March 1 2016

Stunning Narrated and Written by Apollox Evanheart

Hello Everyone Lord Baldrith here with a wonderful Poem by Apollox Evanheart! He narrates/raps this lovely piece. I had the honor of working the production side.

Stunning Narrated and Written by Apollox Evanheart

Our eyes locked
I was a bit speechless
I tried to introduce myself
She overwhelmed me with weakness
A woman i just met
How could this be?
Im Apollox Evanheart
I’ve lain down with many beauties

I’ve always been a ladies’ man
Never to be shy after sundown
But her beauty had me by the grip
Felt like i needed to settle down
I don’t usually believe in soul mates
I’m not all to sure what that means
But if i had to decide tonight
I might have to make her my queen

Her mesmerizing looks
With her stunning red hair
The twinkle in her blue eyes
My attraction to her i must declare
I had built up the courage
To say my name and then some
She replied with a “Hello”
“My name is Madison”