March 18 2016

My Name Is Sunlara – Written by Apollox Evanheart – Narrated by Sunlara

Hello Everyone! Here is a wonderful poem written by Apollox Evanheart and narrated by Sunlara. Very heartfelt work here! Great reading Sunlara!

My Name Is Sunlara

Background Music: “Desolation” by Marcelo Fernandez (
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I’ve been drifting for days
A boat with no direction
But going many ways
A sense of urgency
To get where I need to
Have yet to set a destination
In search of happiness
I’m stuck in a queue

Trying to set a new path
My reputation is tainted
I need to take a better picture
Maybe a new life can be painted
I’ve tried to escape my past
I’ve burned a bridge or two
Holding my breath for help
I’ve started to turn blue

I’m not looking for a hand out
Just looking for a hand
I’m a women with nothing left
And favors is what they demand
I want to do this right
I want to be strong
I’m in no need of a Knight
To help me carry on

Don’t be mistaken by my beauty
Don’t misunderstand me by my looks
I’ll soon take back what is mine
No longer to be overlooked
I have two feet to stand on
Goals and dreams to drive me
The next time a favor is asked
You’ll be the one on your knees