you mold your dreams

For there are those, who have dedicated themselves
Their very minds, feeding demons of Hell.

Feasting on beacons of perpetual fear
Sparked like fires in the minds of mad seers.

A longing in purpose to know what is shunned
To experience firsthand, that darkness has won

But long has it been that the fallen has seen,
A glimpse of what measure he took while at peace.

“I despise my humanity, I wish to know balance
But how can I do so, without facing the challenge”

Drowned by darkness, stagnated by sin

It’s so hard
to find…
where I once was…

Does understanding really come at this price?

Is there ever an end to this fight?

My will, long relinquished, atrophied in fear
No comfort in knowing i may never get out of here.

The clarity I gained, before this dark journey
Is what offers the glimpses to know

It’s what assures there will always be hope

The rope I left, hard to see in the dark
But moments, like this
When I note its distance.

And Reach.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

October 24 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 10-23-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for October 23rd, 2015. Asclepius is away for a work related project so we have a wonderful guest! Lots of great stuff to talk about so there is a bit longer podcast than usual.

Special Guest:


  • Hello One Far West
  • Britannian Mining Company Convention
  • NBNN at Portalarium
  • Water Gets an Experimental Makeover in Release 23
  • Sprichst Du Deutsch? Ou peut-etre francais?
  • Small and Subtle: Tier Markers
  • Starr Long Intel Buzz Presentation: Design Vision vs. Feedback: Developing in the Open
  • Pianist Bernie Katzman Joins Markee Dragon Playing Shroud of the Avatar LIVE
  • Halloween Party with Costume and Music Contests!
  • 10 Day Countdown for Fall Reward & Sale Expirations
  • Get Your 15& Black Friday Bonus
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
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October 21 2015

Banish the Darkness (Episode I-False Prophet)

After the awesome listening party, there were some requests to have this available to listen to at leisure! It’s one of the most epic stories to date from Gabriel Nightshadow!

Here is the Text of the story:

Banish the Darkness (Episode I-False Prophet) Written By Gabriel Nightshadow

(Insert “The Land of the Wizard” music track.)

NARRATOR (ominous tone)
It began with They Who Dwell in Darkness, and continued with Of Shadows and Light and The Birth of Darkness. Now comes the final chapter in the Darkness saga…

The New Britannia Theater Troupe
Banish the Darkness

Directed and Produced by Asclepius

Writers: Gabriel Nightshadow and Amber Raine

Music Supervisors: Amber Raine and Gabriel Nightshadow

Director of Public Relations:
Amber Raine

Technical Consultant:
Sir Stile Teckel

Episode I – The False Prophet
Voice Cast
Asclepius as Gabriel Nightshadow and Mesdoram Elmdor
Lord Baldrith as Nystal TimeLord and the Narrator
Amber Raine as Ember Flame and Ariel Joy
StaticGrazer as High Priest Ackanon
Duke Greagoir as Duke Garen
Lady Adnor as Annese Vantrel
Womby as Michael Nightshadow and Karl Hogan (village blacksmith)
Avatar Acid as Sam Whitfield (the bartender)
Sharm as Clara Whitfield (the barmaid)
Doctor Shroud as Todd Brown (the Village Crier), Bob Brown (the Village Drunk), and Elmo
Sophi as Hannah Matthews (the farmer’s wife)
Solstar as Jed Matthews (the farmer) and Captain Jordan Crayt
Sir Stile Teckel as Obsidian Knights, Angry Mob, and Village Guard
Jack Knyfe as Kazyn Phoenixfyre and Mayor Nicholas Darque

(Insert travel music track # 2.)

High noon on a bright summer day on the North Valeway in the Hidden Vale…

(Insert “Sunny Day” sound effect.)

You know, Nystal, even though we just met a couple of hours ago, I can’t shake this feeling that we’ve actually known each other for a very long time. Ever since I arrived here in New Britannia a few weeks ago, I have been having memory flashes of places, people, and events which differ markedly from what I remember experiencing…You appear in a lot of those memories.

I can understand your confusion, Gabriel. Those are the experiences of your counterpart in a parallel universe, where much remains the same, but some of which differs greatly. Here, this should help…

(Insert “Tinkle” sound effect.)

Nystal reaches out with his left hand and places his palm on Gabriel’s forehead. Gabriel disjointed memories of life in this universe and the parallel universe suddenly resolve themselves into a single narrative.

Ah, now things make a lot more sense to me! So in this universe I am still the Eternal Champion of Order, destined to be reborn every time I die in a new body as I engage in my neverending battle with the Eternal Champion of Chaos. But who is this Eternal Champion of Chaos who currently inhabits the body of this tall, white albino man known as Count Aberon?

I do not know. In the other universe, he was your brother, Lucius, and he inhabited the form of Duke Garen, a prominent member of the Great Council. But in this universe, you do not have a brother…All I know for sure is that This Eternal Champion of Chaos first appeared shortly after my first encounter with you in ancient Rome over 2,000 years ago…

…and the Dragon Lords were not wiped out by Lord Shadowreign in this realm?

No, Lord Shadowreign never existed in this universe. The Dragon Lords were destroyed by the Obsidians, who viewed them as a threat to their plans for conquest. Prior to their destruction, they had helped Lord British maintain the peace for 150 years, as he sought to restore the land following the Great Cataclysm 400 years ago. Only your father, Dragon Lord Michael Nightshadow, survived the final assault on Castle Genar, for he was dispatched to earth by Grandmaster Jero Oraci in order to safeguard the Amulet of Vazur, which grants the user control over the Nine Dragons of legend…

GABRIEL (stunned)
I had no idea…All I remember from my childhood was that highly successful t.v. series they made based on his novels about the masked vigilante known as NIGHTSHADOW. I wish I had gotten the chance to know him better. I was only ten years old when died of a heart attack while we were spending the summer at our lodge up in Lake George, NY. I remember mom being called away suddenly just a week prior to that to tend to her ill father down in Orlando, Florida.

Um…yes, about your father’s death…

GABRIEL (curious)
Yes, what about my father’s death? Is there something I should know?

No, it is best if you find out on your own. I understand it was a very traumatic event for you. When your mom returned a day later, she found you catatonic and cradling your dead father’s body in your lap…

Yes, from what my mother told me, I was in that catatonic state for over a month. I regret that I never had a chance to say goodbye to my father. My mother had his body cremated while I was in the hospital.

I see. That reminds me, I have something for you…

Nystal reaches into his Magical Backpack of Infinite Capacity and pulls out a sword in a red lacquer scabbard, which he hands to Gabriel. Gabriel draws the sword from it scabbard. The black metal blade seems to hum as Gabriel holds it. The gold circular guard is composed of nine intertwined dragons and the red leather wrapped handle is engraved with the eight golden runes of Virtue which glow faintly. Gabriel recognizes the sword instantly…

GABRIEL (excited, then puzzled)
This is the Dragon Katana! But I thought it was destroyed long ago…

Not in this universe. Your grandfather, Christopher, the first Dragon Lord, entrusted it to me for safekeeping on his deathbed. It was his wish that I present it to you when the time was right…

Gabriel is startled as the blade suddenly is bathed in flames! Then, it crackles with electricity, followed a few moments later by ice, and finally the eerie black glow of death…

Ah, I see that you have discovered the hidden power of the Dragon Katana! It allows the wielder to draw upon the powers of the Nine Dragons when engaged in melee combat. You have unlocked the power of four of the Nine Dragons – Black = death, Red = fire, White = ice, and Blue = electricity. In time, you will unlock the power of the other five Dragons of Legend…As the descendant of Christopher Nightshadow, your bloodline is linked to the black dragon, Kuroseth. This also explains your affinity for death magic…

Yes, I wondered why I found it much easier learning spells from that school of magic than any of the others…I also seem to have a strong affinity for fire magic too.. Hmm…Nystal, why do I not hear any of the Nine Dragons?

A powerful warrior you may be, my young friend, but you are still not ready to assume the mantle of Grandmaster of the Dragon Lords. Only after you pass your final trial shall you be able to claim your birthright. On the way down to Greystone, we will stop by the Lost Tomb of the Dragon Lords to retrieve more items which will aid you in your quest. So tell me, Gabriel, have you made any other new friends since your arrival in New Britannia?

Just one additional new friend. As you know, I was in the middle of a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) banquet when I was pulled through a lunar rift. I appeared in the middle of an Elven camp in the Greymark Forest. It was high noon and they were having lunch, so they were not happy about being interrupted. Thankfully, I still had my sword with me, and I was able to defend myself until your former apprentice, Lord Baldrith appeared and laid waste to them with fire and ice magic. Once the battle was over, he properly outfitted me with augmented leather armor, a longbow and arrows, and some reagents. He offered to accompany me to Owls Head.
After we made our way out of the Greymark Forest, we came upon a trade caravan under attack by a group of nomadic cannibals known as the Kaitoth. Lord Baldrith and I went to their aid, but we were seriously outnumbered. Suddenly, a mysterious warrior appeared out of nowhere and began slashing away at them with his sword. The cannibals appeared to be frightened of the warrior, who they referred to as “The Scorpion”. He singlehandedly slew half of the cannibals and beheaded their leader, claiming his head as a trophy and declaring that his people had finally been avenged. He introduced himself to us as MulGirtab, and said that he hailed from the metropolis known as Beran’s Reach. He seemed impressed with my skill with a bow and arrow and invited me to visit their fine community on the island of Port Mirren and consider joining their Bear Tavern Guild.

Ah, the Bear Tavern Guild! Their motto is “Fame, Glory, Beer!” They are a good group of people, Gabriel, and they serve the finest beer in all of Novia, brewed from their own secret recipe. It would be wise of you to join their guild…

GABRIEL (curious)
I was just wondering, Nystal, do you happen to know of this fellow, MulGirtab, personally?

Indeed I do. He’s experienced a lot of grief in his lifetime, but he’s definitely a loyal and courageous fellow.

GABRIEL (curious)
Gee, Nystal, is there anybody in Novia you don’t know?

What can I say? I am a very popular person. People just seem to “like” me. I…

Nystal suddenly seems distracted and then upset, as indicated by the serious expression on his face.

GABRIEL (concerned)
Nystal, is something wrong?

I just received a telepathic message from my wife, Chariya. It seems that our youngest son, Tahru, has gotten himself in trouble again.


Continue south on this road to Greystone. I will catch up to you after I am done bailing Tahru out of whatever mess he’s gotten himself into. Of course, my wife says Tahru reminds her of me when I was young. Nah, I was never that mischievous at that age…

Nystal grins and teleports away in a cloud of white smoke.

(Insert “Teleport Spell” sound effect.)

(Insert peaceful music track # 3.)

As the hot noon day sun shines down on Gabriel, he realizes that he needs to rest soon and find something to quench his thirst. It was a good thing that he had changed back into his lighter augmented leather armor before he had departed Owls Head, because Gabriel would have been cooked in that heavy augmented plate armor.

(Insert ”Hawk Screech Valley” sound effect.)

Suddenly, he spies a village a short distance ahead. The sign outside the entrance archway indicates the name of the village is FALURA FIELDS, but it is not indicated on the parchment map which Nystal had given him earlier that day. He approaches the Village Crier.

TODD (cheerful)
Greetings, traveler! Welcome to the crossroads village of Falura Fields. I am Todd Brown, the village crier. How can I be of assistance to you on this fine summer day?

Hello, Todd. My name is Gabriel Nightshadow. I am rather parched. By any chance, is there a tavern in your fine village where I can get something to quench my thirst?

Why yes, my good fellow! The Golden Lamb Tavern is just right over there. They offer a fine selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Sam, the owner and bartender, used to tend bar at FireLotus Tavern before he decided to go into business for himself. His beautiful, young wife, Clara, is the barmaid and definitely a sight for sore eyes.
(whispering) Between you and me, we don’t have that many other attractive women in this village…
I have just a word of advice for you. Don’t take anything my identical twin brother, Bob, says seriously. He is the village drunk and somewhat of an embarrassment to our family. He claims to have prophetic visions, which he uses to con unsuspecting travelers out of their money…
Should you ever decide to settle down somewhere, Falura Fields is the place to be! We still have quite a few vacant town and village lots available, abundant natural resources, and plenty of fine vendors willing and able to supply you with whatever you might need, at reasonable prices. There are many community events held every month. Why, just last week, the New Britannia Theater Troupe came through here and put on a performance of their latest play, Aurum Berries.
Our mayor, Nicholas Darque, has done a fine job of revitalizing our sleepy little village since he first arrived here ten years ago. Bit of an odd fellow, but he definitely knows how to get things done!

Thank you for the information, Todd. Good day to you!

TODD (cheerful)
…and a good day to you, Mr. Nightshadow! I do hope you enjoy your time here in Falura Fields!

(Insert tavern music track # 4.)

Gabriel Nightshadow enters the Golden Lamb Tavern and sees a middle-aged balding fellow tending bar. The tavern is nearly full, which surprises Gabriel, considering the time of the day. A beautiful young woman about half of the bartender’s age is serving drinks to the tavern patrons. Although she smiles at the tavern patrons, Gabriel notices that it seems somewhat forced. As she brings a drink to a ruggedly handsome, burly blacksmith seated at a nearby table, Gabriel can’t help but notice that her demeanor changes. Her smile suddenly seems genuine.

CLARA (cheerful)
Here’s that mug of Honey Bear mead you ordered, Karl. I do hope that you enjoy it!

The blacksmith plunks a couple of silver coins on the serving tray.

Yes, I am sure I will, Clara. Just finished making another batch of swords for Duke Garen and I am really parched. By the way, that’s a lovely floral pattern dress you’re wearing today, Clara. It really complements your brown hair and blue eyes quite nicely.

Why, thank you, Karl. It was the only one which Heather had in stock, specially imported from Madame Fleurette’s shop in Britanny. By coincidence, it just happened to be in my exact size…

Yes, what a happy coincidence…
(KARL chuckles.)
So, I was wondering if Master Bard Horatio Iacovetto will be gracing us with his presence this evening. I do so enjoy his love songs…

I’m afraid not, Karl. Apparently, Horatio couldn’t pay off his gambling debts and bar tab at the Nimada casino in Ardoris. Sir Stile Teckel pressed charges and Horatio has been jailed by the Shogun Siranto. It could be a while before we see him again. In the meantime, Sam has been reviewing potential replacements. Ben, our assistant bartender, told me that he is considering hiring Constance Bennington.

Constance Bennington? I recently heard her sing in Port Phoenix while making a delivery to Wody Draconisaer at his tavern. Her high pitched shrieking almost made my ears bleed. The only reason anyone comes to see her perform is because of her…um…physical attributes. You should ask Sam to give you a shot. I’ve heard you sing when you thought no one was listening. You have a wonderful singing voice…

CLARA (embarrassed)
Why, thank you for saying that, Karl. I’m really not that great of a singer. Besides, Sam would be too cheap to hire another waitress to replace me.
(Clara sighs.)
Now, if you excuse me, I need to fetch some supplies from the back room.

Gabriel notices that as she turns to leave, Clara, the barmaid, and Karl Hogan, the blacksmith, exchange quick, amorous glances with each other. Todd’s identical twin brother, Bob, is seated at the end of the counter. He is obviously drunk and is mumbling incoherently. Someone finally gets up to leave, so Gabriel steps up to the counter and sits down. Sam, the bartender, turns to him and smiles.

Greeting, stranger! Welcome to the Golden Lamb Tavern. I am Sam Whitfield, owner and proprietor. The lovely young woman serving drinks over there is my wife, Clara. How can I help you on this fine summer day?

Well, a nice cold mug of Fire Mountain Ale would certainly quench my thirst right now!

Ah, the good stuff! Well, you just happen to be in luck. Not too many taverns carry it nowadays because of the limited supply.

(Insert “Pouring a Glass Full” sound effect.)

Sam leaves and returns shortly with a full mug of Fire Mountain Ale.

That will be one gold piece, my good sir.

Here are two. Keep the change.

Thank you kindly, stranger. What brings you to our fine village today?

BOB (inebriated)
We’re all doomed, I tell you! Doomed! (hic) The Obsidians and the Oracle are not the true foes. The real menace remains hidden in the shadows…How much longer must I be plagued by these dark visions of death and suffering?

Eh? Who is this foe you speak of?

Don’t mind him, stranger! This is Bob, our village drunk. Claims to have prophetic “visions”, but I think it is just the liquor talking. He’s never been quite the same since getting stuck by that strange lightning bolt ten years ago…

What was strange about the lightning bolt?

Well, it was a bright spring day. Not a dark cloud in the sky. No wind or rain. The lightning bolt just appeared out of the blue and zapped him. We thought he was dead. When he regained consciousness, he told us that he had received some sort of “gift from the gods” and told us his purpose was to share his visions with others. Utter nonsense, if you ask me…

Bob turns towards Gabriel and stares at him wide-eyed. He suddenly grabs Gabriel and pulls him close. Gabriel can smell the liquor on his breath.

BOB (drunk, but excited)
You are the one I saw in my last vision! You are the Last Dragon Lord, the one who shall save us from this evil force which threatens us all!
(whispering) Why, this unknown foe who hides in the shadows may even be watching us right now…

(Insert “I See You” sound effect.)

GABRIEL (confused)
Eh? How do you know who I am? Where did that voice come from?

Let the poor fellow go, Bob! I think you’ve had enough for today. Time for you to leave!

Bob releases Gabriel and staggers to his feet.

You can not escape your destiny, Dragon Lord. (hic) Once you face the tall albino man for the final time – all will become clear… I bid you adieu…

Bob suddenly passes out and his head falls on the counter, while his body slumps back down on his stool. He begins snoring loudly…

As leader of the village council, I must apologize for Bob’s behavior. I have never ever seen him react like that to a person before. Here, let me get you another mug of Fire Mountain ale, on the house…

(Insert “Plate Shatter Break” sound effect.)

What was that?

Gabriel peers around the corner of the bar and sees Clara sprawled out on the floor in the open supply room. She appears to be momentarily stunned. A large crate half full of dishes lies on the floor beside her. Quite a few plate fragments are scattered around her.

SAM (yelling)
You stupid woman! Those plates from the Eastern Lands cost me a fortune! How could you be so careless?

CLARA (apologetically)
I …lost my balance. I am so sorry, Sam…

Karl is quickly by Clara’s side and helps her to his feet.

Are you hurt, Clara?

Just a bit bruised, Karl. Thankfully, I don’t appear to have any cuts from the plate fragments. I’m afraid that my new dress is ruined though…

Here, let me put that heavy crate back up on that shelf for you. Why don’t you rest a bit? I’ll grab a broom and dustpan to clean up the mess.

Karl grabs the crate with both hands and easily places it back on the high shelf, then begins sweeping up the broken plate fragments. Clara takes a seat at a nearby table. Sam is suddenly aware of the angry stares he is getting from some of his most loyal customers because of his apparent lack of concern for his wife’s well-being.

SAM (apologetic)
Sorry for yelling at you like that, my darling! I was just a bit rattled. You rest there while I fetch you a glass of water and a damp cloth… Thank you for the help, Karl.

Sure, no problem, Sam…

As Sam turns his back to him, Karl glares at him momentarily before resuming his sweeping.

(Insert sinister music track # 5.)
Meanwhile, something more sinister is happening in the village square. A large mob has gathered near a huge stone ankh which has been erected. Chained to the ankh is the High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine, who has a scowl on her face. The High Priest of Order, Ackanon, is speaking, while his most loyal follower, the former assassin known as Annese Vantrel, and his wealthy benefactor, Duke Garen, stand off to the side.

We live in dark times, my friends. Think of all the bad things that have been happening in this village lately – the nightly attacks by the undead, the cow and sheep mutilations, all of the missing children. These dark deeds have all been perpetrated by those who thrive on Chaos. As the new High Priest of Order, I tell you that, now more than ever, you need the firm hand of Order to bring you the comfort and safety which you so desperately crave! Those who serve Chaos and refuse to pledge their allegiance to Order must be destroyed, and their tainted souls cleansed and purified through fire!

Yes, listen to the High Priest! I was once the leader of the Dakari Sisterhood of Assassins, and spread Chaos throughout the land with murder and deception. But High Priest Ackanon showed me the light and put me on the road to redemption. Death to those who spread the word of Chaos!

You all know me. For so long I was only consumed by my desire for wealth and power and was unaware of the festering cancer which plagues our land. Then came the day I met High Priest Ackanon and he lifted the veil of darkness which had covered my eyes. That is why I now offer him both my financial and military support in his quest to restore Order to the land!

I believe in you, High Priest Ackanon! I’ve seen how this witch has tried to bewitch my husband with her feminine charms and lead him down the path of Chaos! Look at him – even now he seems to be under her spell…

She has done no such thing, woman! I was just admiring her beauty. First time I have ever seen a slim, attractive, fair-skinned redheaded elf. Nothing at all like those grotesque Obsidian creations we are used to seeing…

That’s utter nonsense! I know you like your women to have a bit more meat to them, so you have something warm to snuggle up to at night. She’s obviously got you under some sort of spell! I say – burn the witch!

Others in the crowd start chanting, “Burn the witch!” as well. Everyone in the Golden Lamb Tavern come out to see what all of the commotion is about.

(Insert peaceful music track # 6. This will be Kazyn’s theme.)

A hooded figure steps forward and stands in front of Amber. Removing his hood, he turns to face the crowd and speaks…

I stand with you, Amber. I stand with you not because you are of chaos but because I am of order. I am also of the virtues which I believe MUST be upheld in ALL acts of order lest we descend into darkness. Order without the virtues is merely an act to enforce the will of man. This is an act of subjugation, not of freedom. To attempt to kill someone for simply believing different than you, is not only against my own moral compass but it flies directly in the face of the virtues.
• Before we can stand up to call ourselves worthy of speaking to Order, we must first understand the Sacrifices we must make in ourselves to truly understand the Virtues. For order without virtues, is Tyranny.
• There is no Humility in making the act of killing in the name of you or your beliefs a public spectacle.
• There is no Valor in execution of any kind. Nor is there Honor in killing one who has not raised a sword to you.
• The act of killing or demanding fealty strictly because you are for an idea as mercurial as Order or Chaos takes away the very concept of Inner Spirituality that the virtues were founded upon.
• To invite someone to a stage in the act of friendship only to turn around and call them a heretic and attempt to kill them, that is showing neither showing Honesty or Compassion
• And to seek to murder someone simply for what they believe, with no trial or due process shows a gross lack of Justice being applied.
The quote, “Thou shalt enforce the laws of virtue, or thou shalt die as a heretic.” Was a quote from the VIRTUE LAWS. Laws that were corrupting order through edicts put out by Lord Blackstorm! These are laws from men of the darkest of hearts who corrupted the virtues and those who passionately followed the tenants of Order in order to subjugate and enslave the populace of Britannia.

Behold as I reveal the true identities of these men claiming to be agents of Order!


Kazyn casts a spell and the cloaks worn by High Priest Ackanon and Duke Garen are revealed to be not cloaks worn by those loyal to Lord British, but something more sinister…


See, the cloaks worn during this ceremony are those of the Obsidian Order, a group who enforced order through a similar set of rules in order to subjugate all of what was left of the planet following doomsday. Again, a group trying to enforce order without following the path of the Virtues.

If this is your inspiration, then the only “light” you stand for is that of a tyrant and a dictator. It is a spit in the face Lord British as a paragon of the virtues, and a black mark on the reputations of those of us who truly understand the virtues as they apply to both Order AND Chaos.

As a scholar of our lands and history and as a man who walks the path of Order with the Virtues well in hand, I consider this a black day indeed.

(Insert battle music track # 7.)

Damn you, priest, for interfering with our plans!

The cowardly High Priest Ackanon suddenly blasts the unsuspecting Kazyn Phoenixfyre in the back with several fire arrows! Kazyn falls forward to the ground unconscious.

Stop this madness at once! Release the woman and surrender yourselves to the authorities!

I will not let you stop us!

Gabriel reaches for his sword, but suddenly finds that he can no longer move at all, for the High Priest has cast the spell Dazzling Rays upon him!

Good people of Falura Fields, join us! Only the Obsidians can restore Order to the land, not these weak minded fools who serve Lord British! For there to be Order, Chaos must be destroyed! Lord DarkStarr and all who serve him must be eliminated, starting with his High Priestess!

Now you shall pay for your crime of trying to lead the people astray! Burn, Chaos witch!

(Insert “Fire Burning” sound effect.)

High Priest Ackanon casts Immolate and Amber finds herself surrounded by flames. She struggles to free herself from the mystically enchanted chains which bind her to the giant stone ankh, but to no avail. Suddenly, her eyes changes color from green to blue and she speaks in the voice of another…

Do not worry yourself, dear sister. I will take care of this!

What manner of sorcery is this? The witch appears to be unaffected by the flames!

EMBER FLAME (evil laugh)
Foolish mortal! Don’t you know that Ember Flame can not be harmed by fire?

Who is Ember Flame?

EMBER FLAME (shouting)
I am your worst nightmare, Obsidian scum!

You can not harm me, witch! You are unable to break free of those mystically enhanced chains and I am in possession of your greatest weapon, The Chaos Spoon! Those who oppose Order shall die!

High Priest Ackanon holds up the Chaos Spoon to the crowd and laughs as he waves it around to mock her. This infuriates Ember to no end, and she begins cursing at the priest…
One of the people in the crowd bumps into Gabriel, freeing him from the spell! Gabriel glances over at Kazyn Phoenixfyre’s unconscious form. The High Priest’s attack did not appear to have caused him serious injury. Some in the crowd appear to be hesitant after Kazyn exposed the High Priest as a false prophet, but others are still chanting, “Burn witch! Burn!”
Gabriel shoves several aside as he tries to reach Amber, but there are just too many of them. Suddenly, the white gold ankh around his neck begins to glow and Gabriel experiences a memory flash…

(Insert dramatic music track.)

Long, long ago, in the days of Old Britannia…
Midnight at the mountainside Blood Omen Keep, castle of Lord Mesdoram Elmdor, leader of the Death Corps…
Lord Elmdor sits by his wife’s bedside as she struggles to speak.

A’melamin, Ariel Joy, the assassins who ambushed and poisoned you have been eliminated, but I fear that no antidote was found. It appears that they were associates of your late sister, Chyna.

ARIEL JOY (coughing)
I suspected that would be the case, Mela en’ coiamin Mesdoram. I knew there would be consequences when I slew my sister, but her fate was sealed the day she chose to serve Lord British. I don’t have much time left, but I die happy with the knowledge that what we have created will last long after we are gone. The Church of the Dark Star which you had built for me and my followers is in good hands. Our daughter Stormie will make a fine High Priestess and wielder of the Chaos Spoon!

Yes, the dwarf Watts did an excellent job at crafting the Spoon and our dread Grandmaster of Necromantic Arcane Arts, Kane, imbued it with powerful Necromantic and Chaos magics indeed. It is a formidable weapon for our daughter, Stormie, to wield against our many foes. But her time is just beginning and ours is at an end…

Lord Elmdor gets up and reaches down to pick up his dying wife. He cradles her in his arms as he begins walking towards the terrace.

You shouldn’t do this, amin Mori Tura…You must remain behind to offer Stormie guidance and support in the dark days which lie ahead…

No, you have trained her well. She can handle this on her own. We began this long journey together and we will end it together, Melamin…

Lord Elmdor carries Ariel Joy out to the terrace and they both stare up at the two blood red moons in the dark night sky.

Ah, what a lovely sight!

Indeed it is. One final kiss, my love…

Lord Elmdor bends his head down and gives Ariel Joy a long passionate kiss. When it is over, he raises his head and stares deep into her eyes.

Amin mela vys. Are you ready, my love?

Ariel Joy nods as she clings to his neck tightly. Lord Elmdor utters an incantation and they both erupt into flames.

(Insert “Fire Burning” sound effect.)

Lord Elmdor leaps off the terrace into the yawning chasm below…
Halfway down the mountain, a lunar rift suddenly appears in mid-air below them and their flaming bodies pass right through it!
Their flaming skeletal remains emerge from the portal and come crashing to the ground amidst the other corpses lying on a bloody battlefield. Balls of light emerge from their corpses and enter the nearby bodies of two dead Romans – a centurion and a woman. A mysterious hooded figure standing nearby casts a Resurrection spell on the two bodies. Both the Roman centurion and the noblewoman gasp for air as they live once more…

How is it that we are alive and in these strange new bodies?

I don’t know, my love. I’m not even sure where we are. This place is unfamiliar to me…

The mysterious figure approaches them and removes his hood, revealing a tall, slender, middle-aged bearded fellow. He looks at the pair and says…

Do not fear, I mean you no harm! I bid you greetings, Lord Mesdoram Elmdor and High Priestess of Chaos, Ariel Joy. Welcome to ancient Rome on the planet Earth. The year is 25 B.C. My name is Nystal Timelord, and I have been expecting you. You long path to redemption begins here…

Lord Elmdor and Ariel Joy exchange confused glances with each other as Nystal TimeLord smiles and his eyes begin to glow…

(Insert dramatic music track # 9.)

(Insert “Time Warp” sound effect.)

Lord Elmdor suddenly finds himself back in the present in Gabriel Nightshadow’s body. A ball of light emerges from the white gold ankh around his neck and flies toward the form of Amber Raine. It enters her and her body begins to glow. The mob begins to pull back.
Suddenly, Amber’s eyes turn bright red. She turns and looks in Gabriel’s direction.



Ariel Joy smiles for a moment before turning to face High Priest Ackanon. She glares at him and then pulls with all of her might and shatters the mystical chains binding her to the giant stone ankh. She utters a few words in a strange tongue and the Chaos Spoon springs forth from High Priest Ackanon’s hand and flies into hers. She steps forward and walks through the flames unharmed toward the High Priest. The mob runs for cover.

Foolish human, how dare you try and destroy that which I built! Now you will face the wrath of Ariel Joy, the first High Priestess of Chaos!

High Priest Ackanon turns white with fear and begins casting fire arrows at Ariel Joy, but she manages to dodge them all. When that proves ineffective, he begins casting fireballs at her, but she simply walks straight through them as if they did not exist.

Stay away from me, Chaos Witch! This should take care of you!

High Priest Ackanon casts the spell Dazzling Rays on Ariel Joy, but she appears to be unaffected…

AMBER (laughing)
Trying to mesmerize me, you pathetic fool? Your magic skills are weak! Now it is time to show you the power of the Chaos Spoon!

Ariel Joy points the Chaos Spoon at High Priest Ackanon. A black beam of energy springs forth and strikes the High Priest in the forehead. Suddenly, High Priest Ackanon begins hallucinating. He sees himself surrounded by hundreds of angry people – those who he had slain for not siding with Order.

No, all of you stay away from me! You brought this upon yourselves for refusing to convert to Order!
No, we did not deserve to die for refusing to bend ourselves to your will, false prophet! You must pay for your crimes!

The angry mob begins tearing away at High Priest Ackanon’s robes as he begins casting fire and sun magic wildly in all directions! Red welts and scratches suddenly begin appearing all over the High Priest’s body as he screams out in pain!
Ariel Joy walks up to the High Priest and says…

AMBER (shouting)
You have spilled a lot of innocent blood, false prophet! Your victims demand vengeance and now they shall have it!

Ariel Joy plunges her Chaos Spoon deep into High Priest Ackanon’s forehead. He stumbles backward a few steps and then falls to the ground…dead. Ariel Joy removes the Chaos Spoon from his forehead, wipes it clean on his robe, and puts it away.

(Insert battle music track # 10.)

ANNESE (screaming)

Annese quickly draws her twin swords from their sheaths and combines them to form her double bladed sword.

ANNESE (hissing)
You just killed the man I love! Now I am going to slice off your limbs one by one and stick your severed head on a pike as a lesson to all those who follow the path of Chaos!

AMBER (defiant)
You can certainly try, assassin, but you’ll find that I am not that easy to kill…

Amber Raine quickly casts a spell and a Mirror Image, armed with a bow, suddenly appears alongside her! Amber grins as she hurls a fireball at Annese and her mirror image starts firing arrows! Annese’s extraordinarily quick reflexes allow her to dodge the fireball and her black leather armor is only slightly singed. She manages to deflect the arrows with her double-bladed sword. Amber casts Confusion, but Annese appears to be unaffected!

ANNESE (laughing)
Foolish witch! Your mind tricks won’t work on me! All Dakari assassins are trained from birth to have superior mental defenses!

DUKE GAREN (shouting)
Yes, Annese, make the Chaos witch suffer for what she has done! Show her the true meaning of pain!

That voice…I recognize that voice…

(Insert “Summer Rain” music track.)
(Insert “Mirror Shattering” sound effect.)

A long suppressed memory from Gabriel’s past suddenly resurfaces as the mental block his subconscious placed there all those many years ago suddenly shatters like a pane of broken glass!
Thirty years ago, on a hot summer day in 1985 at a lake house in Lake George, NY, little Gabriel Dane stands on their private dock looking at the darkening sky high above.

(Insert “Fish Splashing” sound effect.)

(Insert “Ducks Landing in Water” sound effect.)

He hears the roar of thunder off in the distance.

(Insert “Distant Thunder” sound effect.)

His father, Michael Dane, is busy typing away on his desktop computer in the nearby sunroom.

(Insert “Typing on Computer Keyboard” sound effect.)

Father, why is it getting so dark all of a sudden?

It looks like a there’s a storm coming. That’s odd – there wasn’t one forecast for today. Better come in now, son!

Ok, father!

Little Gabriel runs inside and peers over his father’s shoulder.

What are you working on, father?

(Insert “Fire Within” music track.)

I am working on the script for an upcoming three episode arc of my NIGHTSHADOW television series, my son. In this first episode, our costumed vigilante must use his martial arts skills and high tech weaponry to battle the minions of the evil organization know as OBSIDIAN, who are intent on taking over Paradise City. No one knows who the mysterious leader of the organization is, but in this first episode we are introduced to his two lieutenants, the popular televangelist, Rev. Mathias Wolf, and billionaire Randall Pierce, head of Guardian Industries, a top military weapon manufacturer, as well as the deadly female assassin known as Nirachu. Also, our hero faces problems in his personal life as the handsome and wealthy new owner of the WZAP radio station, Miles Jordan, attempts to steal his girlfriend, DJ Jess Thomas, away from him. He also becomes unemployed when the CPA firm he works for becomes embroiled in an accounting scandal involving their top client, the Paradise City Public School District, and is shut down.

(Repeat “Summer Rain” music track.)

That sounds like a really exciting story! One day I hope to become a great writer like you, dad! Did you get a chance to read the story I wrote last night?

Yes, Gabriel, as a matter of fact I did. The Little Dragon Prince was a very interesting story. I especially like the fact that after the young Dragon Prince saves Lord Bartholomew’s young daughter from those nasty wolves in the Dark Forest they become good friends. It seems that you have definitely inherited my talent for writing…

Thank you, father!

(MICHAEL sighs.)

(Insert medieval music track # 13.)

I still find it hard to believe that after spending most of my life as a soldier that I would find success in my middle age as a writer. You know, Gabriel, that our family has a long tradition of distinguished military service stretching back over 1,000 years…

Yes, all the way back to the Middle Ages. I remember you telling me that before, father. But I thought you said that grandfather tried to give that all up to become a healer?

Yes, he did, but circumstances forced him to abandon that dream. I really wish that you had gotten a chance to know him, Gabriel. He was a very wise, kind, and gentle man by nature. Late at night, he often told me stories about his youth and his many adventures with his best friend, a rather odd fellow named Nystal…

What was so odd about Nystal, father?

While Nystal seemed to have very accurate prophetic visions of future events, people thought he was crazy because they often saw him talking to animals and inanimate objects and sometimes even to thin air. Seems he even had an invisible wife named Chariya…

(Repeat “Summer Rain” music track.)
Wasn’t Chariya a character in one of your episodes?

Why yes she was, son! In Episode 13 of Season 5, she was the nurse who saved NIGHTSHADOW’s life when he was seriously wounded in his fight with the evil samurai known as Mochok. I must have remembered that name from father’s stories…
That reminds me, I have a surprise for you!

What sort of surprise?

Well, in celebration of the 50th issue of the NIGHTSHADOW comic book series, Empire Comics is going to release two special covers in addition to the regular cover – a special sketch cover done by guest artist Hector Perez, and a gold foil embossed hologram cover featuring artwork by guest artist John Yamada! As the creator of NIGHTSHADOW, I received the first printed and signed copies hot off the press, which I now present to you!

Oh my god! Thank you so much, father! I will make sure to put these special copies in my Mylar sleeves right away so they won’t get damaged and read the regular copy tonight after dinner.

(Insert Irish music track # 14.)
Um…I know you try your best, dad, but I really miss mom’s fine Irish cooking. When is she coming home?

She should be back from Florida sometime tomorrow night, Gabriel. It seems that your maternal grandfather, Connor Donohue, has fully recovered from his heart attack. I know it’s been a long month, son, but once she’s back, we will finally be able to eat some decent food. Sadly, it looks like cheeseburgers and French fries for dinner again tonight…At least, I was able to make a nice Caesar salad to go along with it.

That is great news, father! I’ve really missed mom. It’s so quiet around here now. I was so used to hearing her singing those lovely, ancient Irish songs as she knit in the sunroom…

(MICHAEL sighs.)

I’ve missed her very much too, my son. Did I ever tell you about how you we first met?

No, father you have not. I would very much like to hear that story…

(Repeat “Fire Within” music track.)
(Insert “City Ambiance” sound effect.)

Well, it was a dark and stormy night. I had just arrived in the city from out of town and was completely lost. I was apparently in a bad section of the city when I suddenly heard a woman scream! Your mom had just finished her night shift as a nurse at a nearby hospital, but due to construction had to take a detour through that section of the city. Her engine had overheated and she was unable to call for help because her cell phone battery suddenly died as well. Members of the notorious El Diablo gang, who controlled that section of the city, saw your mom and chased her into an alleyway, where they meant to do her harm! I rushed into the alleyway and, although seriously outnumbered, I managed to fight off her attackers. Afterwards, I introduced myself to her. Unfortunately, while I was talking to her, I had my back to the street and was clipped by a car which happened to be speeding by. I ended up in the hospital for two months recovering from my injuries. Although she was not my attending nurse, she came to visit me every day when her shift ended and we talked quite a bit. By the time I was discharged, we had fallen in love. We got married six months later after I started working at my first job as a writer for Fantasy Worlds magazine.

Hmm…that sounds like something that NIGHTSHADOW would do. Gee, dad, you’re not secretly some costumed vigilante who prowls the streets of the city late at night, are you?

MICHAEL (chuckling)
Of course not! That is all make believe, Gabriel, – like in your story, where you claim that you are the Dragon Prince, and that I am some sort of Dragon Lord…

Little Gabriel could not help but notice the big grin on his father’s face as he said that. Maybe that dream which he had which inspired him to write The Little Dragon Prince was true after all!
I have one more surprise for you, Gabriel. This gold pocket watch belonged to your grandfather, Christopher. He passed it down to me when I was about your age. Although you don’t turn ten years old until next week, I think the time has come to pass it on to you. Take good care of it so you can pass it on down to your son someday.

I promise, father. Hmm…what is this strange runic writing on the back of the watch? I don’t know what it means…

For now that must remain a mystery. When the time is right, you will be able to understand what it says…

Little Gabriel nods and puts the shiny gold pocket watch in his pants pocket. Suddenly, there is the roar of thunder as lightning fills the sky and it begins raining heavily outside.

(Insert “Perfect Thunder Storm” sound effect.)

Hmm…this is exactly what it was like the night I first arrived here thirteen years ago…

(Insert ominous sounding music track # 15.)
(Insert “Intruder Alert” sound effect.)

Suddenly, an alarm goes off and Michael quickly glances at the second desktop computer screen to his right. The screen is flashing bright red with the words – PERIMETER BREACH. Michael looks at the images displayed on screen from the various outside cameras and sees several heavily armed knights emerging from a lunar rift in the backyard and skulking about outside! He starts cursing…

How could they have found me after all of these years? Gabriel, we have intruders!

Michael quickly types a password in and a hidden panel in the floor suddenly slides open. Little Gabriel quickly climbs down the ladder as his father had taught him.

Be careful, father!

I will, son…

The panel slides shut. Little Gabriel sits down at a nearby desk in the safe room and observes what is going up above on the three computer monitors in front of him. Michael runs over to the bookshelf and pulls one of the books forward. A secret wall panel opens, revealing a suit of plate armor, a sword and some shuriken. Michael quickly grabs the weapons as the lights suddenly go out due to the power lines being cut from outside. Michael checks the phone and notices that it is dead too.

(Insert “Window Shattering” sound effect.)

He hears the sound of glass breaking and loud voices as the heavily armed knights come charging in and begin destroying everything in sight as they search for him.

MICHAEL (cursing)
Damn it, I don’t have time to put on my enchanted plate armor!

Where is that blasted mage? I need a light spell! I can’t see a damn thing…

Neither can I…

Michael sneaks up behind them.

(Insert “Sword Swing“ sound effect twice in a row.)

He slashes one of them in the back and the other one in the chest in quick succession. They both fall to the ground… dead.

(Insert “Falling Body” sound effect twice in a row.)

Down below, little Gabriel continues to observe everything on the monitors, for the safe room has its own power generator.

Over there! Ack…

(Insert “Thrown Shuriken” sound effect.)

The Obsidian Knight falls back…dead, with one of Michael’s shuriken lodged in his throat!

(Insert “Flame Arrow” sound effect three times in a row.)

Michael’s victory is short-lived, as he is suddenly struck in the back by multiple fire arrows! He drops his sword and falls to his knees. A light spell is cast and two knights quickly hold him down and bind his hands behind his back. As they sit him up, the young Obsidian priest who attacked Michael stands in front of him and gloats…

ACKANON (sneering)
So you are the Last Dragon Lord, Michael Nightshadow? You disappoint me. I expected much more of a fight out of you…

A defiant Michael spits blood in Ackanon’s face.

That was a cowardly attack! You fight without honor, Obsidian priest!

ACKANON (mocking)
Obsidians do whatever it takes to get the job done! Don’t you realize that it was sticking to outdated principles such Truth and Honor which led to the fall of the Dragon Lords?

That’s enough, Ackanon! We need information. Although we managed to kill all of the other Dragon Lords when Captain Crayt and the Seventh Legion attacked Castle Genar all those years ago, Grandmaster Jero Oraci managed to delay us long enough to send you here to Earth with the Amulet of Vazur for safekeeping. Now, more than ever, we need to harness the power of the Nine Dragons in order to crush the growing Resistance movement led by the traitor Amin Zul. Give us the Amulet and we promise to spare your life and let you live out your remaining days in exile on this strange world…

MICHAEL (defiant)
I will never betray my oath!

Captain Crayt, have your men go through this house, room by room…

Captain Jordan Crayt nods and directs his men to begin searching.
Half an hour later…

Captain Crayt, any sign of the Amulet?

No, Duke Garen. My men have conducted a thorough search of this abode and there is no sign of the Amulet of Vazur.

(Insert dramatic music track # 16.)

DUKE GAREN (threatening)
This is your last chance, Dragon Lord. Tell me where you have hidden the Amulet of Vazur or you will die!
Duke Garen draws a wicked looking sword from his sheath. The sword has a blood red blade bathed in an eerie black glow and a black hilt and pommel engraved with glowing red runes and a blood red gem embedded in it.

No! The Obsidians shall never be able to harness the power of the Nine Dragons to enslave the people of New Britannia! I die knowing that, one day, the Dragon Lords will rise again and rid New Britannia of scum such as you!

I think not, for you are the last of them! Very well then, die for your beliefs, Dragon Lord. Your soul is mine!

(Insert “Decapitation Head Fall Off” sound effect.)

With a single swift stroke, Duke Garen decapitates Michael Nightshadow! Michael’s headless body falls to the ground as his soul is sucked into the red soul gem in the pommel of the sword. Duke Garen’s eyes turn dark black for a moment as he smiles. He wipes his blood soaked blade clean on Michael’s corpse and places it back in his scabbard.

DUKE GAREN (evil laugh)
Ah! That felt so good… Captain Crayt, bring the Dragon Lord’s head. It will make a fine trophy for my display case alongside that of my other defeated foes! At long last, the Dragon Lords are no more!

By your command, Duke Garen!

(Insert sad music track # 17.)

Captain Jordan Crayt nods to one of his men, who steps forward and places Michael Nightshadow’s severed head in a black leather bag and pulls the drawstring shut. The entire group departs.
Fifteen minutes later, a distraught little Gabriel emerges the underground safe room. He sits down and rocks back and forth, as he cradles his father’s headless body in his lap.

LITTLE GABRIEL (sobbing loudly)
Father, why didn’t you tell me the truth? Now you are gone!

Little Gabriel wipes away the tears from his eyes.

LITTLE GABRIEL (angry and determined)
Father, I promise to grow up to be big and strong so I can become a Dragon Lord and avenge you! All those evil Obsidians will DIE!

Little Gabriel suddenly stops rocking back and forth as has a blank expression on his face as he becomes catatonic…

(Insert dramatic music track # 18.)

Back in the present…

GABRIEL (shouting)
It’s you! You killed him!

I’ve killed many men in my lifetime, stranger. Who the hell are you?

Gabriel draws the Dragon Katana from his scabbard and assumes a combat stance. The katana suddenly erupts into flames as Duke Garen stares at it wide-eyed…

DUKE GAREN (surprised)
That’s the Dragon Katana! That means that you are…

Hello. My name is Gabriel Nightshadow. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

(Insert battle music track # 19.)

(Insert “Swords Clashing” sound effect.)

Gabriel lunges at Duke Garen, who uses his own sword to block Gabriel’s attack.

DUKE GAREN (evil laugh)
I think not, young Dragon Lord! I’ve managed to maintain my youth and power for over 250 years thanks to my Dark Soulsword, which was crafted for me long ago by the great Obsidian mage Korben Dar. As long as I continue to feed it souls, I am unbeatable. Soon your soul with join the others!

Don’t count on it, Duke Garen! Once I kill you, I will hunt down the rest of your Obsidian brethren!

Fool, you can not stop the Obsidians from reclaiming power! The late High Priest Ackanon and I are members of only one of the many clandestine Obsidian cells scattered throughout New Britannia! It is our destiny to rule and bring Order to the land!

I will not allow that to happen!

Gabriel and Duke Garen continue to trade blows while a short distance away, Amber continues her battle with Annese Vantrel…

ANNESE (yelling)
I’ve already defeated your Mirror Image! It’s only a matter of time before I defeat you as well, Chaos witch! Rest assured, I will not grant you a quick and easy death! I will make you suffer for a long time and make you beg me to put you out of your misery!

Your overconfidence will be your downfall, assassin!

Annese tries to attack Amber with her double bladed sword, but Amber manages to dodge the attack with her cat-like reflexes and casts Death Field! Annese staggers back after losing a substantial amount of her health. Amber takes the opportunity to legsweep her vulnerable foe. Annese lands on her back and drops her weapon! Amber quickly straddles Annese’s prone form and shoves her Chaos Spoon down Annese’s throat! Annese begins choking on her own blood…

(Insert “Gagging “sound effect.)

AMBER (yelling)
Gag me with a spoon, witch!

Annese dies. Her eyes stare vacantly upward as tears roll down her cheeks.
Meanwhile, Gabriel and Duke Garen seem to be about evenly matched, as neither seems to be able to land a serious blow on the other.

(Insert “Swords Clashing” sound effect.)

I am most impressed by your sword skills, young Dragon Lord. You’re almost as good as me. But you lack the experience which comes with age and I am immortal! The blood of kings flows inside of me! My family once ruled vast areas of the Obsidian Empire and will do so again! I…

You know your problem is is that you talk too much…

(Insert “Ninja Samurai Sword” sound effect.)

Gabriel suddenly slices off Duke Garen’s right arm with his flaming Dragon Katana! It falls to the ground along with his Dark Soulsword!
Duke Garen cries out in pain as the fire cauterizes the wound and he staggers back a few steps…

DUKE GAREN (surprised)
How can this be? I am the finest swordsman in all of the land. I can not be defeated by a mere child…

You lost because you have forsaken your virtues and become a soulless killer!

Gabriel plunges his flaming Dragon Katana into Duke Garen’s belly and straight through the other side! As Gabriel withdraws the blade, Duke Garen falls to his knees.

DUKE GAREN (pleading)
I beg you, Gabriel, please spare my life. I will give you anything you want – wealth, women, power. Name it and it is yours!

Anything I want?


GABRIEL (yelling)
I want my father back, you son of a witch!

(Insert “Decapitation Head Fall Off” sound effect.)

Gabriel suddenly decapitates Duke Garen with his flaming Dragon Katana! Duke Garen’s head rolls a short distance and comes to a stop near the tall grass. Suddenly, a purple llama comes running out! The llama smiles at Gabriel.

(Insert “Alpaca Mating Call” sound effect.)

It proceeds to bend down and uses its teeth to pick up Duke Garen’s head by its hair. It turns around and disappears off into the tall grass again…

That was rather odd. Who was that strange purple llama?

(Insert music track # 20.)

Gabriel looks down at the Dark Soulsword lying on the ground. He can hear it whisper to him – “Take me, mighty warrior. You know you want to…”

I will not succumb to temptation, you vile weapon! Time to make sure that you can never be used again to enslave souls!

The Dragon Katana suddenly begins to crackle with electricity. Gabriel plunges it directly down on the blood red soul gem, causing it to shatter!

(Insert “Horror Scream 1” sound effect.)

A demonic scream is heard as thousands of glowing orbs of light – the souls of Duke Garen’s many victims – suddenly emerge from the shattered fragments and begin to float upward. Gabriel hears them say, “Thank you!” as they float up high into the sky and disappear beyond the clouds. The last soul orb to emerge floats towards Gabriel and begins to change into a humanoid shape. It begins to solidify into the form of…

GABRIEL (excited)

Hello, Gabriel, my son. Thank you for freeing all of us from that infernal prison.

I’m sorry it took me so long to do so, father.

You did fine, my son. I am proud of you! Now that you have been reunited with your lost love, it is time for you to embark on your great quest – to find the eight other new Dragon Lords and lead them against those who threaten all we hold dear. All of the false prophets who have led the people astray must be destroyed and the Eight Virtues restored to the people.

I won’t let you down, father!

I know, my son. Now I must go join my fellow Dragon Lords in the great beyond. Farewell, Gabriel…

Good bye, father…
Michael smiles at Gabriel and then changes back into a ball of light, soaring up into the sky at rapid speed…

Are you alright, my love?

Yes, I think so, my darling. Now that we have been reunited, I think I can take on just about anything. Thank heavens this little ordeal is finally over…

(Insert sinister music track #21.)

But it’s not over yet, Gabriel (hic)…

All of the villagers turn towards Bob.

What do you mean it isn’t over, Bob? Have you had another vision?

Yup…(hic) Neither Duke Garen nor High Priest Ackanon were the leaders of this Obsidian cell. The true leader of the cell is ….him!

(Insert ”Dun…Dun…Dun” sound effect.)

Bob points his finger at Mayor Nicholas Darque, a handsome middle-aged man with jet black hair and piercing green eyes, who is standing nearby. Everyone turns to stare at the mayor.

Surely you don’t believe the ramblings of the village drunk! I have done so much for this community during my time as mayor.

Many in the crowd nod their heads in agreement.

Yes, I believe the mayor is a good man! There is no possible way that he could be an Obsidian…

No, I tell you that he is the one responsible for all of the evil which has befallen our village lately – the attacks by the undead, the cow and sheep mutilations, and the missing children! You doubt my word? Well here is your proof…

(Insert “Climatic Suspense” sound effect.)

Bob suddenly utters some sort of phrase in some unknown language and the mayor suddenly changes form – into that of an Obsidian lich mage! The mage suddenly casts the spell Blink and appears right behind Bob…

You fool, you’ve ruined everything!

The mayor suddenly grabs Bob’s head with both hands and twists it 180 degrees, causing his neck to snap!

(Insert “Neck Breaking” sound effect.)
(Insert “Falling Body” sound effect.)

Bob’s lifeless body falls to the ground! The crowd gasps in horror!

I am the great Obsidian mage, Korben Dar! Long have I labored to restore the Obsidian Empire to its former glory! Now that I have finally learned the spell to transfer my soul into a new body after two hundred years, I will lead us to victory over the Oracle and all those who stand in our way! And Sam, I will take your beautiful young wife, Clara, to be my Queen!

SAM (yelling)
No way is that going to happen! Die, monster!

Before anyone can react, Sam charges at Korben Dar with a sword! The mage easily dodges Sam’s attack and disarms him. He grabs Sam by the throat with his bony left hand and pulls him in close. Sam looks absolutely terrified as he finds himself inches away from the mage’s glowing eyes and skeletal face.

That was very foolish of you, Sam! Now it is time for me to feed!

The index finger on Korben Dar’s right hand begins to glow and he uses it to slice open Sam’s skull.

(Insert “Ripping Head Off” sound effect.)

Tossing aside the top part, he then proceeds to devour Sam’s
exposed brain!

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect.)

After taking a few big bites, he releases Sam’s twitching body, which falls to the ground.

(Insert “Falling Body” sound effect.)

Ah, that was so delicious! As for the rest of you, I gave you the chance to join us, but you refused. Now you will all die!

Korben Dar casts a summoning spell and he is suddenly joined by three dozen of his closest friends…

(Insert “Zombie Horde” sound effect.)

What the hell?! Zombies!

Feeding time, my pretties! Enjoy!

(Insert “Zombie Brain Eater” sound effect.)
(Insert zombie-themed music track # 22)

The zombies start lumbering forward and attacking the villagers! Amber immediately begins casting fire arrows and death rays at them, while Gabriel begins hacking away at them with his flaming Dragon Katana. Karl, the village blacksmith, suddenly appears with a gigantic holy warhammer and starts smashing their skulls in.
KARL (yelling)
Die, you foul abominations!

(Insert “Weapon Blow” sound effect four times in a row.)

The village guards use their swords to decapitate the zombies as well, but there just seems to be too many of them for the guards to handle…

Damn it, I can’t cast any fireballs without incinerating innocent villagers in the process!

Do what you can, my love! I will try and take down Korben Dar!

Gabriel and Amber nod at each other. Amber goes to assist the overwhelmed village guards while Gabriel uses his flaming Dragon Katana to slash his way through a large group of zombies in order to reach Korben Dar.

(Insert “Rage of Blades” sound effect.)

Meanwhile, a short distance away, a zombie is munching on an old woman’s severed leg. He spits out the chunks of flesh in disgust.

Suddenly, the zombie spots Hannah.

(Insert “I Want Brains” sound effect.)

(Insert “Zombie Come Here” sound effect.)

HANNAH (scared)
Get away from me, monster!

The zombie chases after Hannah.

(Insert “Zombie Attack Walk” sound effect.)

She trips over a rock and falls flat on her face. As Hannah gets up, the zombie grabs her around the waist.

HANNAH (yelling)
Let go of me!
(Insert “Slap” sound effect.)

(Insert “Zombie in Pain” sound effect.)
After being slapped in the face by Hannah, the angry zombie bites her on the shoulder.
(Insert “Bite” sound effect.)

HANNAH (screaming)

Hannah cries out in pain as the zombie suddenly rips her left arm out of its socket

(Insert ”Rip Arm Off” sound effect.)

and beats her to death with it! He sits down next to her dead body and begins munching on her severed arm.

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect.)

(Insert “Decapitation Head Blood” sound effect.)

The zombie is suddenly decapitated from behind by Jed, who is wielding a sickle!
Jed sadly looks down at his wife’s body.

(Insert “Zombie Attack Walk” sound effect.)

Oh, my darling Hannah…Aaagh!

Jed is suddenly tackled by five zombies.

(Insert “Torture” sound effect.)

(Insert “Rip Arm Off” sound effect.)

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect.)

Jed screams out in pain as four of the zombies rip out his arms and legs and begin munching on them,

(Insert “Ripping Head Off” sound effect.)

while the fifth one yanks Jed’s head off! The zombie uses a machete to hack open Jed’s skull and begins eating his brain.

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village square…
Karl continues smashing his way through the oncoming horde of zombies. He fails to see one sneak up behind him. As the zombie prepares to bite Karl on the neck, he is suddenly decapitated by a lightning sword wielded by…

(Insert “Decapitate Head Blood” sound effect.)

No bloody zombie is going to harm the man I love!

Thanks for the assist, my darling! Now let’s take these things down together!

Sounds like a splendid idea to me, my love!

Karl and Clara smile at each other and then stand side by side and proceed to carve a path straight through the advancing zombies…

(Insert “Weapon Blow” sound effect three times in a row.)

(Insert “Decapitate Head Blood” sound effect three times in a row.)

Meanwhile, Gabriel notices three zombies close by tossing High Priest Ackanon’s severed head around like a ball as they laugh with glee. One of them misses the catch and Ackanon’s head falls to the ground. The zombie kicks the severed head into the air like a soccer ball and it strikes an unfortunate, fleeing villager in the back of the head, killing him instantly! The three zombies pile on top of the dead villager’s body and start ripping it to pieces, which they proceed to feast upon.

(Insert ”Rip Arm Off” sound effect three times in a row.)

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect three times in a row.)

Gabriel’s Dragon Katana is suddenly knocked from his hand by Jed’s severed head, which is thrown at him by the zombie who ate Jed’s brains!

(Insert “Drop Sword” sound effect.)

Gabriel finds himself surrounded by eight zombies wielding swords, maces, and axes. He reaches into his reagent pouch and suddenly realizes that he has run out of spell components for his Death Field spell! He tries casting it anyway and it fizzles, causing the zombies to laugh!

(Insert “Fizzle” sound effect.)

(Insert “Monster Laugh” sound effect and repeat eight times- i.e., create crowd effect)

(Insert “Zombie Brain Eater” sound effect and repeat eight times – i.e., create crowd effect)
GABRIEL (defiant)
I wouldn’t be so sure about that…

Gabriel’s left hand is suddenly surrounded by the black aura of death, while his right hand erupts into flames! Gabriel starts attacking the zombies surrounding him with Death Touch and Flame Fist as he dodges their melee attacks!

(Insert “Ghost Breath” sound, immediately followed by “Torch” sound effect. Repeat sequence four times.)

One of the zombies is foolish enough to try and pick up Gabriel’s Dragon Katana and is instantly incinerated before he has a chance to react! The other zombies avoid the katana, but still block Gabriel’s path to it.
After several more minutes, Gabriel finally manages to kill all of the zombies and retrieves his Dragon Katana. He charges toward Korben Dar, who is now standing on a nearby hill overlooking the village.

(Insert “Battle of Kings” music track.)

Korben Dar, stop standing there and face me in combat!

Ah, Gabriel Nightshadow! At last, I have the opportunity to avenge the death of my nephew, Nestor!
(Insert “Ghost Breath” sound effect.)

Korben Dar casts a Death Ray at Gabriel, but Gabriel doesn’t seem to take much damage from it.

(Insert “Large Fireball” sound effect.)

He casts a fireball at Korben Dar.

(Insert “Magic Shield” sound effect.)

While the lich mage erects a shield to block the fireball, Gabriel closes to within melee range. The Dragon Katana suddenly is surrounded by the eerie black glow of Death as Gabriel attacks Korben Dar with a flurry of sword strikes!

(Insert “Rage of Blades” sound effect.)

The evil lich mage easily manages to block the blows with his enchanted black, Obsidian staff!

MAYOR (laughing maniacally)
You’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you hope to defeat me, Dragon Lord!

GABRIEL (yelling)
I am just getting started, Obsidian scum!

While Gabriel and Korben Dar continue battling each other atop the nearby hill, Amber and the few remaining village guards find themselves completely surrounded by a large group of zombies.

(Insert “Zombie Brain Eater” sound effect.)

(Insert “Zombie Kill You” sound effect.)

There are just too many of them! Aagh!

(Insert “Gutting Someone” sound effect.)

The unfortunate guard is suddenly disemboweled by a zombie! The dying guard falls to the ground. The hungry zombie munches on some of the guard’s entrails and then proceeds to smash his head open with a heavy rock. The zombie begins devouring his brains!

(Insert “Tearing into Flesh” sound effect.)

For Amber and the remaining village guards, all seems lost…

(Insert “Thunder Sound FX” three times in a row.)
Suddenly, three of the zombies are suddenly struck in quick succession by bolts of electricity and explode into many pieces as the loud roar of thunder is heard! Amber and the guards turn to see Todd, the village crier, standing nearby, wearing steampunk goggles, a black leather trench coat, and a heavy backpack attached by tubing to a massive smoking firearm which he is holding with both hands!

TODD (excited)
Damn, this Tesla blaster I invented really works! Eat lightning, zombies! The Doctor has arrived!

Todd starts firing at the other zombies in quick succession. With his help, Amber and the guards are able to wipe out the remaining zombies surrounding them.
Meanwhile, back on the hill, Korben Dar has managed to disarm Gabriel and has him partially pinned down on the ground. Gabriel is astonished that a skeletal figure could possess such inhuman strength.

I am so going to enjoy dining on your brains, Gabriel…

I think not, Korben Dar! Time for you to join your nephew, Nestor, in the fiery depths of the Underworld!

Gabriel suddenly uses his free hand to slap the pocket watch his father had given him as a child against Korben Dar’s chest. The strange runes inscribed on the back of it suddenly begin to glow and Gabriel begins to recite the spell. The pocket watch begins to glow brightly as it begins to change shape. Korben Dar screams out in pain!

MAYOR (screaming)
What manner of magic is this? My insides feel like they are on fire!

Korben Dar releases Gabriel and staggers backwards as his entire body slowly becomes engulfed in mystical flames emanating from inside his chest!

MAYOR (screaming)
No, it can’t end like this! I am Korben Dar, one of the most powerful Obsidian mages ever to exist and a member of the Cabal of the Obsidians who once commanded the Obsidian Empire! Damn you, Dragon Lord!

(Insert “Magic Death” sound effect.)

(Insert “Grenade Explosion” sound effect, immediately followed by “Dragon Roaring” sound effect.)

(Insert “Epic Amulet Item” sound effect.)

Korben Dar suddenly explodes! Bits and pieces of him go flying everywhere!
The villagers down below, who have finally managed to kill all of the remaining zombies, cheer as Gabriel glances down at the pocket watch, which has transformed itself into the Amulet of Vazur! Gabriel places the amulet around his neck. He picks up his katana and makes his way down the hill.

(Insert peaceful music track # 24.)
Sometime later, as Gabriel and Amber prepare to depart Falura Fields, they say farewell to their new friends.

You handled yourself pretty well out there with that holy warhammer, Karl. Mind if I ask you where you got it?

It was a gift from someone I helped out about a week ago, a mighty warrior named Torniquet. He and his travelling companion, a beautiful Dark Elf named Ariella, lost both of their horses in a bandit attack near here. They were on their way to Port Phoenix to catch a ferry to Beran’s Reach, where Torniquet was going to see his younger sister, Keira OFaolain and her fiancé, Roper DocHoliday. I gave them a ride in my wagon. As a token of his gratitude, Torniquet gave me one of his spare holy warhammers. Hmm…who would have thought it would come in so handy?

Yes, that was quite fortunate timing indeed. Well, the best of luck to the two of you!

Thank you, Gabriel. We wish you and Amber a safe journey. Be sure to stop on by the tavern the next time you are passing through.

We certainly will.
Karl and Clara exchange loving glances, then turn around and head towards the Golden Lamb Tavern, hand in hand.

I can’t believe that I missed out on all of the excitement while I was unconscious! Amber, I have heard so much about you and it was nice to finally meet you in person.

Aye, it was good to see Order and Chaos standing side by side against a common foe. Perhaps sometime we can sit down and discuss our different philosophies under more pleasant circumstances.

I would like that very much, Amber. Next time you are in Port Phoenix, look me up! You are most likely to find me at Wody’s tavern.

I will do that!

Amber performs the Dark Star salute.

May the shadows of the night keep and protect you always!

Kazyn nods, then turns to leave. As he approaches the outskirts of the village, he turns to wave. Amber waves back.

So, Todd, that Tesla blaster was pretty impressive. I never would have guessed that you were an inventor!

I’ve always been really good with mechanical things, but I never really thought about developing my talent until I met a strange, bearded fellow about ten years ago who encouraged me to do so.

Hmm…This fellow wouldn’t have happened to be named Nystal TimeLord, by any chance?

TODD (surprised)
Why yes it was! Do you happen to know him?

GABRIEL (chuckling)
Indeed I do. He’s my oldest and dearest friend!

That’s quite a concidence! Well, any friend of TimeLord’s is a friend of mine! By the way, most people call me by my nickname, “Doc”.
Todd and Gabriel shake hands.

Well, “Doc” Brown, I will give TimeLord your regards when I see him. Keep working on those Tesla weapons. I think they will be needed in the dark days to come…

I will! Well, better get back to my day job…Good journey, my friend!

Todd grins, then turns around and heads toward his regular location near the entrance archway.

(Insert “Fields of Green” music track.)

Gabriel turns to Amber and the two clasp hands and stare into each other’s eyes.

A’melamin, after spending thousands of years on Earth seeking redemption, we have been rewarded with a chance to start our lives anew. Are you ready to embark on this chapter in our lives?

Yes, Mela en’ coiamin. Although it seems that you might find me to be bit more moody now, for although my great great great granddaughter Amber Raine loves you as much I do, it seems that her twin sister Ember Flame can barely tolerate you. But don’t worry, in time Amber and I will be able to bring her around to our way of thinking. The important thing is that we are together once more and have finally found our way back home…

Gabriel and Amber kiss, as a lone white dive soars overhead.

(Insert “Dove” sound effect.)

Its eyes glow bright red as it turns and soars off toward the horizon.



(Insert “Beyond the Stars” music track.)

Beautiful Meadow (The Long Walk) by Kailef
Tavern Song by Ome the Bard
Riding the Storm by Paul J Deakin
The Virtue of Love by Quetzacoatl
Combat1 by Ome
Blindsong Cobra by Sharm
The Paladin by Ravenmyst
Medieval Draft by Sharm
Ashes and Dust by Holt Ironfell
Chaos (DarkStarr’s Theme) by Kailef
A Conspiracy of Bards by Holtronic
Build & Fortify (Rise to Greatness) by Kailef
A Lone Warrior Master by Paul J Deakin
To the Moon by Ome the Bard
Trekking in the Tall Grass (Tiptoe) by Kailef

The following music tracks used in this production are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
and can be found at:

“The Land of the Wizard” by Per Kiilstofte
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“Fire Within” by Jens Kiilstofte
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All sound effects used in this production are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

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“Dun…Dun…Dun” – Recorded by Delsym
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The following sound effects can be found at:

“Falling Body” – Recorded by remaxim
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“Horror Scream1” – Recorded by Vinrax
“Magic Shield” – Recorded by spookymodem
“Magic Death” – Recorded by spookymodem
“Epic Amulet Item” – Recorded by CosmicD

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October 16 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 10-16-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for October 16th, 2015.

  • Farewell Greystone One
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October 9 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 10-09-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for October 9th, 2015.

Special Guest:


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  • New R23 Scene: Jannaford
  • NPC Submissions Requested for Jaanaford!
  • Hangout of the Avatar – Release 22 Postmortem
  • Combat/Skills/Spells Video Chat
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  • Wax Cylinder Phonographs
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  • 24 Day Countdown for Fall Reward & Sale Expirations
  • Get Your 15% Black Friday Bonus
  • Auto-Canceling Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Upcoming Events
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October 2 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 10-02-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for October 2nd, 2015.

  • Get Your 15% Black Friday Bonus Starting Now!
  • New Single Player Scene Highvale Village Battle
  • The Fortress at Hilt in Nightshade Pass – Part 2
  • Invitation To Combat/Skills/Spells Video Chat
  • Invitation to Hangout of the Avatar – Release 22 Postmortem
  • Release 23 Grand Tour Quest Reward: Plague Doctor Mask
  • Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack
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  • Spider Web 6-Pack
  • New Lute and Piano
  • 31 Day Countdown for Fall Reward & Sale Expirations
  • Auto-Canceling Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Upcoming Events
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