June 22 2021

A Small Indiscretion – by the New Britannia Theater Troupe


(Insert music track # 1 – something orchestral)


The New Britannia Theatre Troupe presents




Director and Producer: Asclepius

Writer: Gabriel Nightshadow

Assistant Director of Public Relations: Alleine Dragonfyre

Sound Effects Supervisors: Gabriel Nightshadow and Asclepius

Technical Consultant: Stile Teckel






Asclepius as Randall Wolfe and the Narrator


Jarvi Mystara as Governor Vallas Tellen

Alleine DragonFyre as Astra Wolfe and Herself


Addy as Shannon Kiras and Melody Tareti


Lauremir Elenir as Molly and Amber


Gabriel Nightshadow as Geordie the Teddy Bear


Fionwyn Wyldemane as Mother





(Insert music track # 2 – something you would expect to hear at a “Beat of Novia” dance party)




Twenty years after Vallas Tellen became the Governor of Beran’s Reach…


(Insert “Party Crowd” sound effect – recorded by Daniel Simon)



This is DJ Alleine Dragonfyre, broadcasting to you live from the Bear Tavern in the metropolis of Beran’s Reach on Avatars Radio. Welcome to a special edition of “The Beat of Novia” as we celebrate the retirement of Governor Vallas Tellen!  Now everyone – get out on the dance floor!



Randy Wolfe and Melody Tareti dance the Samba in front of Alle.


MELODY (grateful)

Randy, thank you for convincing me to attend Vallas’ retirement party!  It has been SO long since I’ve been out. I have been keeping myself busy with work ever since Frederick passed away a year ago…


RANDY (reassuring)

Quite understandable, under the circumstances. I know how much you loved Frederick.  He was taken away from you far too soon…



Governor Vallas Tellen walks over to the couple.



Ah…Randy, my dear fellow, you really know how to throw a retirement party! Everyone seems to be having such a good time!



Thank you, Vallas! Just my way of giving back to the community!



Melody, you are looking quite lovely this evening!


MELODY (cheerful)

Why, thank you, Vallas!  You are looking rather dashing yourself…



You are too kind, Melody!  May I borrow Randy for a few minutes?



Certainly, I will give you two some time to talk! I will just head over to the bar and grab another mug of Fire Mountain ale!


VALLAS (serious)

Randy, now that I am retiring from office, I have given much thought to my replacement. Of the top three candidates for the job, I think you are the most qualified. I intend to recommend you to the Council tomorrow.



I don’t know what to say, Vallas…  I always assumed that either Lt. Governor Keldon or City Council member, Budner, would succeed you. I promise that if I am chosen by the people, I will serve to the best of my ability!



Both Keldon and Budner are good men, but I think you have much better skilled at administration and public relations!  Plus, I’ve never fully trusted either one of them since that incident at the Bears’ Fifth Anniversary party…

You certainly have come a long way from that scrawny, penniless young sailor who arrived here from Kingsport fifteen years ago!  Now your import and export business rivals that of the merchant prince, Stile Teckel…

I was disappointed to hear that your lovely wife, Astra, was unable to join us this evening…



Unfortunately, she is still away visiting her cousin, the legendary bowmancer, Jarikith Rivinson, over in Rifts End.  I still find it hard to believe that in three months, I am going to be a father…



I’m sure that you will be a fine father!  After all, you have had plenty of experience dealing with children through your volunteer work at Melody Tareti’s Orphanage for Lost Souls.

Have you two decided upon a name for your daughter yet?



We decided that we will name her Molly, in honor of her maternal grandmother.

Oh my…look at the time!  I must be off now. I have an early business meeting tomorrow with Asclepius, Director of the New Britannia Theatre Troupe, about financing their latest production, “Little, Lost Bear Cub”.  Phillip and the boys will clean up when the festivities are over…



Good night, Randy! Please stop by my office tomorrow afternoon and I will formally present you to the members of the City Council.



I will…




(Insert music track # 3 – starts off very romantic, but turns very dark and sinister halfway through)






Later that evening, on a cliff on the far side of the island…


A beautiful, raven haired, voluptuous (and very pregnant!) young barmaid known as Shannon Kiras anxiously waits for her lover, Randall Wolfe.



Randy steps out of the shadows. Shannon runs to him and they embrace and share a passionate kiss.


SHANNON (happy)

Randy, my beloved, I am so glad that you are finally here!  I have been waiting for nearly an hour! I don’t understand why we couldn’t simply meet at your home or at the Tavern…



Randy moves behind Shannon and rests his hands on her shoulders as they both look up at the blood-red shattered moon in the pitch-black night sky.


RANDY (whispering)

You know I can’t risk anyone seeing us together, especially since I am running for office! I must maintain my image as a pillar of the community!


SHANNON (anxious)

But what about after our daughter, Amber, is born…? You promised me that you would leave Astra and marry me…


RANDY (whispering)

I know I did…

You know I only married Astra for her late father’s three galleons, which allowed me to start my import and export business.  It was so easy to seduce her with my good looks and charming demeanor. She is SO thin and plain looking! She may be an excellent cook, but I hunger for the pleasures of the flesh!   I have really enjoyed our many nights of passion this past year, my beautiful Shannon, but, unfortunately, I can’t afford to have that nosy reporter from The Avatar Express, Fionwyn Wyldemane, finding out about our affair when I am so close to achieving my goal. As my ancestor, the great Obsidian General, Damian Trumbull, once said, “He who controls the media can sway public opinion in his favor.”

Now it is time to move on to greener pastures! It seems that the beautiful widow, Melody Tareti, inherited a large fortune from her dearly departed husband, Frederick, who died from food poisoning.  Bad fish, they say…

Ah well, my dear…all good things must come to an end!


SHANNON (shocked and upset)

What?! You are breaking up with me?!


RANDY (sinister, whispering)

You could say that…



Randy suddenly snaps Shannon’s neck in one quick motion! 


(Insert “Neck Breaking” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


Her lifeless body slumps to the ground, a look of astonishment frozen on her face.


                                                      (Insert ”Fall” sound effect.)


Randy rolls her corpse off the cliff and watches as it splashes into the water far below.


(Insert “Splash1” sound effect – recorded by Gene Le Fave)


He takes out his monogrammed silk handkerchief and wipes the sweat from his forehead. An evil grin crosses Randy’s face.


(Randy laughs evilly.)



(Insert music track # 4 – something that is scary as hell!)





Five years later…


(Insert “Thunderstorm” sound effect – recorded by Tim)


It is a dark and stormy night and Governor Wolfe is having trouble sleeping. His wife, Astra, has her back to him and is peacefully snoring.

Randy suddenly finds himself in a dark and desolate place, with the ground covered in fog.  He hears constant whispering but can’t make out the words. 


(Insert “Ghost Whispers” sound effect – recorded by Litruv)


The whispering grows louder and then disembodied hands suddenly appear and start pawing at him.


(Insert “Hell” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


RANDY (screaming)




Randy suddenly sits up in bed and looks around the room. He is drenched in sweat.

RANDY (relieved)

It was just a nightmare…just a nightmare…


SHANNON (scary, ghost voice)

No, it wasn’t!



Randy screams in horror as he sees, not his wife, Astra, lying there beside him in bed, but the gray, and decaying corpse of Shannon, wearing a tattered, red dress and covered in seaweed!  She reaches out to him with bony fingers…


SHANNON (scary, ghost voice)

I have come back for you, Randy!  Heh…heh… Don’t you want a hug and a kiss?


RANDY (screaming)

No! Get the hell away from me!



 Randy bolts from the bed and runs into the hallway.


(Insert “Creaking Door” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


The door to his daughter’s room suddenly creaks open, and he sees the gray, decaying corpse of a raven-haired, five-year old girl wearing a tattered, white sleeping gown. She is dripping wet.


(Insert “Spooky Water Drops” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


The little girl is clutching a worn-out, brown teddy bear in her left hand. The partially torn teddy bear is missing half of its stuffing and its right eye, and its mouth is curled in a snarl.


AMBER (spooky, childlike ghost voice)

Why did you kill me, daddy, before I was born?

Why didn’t you love me as much as Molly?



Randy starts sweating profusely as he slowly backs away.  He glances around for something he can use as a weapon, to no avail.


Shannon shambles out into the hallway and both she and her daughter slowly move towards Randy with outstretched arms, as does the now animated teddy bear!


(Insert “Zombie Attack Walk” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


SHANNON and AMBER (ghostly moaning)

So hungry!  We will feast on your tender flesh!



A frightened Randy turns and run towards the staircase, failing to notice the toy that his daughter, Molly, had left on the floor at the top of the stairs. He trips over it and goes tumbling down the staircase!


(Insert “Falling Down Wooden Stairs” sound effect – recorded by Benboncan)


(Insert “Leg Breaking” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


RANDY (moaning in pain)

Argh…I can’t get up!  I think I broke both of my legs!



Shannon and Amber encircle Randy while he is lying prone on the floor.


SHANNON and AMBER (moaning)

Meat! Meat!



Shannon and Amber start tearing away chunks of flesh from Randy’s exposed arms and legs and eagerly devour them.


(Insert “Flesh and Bone Tearing Away” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



(starts screaming VERY loudly)



Mmm…tastes SO good…


(Insert “Blood Squirts” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



The animated teddy bear leaps onto Randy’s face, claws out his right eye, and places it in his own eye socket, where it instantly becomes fully functional! The gleeful teddy bear proceeds to scalp Randy with his razor-sharp claws and starts pounding on his exposed skull!   


(Insert “Peeling Face Off” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


GEORDIE (eager)

Geordie wants brains! Geordie wants brains…NOW!


(Insert “Strange Angels” sound effect – recorded by martysonic)



Suddenly, a familiar, beautiful, red-haired young woman clad in white emerges from a cloud of smoke in front of Randy. Shannon, Amber, and Geordie immediately stop munching on Randy.


MOTHER (comforting)

My darling Randy…


RANDY (confused)

Mother? But you died long ago when I was but a wee child!



The smiling woman, who is bathed in a glowing yellow aura, nods.


RANDY (pleading)

Mother, please help me!



Mother glares at Shannon, Amber, and Geordie and they quickly back away from Randy. 



(breathes a sigh of relief)



Mother stretches out her right hand and a crimson glow envelops the area over Randy’s heart.


(Insert “Spooky Heart Beats” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



Randy clutches his chest!


RANDY (crying out)

My heart!


MOTHER (hissing)

Evil is a master of disguise. It can be anywhere…and anyone.



Randy’s mother suddenly transforms into a big, red female demon and plunges her clawed hand into his chest, pulling out his beating heart!


MOTHER (hissing)

If you expect to wake up from this nightmare, think again. This isn’t a dream. This is hell and you’re here…FOREVER!  Your soul is…MINE!



The female demon proceeds to devour Randy’s beating heart!


(Insert “Blood Squirts” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



(lets out a BLOODCURDLING scream.)



Randy dies with a horrified look frozen on his face…


(Insert “Eerie Horror Scene” sound effect – recorded by BlastWaveFx)



(Insert music track # 5 – something which starts out very bright and cheerful but becomes very haunting halfway through)


(Insert “Sunny Day” sound effect – recorded by Stephan)





A few days later…

The pallbearers lower the ornate, solid gold, jewel encrusted coffin containing Randall Wolfe’s body into the grave.


(Insert “Opening Casket” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


MOLLY (cries out)




Molly tries to throw herself on the descending coffin, but Astra manages to grab her in time and pulls her into a deep embrace.


ASTRA (breathing heavily)

I’ve got you, dear…


MOLLY (sobbing)

I miss my daddy!


ASTRA (comforting)

I know, dear, but rest assured that one day we will be reunited with your father again…


MOLLY (quietly sobbing)

I hope so…



Vallas Tellen walks over to give his condolences to Astra and Molly.


VALLAS (sighing)

Ah…such a tragic accident…

Astra, my deepest condolences to both you and Molly.


ASTRA (mournful)

Thank you, Vallas.  Randy really looked up to you. You were like the father he never had…


VALLAS (sad)

I know. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask!  May the shadows of the night guide and protect you! 



After the others leave, Molly turns to her mom.


AMBER (spooky, child-like ghost voice)

Now will we have that happy life we dreamed of long ago, mommy?



Shannon smiles and hugs Amber.


SHANNON (spooky ghost voice)

Yes, my beloved Amber, now that our spirits have possessed Astra and Molly’s bodies and we have inherited a large fortune from your late father, the future looks bright…








(Insert music track #6 – another orchestral piece)



 All sound effects used in this production are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported



The following sound effects can be found at:



“Party Crowd” – recorded by Daniel Simon

“Neck Breaking”– recorded by Mike Koenig

“Thunderstorm” – recorded by Tim

“Hell” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Creaking Door” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Spooky Water Drops” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Zombie Attack Walk” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Leg Breaking” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Flesh and Bone Tearing Away” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Blood Squirts” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Peeling Face Off” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Spooky Heart Beats” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Eerie Horror Scene” – recorded by BlastWaveFx

“Sunny Day” – recorded by Stephan

“Opening Casket” – recorded by Mike Koenig



The following sound effects can be found at:



“Splash 1” – recorded by Gene LeFave

“Ghost Whispers” – recorded by Litruv

“Falling Down Wooden Stairs” – recorded by Benboncam

“Strange Angels” – recorded by martysonic

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns


June 22 2021

Daggers in the Dark – by the New Britannia Theater Troupe

The New Brittania Theatre Troupe presents DAGGERS IN THE DARK Director and Producer: Asclepius Writer: Gabriel Nightshadow with additional music lyrics by Jakdaw Foxlauden Music Composer and Director of Public Relations: Amber Raine Technical Consultant: Stile Teckel CAST Asclepius as Vallas Tellen Elgarion as Tarin Merrywhistle Sol Stormlin as Aimend Addy as Melody Stryker Sparhawk as Ertai Vodalion Cordelayne Valkaris as Astor Cerberus Woftam as Keldon Lighthand Vallin Tregres as Budner Stile Teckel as Frederick Tareti With Amber Raine as Chastity and Herself Alleine DragonFyre as the Narrator And Celith Wraine as Cyrus (Asclepius exits stage center) ***********************************************************************************

SCENE I (Keldon, Budner, Chastity and Cyrus enter from stage center) (Keldon is at stage center standing on top of the table, holding an ornate beer stein in one hand and SINGING. Budner, Chastity, and Cyrus are seated behind the table. Cyrus is DRINKING a mug of ale. The Narrator is standing on the balcony.) NARRATOR As I peer into the scrying pool, I see that dusk has fallen on the Bear Tavern. The Bears’ Fifth Anniversary Party is in full swing and everyone is having a good time, thanks to Keldon… CHASTITY (screaming hysterically) Take it off! Take it off! (KELDON removes his shirt and continues SINGING bare-chested). NARRATOR Keldon throws his shirt to Chastity, who catches it. She inhales deeply. (Chastity SQUEALS in delight.) (Chastity PLAYS DEAD.) CYRUS (grumbling) I miss those lovely dancing girls who used to perform here. Ugh…this Fire Mountain ale tastes kind of strange. Hey…why is it suddenly turning pink? BUDNER Ah…my good friends, Fred and Harry, our new head brewers, were kind enough to prepare a special batch of their “Pink Paradise on Fire Mountain” Ale for today’s event. Our patrons seem to love the fruity flavor and extra creamy foam! CYRUS (grumbling) Not me! Good ale shouldn’t taste like pomegranates! Hey…I heard about those two guys! There better not be any of that banned synthetic aphrodisiac, Shamizar, in here! BUDNER Heavens, no! Only natural aphrodisiacs, I assure you! Fred and Harry learned their lesson after that unfortunate incident in PaxLair two years ago… (After Keldon finishes his musical number, he steps down from the table and BOWS to the audience, then turns around and BOWS to Budner, Cyrus, and Chastity. Budner stands up and TOASTS Keldon, while CYRUS stands and CLAPS. Chastity stands up, WHISTLES and CHEERS. Keldon walks over to Chastity.) KELDON (charming) Are you new in town, miss? I never forget a pretty face… (Keldon FLEXES.) NARRATOR Chastity blushes as she gazes at his glistening abs and pecs. CHASTITY (flustered) This is my first time in the Tavern. I’m Chastity, the new school teacher. Just moved here from Wizards Rest yesterday… KELDON (charming) I’m Keldon, Master Ranger of the Bear Tavern Guild. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Chastity. I would be most honored to give you a private tour of our fine establishment…including our secret Red Room… CHASTITY (confused) Red Room? KELDON (whispering seductively in her ear) There can be no pleasure without pain… CHASTITY (lustfully) Ooh… I think I would enjoy a private tour very much… (KELDON and CHASTITY exit stage left as BUDNER gives KELDON a THUMBS UP!) BUDNER Looks like Keldon is getting lucky tonight! CYRUS (grumbling) I honestly don’t know what all those beautiful women see in him. He’s not THAT handsome or muscular! Must be his charming demeanor… (Budner and Cyrus exit stage center) *************************************************************************************** SCENE II (Tarin, Astor and Aimend enter from stage right) (Tarin Merrywhistle, Astor Cerberus, and Aimend are seated at the table.) (Insert music track # 3 – “Underhanded Conspiracy” by Amber Raine. Loop as needed.) NARRATOR Meanwhile, upstairs in the Tavern Council meeting room… ASTOR (hesitant) I don’t know, guys. Vallas has done a lot for the guild… TARIN (insistent) We have no choice, Astor! The force field generated by our moon towers can’t withstand a sustained bombardment by Nefario’s new Dragonfire cannons and his army outnumbers our militia by a factor of 10 to 1! Quite frankly, I don’t know even know how he managed to resurrect himself after we defeated him a year ago. Somehow, he has been able to amass enough resources to lay siege to so many towns simultaneously. I’ve heard rumors that he has been able to swell his ranks by using a combination of magic and science he acquired from Atos’ identical twin brother, the rogue technomage, Kriz, to either clone troops or abduct and brainwash large numbers of unsuspecting Novians. AIMEND Be reasonable, Astor! If we don’t accept Nefario’s terms, Beran’s Reach will surely be destroyed! All of the other Tavern Council members have voted to accept the agreement. We all appreciate everything that Vallas has done for us, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or of the one! ASTOR (resigned) Very well, Tarin and Aimend, but I still don’t like this one bit. Vallas deserves better… TARIN Good man, Astor! (Tarin gives Astor the THUMBS UP sign.) AIMEND Come, I will show you the document you must sign! (Aimend. Tarin and Astor exit stage right.) ************************************************************************************** SCENE III (Vodalion enters from stage right and is seated at the table.) NARRATOR Vodalion is busy in the kitchen preparing a very special dish for Vallas. Visible among the many HUMAN bones in the waste bin is a gold ring inscribed with the initials “F.T”, indicating its previous owner, long missing Tavern Council member, Frederick Tareti. (MUSICAL NUMBER 2 – SUNG BY VODALION. Insert music track # 4 – “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” by Todd Reed Music) VODALION (singing merrily) It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood A beautiful meal of a neighbor Would you be mine? Could you be mine? It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood A neighborly day for a beauty Would you be mine? This cut is so fine I have always wanted to carve up a neighbor just like you I’ve always wanted to cook in a neighborhood with you So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day Since we’re together, I might as well say Would you be mine? For me to dine? Won’t you be my neighbor? Won’t you please Cease your pleas Please won’t you be my neighbor? Mmm…nom…nom…nom… (Melody enters from stage left and walks over to Vodalion.) MELODY Is that last dish almost done, Vodalion? VODALION I just sent out the fried liver and onions. Let me check on the Bear Surprise for Vallas… MELODY That smells so delicious, Vodalion! What’s your secret? VODALION I simply boiled the meat to a slight undercook and then popped it in the oven to finish baking it in a candy coat made of sugar glaze. I hope Vallas likes it… MELODY I am sure that he will… (Very sexy voice) I know you have been working very hard preparing this feast today, my darling, but do save a bit of energy for later tonight… (Melody SIGHS.) I don’t know what I would have done without your comfort and support this past year since Frederick suddenly left me to spread the word of Chaos to the natives of the southern continent. He didn’t even have the courage to tell me to my face and left that letter on my bed instead… VODALION What an insensitive fellow! I would never abandon you like that! I love you SO much and look forward to our wedding day next month! …and don’t worry… I always have plenty of energy for you, my dear! (Melody and Vodalion KISS.) NARRATOR Vodalion leers at Melody’s voluptuous form as he hands her a tray and she turns to leave. He starts preparing the dessert at the table and fails to notice her pour a vial of poison on the Bear Surprise as she exits the kitchen. (Melody stops at stage left for a moment before exiting.) (Vodalion exits stage right) ************************************************************************************** SCENE IV (Vallas enters from stage center and is seated at the table. Melody enters from stage left and places a plate and a mug on the table.) MELODY I hope you enjoy Vodalion’s version of Bear Surprise and this mug of Fire Mountain ale! NARRATOR Vallas seems more interested in Melody than the meal as he gazes lustfully at her. VALLAS I am sure that I will…Melody! Mmm…this Bear Surprise is really delicious! Vodalion has really outdone himself this time! (Melody SMILES and NODS her head and then exits stage left.) (Tarin Merrywhistle, Keldon Lighthand, Aimend, and Astor Cerberus enter from stage right and form a semicircle behind him.) (Insert music track # 6 – “Betrayal“ by Amber Raine. Loop as needed.) VALLAS Ah…just the people I was looking for! Fine job you’ve done with this event, mates! An impressive turnout, although I am a bit disappointed that Beran was unable to join us again this year. We still don’t know which one of us is his descendant and heir to his huge cache of gold and rare artifacts. Hope you’ve all been having a jolly good time! TARIN Indeed we are, Vallas! You wanted to discuss something with us? VALLAS Yes, Tarin. I have become quite concerned with the recent sieges on the surrounding towns by the Obsidian Cabablist, Nefario. We must make sure our defenses are strong enough to repel any such attack on Berans Reach! AIMEND Oh…I don’t think we will have to worry about that, Vallas… VALLAS (curious) Why is that, Aimend? (Vallas suddenly gets up and staggers forward in front of the table.) VALLAS Oh…I suddenly don’t feel so well. Dizzy, nauseous, and my limbs feel like rubber…Stay back, I think I am going to chunder! (Vallas suddenly PUKES on the stage floor.) KELDON (mocking) Must be that extra something that Vodalion put in your entrée…Guess I better go find my mop and clean up this mess! (Keldon NODS to Tarin and then LAUGHS.) VALLAS (confused) Eh, what’s so funny, Keldon? TARIN (serious) The Tavern Council recently negotiated a mutually beneficial agreement with the Obsidian Cabalist Nefario, but one of the conditions was a change in leadership… VALLAS (shocked and angry) What?! How could all of you betray me like this?! KELDON (gleefully) Die, Vallas, die! (Keldon enters combat mode, draws his dagger, stabs Vallas and then LAUGHS. Aimend and Tarin also enter combat mode, draw their daggers, and take turns stabbing Vallas.) (Insert music track # 7 – “Death of a King” by Amber Raine. Loop as needed.) VALLAS (gasping for breath, and sounding very disappointed) Astor…I trusted you the most… (Astor CRIES.) ASTOR I am sorry…Vallas…but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one! (Astor enters combat mode, draws his dagger, and stabs Vallas.) TARIN Berans Reach and the Bear Tavern Guild must survive at all costs! Our NEW guild leader has seen to that… VALLAS (weakly, due to blood loss from the numerous stab wounds) …and who would that be? KELDON (gleefully) That would be ME! I personally negotiated the terms of the agreement on behalf of the Tavern Council with Nefario’s emissary…and here he is! (Budner enters from stage right, wearing an Obsidian robe and boots!) VALLAS (shocked) Nefario’s emissary is Budner?! Bloody hell! BUDNER (gloating) That’s High Priest Budner to you, Vallas! Yes, my master will be quite pleased with the terms of the agreement and looks forward to a long and profitable relationship with the Bears! VALLAS (coughing up blood) You will all regret making this dodgy deal with Nefario! He can’t be trusted! BUDNER (sneering) That is none of your concern, Vallas! Your time is at an end! VALLAS (defiantly, with his last breath) Sod off… (Vallas PLAYS DEAD.) (Astor exits stage center.) ************************************************************************ SCENE V (Vodalion enters from stage right. Aimend, Tarin, Vodalion, Keldon, and Budner surround Vallas’ body, which is lying at stage center in front of the table.) (Insert music track # 8 – “Dream Walking Nightmare Remix” by Ambrew) NARRATOR Several hours later… The Bears’ fourth anniversary party has ended and all of the guests have departed. (Vallas gets up from the floor.) (Aimend SLAPS Vallas.) AIMEND It’s about time you woke up, Vallas! What kind of example are you setting for your men? VALLAS (disorientated) Ow! That really hurt! I have a splitting headache… KELDON (mocking) Geez…Vallas, you were so rat-arsed that you passed out halfway through the anniversary party and were drooling all over the floor! The party would have all gone to pot if Astor hadn’t stepped up and taken over! Hmm…you know, Astor has been in the outhouse for an awfully long time. He said something in the Bear Surprise seemed to disagree with him… (From offstage, Astor can be heard GROANING LOUDLY in pain!) VALLAS (relieved) Thank heavens… it was just a nightmare! A horrible nightmare! AIMEND (curious) Oh? What was your nightmare about, Vallas? VALLAS (happy) I’ll tell you guys another time, but for now, another round of Fire Mountain ale for me and my friends, Melody! AIMEND (confused) Who is Melody? Vallas, you know we haven’t had a barmaid since Mindy quit six months ago to take that job at the Evil Eye Tavern in Rifts End. We haven’t had any applicants since then due to Budner and Keldon’s roving hands… BUDNER AND KELDON (in unison) Hey! That’s not true! We always treat women who come into the tavern with the utmost respect… AIMEND (sarcastic) Yeah…right! VALLAS (disappointed) What…Melody wasn’t real?! But she was so beautiful… (Vallas SIGHS.) (angry) You two, stop scaring away prospective barmaids! BUDNER AND KELDON (in unison) Sure thing, Vallas! We promise to be on our best behavior from now on! NARRATOR No one notices that both Budner and Keldon have their fingers crossed behind their backs. (Amber Raine enters from stage left.) AMBER RAINE Oh my! It seems that I missed out on all of the festivities… VALLAS Amber, so glad that you could make it! Here, have a mug of Fire Mountain Ale! AMBER RAINE Thank you, Vallas! Sorry I am so late, but I just returned from an expedition to the uncharted southern continent in search of a lost Bear. No, I am not referring to our directionally challenged Bear Cub either! VALLAS (sighing) If youré wondering where he is, apparently, he got lost in the Serpent’s Spine Mine again and used up all of his Teleport and Recall scrolls! At least he had enough sense to bring along his Noble’s Magical Discourse Orb! Efxtive and Fantalio are out searching for him now… (Amber Raine LAUGHS.) AMBER RAINE Took us a couple of weeks, but we finally found him… NARRATOR A bearded and disheveled Frederick Tareti walks into the Tavern. (Frederick Tareti enters from stage left.) FREDERICK Hi, guys! Long time, no see… VALLAS, AIMEND, TARIN, VODALION, KELDON, AND BUDNER (excited) Frederick! (Frederick walks to stage center and everyone surrounds him.) VALLAS What happened to you, man? You’ve been gone for nearly a year… We thought you had perished! (Insert music track # 9 – “Golden Dreams” by Amber Raine) FREDERICK I nearly did, Vallas! The first natives I came across in my travels turned out to be a lost tribe of Kaitoth cannibals who were worshipping a statue of their missing king, which looked a lot like Dinsoo! They believed that their king would return one day to lead them back to their ancestral homeland, which is now occupied by PaxLair They thought I would make a tasty meal, so I made a hasty retreat to the nearby river. I managed to avoid getting hit by their arrows, but ended up going over a waterfall and got knocked unconscious. I washed up ashore a few miles downstream and was found by a fearsome, but beautiful, female warrior who nursed me back to health. Unfortunately, once I was fully healed, her Queen would not let me leave their jungle village. Their tribe needed me as breeding stock, as all of their men had succumbed to some unknown disease a few years before. KELDON Frederick, you lucky dog! I am so jealous! AIMEND (mocking) Why am I not surprised? Please continue, Frederick… FREDERICK I was so exhausted by having to “perform” eight hours a day in addition to the eight hours a day I spent cooking, cleaning, and gardening while the women were out hunting. I don’t think I would have lasted much longer! Fortunately, that was when Amber and her group found me. She asked their queen, a raven haired beauty named Shadrai, to release me into her custody, but she refused, as all of the children I had sired up to that point were female… AIMEND (curious) So how did Amber secure your release? AMBER RAINE I challenged Shadrai to mortal combat, with Frederick as the prize! After a long and fierce battle, I emerged triumphant, but opted to spare her life. Shadrai seemed fascinated with my teachings, so I gave her a copy of the Parma and two of my male acolytes volunteered to remain behind in Frederick’s stead. So you see, Brother Frederick was able to bring in some new converts to the Church of the Dark Star, although not in the way he intended… FREDERICK Indeed, Amber! However, I think I will leave the missionary work to our more experienced members from now on! AMBER RAINE Quite understandable considering the ordeal you’ve been through! Don’t worry, Brother Frederick, there are plenty of people here in Novia for you to convert! FREDERICK Well, there is one good thing that resulted from my ordeal. May I present my lovely new bride, Melody! (Melody enters from stage left. She is wearing leather armor.) MELODY Hello! It is so nice to meet all of Frederick’s friends! He has spoken highly about all of you. NARRATOR Both Vallas and Vodalion gaze lustfully at Melody but quickly regain their composure before anyone notices. VALLAS As governor of Beran’s Reach, let me officially welcome you to our fine community, Melody! MELODY Thank you, Governor Vallas! VODALION Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Vodalion, head cook here at the Bear Tavern… (Vodalion and Melody SHAKE HANDS.) MELODY Have we met before? You look VERY familiar… VODALION (flustered) I…don’t see how. I have never been to the southern continent… MELODY Hmm… (Melody PONDERS.) (All the Bears onstage line up at stage center.) VALLAS, AIMEND, TARIN, VODALION, KELDON, BUDNER, FREDERICK, MELODY, AND AMBER (in unison) For Honor! For Glory! For Beer! (Everyone TOASTS.) AIMEND The three of you must be starving after your long trip! Come, have a seat at the table. Vodalion, do we have any hot entrees left? VODALION I’ll check on that… (Vodalion exits stage right as Amber, Frederick, and Melody sit down at the table at stage left. Vallas and Tarin stand in front of the table and continue chatting with them, while Keldon and Budner walk to stage right.) (Cyrus enters from stage left and stands at the edge of the stage.) CYRUS When last I was here, I did promise to check in from time to time to see how things were going. Vallas, you should have realized that the dream I sent you was a warning! The gods have forbidden me from taking a more direct role in the coming Shadow War. Now I sense that the future of both the Bear Tavern Guild and Beran’s Reach is shrouded in darkness… (Cyrus SIGHS.) NARRATOR Cyrus suddenly shapeshifts into his true form – that of the demigod, Beran! (Cyrus turns around and exits stage left.) (Insert music track # 11 – “Whispers” by Amber Raine) (Keldon BOWS to Budner and hands him a piece of paper.) KELDON (whispering) As requested, here is the agreement signed by all members of the Tavern Council in their own blood. BUDNER (whispering) Excellent work, Keldon, I knew I could count on you…and what about Vallas? KELDON (whispering) Don’t worry, High Priest Budner, I will make sure that he does not live through the night! He should not have underestimated me or treated me so poorly! Keldon, mop up this mess! Keldon, you pillock, you’ve burned my trousers again! Well, no more! Come dawn, I will lead the Bear Tavern Guild! BUDNER (whispering) That you will, my good friend! (Budner LAUGHS and NODS to Keldon as they both exit stage right.) NARRATOR (pleased) Excellent! Despite Beran’s interference, everything is still going according to plan! The Bears have welcomed my daughter, Melody, with open arms. Until I can amass sufficient mystical energy to power the cloning chamber which I received from Kriz, my spirit remains trapped in the body of this wandering female healer who stumbled upon my burnt and defiled remains! Soon I shall have my revenge on the Bears for destroying my physical form and preventing my resurrection! So swears… Nefario! (Narrator SHAKES HER FIST) (Narrator laughs maniacally) THE END *************************************************************************************** (During credits all cast line up at the front of the stage) (Insert music track # 12 – “RPG Never Go Full Bard”) Music Credits The following music tracks are used in this production with the permission of the composer, Amber Raine: “Epic Entrance” “Underhanded Conspiracy” “Betrayal“ “Death of a King“ “Dream Walking Nightmare Remix” (as “Ambrew”, in collaboration with Andrew Head) “Golden Dreams” “Whispers” The following music tracks used in this production are licensed under either Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 or 4.0 Unported or Creative Commons 0 (Public Domain) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” by Todd Reed Music The following can be found at www.opengameart.org “RPG Never Go Full Bard” by Hitctrl The End (All Bow to audience)

Echoes From the Caverns

June 16 2021

The Howling Wind of Spindleskog 2 – by Akandriel – narrated by Asclepius


Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the continuation of this fantastic story from Akandriel, entitled

The howling wind of spindleskog

Background music by Smartsound

As darkness arrived Twistar prepared his party with a final lecture and hand gestures to ensure everyone was briefed on this adventure they sought.

He led them to the darkened forest

The mighty adventurers traversed through hills and rough terrain, passing through dense shrubs on the plains.

Twistar,s keen eye found roaming creatures under the glow of moonlight.

As his party drew near they hid and numbed their fear with a puff of psilocybin smoke and a final swig of beer.

Mentored by Alphaine six plus three, he used barding skills to gather creatures near the trees.

Song and fire with shooting flames, the eight legged creature is attracted by loud taunts and screaming shouts, with stagnating movement thereabouts.

Twistar sneaked past the slow-moving bodies of creepy eyes and long legs near his side; the battle started in the dead of night.

He performed a magical ritual to surround himself in fire; a flame with intense heat capable of burning flesh if anything came close to his position, leaving bodies burned beyond recognition.

The fire illuminated the area and revealed a creature hiding near a tree; the adventurers followed Twistar’s lead.

A magical cold strike surrounded the creature in ice spikes, trapping its movement to a slow crawl, making it easier to target for a violent brawl.

A loud thundering sound emitted from a hammers ground pound; a sensation of vibrations caused blurred vision to anything around, delaying their actions in a momentary pause, giving the adventurers a few more seconds to avoid the creature’s claws.

 The magic dissipated and the creature escaped with only a few scars on its face.

The adventurers scrambled in an unorganised manner, trying to find some light that is hiding in the darkness of night.

It was a chaotic pace with weapons swinging wildly during the creature chase.

A sword swung fast and freely in mid-air, but it was unable to hit the fast moving creature as it ran in circles, the speed blurring its shadow features.

A polearm patiently waited to attack as the weapon is slow to move when trying to slice, but it missed the creature with each attempted strike.

A bow shot arrows from afar, but the arrows were unable to find the target in darkened space as the creature was camouflaged by its colour and shape.

Twistar moved fast with his skills of haste, delaying his perception of actual events; a fierce battle with rage that took place; attacking the creature with eight legs with a storm of fire and a finishing melee stab.

He paused his actions for a second to assess the battle; the cacophony’s inception rumbling crashing and çrackling noises from close proximity.

It was a tumultuous event confused by haste due to darkness and a scary place.

When his eyes blinked to focus his vision, he saw a large hammer swinging above him with rising and downward motion towards his position. He squinted in fear as a hammer strike came near but it landed near his feet where the creature was last seen; he continued to move fast to avoid another melee bash.

Twistar’s mind draws a blank as he is unable to remember the next event that led to his party’s horrific ending fate, leaving four people dead and without a trace.

The solace of the forest deepened as if the ghost of their corpses found relief, but he did not. He reeled from the loss of blood which he suffered and felt his eyelids twinkle of their own accord.

He holds the Fang still and digs it into his chest for a faster exit.

The light of the moon went out as soon as the Fang broke through the Bony cage of his ribs and touched his heart.

The afterlife wasn’t all it seemed as Twistar’s eyes fluttered open.

His burning headaches are from the nightmares which he suffered. The violent intensity of the dreams seemed to drain his own body of energy.

His heart paced when he sensed he recognised the forest space from the dream he had just awoken from.

Something about the dream dragged within him. It flutters in the region within his reach like a butterfly but these details elude his stretching grasp.

Twistar jerks from his position into a standing one. His heart sinks when he finally realises the events of the night.

He throws the fang on the ground, pinching his skin and slapping his face for effect.

He feels the sting of each action. He has to be awake.

The thoughts of the battle enter his mind and panic sets in.

There was no exit.

The entire forest space is an enclosure of dull grey matter covering every side of the mountain.

The air reaches his nostrils in jagged breaths.

“Hello” he cried out “Hello!”

The voice that returned was not an echo of his yelling; it came from a particular section of his mind.

He swallows a hard bowl of air when the realisation of what happened trickles into his memory, like a small pool of water sluicing into the corridors of his thoughts.

“Welcome to the world you have made for yourself Twistar”

The voices followed the travelling wind that came in through a crack in which the rays of moonlight flickered in.


After a moment he recognises all the voices. It’s the same voices that begged for life when Twistar attacked his party, a party of four adventurers; the eight legged creatures he saw that night. He had burned them all with his fire, and a final stab with his handheld weapon – a poisonous fang that dug deep in their chests rendering their bodies dormant and dead as the venom settled in. One by one he killed them all.

When it was all over, he stared at the bloody fang and threw it on the ground.

“What have I done?” he thought.

A voice in his head offered a solution –  run.

The details of his actions recorded in a flashback.

Twistar searched for the source of the voice.

A man of violent disposition even he was forced into cowardice by the situation.

“Now, let’s play a little game shall we?”

The voice turns sinister and the chills come back.

Twistar couldn’t plead for escape from what should be the 15th loop of the vicious circle.

He reaches instinctively for the Fang and goes about his business with fluid acuity.

For the first time in days he has all the yearnings for an escape and no willingness to run.

He’s a man insane.

From the troubles of life in a circle which he did not understand .

He didn’t flinch when the Fang dug into his flesh and tore into his chest .

He didn’t hesitate to shield his eyes when his eyelids closed.

Twistar’s eyes would open once more to the agony of an unending night.

The hallucinations continue until the bartender in the Tavern shakes his body.

“Twistar, wake up!

Your friends are ready to go on the adventure.”

Twistar the howling wind of Spindleskog!

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns

June 16 2021

The Howling Wind of Spindleskog – by Akandriel – narrated by Asclepius


Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the first chapter of a wonderful story from Akandriel, entitled

The howling wind of Spindleskog

Background music by Smartsound


The sound of the unseen entity manifested like fire and scorching judgement and punishment all in one.

It was a simple screech that broke the silence in the dark forest with a chilly gutterance.

The chill started from Twistar’s spine, searing it’s way too his arms and leaving his hands cold as soon as the piercing cry hit his ears.

Through his entire being was the agony of a painful panic gnawing into the depths of his consciousness and finding no resting place.

There was no escape from his tormenting desires, desires that had brought this on him; vengeance.

“I know you’re here!” he yelled.

The signs had been there etched in his mind from when the fang struck deep into the chests, injecting its venom into its prey, and incapacitating the victims with poison that flowed through their bodily tissue, capillaries, and veins.

The poison accelerated decay, liquefying the victims’ internals into a mush, leaving behind a burned and empty carcass husk.

All his companions lay dead

Twistar wasn’t able to prevent these traumatic events. His brain is swollen from reccurring thoughts of the disaster.

Continuous use of inhaling smoke from burning stimulants and drinking ale did little to calm his shaky nerves

The ray of light passes through a crack in the forest trees, unveiling a moon hung from the sky by an ancient orb. It’s this specific light that only reveals the entity during the night; the creature that made him angry and full of spite.

Twister’s revenge is buried deep inside, but its strength resurfaces from time to time sparking his desire to find the creature that slaughtered everyone during the fight.

The area is partially illuminated by fragmentations of light hindering Twistar’s sight, but he sees a peculiar shadow that isn’t completely concealed by the darkness of night; it may reveal the creature nearby

He navigates through cobwebs, twigs, and leaves using his stealthy expertise, sneaking closer to the shadow’s form, preparing himself to unleash his raging storm.

Twistar feels an odd sensation when he arrives at the battleground, feeling the essence of the horror; not forgetting just how he felt when the creature handed its strike without making a sound nor revealing any identifiable presence at night.

He remembers the silence, then the attack that surprised them when the creature displayed its form, a faint shadow exposing a familiar size, and a blurring screech that echoed off the mountainside.

“Please make it stop!” Twistar pleaded.

Twistar’ s head points down as he cries when recalling images from that night. His eyes watering and his mouth fills with saliva while the liquid in his throat dries. He shivers in his own perspiration, and his subtle vibrations shake the stains of sweat off his skin.

“I know you’re here!” he yelled.

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns

June 16 2021

The One-eared Rabbit of Breamar – by Womby – narrated by Asclepius


Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from Womby, entitled

The One-eared Rabbit of Braemar

Background music by Smartsound


When night falls and the busy town folk retreat to the tavern to relax and socialise, conversation often turns to the strange and inexplicable. Stories of lost kingdoms hold perpetual fascination, while tales of mysterious crypts and the walking dead cast a pall of fear over those who hear them. All this is nothing, however, compared to the sudden hush that comes over the assembled crowd whenever someone mentions an encounter with the sacred One Eared Rabbit.

“Did he empty your purse?” they ask, in hushed tones. “Yes” comes the inevitable reply. “I barely glanced at him and when I got home, sure enough, all my gold coins were missing.” “His secret hoard must be somewhere near there!” someone exclaims.

“How long has this been going on?” asks a stranger. “Since before The Fall,” comes a chorus of replies. “The amount of gold that rabbit has collected must be enough to fill a huge cavern.” “Why has no one found it?” asks the stranger. “Oh, we can’t do that” replies a wizened old man. “The rabbit is sacred. To disturb its lair would be sacrilege. We try our best to leave it in peace. In fact, we’ve made a map of the locations of all the known sightings, so that strangers such as yourself can avoid the area.”

“Of course,” replies the stranger. “I wouldn’t want to disturb the sacred rabbit. May I have a copy of the map?”

“Certainly,” replies the old man. “I can sell you one for 100 gold pieces.”

“Done,” replies the stranger.

Yes, thinks the old man. You certainly have been.

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns

June 16 2021

The Strange Case of Thaddeus Mange – by Womby – narrated by Asclepius


Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from Womby, entitled

The Strange Case of Thaddeus Mange

Background music by Smartsound


It was around a year ago that Thaddeus Mange, long term resident of Kingsport, disappeared with nary a trace. Nobody thought too much of it at the time. What with the rise of bandits, the newly encroaching undead, and the loss of shipping contact with Novia, residents of Kingsport had other things on their minds.

What did attract their attention, however, was the gradual disappearance of his house. Piece by piece, item by item, parts of his dwelling have been mysteriously disappearing. Naturally thieves were blamed, and the local guard Douglas kept watch. To his disbelief and horror, items appeared to walk off and vanish before his very eyes, resulting in him locking himself securely in the watchtower at night.

Soon these strange disappearances became public knowledge, and as is often the case when the ignorant are confronted with the inexplicable, his neighbor formed a cult. Naturally, this cult interpreted the disappearances as a message, although the exact nature of the message was the cause of much argument within the cult. A split formed between those who believed that the disappearance foretold a final cataclysmic end to the world (the Enders), and those who interpreted the disappearance as a sign that all Avatars would one day suddenly vanish (the Avatarians).

Disagreement between these two factions has recently turned violent, with both sides fighting for possession of the site.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus Mange has almost completed the transfer of his house from the Hidden Vale to Novia by row boat, and hopes to move the last few items any day now. He uses an invisibility spell and works at night so as to avoid having to talk with his neighbors, whom he cannot stand.

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns