August 9 2014

Have News, Advertisements, events, or looking for something to do?

*Crack goes its wippy tail!*

Lord Baldrith and Asclepius cracked the wip at me and said “Hey Stile, get off your arse and start having some of the community send us some news!!” So please help me out so they don’t beat me to badly! If you have news articles you see in the forums, on the net, that you are involved in, about yourself, your guild, advertisements, or anything else Shroud of the Avatar related drop us a note!

You can use one of these contact forms, although ideally send it to myself (Stile), and ill forward onto them – as that way I can also do it as a text post at the Caverns for you.

Contact | Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond.

Contact Baldrith | Echoes from the Cavern.

Contact Asclepius | Echoes from the Cavern.

I Figured id put together a couple of topics together on this post though. I’m always looking for “reporters” for the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond also. Someone to help do news pieces. I empower the people I work with, I do not direct or dictate. Ask Lord Baldrith, Sir Iscyle, Gabriel Nightshadow, Timelord, Amber Raine, Asclepius, or any of the many other people I have or do work with! I do not take credit for your work and in fact I will help try to get you recognition for it! I am very easy to work with – its a hobby, its for a game, its supposed to be fun!

You can do news on:

  • Specific topic(s) that you follow or that are important to you
  • On things from certain places or locations (MMO web sites? The forums? etc..)
  • On nothing particular just what you fill like when you feel like it.
  • You can do one post a year or 20 a day.
  • I can forward you stuff right to your email so you don’t even have to look for news!

If you have:

  • WordPress experience that is great!
  • If you do not its not hard, and ill help teach you as you need and want (I even have some instructional videos..)

If you want:

  • Ill help make some custom graphics for you
  • Ill give you an Ankh quill of your own color
  • A email address if you want one (not required)
  • A contact page on the site(s)

What I ask is:

  • Try to be casual – don’t worry about being mr. stuck up professional
  • Be yourself, have fun with it
  • Put your life first
  • Stay away from politics
  • When criticizing something by adding opinions always be do it constructively
  • Don’t do anything illegal or in violation of Portalariums TOS
  • Don berate other people and treat them how you want to be treated
  • Don’t public Founder, Dev+, or things told to you in confidence that are not public
  • Disagree with Portalrium or someone else relevant to your topic but do it politely and don’t start a war
  • Use common sense
  • That you ask me for anything you need so I can try to help it, because otherwise ill leave you alone
  • You let me thank you often
  • That I can communicate with you be email – It is more powerful in that its not limited to any one platform

Theater Masks Logo for Echoes v2

Ankh Quill

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