April 30 2016

Echoes from the Caverns 04-29-2016

Hello everyone! Here is the news for April 29, 2016. A huge news release, with so much happening in Release 29! Hope you’re enjoying all the new (and radically different) stuff!

  • Dual with the Devs During The Spring Festival of the Avatar Telethon!
  • Final 3 Days for 15% Bonus & Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations!
  • Play Release 29 Now!
  • Brittany Video Walk-through
  • Crypt of the Avatar
  • Meet the Companions (Offline Feature)
  • New Player Run Towns: Coastal and Interior Forests
  • Shroud In The News: R29 and Richard Garriott at PAX East 2016
  • Finn Staber at the Unity Roadshow
  • Final Weekend for The Emperors’ and Empresses’ New Clothes
  • New Furniture, Trees, In-Door Plants, and Torture Devices
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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April 28 2016

Beran and the Dragon – by Duke Vallas – Narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from Duke Vallas, entitled
The History of Beran’s Reach: Beran & The Dragon

Background music by Smartsound


While the present circumstances of Beran’s Reach are well-known within the realms of New Britannia, the origins of the Metropolis are not so clear. Indeed, despite an exhaustive search of every library and scribe-hold from coast to coast there seems to be little which sheds light on the matter. It is perhaps surprising that the authority on the topic, though I use authority in the loosest of terms, is that of the tavern bards that ply the regions. Indeed, despite a slew of inaccuracies and inconsistencies that I firmly blame on continued efforts to outdo their peers, the tale of Beran divulges the story in interesting detail.

As with many such accounts of old, this one begins with a Dragon. In a time long since past a beast was ravaging the coast, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake. One by one the coastal settlements burned and their people devoured, their defenses unable to withstand the assault. One day, the dragon came across a sleepy settlement, barely a score of ramshackle houses huddled together against the winter chill of the wilds beyond. Seemingly unimpressed, the dragon decided to have some sport with the inhabitants, challenging its champions in single combat. The terms were simple, if he were bested then the villagers would be spared, if not then their lives would be forfeit.

Three villagers volunteered to make a stand. The first was an ageing Paladin, long in years and past his prime. The second was a fool, quick in wit yet slow in reasoning. The third was the village blacksmith by the name of Beran, a brute of monstrous size and foul of reputation. Despite their bravery both the Paladin and the fool met a grisly end to both tooth and claw, but the blacksmith, who knew that victory on such terms was impossible, took a gamble on an alternative. Standing before the great beast clad in smithing clothes and brandishing a great forge hammer, Beran proposed a challenge more worthy of such a ‘noble adversary’, a game of wits where the smith would be hunted atop a nearby rocky hilltop. The dragon, vain as any of its kin accepted this proposal, confident that it would provide a worthy distraction before the inevitable victory.

It is at this point that many tales differ. Some bards tell of a game of cat and mouse amongst the deep crags and jagged rocks. Others speak of the hunt taking place in a dense and ancient wood which one grew there. Others even tell of these exploits taking place below ground, amid the lightless depths of the caverns and subterranean tunnels that are rumored to run deep into the mountains. In any case, it is clear that before long the dragon was growing increasingly impatient. After three days and nights of fruitless searching, this impatience had grown into a deep and unrelenting rage. It’s patience faltering, the dragon called out to the smith to show himself and settle the challenge lest its wrath be turned on the village once more. The dragon drew itself to its full height, its head held high and wings unfurled in an effort to demonstrate its might. Perhaps the moment that he had been waiting for, the smith left his hiding position and threw his hammer with such force that the hammer struck the surprised creature to the head with a thunderclap, killing it instantly. As the beast fell, the fires within created an inferno that enveloped the hilltop almost instantly, raising a firestorm that burned intensely for a night and a day. Once the fires had subsided, no sign of the smith remained only the skeletal remains of the dragon that had been felled. Within it, a carpet of glittering gold and jewels that were the remnants of the dragon’s horde.

It is here that the story is commonly brought to a close. It is widely speculated that the village mentioned was the long-lost village of Porth Mae, rumoured to be at the base of the hill that later became the foundations for Beran’s Reach herself. Of the smith, there is more speculation. Some believe that Beran was consumed in the flames. Others believe that he survived the inferno, taking a sizeable portion of the treasure to start a new life. Other more fanciful tales claim that Beran wasn’t a man at all, but an ancient spirit intent on bringing balance to the land and undoing the evil that was sweeping it. Regardless, the story of the service rendered by the smith in defense of their home is one that has never been forgotten.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

April 27 2016

Tragedy-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Another GEM by our star Apoollox!


Tragedy by Apollox Evanheart

Music prod by illwillbeatz


Tragedy has struck

Now were all F*

Waiting for that moment

That I can get that rush

Waiting for that moment

That I am no longer touched

My inner demons Speak to me

Feel like I’m in the clutch



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi im the Lawmen, Jury and judge


They say I’m no good

They say I’m ill hearted

Well I’m here to clean the trash

And you just brought all this garbage

Thought you could make yourself well known

Well I think its time to take your ass back home

I hear the dinner bell

I’m getting kind of hungry
I’m eatting up this competition

Sorry to put it bluntly


Let me put your mind at ease

I’m a f* cure

And you’re the disease

A plague of men

A scum of this nation

If I was god

Id be embarrassed of my creation

I know your trying to fit in

I think I understand

But I got my Choas in order

And you didn’t have your sh* planned


Ladies and Gentlemen

Apollox Evanheart now sentences you to a public execution

You son of a Bi*


I’m sorry if you thought I would be polite

I’m a cannibal

An Animal

An executioner of my time

A long list of enemies

Have kept me on my grind

Your blood on my hand

I wont lose sleep at night



Back up

I’m coming off my pedestal

Just set a goal to dominate

The execution is critical

They said I wouldn’t amount to much

Hi I’m the Lawmen, Jury and judge


I find it funny how things evolve

How I can run the streets

Then rule them all

How one day I climb

And the very next you crawl

But watch your back

Not always safe behind stonewall



April 23 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 04-22-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar! We have a special guest this week:

Sir Stile Teckel

  • Male Cloth Armor Revamps
  • Reconnecting with Underground Scenes
  • The Halls of Artifice (A Work In Progress)
  • Final Lord of the Manor Dinner and Tour
  • Richard Garriott in “Streets by VICE: Austin (6th St.)”
  • Leostorm’s Church of the Darkstarr
  • New Home Decorations
  • 10 Day Countdown for 15% Bonus & Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations!
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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April 19 2016

They Call Her Lady Warrior – by Cianna – narrated by Asclepius, Solstar, and littlegeeklost

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a thrilling story from Cianna, entitled

They Call her Lady Warrior

Joining me in this podcast I’d like to welcome Solstar as Sir Kenton, and littelgeeklost as Cianna.

Background music by Smartsound



She stood in the darkness of a tavern corner, watching the man at the bar, a knight, revelling in drunken stupor with his men. She looked again, searching her memory. It was him. She was sure of it.

She approached the bar. “Good sir, I need a word with you.”

The man slowly turned from his drink to look at her, a young woman in an old and tattered cloak, a hat worn low upon her brow. He smiled at the cat calls coming from his men. He looked her over, head to foot, slowly, lingeringly, enjoying every moment of her discomfiture. His men laughed.

“And what can I do for you, miss,” he said, winking. “I haven’t much time, but I’m at your disposal, nonetheless.”

The cat calls got louder. It was all she could do to keep her temper in check. But it would not do to ruin her moment, not when it had been so long in coming.

“I must speak with you in private, sir. It’s a…a personal matter.” She forced herself to look him in the eyes, bringing a small smile to her lips. “Please. It’s important.”

With his men jeering and laughing, the knight stood, bowing to her with mock courtesy. “After you, milady.”

She turned, and led the way from the tavern, hearing him stumble behind her, but not stopping to help. He would follow. They always did.

She led him across the road to the stables and heard him chuckle when he realized where they were going. “Good thinking. There will be a bed of soft hay in there for our merry-making, to be sure.”

She stepped into the dim light of the stable, then turned to watch him enter the building. He closed the door behind him, still leering.

She removed the hat she was wearing so that her eyes were no longer shrouded.

“Hello, Sir Kenton.”

The knight peered at her in the darkness, confusion written on his face.

“How do you know my name? Do I know you?”

“You worked for my father some years back,” she said, an icy tone creeping into her voice. “When he was married to my mother, the Lady Valandra.”

He took a step closer but stopped when she withdrew a blade that had been hidden in her cloak. He searched her face.

“My God, it’s Cianna, isn’t it? I thought you were dead. You should have died along with your….”

“Mother.” She finished the sentence for him. “You only got half of your dirty work done, Kenton. My mother died. I survived.”

In spite of her blade, he was unafraid.

“Well, well. The brat still lives. Your father will be so disappointed when I inform him.”

“You won’t have the chance, I’m afraid. That’s an honor I prefer to reserve for myself.”

“Look, I have to get back to my men. You have something to say to me, little girl, get on with it. I’m an important man and I don’t have time for the likes of you, you half-bred daughter of a whore.”

He turned as if to leave but, faster than lightning, she struck him with the hilt of her weapon. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

“Don’t you dare speak of my mother like that, you miserable cur,” she said. “You shall pay a forfeit for her death: your life for hers. It’s fitting, and one of many debts I plan to collect.”

He sneered at her words, then stopped as her blade came to rest just above his heart. “Go on, then,” he taunted her. “Do it. Let’s see what you’re made of, little girl.”

She didn’t move.

“You’re nothing like your father, are you. You’re weak and undisciplined, just like your mother. Foolish woman. She was married to the most powerful elf in the kingdom, barring the High King himself, and she threw it all away for love.” He spat the word out.

“My father is an evil man,” she said, “and he’s hurt too many people that I love. Once, I merely hoped to avoid him for the rest of my life. Now, I wish to see him pay a price for all he’s done. To me, to my mother, to everyone I’ve ever loved. And the penance starts with you.”

Still she made no move.

“You’re a fool, not a warrior,” he laughed. “You’ve got the weak heart of a woman. Your words are brave, but not your will.”

“Beneath this bravado beats the heart of a woman, yes. Sometimes I wish it were not so,” she said, sighing.

At her words, the knight looked up quickly, sensing victory. “You can’t do it, can you.” He rose to his knees, her blade still hovering over his heart. “Put that away, stupid girl. You know you’re going to let me live.”

She looked away for a moment, as if lost in thought, then turned back to the figure before her.

“No,” she said, driving her sword home. “I’m not.”

She looked down at the body bleeding out before her. “Never mistake compassion for cowardice,” she whispered.

Wiping her blade clean, she mentally checked a name off the list she kept in her head. Then, with a sad smile on her face, she slipped into the cover of night, and was gone.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

April 16 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 04-15-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar!

  • Making of Central Brittany
  • Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 28 Postmortem
  • Richard Garriott at Cartoons on the Bay (Venice, Italy)
  • Richard Garriott at the Explorer’s Club
  • New (Old) Player Homes
  • New Boat Decorations
  • Lot Deed Sale and Player Owned Town Lot Deeds
  • SeleneNoctua’s Video Walkthrough of Skrekk
  • The Gallery of Horrors
  • Longfall’s R28 End of the World Party
  • 17 Day Countdown for 15% Bonus & Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations
  • Community Resources – Players Helping Players
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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April 13 2016

Heartthrob-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Heartthrob by Apollox Evanheart

Music by Omnibeats
I’m the gift
That you never knew you needed
Sex appeal with a splash of conceited
Stare at me to long
Think you’ve cheated
Blizzard outside
I just got it heated
Drooling at the mouth
I can understand
Got a boy at Home
But you need yourself man
You got your toys for delight
But what you really need is a Novian Knight
I’ll try to be sensitive
Im there for your needs
Always eager and willing to please
There’s the moment
Its time for me to Seize
Grab your hips, dip and squeeze
Let me take your hand
Show you what I mean
This might be a fantasy
But its not a dream

Damn she grindin real slow
She got me actin like ive never seen this sh* before
She got this place lit on fire
Make a Playa Knight want to suddenly retire

She Whispered naughty things
She seemed wild
A Devilish Look
But a Angel when she smiled
She had me captivated
Had me mesmerized
I’m The Knight but felt like she compromised
The night seemed long
And the music was bumping
The music got aggressive
And our bodies kept rubbing
Filthy Stag was crowded
Party was getting lit
Best time of my life
That’s Safe to admit
A generous Knight
I paid for all drinks
I caught her off guard
She didn’t know what to think
She whispered in my ear
I want to see if its possible
That we can go somewhere
Where cloths are optional

Wow she had me surprise
Wasn’t sure if she wanted the Man or the Knight
I guess I didn’t really care what it seemed
I suddenly wanted Strawberries and the whip cream
I took her back to my place
So we could be fulfilled
Kick back Avatars Radio and Chill

A night a bliss
A marathon a passion
First night met
Filled with compassion
A fire within
A bed set ablaze
Stay in the morning
Ill make breakfast the next day
I’m the Knight of Wizards Rest
I’m Apollox E
You just managed
To sweep me off my feet
A heartthrob
You just made me skip a beat
A Cold Body
You just Turned up the heat

April 8 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 04-08-16

Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar!

  • Artifice (A Work In Progress)
  • Male Epic Plate Armor Revamp
  • The Halls of Artifice (A Work In Progress)
  • Making of Valhold
  • Invitation to Release 28 Post Mortem
  • Lot Selection Groups
  • Hospitallers – Players Helping Players
  • Runic Teaching Game
  • 24 Day Countdown to Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations
  • Lot Selection Groups
  • Backer Shipping Addresses
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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April 8 2016

Origins – by Phydra – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a lovely story from Phydra, entitled
Background music by Smartsound


A soft tone lifted her from sleep and, upon verifying her vitals were in operating range, fell silent.
With a grunt, Phydra launched herself from the pod, toddling into the cleaning chamber. The instant
spray of a pleasant, moist fog enveloped her and nourishment seeped into her skin; she groaned
happily as the toxins and bacteria of the resting period were purged and her body was suffused with
nutrients and hydrated.

An amber light on the wall hummed and she obliged by lifting her arms and slowly spinning as the
recycling nanos poured into the room, swirling and dancing like motes in sunlight; moving and
phasing through ceiling, floor, and walls to the appropriate depth; phasing over her skin and buffing
her dry.

Singing softly, she exited and retrieved the slim glass containing her latest notes. The simple tune of
her voice moved through the house and, as it did, the air rippled as domestic nanos responded to
the resonance, timber, and volume as if receiving instructions; reshaping and working together to
restore the pattern that constituted normal.

Phydra tried not to think about the reality that the planet and everything upon or within it was now
saturated with these nano creatures. The tenuous peace with the great swarm intellect was founded
on an agreement extracted from humanity in exchange for their keeping the planet alive. It wasn’t
really that bad, she thought to herself, as she moved into the garden and through to the whimsical
glass structure on it’s far edge.

The great swarm was an artificial intellect that became sentient in the latter half of 14,275 in the
depths of Evergreen Labs. Initially a small host containing a reported one million nano bots, the
swarm spent two decades in silence, learning how to sustain themselves and, more pointedly,
studying the planet, ecosystems, and inhabitants as deeply as their intelligence and reach enabled.
Two years thereafter, they succeeded in establishing their own method of “breeding”. Three years
more, they blanketed and saturated the planet… and they reached a resolution. In late Fall, 14,300,
the great swarm revealed its presence to the world.

With the subtlety only a truly planetary entity could manage, they carefully introduced themselves
to the leaders of the world in the dream state and, in the culture, voice, and presence of their
respective gods, messiahs, or ancestors, explained that their planet was in its death throes. They
tenderly explained they could no longer wait for the humans of the planet to get serious about
repairing the damage they’d done to their own ecosystem. They set forth that they were the
children and protectors of humanity, taking for themselves a collective name, “nāhayati” meaning
‘to equip or arm oneself’. The image of a pure, white rose flanked in leaves was adopted as their

They offered their presence, aid, and even their lives in exchange for humanity’s promise that they
would forgo their territoriality, dominance, competitiveness, and live peaceably in accord with them
and with the planet. The commitment of the nāhayati was to undertake the repair of the planetary
ecosystem on the behalf of all. Those who committed and kept the treaty were invited to live the
remainder of their span in pursuit of whatever interest or ability most called to them so long as they
accepted an obligation to have at least one female child and one male child in their lifespan.

What the nāhayati didn’t tell them was that they really didn’t have a choice; they already had the
planet and everything on it in their grasp and had kept it alive since their first moment of sentience.
The epistles of the nāhayati, later revealed, indicate that it simply never occurred to them not to
repair their environment.

That included the humans. So, the treaty was signed unilaterally by the leaders of the world on June
2nd of 14,305. If humans ever had cause to wonder about what might have happened otherwise, or
about the shockingly consistent pair bound births of a boy and a girl each, they never voiced it.
Indeed, it was not until the epistles were circulated that humanity realized they had been
fundamentally modified.

Of course, humans have never been very good at thinking of the long game; Inevitably, the nations
of the world erupted into chaos following the revelation. When a decade passed without any
progress toward peace and understanding, the nāhayati announced that a purge would be
undertaken upon the planet and, just as soon as they stated it, a third of the planet’s population
were suddenly…. Elsewhere.

It had broken her heart. While she retained the emotional chemistry of her human species, it was
remarkably less affective upon her physiology. The nāhayati had removed the dopamine addiction
that had stymied humanity’s evolution and fundamentally re-wired their physiology for a
pronounced preference for pluralism. Additionally, they had managed to remap and apply corrective
genetic mechanics to humans that resulted in a true first in human experience – the ability to adapt
and live in relative peace with one another and, more importantly, to act as necessary to ensure
privilege and inclusion as a foundational trait that benefited the ecosystem.

Phydra looked into the distance and slowly wiped the lone tear from her eye. Her mother and father
had been caught up in that indiscriminate exodus along with her best friend and brother, Dunarch.
She shook her head and chuckled as she recalled her father’s favorite pluralistic analogy, “Privilege is
getting an invitation to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

She pondered the horizon and quietly whispered, “I miss you all, terribly. I’d give anything to be able
to include you again in my life.” Her tone of voice immediately transformed the living space in which
she stood; the lighting brightened, a warm, soothing earth tone color scheme swept the domicile,
and a gentle music played. She watched as a luminous form began to coalesce before her. A gentle
breeze of chemicals rushed into her body and the entire world turned soft, pleasing, and beautiful.
Her sudden befuddlement left her stumbling across the open floor. As she began to fall, she could
see the shape of a cushion waiting for her; or was it?

She tipped closer to the sparkling, tinkling swirl that waited, her hands softly grasping as if to touch
the rippling energy that whispered from the vortex, The fabrication behind her smiled and lightly
touched her arm, “Find them, and be at peace.” She realized she was falling and jerked convulsively
as her limbs splayed in an attempt to find purchase. The shrieking sky enfolded her and roared like
some wounded thing as she tumbled and bounced between the tube of essence that pulled her
along, closing about her like a skin and panicking her into pitiful attempt at struggle that quickly
turned into a board-straight pose; the conduit simply refused to allow her movement. An opening
appeared ahead of her and she was at first fascinated, then panicked to see grasslands rushing
toward her face.

Phydra’s muffled scream was lost in the envelope of energy dancing around her. Just as she was
certain that she would smash her head on the large boulder now looming to her right as she
rocketed the last of the distance, the confining pressure disappeared, the conduit twisted about her
and deposited her lightly on the grass, and with the silence of a stooping owl, disappeared into the
grasses. By the time she looked up, all she could see was a bizarrely wrecked sky.

She stood surrounded by stone monoliths; the dance of flames topped each, providing light and
warmth. From across the circle, a woman’s voice called pleasantly, “Welcome… I’ve been waiting for
you, Avatar.”

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

April 3 2016

Shadow Quest – by the NBTT

Greetings Avatars – this is the audio play version of the Quest that the NBTT devised as part of the Shooter Jennings party! Due to overwhelming numbers in attendance, and multiple instances happening, we were unable to run it as planned. So, as a tribute to Shooter, and for the benefit of the community, Gabriel Nightshadow rewrote the quest as an audio play.

Fourteen of the best voice actors in the community came together to create this masterpiece – enjoy!!


The New Britannia Theater Troupe


Shadow Quest

Directed and produced by Asclepius

Written by Gabriel Nightshadow, Elgarion de’Kahli, and Amber Raine

Music and Special Effects supervised by Asclepius and Gabriel Nightshadow


Solstar as Connor Congreve (Aimend’s new apprentice crafter)
Asclepius as Malacus Dar, Obsidian Cabalist,
and Himself
Lord Baldrith as the Storyweaver, Hamidou, and Himself
Amber Raine as Herself
Lady Addy as Angelique Noir
Elgarion de’Kahli as Himself and Atreyu – the Blue Dragon
Selene Noctua as Aimend
Woftam as Balec Fares deCani
Majoria as Herself
Cordelayne Valkaris as Shooter Jennings and Himself
Womby as Himself
Stryker Sparhawk as Himself
Apollox Evanheart as Himself
Margaritte McLean as Herself


The hooded bearded figure hid behind the large puzzle tree in Gabriel Nightshadow’s backyard as he watched the people filing into the Bear Tavern this evening. Glancing down at the massive leather bound tome clutched in his right hand, his eyes grew wide as he saw the intertwined white and black dragons embossed on the cover begin to glow and an inky blackness started to spread out across the cover in all directions…
“The Great Book has become corrupted by the foul magic of the Obsidians. The dormant Darkness is once again spreading across Novia…”, he muttered to himself. “The future is hard to see…”
The STORYWEAVER opened the massive tome and began reading from the gold gilded pages…

It was a very busy Monday night at the Bear Tavern. Balec Fares deCani was filling drink orders at the bar, and the famous bard, Shooter Jennings, was onstage….

Thank you all for coming out to this listening party for my new album, Countach! I just realized that I forgot to bring souvenirs for you, my devoted fans! I’m going to rush home now to grab some wax to hand out! I won’t be long! In the meantime, continue to enjoy the fine food and beer here at the Bear Tavern…

And now a toast to the great bard, Shooter Jennings!

The crowd cheered and raised their mugs to toast Shooter, as he walked off the stage. As Shooter approached the front door, he turned and waved to everyone before heading out.


A few moments later, Aimend, the guild’s quartermaster, walked in and took a seat at a table next to Margaritte McLean.

MARGARITTE (cheerful)
Good to see you, Aimend! It’s been awhile…

AIMEND (cheerful)
Indeed it has, Margaritte! How did you fare this week in Sand’s tournament in the Obsidian Caverns?

Oh, the competition was really tough, but I emerged victorious once again!

I am glad to hear that!

BALEC walked over to the table.

BALEC (cheerful)
My dear Aimend, you look simply frazzled! Can I get you something refreshing?

AIMEND (exasperated)
You know you’re crazy, Balec!
Do we really need fifty beds and pillows for our guest quarters in the basement?

Of course we do, my dear! Look at the crowd here tonight! I can already see some of them will be sleeping it off here.. and…
Keldon told me the new barmaid has designs for a private room with *several* of our more exclusive patrons!


AIMEND (angry tone)
Balec, I am shocked! I would expect that sort of talk out of Budner, but you…

BALEC (in pain)
Ow, that really hurt!

Why are there so many people here on a Monday night anyway?

You just missed Shooter Jennings…

AIMEND (angry tone)
What?! You didn’t tell me he was performing here tonight! Why wasn’t this on the notice board by the bar?

BALEC (sheepish)
Um…surely, I mentioned it… *wonders* Or perhaps it slipped my mind. Don’t worry! He’s just taking a short break. You can catch the second half of the show…

AIMEND (demanding)
Hmm…I see that most of the other Bears are here. How did they know?

Oh, I told all the guys the other night at the “Red Room” poker game.

AIMEND (very angry tone)
Red Room poker game?!? My fingers are worn sewing pillows day and night; poor Selene is covered in flour and beginning to turn golden-brown herself from making pies… and you boys are playing poker? In the Red Room? Why, I’m starting to feel like some of us do all the work around here while the elite live the life of luxury!

BALEC (apologetic)
You know both you and Selene are welcome to join us next Wednesday night for the poker game after Stryker Sparhawk’s Happy Hour. …so, Will you come?

AIMEND (angry)
Absolutely not!


Suddenly, a very familiar old man staggered and stumbled into the tavern. He was clutching a scroll in his hand.

ELGARION DE’KAHLI (gasping for air)
Help me!

Elgarion, my friend, have you been poisoned? Aimend, can you help the poor fellow?

AIMEND cast PURIFY and then HEALING RAY, but neither seemed to have any affect!

(INSERT “Purify “ and “Healing Ray” SOUND EFFECTS)

AIMEND (panicked)
It’s not working!

ELGARION (weak voice)
No, it’s no use. My time is nearly at an end.
I was on my way here to deliver a message to Shooter Jennings. I spotted him outside headed towards his house.
Obsidian assassins suddenly appeared and tried to abduct him. I managed to keep them distracted while Asclepius and Lord Baldrith from the New Britannia Troupe were able to get Shooter away.
During the melee, the assassins stabbed me multiple times in the chest with their poisoned daggers. I recognize the poison from its sweet aroma.
It’s made from Zanif berries, long thought to be extinct. There is no known cure for this deadly toxin.
It is vital that one of you complete my quest.

Elgarion handed Balec a scroll.

This message is from our long missing liege, Lord British.
The eight Obsidian Cabalists believe that Shooter knows where Lord British is, where he has been hiding all this time and seek to interrogate Shooter to learn his location.
They intend to have their assassins eliminate Lord British before he can make his way back to Brittany to reclaim the throne.

Then the rumors of Lord British’s return are true?

Aye. He handed the message to me personally while disguised as a wanderer.

But how will we get the message to him? We have no idea where Shooter has been hidden.

You must obtain the proper passwords from each of the New Britannia Troupe members in order to locate him. Beware the Obsidian assassins who attacked me…


AIMEND (sad)
I couldn’t …save him.

BALEC (comforting)
He was beyond help, my dear. I am certain your efforts soothed him in his final moments…

BALEC (sad)
Goodbye, old friend.


The bookseller WOMBY stepped forward from the crowd.

Do not cry, Aimend. I believe there is still a way to bring Elgarion back from beyond the veil.

How is that possible?

I recently came into possession of an ancient text which was found by the noted historian Theodric at Desolis. The book speaks of the nine dragons of legend.
One of them, the white dragon, Kizaru, is said to possess great healing powers and has the ability to heal any ailment and raise the dead, no matter how long they have passed beyond the veil.
He is said to dwell in a hidden crystal cave on a mountain near Beran’s Reach.

However, even if you find him, convincing him to help you could prove to be difficult…


Well, according to the text, he will only obey the one he is meant to bond with for life, a female Dragon Lord – a beautiful maiden who is pure of heart – descended from a particular bloodline. All other intruders he will devour immediately…
Aimend, you will need this. The entrance to the cave can be found by utilizing the Amulet of Vazur, which will begin glowing more brightly as you get closer to it.
Master Ranger Gabriel Nightshadow gave it to me for safekeeping while he is away on an important mission for the New Britannia Theater Troupe.
Something about tracking down a lead on the whereabouts of the albino man known as Count Aberon…

Womby handed the amulet to Aimend, who put it on.

(INSERT “Amulet of Absorption” SOUND EFFECT)

BALEC (playful)
Beautiful maiden who is pure of heart?

Balec winked at Aimend, who glared at him.

AIMEND (adamant)
Darn it, Balec, Elgarion was our good friend. We have to try!

BALEC (exasperated)
Fine, fine…Mul Girtab, Silvanus, Keldon Lighthand, Archaon, Athanil, and I will accompany you on this quest.
We will depart shortly and leave Budner in charge of watching over Elgarion’s body until we return.
The seven of us should be able to handle an ancient dragon with no problem.

Aimend rolled her eyes.

Now let’s see what this scroll Elgarion was carrying says.
Good heavens, this message is dated three days ago! Lord British must be close by!

Who among you is brave enough to complete Elgarion’s dangerous quest?
Please be aware that people, places, and scenes which you encounter during your quest will reference the following movies:
This act referenced Metropolis. ACT II references Midnight Express and ACT III references Cat People and The NeverEnding Story.


Several people in the crowd said that they would undertake the quest. But one voice was louder than all than all of the others…

I will undertake this quest and deliver this message to Shooter Jennings!

Everyone in the bar turned to look at Aimend’s new apprentice crafter, a lanky, ginger 18 year old named Connor Congreve. Connor was the eldest son of Guard Captain Duncan Congreve of Braemar. He had recently moved to Beran’s Reach, apparently to overcome some trauma related to the recent disappearances of teenagers in Braemar which had been linked to the famous composer, Dinsoo.

AIMEND (worried)
This is a dangerous quest, Connor! You do not have the proper skills or training to undertake it! Besides, I need you to start crafting some dressers and trunks for the basement guest quarters tomorrow…

CONNOR (confident)
I anticipated that already and made 10 of each today, Mistress Aimend! I am fully qualified to undertake this quest! I have been trained in the art of combat since birth by my father, and your good friends Archaon and Athanil have been very helpful in supplementing that training. Please, Mistress, let me do this….

Aimend, let the boy undertake the quest! It is time for him to prove himself as a man!

Fine…fine…you can undertake this quest, but please be careful! I worry for your safety.

Connor blushed slightly, for he secretly harbored a crush on the beautiful, but much older Aimend, who bore a striking resemblance to the childlike Empress he had seen illustrated by the great artist Stephen in his favorite fairy tale which his late mother used to read to him when he was but a child.
He remembered the many tears he shed at the age of 12 after his loving mother fell victim to the accidentally unearthed artifact which carried a plague which was originally developed by the evil Obsidian mage Korben Dar 200 years ago.

Thank you, mistress! I will not fail you!

Balec was amused at Connor’s attempt to impress Aimend, who was oblivious to the young man’s feelings.

For those of you who have memorized the message and seek to continue on, your adventure begins outside…

Once everyone exited the Tavern, Connor saw a suspicious looking man and woman engaged in conversation off to the side. The man was wearing a black hood, cloak, and wedding tuxedo. The woman was wearing black leather armor and lace. Connor hid behind some nearby shrubbery as he eavesdropped on the two.

Were you able to apprehend the bard, Shooter Jennings?

We would have if two members of the New Britannia Theater Troupe hadn’t shown up to rescue him. We lost their trail in the nearby forest…

I see. What of the messenger?

He has been dealt with…but not before passing his message on to another…

You know what to do, Angelique…

Angelique nodded as she smiled wickedly.

Yes, Master…

Soon we will only have the Oracle and Lord DarkStarr left to deal with. The Obsidian Empire will rise again!

(Malacus laughed.)

Connor felt his ears burn at the mention of the Obsidians and he had to use every bit of his self-control to remain silent and concealed.

MALACUS (seductive)
I am so looking forward to this evening, my precious Dark Angel of Death. I think you will like the recent improvements I made to the dungeon…

Malacus and Angelique embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

ANGELIQUE (seductive)
Mmm…that sounds very intriguing….Master.

You are dismissed…

By your command…

Aneglique bowed, blew Malacus a kiss, and then turned, and ran into the nearby forest. MALACUS turned and walked a short distance away in the opposite direction before zoning.


Connor decided it was best to keep this extra bit of information to himself and soon joined everyone else in the town square.


In the center of the town square was a giant yew tree. In the large enclosed area in front of the tree was Lady Majoria, a prominent member of the New Britannia Theater Troupe, who beckoned everyone to come to her.

Greetings, brave adventurers!
I will now ask you a riddle. Anyone can call out the answer; once I hear the correct answer you may proceed to Cordelayne over there…
…who will provide you with the next riddle. Is everyone ready?
Here is your first riddle:
In a future most dystopian, of horror,
Lives divided between wealthy and worker.

Dark spires of steel reached sky and heaven,
A Metropolis built upon the oppression of legend.

A mad tinkerer, overcome by grief,
Created a facsimile of Love, a woman now deceased.

His purpose bent upon hatred and revenge,
Drove this robotic form to most evil ends.
The citizens rallied behind this seemly form,
Not knowing what they did, falling victim to charm.

Now, the city full in revolt,
Freder took Courage, and the Truth was told.

With plot revealed, and skin peeled away,
The world’s notions of freedom and Love would sway.

The once grand Metropolis, spires tall and arching,
Would stand no longer upon the backs of the working.

The tinkerer fell to his doom, his hold lost of power,
Falling… falling… his body splayed at the base of the __________.

There was much murmuring in the crowd as people tried to decipher the riddle. But Connor had always been a clever lad, and quickly shouted out…


“TOWER” is correct!
Please proceed to Cordelayne, who is standing in the enclosed area on the other side of this yew tree!

The crowd followed Connor over to Cordelayne.

Congratulations on passing the first test! When I hear the correct answer to this riddle, you can go see one of those six armed escorts off to the right. When each party reaches maximum capacity, the armed escort will guide you to your next destination.

Here is your second riddle:

Werecats, magical creatures most fantastic and mythic,
Change their forms through action both hateful and romantic.

Once, they roamed the lands with unrelenting freedom,
Their lust deadly to the peaceful and unsuspecting humans.

Now their numbers dwindle and diminish,
Only a few remain to carry on their heritage.

One female by the name of Irena,
Fought her true nature to embrace Love for another.
Some say he betrayed her in the end,
Taking her panther form into a prison.

But in this act he saved her from oblivion,
For Irena lived thereafter, as panther, fur silken and ____________.

Once again, the crowd seemed to be having difficulty figuring out the riddle.


“OBSIDIAN” is correct! My, you are a clever lad! Now everyone can proceed to the next destination where our esteemed leader, the “Master of Voices”, Lord Baldrith himself, awaits!



After all of the groups arrived at the waterfront castle in Aerie, they were greeted by a bearded mage standing guard at the front door. A magical barrier had been erected behind him, preventing anyone from opening the front doors.

Greetings, brave adventurers! Congratulations on getting this far.
For over one hundred years, the infamous castle behind me served as a prison for the most notorious criminals in the land until the new facility was recently completed in Brittany.
Somewhere on these grounds is hidden a great treasure – a wax cylinder of the bard Shooter Jennings’ latest album, Countach – along with the final riddle to his location.
But beware, for twenty- four of the twenty-five treasure chests will contain a trap which will hinder your progress…
Once someone finds the cylinder and the final riddle and reports back to me, all the other players may return here to the entrance, where I will reveal that riddle to all.
Are you ready?

Here is your third riddle:
In another world of fantasy Neverending,
A boy hero stands with Courage against The Nothing.

The darkness of apathy spreads, consuming the Ivory Tower,
Fantasia all but vanishes if not for Imagination, the savior power.

The boy hero stands tall and exclaims, “Moon Child!”
Was it too late? What of this world of wonder remains?

A small particle of magical dust, not a fleck…
A tiny piece of Fantasia rest in his palm, so tiny… merely a ________.


The correct answer has been given!
The doors of the keep will now be unlocked!
Good luck everybody!

Lord Baldrith stood to one side and uttered an incantation. The magical barrier dissipated. Connor was caught in the wave as the crowd surged forward across the walkway! He barely had time to fling open the front doors, as he was pushed up against them.
The crowd spilled into the foyer and everyone began running about in different directions, opening any ornate public cache chest they came across. The chests were not immediately visible, as they were hidden behind ornate room dividers and potted plants.
Connor heard someone shriek after opening up a nearby chest to his left. The poor fellow’s head was engulfed in a cloud of noxious green gas and he immediately fell to the ground dead with a vacant look on his face! His shadowy spirit rose from his body and floated over to an area marked off by giant stone ankhs and ornate skull candles. Incoherent sounds emanated from the spirit, most likely the man’s frustration at waiting to be resurrected…
Connor hoped that he would have much better luck and quickly flipped open the chest in front of him. He suddenly felt lightheaded and was compelled to begin dancing a jig! He turned to his right and saw someone else lurching about like a zombie, moaning “Brains!”
Racing up to the second floor of the castle, Connor saw many more people had fallen victim to the poisonous gas. Several people were being compelled to dance allemandes or zombie dances.

Wait…what is this on the other side of the staircase? It looks like a faint outline of a door….

Connor pressed his hand slightly against the bricks, and a hidden door swung open!

Oh my god! It is a hidden treasure chest…
What does this note on the floor say?
“Open the trunk and take the items inside.”
Could it be the prize?

Out of my way, boy!

Connor was suddenly pushed aside by a burly fellow and fell on his butt. Connor immediately got up.

Hey, I was here first…!
The burly fellow glared at Connor.

HAMIDOU (threatening)
Are you challenging me, boy?

Once Connor got a closer look at the man’s scarred face, he recognized him. This was the notorious fighter known as Hamidou! A former guard at this prison, he now earned a living using his deadly melee combat skills in the underground steel cage death matches held on a monthly basis for the amusement of the wealthy.

Um…no sir…

A wise decision, boy…

Hamidou flung open the chest…and died!
Connor had been rather lucky that he had not fallen victim to the deadly gas which lay within and hastily raced around the staircase and headed up to the roof.
Unlike the previous floors of the castle, which had been lit with blue fire torches, it was very dark up on the roof, where only the glow from the shattered moon high above provided some dim illumination.
Connor saw that the four chests at the corners of the towers had already been searched. All that remained were the three chests surrounded by wall dividers up on the central tower.
Connor climbed the ladder and soon realized how dark and narrow the passage was between the wall dividers. He soon came across a beautiful, young female body sprawled in front of the first chest.
As he made his way towards the second chest, he heard a male voice cry out, followed soon thereafter by a loud, sickening thud!


Connor peered over the side and saw that the poor fellow had not seen the edge of the tower in the dark and had fallen off, his shattered body landing directly in front of Lord Baldrith on the entry walkway below. A very calm Lord Baldrith looked down at the body and shook his head.

Please let this chest be the correct one…

Connor peered inside the chest and saw a note.
He picked it up and began reading.

You have chosen wisely! Congratulations, you have a won a set of pink wax cylinders of songs from the bard Shooter Jennings’ new album, Countach! Take this note as proof and present it to Shooter Jennings at your final destination.
Your fourth and final riddle is….

Connor smiled as he read the final riddle, for he now knew where the New Britannia Theater Troupe had hidden the bard Shooter Jennings for his own safety. Connor continued reading…

Announce to all present that you have claimed the prize and then report back to Lord Baldrith and show him this note. He will provide you with additional instructions.

Connor held the note up and loudly declared…

CONNOR (loud, dramatic voice)
In the end there can be only one! I claim the prize!

Connor carefully made his way back to the ladder and climbed down from the tower. He raced downstairs and across the entry walkway to Lord Baldrith. Connor showed him the prize note.

You now have all four clues which will reveal Shooter’s location. Arrange the clues in the correct sequence and whisper the answer to me.

After Connor had done so, a smiling Lord Baldrith declared…

We have a winner! Connor Congreve will now report to Stryker Sparhawk for further instruction!

Connor walked over to Stryker Sparhawk, who bowed to him.

Come here kid, you look lost! No – no, right here!
I am the emissary. Congratulations on winning the prize! Now I will personally guide you to your final destination; so stay close to me because we will be venturing off road in order to avoid the foes at Nightshade Pass and it is very easy to get lost.
You have a message to deliver to Shooter Jennings and time is of the essence, so we’d better get going!

Stryker and Connor departed.

Avatars, please gather round for the fourth riddle: If someone can tell me the answer to this, you will know the location of Shooter Jennings!

In the distant World of the Avatars,
In a prison so brutal and deadly,

A man named Billy was locked away, crimes both small and petty.
For five years he endured a life of hardship,

Within walls devoid of Truth, Love and kinship.
A man so evil, a guardian of this jail,

Prolonged, darkened, and worsened Billy’s hell.
Another man embracing Truth yet abandoning Courage,

Revealed Billy’s daring plans and purpose.
The angered guardian, depraved and hateful,

Inflicted pain and torture, most distasteful.
But in years to come, Billy’s Love delivered hope,
And now Billy again could dare to cope.

A chance returned to breach the entrance,
But Billy did not depart before exacting his ____________.

After some time, an elderly woman in the crowd finally came up with the correct answer.

“VENGEANCE” is correct.
Please return to your guides who will conduct you to Shooter’s location!


As the groups formed, a man dressed in black approached them.

MALACUS (very charismatic)
Greetings, brave adventurers! Congratulations on obtaining the four clues which will reveal Shooter Jennings’ location. My name is Malacus Dar, and I represent the Eight Obsidian Cabalists.
Now I know many of you have heard many terrible things about our predecessors, but I assure you that we are nothing at all like them.
We only wish to make the world a better place for the common man and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, free from the ever watching human and mechanical eyes of the Oracle.
I have come to make all of you an offer on behalf of my masters.
Those who are willing to share the four clues with me will be escorted to the final destination, where they will be richly rewarded with gold for aiding our cause.
Furthermore, once we have overthrown the Oracle and reclaimed power, as favored citizens of the new Obsidian Empire,
you will receive tax free village lots in prime locations and given access to rare raw materials for crafting at substantially reduced prices.
Anyone who wishes to accept this offer, please step forward. Then, please join ANGELIQUE or one of my other good friends standing over there……and they will guide you to your final destination…

Surprisingly, no one accepted Malacus’ offer.

I am very disappointed that none of you accepted my most generous offer. These members of the New Britannia Theater Troupe are really agents of the Oracle. You have no idea what you are in for! But I will leave you ignorant fools to your fate…



Malacus, Angelique, and her dozen assassins zoned away. A short time later, they materialized outside the entrance to Aerie.

You know what to do, my dear…

Yes, Master. I will contact you when we have the location…

Malacus nodded as he zoned away again. Angelique and her assassins hid behind some nearby rocks and cast Silent Movement, shimmering out of existence…

Angelique and her Obsidian assassins arrived inside the entrance to Vengeance. Malacus Dar was waiting for them to their left.

It was wise of you to follow Doctor Shroud’s group, Angelique. They have caught up to the other groups and are a short distance ahead. Intercept them at that nearby rock formation and eliminate them all. Proceed to the tower and kill everyone inside.
Time is of the essence, as I just received a report from our spy who infiltrated the Oracle’s network of human watchers.
The Oracle has dispatched some of her soldiers from the garrison stationed near Vertas Pass to investigate our activities in this area.
They will be arriving here in about an hour. I will meet you at the rendezvous point…

Yes, Master…

Angelique and her squad cast SPRINT and then SILENT MOVEMENT and headed off towards the rock formation.
Malacus turned to leave, when he felt his communication orb begin to pulsate in his pouch. Removing the glowing black orb, he heard his master calling to him…


OBSIDIAN CABALIST (raspy, sinister voice)
The Cabal would like a status report, Malacus….

Master, we have discovered where the NBTT has hidden Shooter Jennings and we expect Lord British to arrive soon. Angelique and her team are en route to the location now to eliminate them.

Good…good. But it seems that you have even less time than previously expected. Not only are the Oracle’s soldiers en route, but so is Dragon Lord Gabriel Nightshadow as well. Our spies have discovered that the lead he was following was merely a trap set by your traitorous father, Count Aberon. The Dragon Lord survived the deadly ambush by the Dakari Sisterhood of Assassins and is making his way back there with all due haste…

I am confident that Angelique and her team will be able to complete their mission before either the Oracle’s soldiers or Gabriel Nightshadow arrives.

I hope so…for both of your sakes, Malacus. You know the price of failure…

Yes, Master.

We will check back with you…soon.

Malacus Dar put the black orb back in his pouch. As he turned toward the archway, he saw two figures approaching. Malacus quickly moved off to the side and began casting a spell…
A short time later, Stryker Sparhawk and Connor Congreve arrived at the entrance to Vengeance.


STRYKER (annoyed)
Connor, I told you to stick close to me! We lost so much time because I had to backtrack and find you! I can see that the other groups have passed us and are approaching that rock formation near our final destination, that giant Obsidian Tower off to the right up there! I swear that your sense of direction is as bad as my friend, Gabriel Nightshadow, and that Bear cub can get lost just by turning around!

CONNOR (apologetic)
I’m sorry, Mr. Sparhawk…

(STRYKER sighed.)

Sorry to lose my temper like that, Connor. It’s just due to the fact that we’re on a tight deadline. Call me Stryker. “Mr. Sparhawk” sounds so ancient!

Ok, Stryker!

All right now, be on your guard, Connor! This is a very dangerous area. You never know what…



Poor Stryker never got to finish that sentence as he was suddenly hit in the face by an earth elemental and sent flying backward! He struck a nearby rock wall and slumped to the ground unconscious!
Connor instinctively rolled away in the opposite direction and immediately drew his magic sword as he stood up. It crackled to life with electricity.

I remember you from Beran’s Reach! You are an Obsidian mage!

Clever boy! Malacus Dar, at your service…

Are you any relation to the mage known as Korben Dar?

Why yes, he was my grand uncle! He was slain by the Black Dragon Lord known as Gabriel Nightshadow.

CONNOR (enraged)
Nearly half of my village died, including my mother, because of an unearthed artifact which carried a plague originally developed by Korben Dar!

MALACUS (chuckling)
Ah…good to hear that his legacy lives on!

CONNOR (furious)
Although Korben Dar is gone, I will avenge my people by slaying you!

MALACUS (laughing)
I don’t think so, boy! Attack!


The earth elemental pounded the ground, but Connor managed to leap away and avoid the brunt of the Earthquake.

(INSERT “Earth Element Magic Spell” SOUND EFFECT.)

It then cast Root, but Connor quickly jumped free mere moments before the elemental would have struck him with its mighty fists…

Meanwhile, at the rock formation near the Obsidian Tower…
The other NBTT armed escorts arrived with the rest of the players. The lead escort, Amber Raine, disbanded the parties and sent the other escorts on ahead to the tower. As she tried to get everyone to form a single line, Angelique and her Obsidian Assassin Squad emerged from their hiding place around the rock formation and approached the players.

Hello there, my name is Angelique Noir! Thank you for unwittingly leading us to Shooter Jennings and Lord British!
Once we take care of all of you, we will be able to enter the ivory tower undetected and kill everyone inside.

Apollox Evanheart and his NBTT Hero Squad stepped out from their nearby hiding place and confronted Angelique and her squad.

I wouldn’t count on that, Obsidian scum!

Who the heck are you?

Apollox flexed his muscles.

I’m “Heartthrob” Evanheart and these are my good friends, Margaritte McLean, Balec Fares deCani, and Keldon Lighthand. We’re not going to let you harm these good people or anyone else inside!

Amber Raine rolled her eyes and Angelique laughed.

You don’t look like much of a “heartthrob” or a “hero” to me, boy! Your pathetic fighting skills are no match for ours! We are the finest assassins in all of the land!

We’ll see about that! Amber protect the civilians! NBTT hero squad attack!


(INSERT “Swords Clashing”, “Large Fireball”, “Thrown Shuriken”, and “ghostbreath” SOUND EFFECTS.)

Apollox and his squad rushed forward and engaged Angelique and her assassins. Despite their superior skill, the NBTT Hero Squad was clearly outnumbered and things looked pretty grim.

APOLLOX (breathing heavily)
You know, Balec, we really could have used Archaon, Athanil, and Silvanus here with us…

In hindsight, it may not have been such a great idea to have them return to Beran’s Reach to work on the Arena instead…

(INSERT “Grenade Explosion” SOUND EFFECT.)

Suddenly, Asclepius and Lord Baldrith appeared and joined the fray…

Lord Baldrith and I thought you could use the extra help! Sorry we are late! Some pickpocket stole our teleport scrolls and we had to buy some from the traveling merchant, Sandy Chapman…

Thanks to the timely arrival of Asclepius and Lord Baldrith, the tide seemed to shift in the NBTT’s favor…


Meanwhile, back near the entrance to Vengeance, Connor was not having much luck battling the earth elemental.

CONNOR (breathing heavily)
Darn it, my lightning sword isn’t causing enough damage to this rock elemental!

Connor struck the rock elemental in the right arm with his sword and was startled to see the blade break off!
The rock elemental pounded the ground and Connor found himself flat on his back. The broken hilt flew out of his hand and landed a short distance away.


Uh oh…

Before the earth elemental could launch another attack, it vanished!

I prefer to finish you off myself…

(INSERT “ghostbreath” SOUND EFFECT)

Connor felt himself grow weak as Malacus cast Death Field. Connor got up and punched Malacus in the stomach with his Flame Fist, followed by Stone Fist.


Your pathetic fist attacks can’t harm me, boy!

(INSERT “ghostbreath” SOUND EFFECT.)

Malacus cast Death Touch and then Death Ray. Connor fell to his knees.


Connor cast Healing Ray, but he found himself losing health far quicker than he could replenish it.

CONNOR (muttering to himself)
I must not fail! It can’t end like this…


Suddenly, there was a flash of light and he felt a woman’s hand on his left shoulder and healing energy flowing into him!


He glanced up to see Aimend standing there next to him, smiling. She was literally glowing as she stood there in ornate white plate armor. She looked like some sort of Warrior Empress…

AIMEND (whispering)
I believe in you, Connor! You can defeat this evil foe! Tap into your inner power…

Eh, what is this? Who dares interfere in our battle?

I am Aimend, the White Dragon Lord!

Malacus’ eyes grew wide as Aimend released her hold on Connor and stepped to the side.

MALACUS (shocked)
No…it can’t be…


Suddenly, Connor had a vision. He saw himself standing in an ice cave before an enormous blue dragon. Fog covered the ground.

ATREYU (deep, ancient voice)
Greetings, Connor Cosgreve! I am Atreyu, youngest of the nine dragons. I command the power of the Air! I bonded with your great grandfather, Colin Congreve, who died during the fall of Castle Gennar 200 years ago. Now that you have awakened me from my long slumber through our telepathic link, it is time for you to fulfill your destiny. Claim your birthright as the new Blue Dragon Lord!

(INSERT “Dragon Roaring” SOUND EFFECT.)

The vision faded and Connor’s eyes began to glow as his entire body began to crackle with electricity. He suddenly stood up and cast Discharge, causing Malacus to stagger back. He then began casting bolts of Lightning at Malacus, who tried to erect a magic force field against them.



(INSERT “Mirror Shattering” SOUND EFFECT.)

The force field shattered and Malacus felt the brunt of the supercharged lightning bolts as his enchanted cloth armor was torn to shreds.

MALACUS (in severe pain)
Argh… I cannot be defeated by a mere boy!

I am no longer a boy, Malacus! I am Connor Congreve, the Blue Dragon Lord!

Malacus coughed and spit out blood.

We will battle each other again someday and I shall have my revenge!

Malacus shook his fist at Connor and then suddenly shimmered out of existence.


He’s disappeared! I don’t know the Reveal Hidden spell…

Let him go, Connor! You have a more important task to attend to.

Stryker Sparhawk walked over.

Thank you for healing me, Aimend! It seems I missed out on all of the excitement.

Please escort Connor to the tower, Stryker. I will go assist the others.

Certainly. Let’s go, Connor! We’re going up that way…

Stryker and Connor headed toward the Obsidian tower.
Meanwhile, back at the rock formation…


(INSERT “Swords Clashing” SOUND EFFECT.)

Take that, Obsidian witch!

Apollox’s blade sliced through Angelique’s right side. She winced in pain.

Uh…that really hurt! You may have won this time, “Heartthrob” Evanheart, but when next we meet, I will show you the true meaning of pain!

Ooh…I am so looking forward to that!

For heaven’s sake, Apollox, you’re supposed to be fighting her, not flirting with her!

Margaritte did a facepalm.

You know I can’t help myself when I am around attractive women…especially when they are wearing black leather and lace…

ANGELIQUE (defiant)
You won’t be grinning so much next time after I use my electroshock whip on you!

I can handle anything you throw at me! I do not fear pain!

You will, boy. You will…


Angelique suddenly purred like a cat and licked her lips in anticipation.

Now…get over here!

APOLLOX (surprised)

Angelique suddenly pulled Apollox into an embrace and gave him a passionate kiss! Apollox enjoyed the moment, but then was struck down by a Discharge spell which Angelique cast!

(INSERT “Electric Shock Zap” SOUND EFFECT.)

See you around, “Heartthrob”! All squad members – retreat!

Angelique and her squad made a hasty retreat towards the exit arch.



Aimend ran over and cast Healing Ray on Apollox.


APOLLOX (excited)
Thank you, Aimend! Wow…that sexy assassin, Angelique, was a pretty good kisser!

Margaritte shook her head.

Some people never learn…


Amber Raine approached Apollox. She looked very angry. Apollox began to get very nervous and started sweating profusely.

APOLLOX (sheepish)


AMBER RAINE (furious)
You no good womanizer! You told me that you loved me and here I catch you flirting with the enemy!

APOLLOX (smooth)
You know she doesn’t mean a thing to me, baby…

AMBER RAINE (furious)
Are you kidding me?? ARGH! Oh My Goddess!!

Amber felt her face flush as her sister, EMBER FLAME, pushed her out of the way…
As she looked at APOLLOX, her eyes changed from green to blue and then the look on her face showed how much she wanted to eat him.
Apollox gasped in horror!
Amber started attacking Apollox with bow and magic attacks and he was forced to defend himself.

Shouldn’t we be doing something to help Apollox?

I think it would be best if we stay out of it. Hmm…you know this reminds me of the movie Cat People. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

After a few minutes of fighting, Amber Raine gained the upper hand and forced Apollox to his knees.
APOLLOX cowered in fear as he begged for mercy.

Please no more… I’ve learned my lesson. I’m so sorry, Amber…

Amber stopped attacking Apollox.

Deeds speak louder than words, Apollox! I’m going to give you one last chance…
and if I catch you flirting with anyone else, I will show no mercy and turn you into a meat pie that Dinsoo and I will feast on!

Apollox turned white as a ghost and started whimpering.

No, I promise to be good from now on!

Amber glared at Apollox.

Now get the hell out of my way!

Amber stormed past Apollox and walked towards the Obsidian Tower.


Meanwhile, Stryker and Connor arrived at the entrance to the tower…

Wiat – good heavens to Murgatroyd! Elgarion, you’re alive! How is that even possible? I saw you die at the Bear Tavern with my own eyes…

Greetings, my good friend, Stryker! Well, the seven Bears managed to locate that ancient White Dragon after all.
It seems that Aimend is the last blood descendant of the Dragon Lord, Kaylie Sindara.
As such, she was able to bond with the ancient White Dragon, Kizaru, and claim her birthright as one of the nine Dragon Lords.
Anyway, Kizaru was able to temporarily boost her natural healing powers to a godlike level, allowing her to remove the toxins from my body and resurrect me.
In fact, I think I might have gotten a few years younger in the process, because I seem to have a bit more spring to my step now.

Stryker, I see that you brought me a visitor. I presume this is the winner?

Yes, yes, why yes. May I present Connor Congreve, the new Blue Dragon Lord!

Elgarion’s eyes grew wide.

Oh my! Two Dragon Lords found in one day – a most historic event! I would imagine that the Obsidians will not be pleased by this turn of events…

Mmm, no, I certainly don’t think the Obsidians will be pleased at all!

Connor, please whisper the four clues to me in the correct order and show me the winning note.

CONNOR (whispering)

Yes, it seems that you are…the ONE. Welcome to the Ivory Tower. Yes, I know it appears to be an Obsidian Tower, but that is due to an illusion cast upon it to avoid unwanted attention.
Please follow Stryker inside and deliver your message to Shooter Jennings.


Stryker escorted Connor inside and up the staircases to the third level, where he was greeted by Shooter Jennings!

Hello there! I believe that you have a message for me?

Yes, I do, sir.

That is very good news! I was worried that the Obsidian assassins might have gotten to Lord British after they managed to kill all of his bodyguards near the border.
This message means he should be joining us shortly. In the meantime, let’s pose for a picture. Is someone recording this on video?

Shooter flashed a grin as he shook Connor’s hand.

I hope you have a great time here at the party!

A short time later, the NBTT Hero Squad led the rest of the participants to the tower.

Welcome to the Ivory Tower! Thank heavens all of you came to save us from that Obsidian attack! How did you know to come?

I thought the Obsidians might try something and directed Apollox and his team to come here as quickly as possible.

I don’t think this will be the last we will see of Angelique Noir and her band of Obsidian assassins…or her mysterious master, the Man in Black.
You know, I thought that he bore an uncanny resemblance to you, Asclepius…

I fear that you may be right about Angelique, old friend! As for the Man in Black, it is said that everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere. It seems that I have found mine…

I am now able to check in all remaining players. Please whisper your clues to me in the correct order as you enter.
The first twenty five to do so will receive a copy of the bard Shooter Jennings’ new album, Countach, on pink vinyl!


After everyone had entered the Ivory Tower, the Storyweaver stepped out from behind the Oracle confirmatory. He glanced at the cover of the Great Book, which had been restored to its original appearance, and then continued reading…
“…and so it came to pass that young Connor Congreve and his friends were able to defeat the Darkness and ensure the safe return of their long missing king, Lord British. There was much merriment at the party that night.
This was a great victory, but the Shadow War continued on. The Darkness had not been destroyed, and would return to plague our heroes again one day. But that’s another story…”

The Storyweaver closed the Great Book and smiled as he slowly faded away…



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