March 13 2016

A Rap Toknight – Rapped – Produced by Apollox Evanheart

Hello Everyone, Lord Baldrith here with an Amazing song/rap by Apollox Evanheart. You can get into this one it’s really awesome! Apollox has done the whole thing, Production/creation!

A Rap Toknight by Apollox Evanheart

Music titled Promethazine by Bruce Wayne

I’m the hottest thing
Let me show ya
Apollox Evanheart
Representing…. Novia
A Knight by day
A King in the sheets
Royalty by blood
Raised by the streets

By the God’s
I’ve been blessed
The best thing to hit Shroud
Straight out of Wizards Rest
A surprise for all
That I’ve been gifted
But you know how it goes
No rest for the wicked

You know how it is
Ride in on my mount
Back talk this Knight
Pillage through your town
Plunder what I need
And get the hell out
Throw me a parade
You better bow down

And you know this
Just met these wench’s
Collar full of lipstick
Gave you a night of me
Its was pleasant
But I got to go before breakfast

I’m a warrior
I’m a soldier
If you don’t represent Chaos
Get the cold shoulder

I rock a sword
I use a shield
Disrespect me
Will often get you killed
I think my time to shine
Is now
Try to dethrone me
I laugh out loud
You’re at a game of checkers
I’m at a game of chess
You’ve just been flattened
Call you hard pressed
Everything I do
No regrets
When I dominate
No one forgets

A dominating force
Dominating pleasure
Like a pirate
Lookin’ for booty
I’m getting my treasure
The haters hate
Said it couldn’t be done
Who do you bow for now in Novian

O no
The end is near
Better write history
Make this very clear
I don’t demand respect
I push fear
My time is up
My path is clear
I’m out of time
Got to cause some pain
Hope you don’t mind
As I start my reign

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