March 11 2016

A Change…From Knight to Day-Written by Apollox Evanheart-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone: Lord Baldrith here with another fine and emotional poem by Apollox Evanheart! I have been asked to create this piece with emotion and heartfelt apathy to an emotionally troubled and terrorized soldier in times of battle.

A Change…From Knight to Day by Apollox Evanheart

Music: “Prepare Your Swords” by Bojidar Marinov

I feel like a monster
While enemies fall victim to my sword
I’ve protected my King and country
But I don’t deserve any rewards
I feel hopeless
Those things will never seem to change
Loyalty, Respect and Honor is my code
But now that becomes something to blame

I’ve slain many men
Most having family and children
I’m praised as a hero
But suffer and feel more like a villain
Who am I to judge?
How do I decide who to save?
I’ve lead my men to victory
But I don’t deserve your praise

These visual hallucinations
Are eating me up inside
The voices speak calmly to me
Often leaving me to cry
Another day I will suffer
Another day I ask why
Something has got to give or break
I can’t take another sleepless night

I want to stop the voices
I want to contain this rage
I’ve done this my whole life
Now I grow old in age
Is it too late to change my path?
Can I even be redeemed?
If Nataurz taught me anything
It’s to always follow your dreams

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