September 21 2023

Black Rose Chronicles 16 – by Belladonna Rose – Narrated by Asclepius


Black Rose Chronicles, Chapter 16

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Traveling up the road to Owl’s Head she determined that going on foot was getting weary. She went there to pick up a few supplies but decided to take on a new task. Not that she was an expert on riding it was time to put four feet under her opposed to her lowly two. So she headed to the stables.
There she found the stable boy Nob. He was a rather chatty fellow and seemed a bit lazy as well. Leaning against the fence post her snorted and spit on the ground. Rude. Yes, he had little manners for sure but i guess dealing with horses all day he lost some skills in dealing with people. He grinned when i approached.
“Afternoon outlander. Be lookin for a horse for your journey?’
Over time she grew tired of that term…Outlander. And she was going to see to it that he didn’t use it again.
“Mind your manner boy. I have been in these lands long enough and done more than you have seen to deserve being called more than Outlander.”
Jumping up and standing straight he changed his demeanor quickly.
“Beggin your pardon Madame. I meant no offense. I should of know’d better. Things have for sure changed around here and i should watch my tongue.”
Bella smiled and walked up to the corral fence. Look into the corral she saw a couple horses grazing on some fresh hay and just minding their own. She looked
particularly close at a nice black stallion standing off from the others. Curious she walked up the fence line to see if she could get his attention. Sure enough he walked over
to her and pushed his head up over the fence. Slowly reaching her hand out she opened her palm for him to sniff. Softly he nuzzled his nose into her palm.
Reaching into her pack she pulled out a carrot and broke it in half….holding the carrot top end in the palm of her hand she reach out to him. He snorted and then took the carrot
from her. She too took a bite from the other piece and chopped along with him. Then she handed him the rest. After he finished the second piece, he shook his head proudly and
nodded it up and down. Softly pawed at the ground as if telling her he wanted to go.
Patting him softly on the head she turned and walked back to where Nob stood.
” Amazing M’lady. That horse doesn’t take to no one. He is a mean sort for sure. But you seemed to have made an impression on him.”
Bella smiled and looked over her should and saw that the horse had followed her down the fence line.
“Well Mr. Nob. How much is this horse gonna cost me?”
“Well M’lady. Don’t rightly know. He has been here for a long spell. Seems his owner disappeared, and no one has been interested in him since he is so mean in spirit.”
Bella looked Nob up and down. She wasn’t sure how to access him. He could be trying to sell her someone else’s horse for all she knew.

“Who has been paying the stable fee for him if he has no owner then.”
“No one. I don’t stable him. He just stays out here in the corral or shelters inside the barn…..but no stall for him. Last time he broke through the wall and that took a bit to fix
up. So i just feed him and leave him be.”
” And you are for sure there is no owner?”
“Aye . I wouldn’t dare sell another man’s horse. Not wanting to end up in the Clink for such dealings. “
“Very well then. I will take him. I will need a saddle and some saddle bags. And i will pay you kindly for him”

Nob looked her up and down as if trying to decide if she was gonna be able to afford such a luxury of a horse.
“Beggin your pardon M’lady but that could be a bit expensive….mind you look a well off sort but horses aren’t cheap.”
Smiling she pulled a piece of parchment from inside her jacket and handed it to him. Nob handed it back quickly.

“Sorry M’lady but I can’t read. If you wouldn’t mind?”
Smiling softly again she read what the parchment said. It stated that she lived in Knight’s Watch and stated she had a healthy bank account with the Britannian bank.
With that info Nob smiled and gave her a price. She told him she would walk up the hill to the bank and get the gold while he readied her horse. Nob jumped up and over the fence to get busy
Whistling as he walked into the barn, he muttered to himself. Ole Nob be eating good tonight.

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns