January 30 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 01-30-15

Hello Avatars! Release 14 is out and there is lots of great news to speak of! Hope you enjoy our weekly banter about all things SotA! Newscast Dated: January 30, 2015.

Here is the list:

  • Raise the Underworld
  • Play Release 14 Now and Get Your Grand Tour Hennin Hat
  • $10 for $10 Bonus Promotion
  • Standing Stones
  • Novia Overworld Work-In_progress
  • In-game Books
  • Elven Tents
  • Support Denis Loubet on Patreon
  • New Britannia Theater Troupe: Live Double Feature Videos
  • Pledge Rewards, Add-Ons, and Banks in Release 14
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
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January 27 2015

The History of Rift’s End – by enderandrew – narrated by Sharm

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. We have had yet another narrator join our team, and I am delighted to introduce Sharm, who is bringing us a wonderful story by enderandrew, entitled

The History of Rift’s End

The History of Rift’s End
By Joorus the Scribe

History is an odd subject when so much is erased and so frequently. We live in a world where ruins sit atop older ruins. Bob the Wizard writes about this topic in his tome, “The Knowledge Cataclysm”.

Rift’s End is a small holdfast, easily overlooked and barely mentioned in most texts. It was most difficult to find academic texts on the history of the city. But I met a bard named Zoe Marie who shared with me an oral history. I cannot speak of the veracity of the tale, but I shall preserve it in written form for posterity nonetheless.

Rift’s End predates The Fall, though it had an earlier name lost to time and it was a larger city then. The nearby Lunar Rift made it a convenient destination for travel and trade. There was something else about the city, intangible and elusive. People felt drawn there by mysterious forces. Once there, people often described a sensation of being home, even if their actual home were quite far away. What was particularly peculiar about this phenomenon is that people of all walks of life described the same experience. If the town did in fact draw people in, it certainly attracted a wide range.

They say, however, that Avatars felt the draw strongest of all. And while many ancient texts speak of venerating Avatars, Zoe’s story claims Avatars were as controversial then as Outlanders are today. One particular Avatar, Gwenevere, was repeatedly drawn to Rift’s End, though she never lost sight of her original home on another world. She was desperate to find a way home. Maybe she truly loved the land of her birth. Perhaps she knew what was soon to happen in this one. The portal near Rift’s End was how she initially entered this world and she felt it was key to returning.

She heard tales of a powerful wizard named Ryari, a foremost expert on rifts and how they worked. She brought her spoils from adventuring and laid them before him. As a powerful wizard, he did not want for gold. His time and services were in high demand. Gwenevere begged for his help. Her passion caught his attention. He explained that the rifts were powered by the moons above. Most of the time they allowed travel between fixed points to other rifts. But travel to other worlds had to be fueled by something more.

Either the destination pulled you in with energy and forces of its own, or the strongest desires of your heart sent you where you wanted to go. He said for Gwenevere to return home, she would need to tell him everything of that world. She would have to channel her love of home with specific visions. Little did she know the effect her stories would have on Ryari. She spoke of a world without monsters, without magic but advanced technology. Ryari wondered how easy it might be for a powerful wizard to rule a world where no one else had magic, or at the very least the additional power he would have here if he could bring back advanced technology.

They prepared for months. She wrote all of her memories of home and began distilling them into the most powerful energies. She would recite these stories while focusing energy into 8 stones. Once they were charged and fully attuned to her thoughts and memories of the world she left behind, they traveled to the lunar rift just outside Rift’s End.

Inside the 8 larger stone formations of the lunar rift, Ryari arranged the 8 small stones in a circle around Gwenevere. She recited her stories and opened her heart to the possibility of seeing home once more. He channeled all of his magical energy into her, enabling her to feed even more into the stones.

The magic worked, and Gwenevere could see a portal opening. She could see her home through the portal. She felt herself being drawn back.

Ryari shouted an incantation Gwenevere did not understand. Reagents disappeared from his hand in a puff of icy-colored smoke and shot like a bolt into Gwenevere’s body. She was frozen in place and unable to enter the portal. She could see the avarice and malice in Ryari’s eyes as he made his way to the opening.

It wasn’t just the spell; she felt paralyzed in fear. The thought of a deceitful wizard descending on her world terrified her. Did her selfish desire to return home blind her to what she enabled? Unable to move, she would be helpless to stop him. But she remembered what he told her of focused energy and desire.

She wiped the thought of home from her mind. She burned with rage and thought of the hottest fire she had seen in this world, the molten lava near Blackblade Pass. The icy spell holding her in place began to melt. She could not walk, nor run. She dove forward, falling short of Ryari, but within the reach of the small stones at her feet. When her white-hot rage made contact, a giant portal larger than any rift she had ever seen before appeared.

Lava from the Blackblade Pass poured into the circle, enveloping them both. The blast tore the circle apart, destroying the rift for all time.

Now, some prefer a happier version where Gwenevere made it home before the lava overtook her. But mystics and sages who’ve passed through claim they can feel her spirit trapped on this side. She gave up her life to save her home, the site of her sacrifice becoming Rift’s End.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

January 27 2015


Ok, just a reminder that this Saturday 11pm CST I am holding a hangout to:
Draw the winners from the Avatar Chronicles Contest (Please view the details here if you have not. SWAG!) Avatars Radio Presents – The NBTT – Avatars Chronicles I – Special Developer Edition | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.
Discuss the Avatar Chronicles, the making of, and tell stories.
Take questions from the community

ALL TROUPE IS INVITED! SEATS PROMISED! If you are a member of The New Britannia Theater Troupe, please join us! Seats for all cast that made the Avatar Chronicles part 1, have a guarnteed seat. Attendance is not looking huge so I will probally be able to offer seats to current Troupe as well!

In fact, it was originally my plan to schedule 30 minute blocks of time and rotate out the cast and guests. THIS PLAN HAS CHANGED. Due to the attendance being a lot smaller then I anticipated, I will just open the hangout up and post the link at www.thecaverns.net a bit before going live. Seating will be first come first serve with the exception that a certain number of seats (exact qty will be determined at time of hangout based on attendance) will be for cast and troupe members and some for audiance. I will trust to virtue to ask people to drop when (if) necessary as opposed to kicking 🙂

So no need to contact me. I think it will still be a good turn out, just not so huge as to worry about rotating 15+ people in and out.

The stream will also be watchable on youtube and I will include the links for that. Hope to see a lot of people there!

Ankh Quill

January 27 2015

Of Shadows and Light – by the New Britannia Theater Troupe

For those who missed the LIVE performance by the New Britannia Theater Troupe in Kingsport, on January 24 2015, here is the audio from the production. As it was a live play, we have enclosed the stage script as well, so you can follow along and imagine the action.

Welcome one and all to our presentation.

Before we start, I just want to thank the citizens of Port Phoenix for welcoming us to their community,
and for the enormous amount of work involved in the creation of this wonderful facility.
We really do appreciate it

The New Britannia Theater Troupe has two items for your enjoyment today.

The first is a short play, written by Womby, of the round Table. It is produced and directed by Asclepius, and music is by Smartsound.

Cast of characters:
Lady Adnor as Lady Pansicle
Lord Baldrith as Mage Wisdon
Womby as Lord Pansicle

We present “The Helpful Mage”

A well appointed room that clearly belongs to someone wealthy.
Lord Pansicle, well dressed noble, is /afk in a corner, stage right.

Dressed in noble garb.
Enter stage left, accompanied by Mage Wisdon, dressed in mage’s attire.
Thank you for coming at such short notice, Mage Wisdon. I am at my wit’s end.

[Dust off]

You say he hasn’t talked to you. Have you noticed any other unusual behaviour?

Faces Lord Pansicle.
Mostly he just sits in the corner there. Except when he’s hungry.
[Alms for the poor]

Back to corner, /afk

I see. When did these symptoms start?

It’s his birthday. It happened this morning, right after he opened his presents.

Faces audience.
[Come here]
Little does Lady Pansicle know that I am the cause of her husband’s predicament. One of those presents was an enchanted ring, crafted by the most brilliant mage in all the land.
Now the way is clear for me to pursue her ladyship.
Faces Lady Pansicle.
Sadly there is no hope. Your husband is the victim of a strange enchantment, one that I have never seen before. I’m afraid nothing can be done for him.
I recommend confining him to the cellar where he will not attract undue attention.

Faces Lord Pansicle.
My poor darling. At least he does not appear to be suffering.
Faces Mage Wisdon.
Thank you for taking the time to help. Is there anything I can offer you to show my appreciation?

Still facing Lady Pansicle.
[Shake head]
No, your ladyship, it was an honour and a pleasure to have been of assistance.
If you should need my help in these trying times, please do not hesitate to ask.
It would give me no greater joy than to do whatever I can to ease your suffering.

You are a true gentleman. At least allow me to offer you a drink after your long journey here.

Equip mug. [Toast]
[Play dead]

Stands up, faces Lady Pansicle.
Thank goodness that’s over. Are you all right, my dear? It was very brave of you to volunteer for this.

Darling, watching you run around like a chicken this morning when you put on that ring was most amusing.
The opportunity to have a little fun was irresistible.

[Face palm]
Yes, it’s a good thing you were standing there and saw what happened. If you hadn’t taken off that ring I’d still be pecking at seeds. It seemed odd when I unwrapped the present that there was no note enclosed.
I should have been more cautious.

Good thing I glanced out the window this morning and saw him leave the gift on our doorstep.

So, what shall we do with him?

My first thought was to hand him over to the local guards, but now I have a better idea.
The Obsidians are performing experiments in arcane magic, and are looking for people on whom they can try out interesting spells. I’m sure the mage would look quite fetching with horns and hooves.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe
Of Shadows and Light

Directed and produced by Asclepius

Writer and Music Supervisor: Gabriel Nightshadow

Director of Public Relations and Associate Casting Director:
Amber Raine

Assistant Director of Public Relations and Associate Casting Director:
Nystal TimeLord

Stage Manager and Technical Consultant:
Sir Stile Teckel

Voice Cast
Asclepius as Gabriel Nightshadow
Amber Raine as Shannon Donohue and Annese Vantrel
StaticGrazer as Nestor, The Wolf, and The Vendor
Lady Adnor as Jessica and Shivara

Jynx as The Oracle
Womby as The Narrator
Lord Baldrith as Thomas Strongbeard and Nystal TimeLord

Count Aberon, the Tall Albino Man, is voiced by Bubonic, and played by Sir Stile Teckel
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Radakan – Old Crypt” by Janne Hanhisuanto ]

Although the Obsidian Empire fell roughly 200 years ago, there have been rumors that some of its most loyal servants continue to plot their revenge to this very day. Somewhere deep in the bowels of Owls Nest, home of the notorious Red Sash bandits…

[A black robed NESTOR is standing stage center behind a table. On the table are a skull, several red candles, books, beakers and flasks.]

NESTOR (gloating)
With each day that passes, my army of undead has grown. Now, after six months of searching through these underground tunnels in Owls Nest, I have finally recovered the Lost Scroll of Kazul! This spell will allow me to raise the entire 7th legion of the Obsidian Army buried underneath Ravensmoor! Then, the citizens of the Vale will tremble in fear of Nestor the Necromancer as the Obsidian Empire rises once again!
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Evil Temple Ambiance Loop” by Brandon Morris]

[GABRIEL enters from stage center left and appears next to NESTOR. GABRIEL is wearing leather armor and is armed with a snake sword.]

I shall not let that happen!

[Music fades out.]

NESTOR (turning to face GABRIEL)
Eh, who dares interrupt my incantation?

Die, vile necromancer!

[GABRIEL uses the “duel” command and slashes at NESTOR with his snake sword.]

NESTOR (in shock and disbelief)
No! I can’t be defeated by a lowly outlander! It was my destiny to rule….

[NESTOR uses “play dead” emote and falls behind the table. He exits upstage, and circles around backstage, changing into plate armor and arming himself with a great sword. LOUD GROWLING is suddenly heard offstage as he enters from stage right as THE WOLF.]

[Insert “Blackmoor Tides (Epic Pirate Battle Theme)” by Matthew Pablo]

Oh no, it’s Nestor’s undead henchman, The Wolf!

[THE WOLF uses the “duel” command and begins swinging his massive great sword at GABRIEL. The two trade several blows at center stage in front of the table.]

THE WOLF (growling)

Die, you foul abomination!
[GABRIEL executes “double slash” command. THE WOLF roars out in pain.]

[THE WOLF slashes at GABRIEL with his great sword.]

GABRIEL (gasping)

[GABRIEL uses “play dead” emote and falls to the ground. THE WOLF stands there for a moment looking down at GABRIEL, then grunts, turns and exits stage right.]
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

Scene change
[GABRIEL gets up and exits stage right. Members of the cast remove the items on the table and bring out two chairs which they place at opposite ends. A candelabra is placed in the middle of the table.]
[Insert “Aria” by Joseph Gilbert/ Kistol]
After our mortally wounded hero loses consciousness, he suddenly finds himself on a terrace of a medieval castle which has been turned into a five star luxury hotel near the village of Cong, on the County Mayo –Galway border in Ireland, three years and three months ago…
[GABRIEL enters from stage right and SHANNON enters from stage left and both sit down at the table. GABRIEL is wearing a nice suit or tunic. SHANNON is wearing a red dress.]
Gabriel, did you hear me? What do you think about the anniversary gift I got for you?

GABRIEL (confused)
(whispering to himself) I was just killed by The Wolf. What am I doing back here at this particular place and time? Hmm…this doesn’t make any sense….

(normal volume, cheerful voice) Sorry, my love. I was utterly mesmerized by how stunningly beautiful you look in that red dress this evening. This white gold ankh pendant is absolutely wonderful. Where did you find it?

I was walking in the village the other day after our horseback ride and saw it on display in the window of the jewelry store. The proprietor, a tall, white bearded fellow named Di Merlot, told me it supposedly once belonged to Bres, the legendary king of the Tuatha De Denann, and husband of the Celtic goddess, Brigid.

Oh, really? Didn’t your grandmother tell me at our wedding reception that your bloodline is descended from Brigid?

SHANNON (laughing)
That’s just a silly family rumor! You know perfectly well that I never believed it to be true!

Well, you will always be a goddess to me… These past five years, you have brought me so much joy and happiness.

I was just thinking how lucky I am to have found someone as wonderful as you with whom to spend the rest of my life.

I feel the same way. The view from out here on the terrace is stunning. I am so glad that we decided to return here to Ashford Castle on the shore of Lough Corrib in Ireland for our fifth wedding anniversary.

(Loop as needed. Music fades out.)

(Insert “Ireland’s Coast (Travelog Edition – Live Players)” by Matthew Pablo)

I just love this Irish tune. Care to join me for a dance?

I would love to, dear.

[Both GABRIEL and SHANNON get up and begin to dance, using the “dance” emote. The other cast members, dressed in tunics and dresses, enter from both stage right and stage left and join in the dancing as well. Once the song finishes playing, everyone stops dancing. The other cast members turn to face both GABRIEL and SHANNON and clap. Both GABRIEL and SHANNON turn to their left and right and bow to the other cast members and take their seats. The other cast members exit both stage right and stage left.]
[Insert “Destroy The Divine” by Sketchy Logic]

All that dancing left me all hot and sweaty. I need something cool and refreshing.

Ah, I believe that a nice dessert would be in order.
[COUNT ABERON enters from stage left and approaches the table. He is dressed as a waiter.]

I do hope that the both of you enjoyed your meal this evening. Milady, this dessert is compliments of the chef. Happy fifth wedding anniversary!
[COUNT ABERON takes a silver bowl from his inventory and places it on the table in front of SHANNON.]

Oh my! Apple Amber, my favorite dessert! Gabriel, did you put the chef up to this?

Well, I might have mentioned it to him…

Why aren’t you having any?

After the first three courses – the warm tartlet of Fivemiletown goats cheese, cream of fennel and lime soup, and roasted rack of lamb, I am pretty full. Please indulge yourself, my dear!

[SHANNON begins consuming her dessert.]

[At the corner of the stage left, COUNT ABERON pulls out a Noble’s Magical Discourse Orb.]

Mistress, it is done!
[THE ORACLE’S voice can be heard offstage.]

You have done well, Count Aberon! Go to the greenhouse located near the rear kitchen door. I will open the lunar rift for you in fifteen earth minutes.

By your command, mighty Oracle!

[COUNT ABERON exits stage left.]
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Netherplace” by Eric Matyas]
That Apple Amber was so good…

I’m glad you enjoyed it, my darling! Hmm…that tall albino waiter seemed a bit odd. There was something unsettling about the way he smiled at you as he presented that dessert…

A wee bit jealous, are we? Gabriel, you should know better than to judge someone by their physical appearance!

You’re right, my dear. Do you remember the first time we met at Cardiff International Arena?

Aye, how could I forget? (laughs) You were one of the twenty lucky members of my fan club who were randomly chosen to meet me backstage after my concert. You were so nervous that you became tongue-tied and dropped the photo you wanted me to autograph!

Despite making a fool of myself, you still saw something in me that appealed to you and you invited me over for drinks later on. We were up all night talking about everything.

…And that’s when I knew I had finally found my soul mate. (sighs)
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Sacred Omen” by Sketchy Logic]

[SHANNON suddenly starts coughing.]

What’s wrong, my love?

It’s nothing…I think I’m coming down with a slight cold.

Then we should get inside…

[GABRIEL rises from his chair.]

Don’t be silly, dear! I’ll be fine. I…

[SHANNON starts coughing more violently now. SHANNON rises from her chair and uses the “play dead” emote. She falls to the ground.]
GABRIEL (shouting)
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
Scene change
[GABRIEL exits stage right and SHANNON exits stage left. Other cast members remove the table and chairs from the stage.]
[Insert “At The Dimensional Gates” by Johan Brodd]
Unlike native New Britannians, who are mortal, it is widely rumored that when Outlanders die, they enter a place called Limbo, where they exist until their body and spirit are reunited once again.
{GABRIEL enters stage right, now wearing his original leather armor.]

I feel myself drawn to that bright white light in the distance…

[GABRIEL slowly walks across the stage. He stops at stage center as Shannon suddenly enters from stage left, adorned in a white robe.]

No, Gabriel, go back! It’s not your time yet! There is still so much you have to accomplish…

GABRIEL (sobbing)
It means nothing without you! I’ve felt so lost since you left me…

Oh, my love, you haven’t figured it out yet, have you? Although my physical form perished three years ago, I have always been with you…

I don’t understand…

SHANNON (stretching out her left hand towards GABRIEL)

GABRIEL (shouting)
No, Shannon, don’t leave me alone here in the void!

[SHANNON slowly moves backward and exits stage left. GABRIEL stretches out his right hand and moves backward, exiting stage right.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
Scene change
[Cast members bring out a bed and a chair which they place center stage.}

[Insert ”Sad Orchestral Theme” by Gichco]
Our hero now finds himself in a hospital room at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, three years ago…
[SHANNON enters from stage left and uses the “lie down” command after she sits on the bed. GABRIEL enters from stage right and sits down in the chair, which is located behind the bed. A beeping heart monitor can be heard in the background.]
[JESSICA enters from stage right and walks over to GABRIEL.]

Has Shannon regained consciousness?

GABRIEL (in a sad voice)
No, not yet. I just don’t understand how this is possible, Jessica. Three months ago, we were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and Shannon was in perfect health.

Now she has Stage IV lung cancer and the doctors tell me she only has a few hours left to live…

I’m so sorry to hear that, Gabriel. I wish there was more I could do to help you now in your time of need.

Just being here has been of great comfort to me, Jessica. Thank you for flying here from Los Angeles on such short notice. You’re my oldest and dearest friend.

Gabriel, you were there for me when I was going through my messy divorce from Jordan last year, so I could do no less for you. I was so afraid I would lose custody of my teenage daughter Lori to him because of his wealth and powerful connections. Thanks to you and your lawyer friend, Ronald Pembroke, Lori and I are able to start our lives anew without having to worry about reprisal or lack of financial security. Lori really looks up to you, you know. She tells me that she wants to be a great writer someday like her “uncle” Gabriel.

I read her latest manuscript for her upcoming book of poetry. She is very talented. I foresee a bright future for her in the literary world!

That’s good to know. But, let’s get back to the subject at hand. Were the doctors able to identify the virus responsible for Shannon’s condition?

No, they say that it’s unlike anything they have ever seen. They suspect that it might even be extraterrestrial in nature. And there’s something really odd about the virus…

And what might that be?

On the outer surface of the virus is a rather ominous looking eye!

How is that possible?

The doctors aren’t sure. All they know for certain is that the virus is completely unaffected by radiation or any drug currently used in chemotherapy.

Anything they throw at it seems to be absorbed by the virus and the eye on the outer surface glows momentarily…

That is very odd…

Indeed. I…

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “You Were My Brother (Live Orchestra)” by Matthew Pablo]

[SHANNON can be heard moaning as she regains consciousness.]

SHANNON (weakly)

Yes, darling, I’m here…

SHANNON (weakly)
I know my body is failing…

GABRIEL (sobbing loudly)
No, don’t say that!

SHANNON (weakly)
Don’t cry, my love…

GABRIEL (sobbing loudly)
I can’t help myself! This is so unfair!

SHANNON (weakly)
I know it is, my love. A year ago, the future seemed so bright. We had just purchased our new penthouse on Park Avenue and were trying so hard to have a baby. I even picked out a name for our future daughter.

Oh really, my beloved?

Yes, if we had a daughter, I would have named her Chariya.

GABRIEL (sobbing)
That is such a lovely name. You would have made a wonderful mother!

And you would have made a fine father. Alas, it was not meant to be. (sighs) But I take comfort in knowing that this is not the end. We will be reunited again someday.

In the afterlife?

SHANNON (her voice now a faint whisper)
No, much sooner than that.

GABRIEL (confused)

I don’t understand…

SHANNON (faint whisper)

Not now, my darling, but in time you will….Until we meet again, my love….

[Heart monitor beeping in the background flatlines.]

GABRIEL (screaming)



I’m so sorry, Gabriel…

GABRIEL (sobbing loudly)

Shannon, don’t leave me!

JESSICA (in a soothing voice)

There, there. Let it all out, Gabriel!

[GABRIEL casts “light” , which symbolizes Shannon’s soul exiting her body and entering the white gold ankh pendant he would normally be wearing around his neck.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
Scene change
[GABRIEL and JESSICA exit stage right, while SHANNON rises from her bed and exits stage left. Other cast members remove the bed and chair from the stage.]

[Insert “At The Dimensional Gates” by Johan Brodd]

After reliving both the happiest and saddest days of his life, our hero finds himself back in limbo

[GABRIEL enters from stage right, wearing his leather armor, and walks to stage center. SHANNON enters from stage left, wearing a white robe, and joins GABRIEL at stage center.]

SHANNON (joyful)
Now do you understand, Gabriel? My soul currently resides in the white gold ankh around your neck. You must reunite it with my new body, which is located somewhere in New Britannia. That is why you must live. We have been given another chance to start our lives over again in this realm!

My love, how will I find you in this vast world and reunite your soul with your new body?

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Rise of Spirit” by Alexandr Zhelanov]

Soon you will meet someone who will be able to aid you in your quest. Beware the Tall Albino Man, for it was he who infected me with that deadly virus, and he serves the forces of darkness.

GABRIEL (bitterly)
I knew there was something about the waiter I didn’t like! I should have trusted my instincts and done something at that time…

Don’t blame yourself, my darling! You couldn’t have known that he was up to no good. My time here is at an end. It’s time for you to return to the land of the living and begin your quest. Until next we meet, my love…

[SHANNON reaches out to GABRIEL as she slowly walks backward, exiting stage left.]

GABRIEL (yelling, as he reaches out to SHANNON)

SHANNON! What’s happening? I am being pulled backward towards that dark portal!

[GABRIEL walks slowly backward and exits stage right.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
[Insert “Elements” by Ove Melaa]
After our hero’s spirit is pulled out of limbo, it is reunited with his newly regenerated physical form in Owls Nest. His killer, Nestor’s undead henchman, The Wolf, is unaware of our hero’s impending resurrection.

[GABRIEL enters stage left, wearing his leather armor, and uses “play dead” emote near edge of stage, falling to the floor. THE WOLF enters stage right and stands near the edge of the stage facing stage right.]
[GABRIEL suddenly gets up (gasping for air) and uses the “duel” command, which THE WOLF accepts. GABRIEL casts “fireball” at THE WOLF.]

THE WOLF (roars in pain, turns to face GABRIEL, and draws his great sword.)

[THE WOLF slowly begins walking across the stage towards GABRIEL.]

[GABRIEL casts “lightning” at THE WOLF, then draws his snake sword, and runs to stage center where he and THE WOLF trade a couple of sword strikes. GABRIEL suddenly uses the combat skill “double slash”, followed by the combat skill “whirling blades”. THE WOLF roars in pain one last time and then uses “play dead” emote, falling to the floor. GABRIEL sheathes his snake sword.]
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
[Insert “At The Dimensional Gates” by Johan Brodd]

[THE WOLF gets up, but now he is wearing a white robe.]

THE WOLF (cheerful)
Gabriel, thank you so much for finally freeing me from my corpse’s shell! I felt so powerless watching my body doing that vile necromancer Nestor’s bidding. I can see my late wife and daughter standing over there, beckoning me to join them in the light. (THE WOLF uses “point” emote towards stage left).

Good journey to you, my friend. May you finally find peace and happiness in the afterlife.

[THE WOLF bows to GABRIEL. He walks past GABRIEL, exiting stage left. GABRIEL turns to face stage left and stands there for a moment. Then, he turns around and exits stage right.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
Scene change
[Cast members bring out the table and place it parallel at stage center. THOMAS STRONGBEARD enters from stage right and stands to the left of the table. GABRIEL enters from stage right, wearing a suit of augmented plate armor (but with no helmet, of course) with a mug of ale in his right hand and stands to the right of the table. SHIVARA also enters from stage left and stands by the edge of the stage, observing both THOMAS STRONGBEARD and GABRIEL.]
[Insert “Tavern” by yd]
Our hero rests for a while before searching the rest of Owls Nest for any undiscovered treasures and eliminating any remaining Red Sash bandits he may have missed on his initial trek down to Nestor’s secret chamber. It’s been a long day for our hero and he is eager to return to the comforts of civilization.


…And so after I defeated The Wolf, I made my way back here to Owls Head and turned in the forty red sashes I obtained from the corpses of the Red Sash bandits to Lord Enmar
and collected my bounty. I sold all of their weapons to the vendor in the northern part of town and was able to purchase this nice new suit
of augmented plate armor, as well as an Elven bow and five hundred arrows, a great sword, a shiny, new, circular steel shield, and some reagents.
Then, I made my way down here to this fine establishment to nourish myself with this delicious bowl of mutton and this mug of fine Fire Mountain ale.

It sounds like you had quite an adventure, Gabriel. I am curious about one thing though. Do you think that vision you had of your late wife while you were in limbo was true, or merely a figment of your imagination?

I’m not sure, Thomas. My head tells me it was probably just my imagination, but my heart hopes it was true.

Always follow your heart, my friend!

But a word of warning, Gabriel. That symbol you described on the outer surface of the virus is the mark of the Oracle, who wields considerable influence on the mainland. Beware, for her Watchers are everywhere….

GABRIEL (speaks softly, with an angry tone in his voice)
Hmm…the Oracle? If this Tall Albino Man is one of her agents, she has much to answer for…

To oppose The Oracle is to court death, my friend. Take care.

GABRIEL (speaks softly)
I will try to be more vigilant, Thomas. Thank you for the advice.

[At stage left, Shivara pulls out her Noble’s Magical Discourse Orb.]

Mighty Oracle, I have located the outlander you have been seeking, Gabriel Nightshadow. He’s here at Fire Lotus tavern. That crazy old wizard, Nystal TimeLord, is here in Owls Head as well. I spotted him earlier buying decorations from a vendor for his newly purchased windmill house near the outskirts of the town.

[ORACLE’S voice is heard offstage.]

Excellent work, Shivara. I will dispatch Count Aberon and his sister, Vastra there shortly to deal with the two of them. Maintain surveillance until they arrive and make contact with you.

Understood, mighty Oracle.

[Shivara puts her orb back in her backpack and exits stage left.]

THOMAS STONGBEARD (cheerful tone, normal volume now)
So, where are you off to now, Gabriel?

I’m heading south to the town of Greystone to visit a new friend of mine, a mage by the name of Lord Baldrith.
He tells me that it’s a nice place to set down some roots. I’ll let you know how things turn out when I return here in a week for more supplies.

[GABRIEL consumes his mug of ale and places it back in his inventory.]

I look forward to seeing you then, Gabriel!

[GABRIEL uses “nod” emote, then turns and exits stage left.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
Scene change
[Cast members remove the table from stage center.]
Our hero departs Fire Lotus Tavern and proceeds to walk through the center of Owls Head, which is a buzz of activity. Several vendors are hawking their wares to the adventurers passing by. It is now late afternoon and our hero feels a sudden cool breeze which provides some relief on this hot summer day. A cheerful tune can be heard emanating from a nearby Aether Vibration Amplifier.

[Insert “Town Theme” by cynicmusic]

[ANNESE VANTREL, wearing leather armor, and THE VENDOR enter from stage right and stand at the edge of the stage, pretending to be deep in conversation. GABRIEL enters from stage left and stands at the edge of the stage.]

Ah, all of the townspeople here in Owls Head seem so friendly! Eh, what’s this? The white gold ankh around my neck has suddenly started glowing.
Hmm… Wait a minute, that red haired woman in leather armor over there talking to that bearded vendor by the boulder. It’s…

GABRIEL (yelling)
Shannon! Wait! It’s me, Gabriel! She’s too far away to hear me…

[GABRIEL slowly makes his way across the stage.]

GABRIEL (gasping)
Darn it, this heavy plate armor is slowing me down…

[ANNESE completes her business with THE VENDOR, turns and exits stage right.]

[GABRIEL reaches the vendor and stops.]

GABRIEL (gasping)
My white gold ankh has stopped glowing! I can’t believe it! Everything my beloved Shannon told me is true! She is here in New Britannia!

You, there! Who was that redheaded woman you were just conducting business with?

I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir…

Perhaps these 10 gold pieces will help refresh your memory…

Ah yes, I remember now! The woman said her name was Annese Vantrel. She bought some house furnishings from me. I don’t know where she came from, but from the way she was armed and handled herself, I suspect that she is an assassin…

She’s an assassin? Which way was she headed? Wait, I see her now up ahead, turning at that fork in the road by the forest!

[GABRIEL exits stage right. THE VENDOR exits upstage.]
[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
[ANNESE VANTREL enters from stage right and stands at the edge of the stage facing stage right. GABRIEL enters from stage left and stands near the edge of the stage, staring at ANNESE.]

[ANNESE uses the “ponder “emote.]

GABRIEL (shouting)
Annese! Annese Vantrel!

[ANNESE turns to face GABRIEL.]

Yes, I am Annese Vantrel. Excuse me, but do I know you?

It’s a long story. My name is…

[INSERT “Blackmoor Colossus (Colossal Boss Battle Theme)” by Matthew Pablo]

[Evil laughter is heard from offstage as COUNT ABERON enters from stage right. He is wearing a Founder tunic, a hood, and an Obsidian cape.]

You’re too late, Gabriel! I found her first… Count Aberon, at your service! (bows towards ANNESE.)

ANNESE (surprised)
I can’t move!

GABRIEL (surprised)
Neither can I!

COUNT ABERON (walks to the right of ANNESE and then turns to face her).
Ah, you’re so beautiful, my dear! No wonder Gabriel desires you so much. Once I reunite your soul with this new body, I will take you as my eternal bride!

ANNESE (defiant)
I would never be interested in a monster such as you!

GABRIEL (yelling)
Get away from her, Count Aberon, or you will regret it!

COUNT ABERON (turns to face Gabriel and laughs)
Oh really? You are powerless to stop me!
[COUNT ABERON turns back to face ANNESE.]

As for you, my dear, I think a change in attitude is in order. Look into my eyes…

ANNESE (confused)
Eh? What are you doing to me? I…hate you…no, I love you… so much, Aberon! I can’t wait until we are married and I look forward to bearing you many children!

GABRIEL (screaming)

COUNT ABERON (lustfully)
Yes, my dear. I do so look forward to our wedding night…

[COUNT ABERON uses the “blow kiss” emote.]

[GABRIEL manages to draw his great sword and takes a step forward. He inches forward slowly, one step at a time.]

GABRIEL (breathing heavily, as he struggles to move)

I am…going…to…kill…you…albino…monster!

COUNT ABERON (turning to face GABRIEL)
Most impressive! You should not be able to move at all. You willpower is really quite extraordinary. But you are no match for me!

[COUNT ABERON uses “point” emote towards GABRIEL.]

Now why don’t you just stop right there and sheath your sword…

[GABRIEL stops at stage center and sheathes his sword.]

GABRIEL (yelling)
Curse you! You’re taking some perverse pleasure in this, aren’t you?

[COUNT ABERON walks over to GABRIEL and stands to his left.]

COUNT ABERON (laughing gleefully)
Of course, I am! Soon I will suck the very life out of you and my revenge will be complete!

GABRIEL (confused)
Revenge? What are you talking about? I never met you prior to three years ago…

Ah, Gabriel, you hurt my feelings…although my name and face have changed somewhat since last we met all those many years ago, surely you remember me?

No…who are you?

Let me refresh your memory. I am…

[NYSTAL TIMELORD enters from stage left, wearing a robe and carrying a staff.]

NYSTAL TIMELORD (with a booming voice)
Get away from him, Aberon!

[NYSTAL TIMELORD uses “duel” command, which COUNT ABERON accepts, and then casts “lightning” at him!]

COUNT ABERON (screaming in pain)
ARRGH! Curse you, Timelord! You may have won this battle, but Vastra and I will be coming soon for you and your friend, Gabriel!

We’ll be ready and waiting!

[Both COUNT ABERON and ANNESE exit stage right.]

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Flights of Fancy” by Eliot Corley]

GABRIEL (confused)
Thank you for rescuing me, kind sir! But where did Aberon and Annese disappear to?

They were never really here, Gabriel. You lost track of Annese here in the woods after she concluded her business with that vendor. Count Aberon was merely using his mental powers to torment you. He projected an illusion of Annese into your mind and then launched a mental attack against you. Good thing I turned up when I did, or you probably would have died of a brain hemorrhage! We definitely need to work on improving your mental defenses…

I see…Who are you and how did you know I was here?

My name is Nystal Timelord. I’ve been expecting you, Gabriel, but you arrived in Owls Head much earlier than I had anticipated. It’s a good thing I happened to run into one of the Oracle’s spies who has been shadowing me for the last several days. I showed Shivara the error of her ways and she told me about her mission.

Hmm…What should we do now?

Count Aberon and his sister will be arriving here soon, so I think it is best that we leave Owls Head with all due haste. This will help aid us in our escape.

[NYSTAL TIMELORD casts a “light” spell.]

What did you just do?

I just cast a spell to alter how other people perceive us. Look into this mirror.

Hmm…you now appear as a middle-aged baldheaded man wearing an orange robe and I appear as a young, short, fat fellow wearing glasses and a brown monk’s robe.

Ah yes, I now appear as I did in my younger days, and you have taken on the appearance of my former traveling companion, the learned scholar, Theodric. This will allow us to slip past the Oracle’s spies and the members of the Homeguard.

Who are the Homeguard?

The Homeguard are a group of native Novians led by a rather charismatic young fellow named Marius. He has been rather effective at turning public sentiment against outlanders, as evidenced by this copy of the most recent Braemar Gazette.

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]
[Insert “Beyond The Clouds (Theme for Modern Broadcast)” by Matthew Pablo]

NEWSFLASH – JACK TWITT MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD! By Anasche Cumberbatch. Authorities in Braemar are investigating the mysterious disappearance of local resident Jack Twitt, last seen exiting the local tavern late Friday evening. Eyewitnesses report that Mr. Twitt, who was a close personal friend of Lord Enmar, was rather inebriated that evening, lamenting how much he missed his “Hollywood” lifestyle and his recent rejection for membership by The New Britannia Theater Troupe. A search of his home suggests that he may have been abducted or even killed, as evidenced by all of the smashed furniture and blood splatter found in his library.
When contacted, one of the cofounders of the Troupe, Asclepius, had this to say. “Yes, it is true that Mr. Twitt applied to join our group, but Lord Baldrith and I felt that his acting skills were only average. Furthermore, during his audition, he was rather arrogant and kept hitting on our lead actresses, Amber Raine and Lady Adnor. In light of all this, we felt that he would be a disruptive influence to our organization and decided to reject his application.”
Many of the local residents did not seem to have a very high opinion of Mr. Twitt, who was rumored to be an Outlander, either. Samuel Longfellow, a local farmer, complained that Mr. Twitt had seduced his innocent teenage daughter, Melody, and had gotten her pregnant. Aram Bognor, the local blacksmith, claimed that Mr. Twitt had also seduced the wives of many of the village’s most prominent citizens, which allowed him to live rather lavishly in this small farming community. Jax Crumfelt, his next door neighbor, complained that Mr. Twitt was a rather obnoxious fellow who cluttered his front yard with many garish lawn decorations and often held loud, wild parties at his town home late at night on the weekends.
Rumors that the authorities had received a note from the mysterious anti-Outlander group, the Homeguard, claiming responsibility for Mr. Twitt’s disappearance were flatly denied by their official spokesman, Captain Norden Haktell, however, our good friend, Guard Bob, was able to confirm its existence. It should be noted that Guard Bob was suddenly transferred to the port city of Ardoris late last night and his duties have been assumed by his replacement, Guard Michael (formerly of Owls Head)…

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[Insert “Flights of Fancy” by Eliot Corley]

Hmm…that is quite disturbing news indeed. I guess we should keep a low profile. So where should we go now? You are more familiar with the Hidden Vale than I am.

We should continue to Greystone as you originally planned. I have not seen Lord Baldrith in quite some time…

GABRIEL (surprised)
You know Lord Baldrith? He saved my life when I first came through the lunar rift and was attacked by a band of elves!

Yes, it was rather fortunate that he happened to be in the area at the time… Lord Baldrith is my former apprentice.

GABRIEL (suspicious)
Hmm…that’s quite a coincidence. Is there any other information you care to share with me?

We have much to discuss on the long road south to Greystone, my good friend, Gabriel. Let us be off now…

[Loop as needed. Music fades out.]

[GABRIEL and NYSTAL TIMELORD exit stage right.]

…And now for your listening enjoyment, our two leads, the dashing Asclepius, and the lovely High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine, will perform the love theme from our play, “The Ballad of Gabriel and Shannon”, with lyrics by Gabriel Nightshadow and Asclepius, sung to the well known Irish tune, “Danny Boy”.

[GABRIEL, wearing a white wedding tuxedo (from the add-on store), enters from stage right and stands at the edge of the stage, facing stage left. SHANNON, wearing a white wedding dress (also from the add-on store), enters from stage left and stands at the edge of the stage, facing stage right.]

[Insert “The Ballad of Gabriel and Shannon” by Gabriel Nightshadow and Asclepius]

I stand alone, in Beran’s Reach upon the wall
And dream of days, and times that used to be
When we would ride, nine years ago in early fall
Through Ireland’s glens and countryside so free

We spoke of life, of hopes and dreams both old and new
We shared in meals, and watched the days unfold
My castle home on Moher’s cliffs had such a view
We never dreamed that life could turn so cold

A mismatched pair, a singer and a writer we
From different worlds, yet both so strong and bold
Within a year, we knew that this was meant to be
And in our hearts knew that our joining was foretold

In midday’s sun, I heard a white dove sing above
I kissed your lips, and knelt upon one knee
A diamond ring was then a token of my love
To beg you share eternity with me

I cried with joy, as it was placed upon my hand
Within a year I then became your wife
At Ashford Castle, in proud County Galway’s land
We gave our rings, and started our new life

But in five years, a stranger came into our world
A tall albino man, with powers unknown
The plague he gave you took you from this mortal world
And I was left to wander sadly on my own

He took my life, through magic dark and most deadly
But fate stepped in, and gave us hope anew
In dream I came to you in Owl’s Nest quietly
A day ago, to prove my love was true

He serves a mistress who has granted him a boon
Eternal life, but at enormous price
My only love, I pray that you will find me soon
Or I’m condemned to be this monster’s wife

And I will find you, where e’er the road leads me
From Elysium to Port Graff I’ll roam
I’ll slay that evil man and bring you home with me
And we will start a new life in our brand new home
Oh Shannon dear …………………………. I love you so!

[As the song progresses, both GABRIEL and SHANNON slowly start walking across the stage towards each other, meeting at stage center. When the song ends, both GABRIEL and SHANNON turn towards the audience and bow.]

[Insert “Enchanted Festival” by Matthew Pablo]

[All of the other cast members join GABRIEL and SHANNON on stage and use the “dance” emote as the music credits roll.]

Music Credits
“Sacred Omen” by Sketchy Logic
“Radakan – Old Crypt” by Janne Hanhisuanto
“Evil Temple Ambiance Loop” by Brandon Morris

“Blackmoor Tides (Epic Pirate Battle Theme)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com
“Aria” by Joseph Gilbert/Kistol
“Ireland’s Coast (Travelog Edition – Live Players) by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com

“Destroy The Divine” by Sketchy Logic
“Netherplace” by Eric Matyas
“At The Dimensional Gates” by Johan Brodd
“Sad Orchestral Theme” by Gicho
“You Were My Brother (Live Orchestra)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com
“Rise of Spirit” By Alexandr Zhelanov at https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov
“Elements” by Ove Melaa

“Tavern” by yd
“Town Theme” by cynicmusic
“Blackmoor Colossus (Colossal Boss Battle Theme)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com

“Flights of Fancy” by Eliot Corley
“Beyond The Clouds (Theme for Modern Broadcast)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com
“Enchanted Festival” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com

All music tracks used can also be found at www.opengameart.org


[Loop as needed. Music fades out. The entire cast bows to the audience.]


Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

January 27 2015

Noob-skin Boots – by Themo Lock – narrated by Solstar

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. I am delighted again to welcome Solstar to the microphone; he will be bringing us a wonderful rendition of a thrilling tale by Themo Lock, entitled

Noob-skin Boots.
Background music is “The Last Encounter”, by Matthew Pablo, at www.matthewpablo.com

Noob-skin Boots

Let me tell a tale of bovine wrath and fear,
The most terrifying tale you will likely ever hear,
A story that will transport you to the nightmares of your youth,
Though sounding false and suspect, I swear it is the truth.

I was aiding young adventurers; we had formed a roving band,
I showed them points of interest as we toured this scenic land,
We quested, explored and battled, we danced, drank and laughed,
Until one young lad raised the question “Hey Themo how do I craft?”.

“Well” i said “good question, it’s simple at its roots”,
“Recipes are abundant but let’s start with leather boots”,
“The ingredients are simple, according to the guides”,
“The obvious place to start would be to gather hides”

“Hides you say?” the same lad asked, a furrow on his brow,
Until an excited lass chimed in “hey how about this cow?”
Her plan was sound, the cow was handy, it did not seem unwise,
Nobody seemed to own the thing so i shouted “kill it guys!”.

The party surged towards the beast, rusty swords in hand,
This shouldn’t prove a challenge i just hoped it bore no brand,
One of the party, overly keen attempted a body slam,
But the cow simply blinked and voiced the words ” VAS FLAM”

Fire erupted from its hoof, and engulfed the would-be crafter,
He screamed and died, i bit my tongue and ceased my merry laughter,
The newbies froze and turned to me with fearful questioning eyes,
“ummmm” I said at a loss for words “this plan we must revise”.

The cow lazily wandered to the crafters corpse, skinning knife in hoof,
I had always suspected cows were evil, now I had my proof,
With horror I realised the beast’s intent and rushed in to resurrect,
Stealth not being my primary trait, my approach it did detect.

“IN POR” it said in husky voice, vanishing from sight,
“Thank god” I thought relieved, at least we avoided a fight,
But from behind me screams erupted as well as a chilling “MOOOO!”
I cast my spell and turned in time to see it bite a noob… and slowly chew.

“GET IT OFF!!” the poor lass screamed to no avail, the rest of our team had scattered,
Aside from one brave newbie soul who was bloody, bruised and battered,
He gripped the beasts tail and thrust his blade where the Novia sun don’t shine,
The cow’s eyes widened, it released its prey and it fled with a tortured whine.

The group reformed and heals were cast, nobody said a word,
Each of us knew we could tell no-one, the tale would seem absurd,
“OK” I said in trembling voice “back to crafting armour”,
“No thank you” the crafter said “I think I want to be a farmer”.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

January 23 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 01-23-15

Hi Everyone! Really cool stuff going on this week in preparation for R14. Newscast Dated: January 23, 2015.

Here is the list:

  • SotA at PAX South
  • Banks in Release 14
  • Changes to Store Credit Conversions
  • First Glimpse of Novia Overworld
  • SotA in Game Informer Magazine
  • MMORPG.COM – Release 14: Strong Start to a New Year
  • Shack News: CES Interview with Starr Long
  • GDC Next – Crowd Sharing: Crowd Sourcing + Crowd Funding
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • New Britannia Theater Troupe: Live Double Feature
  • Last Chance Exclusives: The Axe and Wood & Plaster Homes
  • Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
  • How to Cancel Monthly Payment Plans
  • Upcoming Events


News Team logo with moon

January 22 2015

I might emberass myself this Saturday, so don’t miss the NBTT play live!

You may have seen it live before, you may have seen it on Youtube, but you don’t miss this Saturday when another play is performed by The New Britannia Theater Troupe! THIS IS A DOUBLE FEATURE!

How do these work? Well you should be familiar with out audio recordings of community Fan Fiction. The plays perform these in game, accompanied by text, while at the same time Avatars Radio plays it live!

Now I usually am more in the background when im participating in such things. Coordinating and the like, but something came up and I am in this one! So you have a chance to see if I mess up and capture it on video for the world to see! Don’t miss it! (And i will not make promises as its my plan to give a perfect performance!)

View all the details over on the forums from Amber Raine’s fantastic write up!
New Britannia Theatre Troupe presents – A "Live" Double Feature in Port Phoenix | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

P.S. please do not forget the contest we are also holding for on of other huge full cast productions, The Avatar Chronicles! The details are over in this thread!
Avatars Radio Presents – The NBTT – Avatars Chronicles I – Special Developer Edition | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

January 22 2015

Don’t Lick the Moon Tower – by Themo Lock – narrated by Doctor Shroud

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. I am delighted to present our newest narrator, Doctor Shroud.

He will be bringing us a great rendition of a wonderful poem by Themo Lock, entitled

“Don’t Lick the Moon Tower”
Background music “What lies Beneath”, by Smartsound.

Don’t lick the Moon Tower

Strolling through Owls Head town alone and late at night,
No questing left unfinished and no rogues around to fight,
I came upon a Moon Tower that glowed unearthly blue,
Intrigued and slightly drunk I set down my mug of brew.

My elders had forbade me to approach the tower since I was very young,
Yet without a first or second thought… I probed it with my tongue.
Demons surged inside me! tearing at my very core,
My bowels released, i screamed aloud and tumbled to the floor.

I awoke some hours later to a guard’s boot and look of disgust,
My ears were bleeding, my briefs were soiled… bathing was a must,
A mental note was made that day to act only after I think,
And don’t pass out in public or some jerk will steal your drink.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

January 20 2015

The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents “Of Shadows and Light”

This IS exciting!! A message just in from our own High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

Ladies and Gentlemen of New Britannia! Avatars from far and wide! I have the most fantastic news and we are excited to present it to you!

January 24th, 2015 at 9am NBT (central time) New Britannia Theater Troupe will be blowing our minds again with another fantastic stage production. You watched them in PaxLair performing “They who dwell in darkness”. You heard them on Avatars Radio performing “The Avatar Chronicles I – Return of the Avatar”. Now presented for your enjoyment, live in Port Phoenix Fairgrounds (middle of Kingsport), The New Britannia Theater Troupe presents – “Of Shadows and Light”.

There was a sneak peek in Avatars Chronicles I, of the story of Gabriel Nightshadow. Join us as the story unfolds before our eyes on stage and on Avatars Radio. Together we shall embrace the story in more of its entirety. “Of Shadows and Light”. May the shadows keep you safe within their lights this Saturday!

We would like to place a special spotlight on the up and coming new playwright to our Theater Troupe – Womby, of The Round Table. This will be our opening act as we are presented with his first on stage production “The Helpful Mage”. In which we are presented with the outcomes of love, lust and deception. This play is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, intrigued.

Lord Asclepius

January 19 2015

Mark’s Tales of the Unremarkable No 36 – by Vyrin – Narrated by Asclepius and Solstar

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another of Mark’s fascinating tales from Vyrin.
I am also delighted to be ably assisted in this podcast by Solstar.
Background music “The Homestead”, by Smartsound

Mark’s Tales of the Unremarkable, Number 36
The Getaway

Day 274, post adventus

There’s a knock on the cottage door. Usually this would be unnerving, but I had been expecting it.

“Good to see you Devon.”

“You ready to go?”

“Always am. You see what this cottage looks like! The few things I want to keep I hide elsewhere.”

“My duties don’t allow me that sort of freedom anymore, I’m jealous.”

“Well freedom is a curious thing, there are good and bad types.”

“See this is why I wanted to bring you along. You know how to start the strangest conversations! Most of my fellow guards can barely mumble. But save it for the road. We’ve got a few days ride down to Righ Inis. We’ll take our time and get into all sorts of topics.”

“So I know you said you’ve got this cabin on the lake there, but I was thinking. How do you keep it safe since you hardly get a chance to get down there? How are you sure someone doesn’t move in or some beast doesn’t make it into a new lair, or even just tear it down.”

“Well back before I joined the guard, I’d look for adventure.”

“There’s that word again. Sometimes I think it’s used too much around here.”

“Anyway Mark, there was a young enchanter who was creating some dangerous items down in the swamp. I heard the rumors and took a few of my pals and went to stop him.”

“We traveled that bog up and down and couldn’t find his hideout. Never had so many mosquito bites in my life! The locals told us that yeah, people would come from different places and buy stuff and then go. We found the pattern of where they came and went and found the delivery guy so to speak. Well as we trailed the delivery guy, the enchanter appeared out of nowhere, placed his hands on the guy’s shoulders and walked him forward. They just disappeared.”


“Not exactly. The delivery guy ran a pretty regular route. So we knew something was going on right at that exact spot. One time, when the enchanter appeared, my friend Astra rooted him. We were able to get him to tell us what was going on. He didn’t want to fight us, so he gave us stuff. He was rich. We made him promise to stop his little trade or next time we’d bring an army and tear down his tower.”

“Tower? Is that what was there?”

“Yeah his tower was there all along. He had created what he called a shield stone. It made anyone who looked at or approached the tower just not see it. If you try to walk toward it, you veer off around it without noticing or knowing why. Anyone he brought into the tower he had to walk forward and keep them from veering until they got past the effect.”

“Pretty handy to keep a little sanctuary for yourself down by a lake?”

“Yeah I made him switch its effect to me. My cabin won’t ever be touched, and I can always choose who I bring in.”

“I guess adventuring does have its rewards.”

“Well let’s get going, want to spend as much time on that lake as we can, fishing for dinner! Grab your pack. The horses are outside. The stable master didn’t mind loaning you a horse for some reason. Didn’t charge me!”

“Yeah, he’s a good fellow.”

“Ok, you can tell me about that on the way too.”

“Wait, I’m the one who likes to focus on other people.”

“Everyone needs a break now and then.”

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM