January 30 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 01-29-16

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for January 29th, 2016. Hope everyone is enjoying R26!!

Special Guests:

Golden Wing & Cordelayne Valkaris

  • Play Release 26 Now!
  • The FireLotus Release 26 Party!
  • R26 Patch Notes
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Final Wipe and Lot Selection
  • Shooter Jennings’ In-Game Worldwide Premier of New Album “Countach”
  • The Entrance to Artifice
  • Valentine Goodies
  • New Player Homes
  • Checkers Anyone?
  • The Giant Yew Tree
  • In-game Community Events
  • This Week In the News
  • In-game Community Weekend Events
  • Upcoming Events
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January 28 2016

The Destruction of Kahli – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another great story from Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled

The Destruction of Kahli
Background music is by Smartsound

In the Year Following The Cataclysm…
On Sunandai, the 1st of Janus, the Month of Daedalus, the Chilling Season of Wentru, in the Waking Dawn a location was Destroyed

Pale robed sorcerers both venerable and youthful joined anxious hands, alternating old then young, adept then novice, in a circle of thirty that surrounded a deep-blue pulsating lunar rift. The entirety of the Order of the White Cabal stood stalwart, in solemn meditation, focused desperately upon the final hope for the City of Kahli. A spell of immense proportions was called upon. With each word of magic uttered, the weave of the enchantment grew. With every misspoken syllable, the magical energies trembled as if to burst. But few mistakes were made, for the Order of the White Cabal were learned in the arts of magic. Every breath of their lives was exhausted in devotion to such studies, and their destiny was now full at hand. When one singer of spells misspoke, the neighboring mage would repeat the words in proper enunciation, repairing the ethereal threads nearly lost or wrongly woven. But sometimes even the most perfectly spoken syllable caused falter. As the moons broke apart, words of magic broke with them. Once powerful incantations seemingly became fruitless whispers of nothingness. As each focused minute passed, the rift grew brighter yet more turbulent. But as each mage spoke their turn, and as the turns passed from old to young, young to old, there was one who’s time was quickly approaching who dared to stare into the sky upon their impending doom.

This day had been foreseen. Magic of immense power would be summoned by the Order. They would draw upon the fickle energies of a lunar rift at the outskirts of Kahli. They would harness this power to extend a protective shield over the city, safeguarding all within. Saving the citizens, the Grand Repository, and the Caverns of the Cabal far beneath their feet. The vision from the Overseer gave them only days to prepare. The entirety of the Cabal were put to task, learning the enchantments which would be recited upon this fateful day. Even the youngest of neophytes were given many lines to rehearse and commit to memory.

As his neighbor’s enchantments were recited, the turn passed to Kala-Sharee De’Kahli, a young but promising member of the White Cabal. But Kala-Sharee did not speak; the young mage still stared upon the despair in the darkening sky above. The dooming silence caused the magical energies to buckle and sway. Crackles of lightning flickered throughout the circle of mages, the circle of stones. An odd calm took hold in the eyes of Kala-sharee De’Kahli, grandson to Marquis Elgarion De’Kahli. The decrepit Elgarion squeezed his grandson’s hand in hurried alarm with the quivering voice of an old man, “Kala! Your words… your WORDS… recite them now!” Kala tore his eyes away from the rain of shards and cast a baleful and resentful glare upon the unsuspecting, then yanked his hands from the circle. To the dread and surprise of all, a sinister sneer formed upon the young one’s lips. “I shall do no such thing.” Kala-Sharee strode defiantly into the darkness of the surrounding woods. “May Larmenius take you all,” he cursed from the shadow in a disdainful voice.

Drenching rain and bruising hail pelted down upon their soaked velvet robes and frigid skin. Scholarly men accustomed to dusty libraries and solitary study were assaulted by the cataclysmic winds. Flustered and desperate, Elgarion grasped outward to the other empty hand, to the most elder of his order, Galdareen the White, but before they could complete the circle, the spell collapsed and the rift began to swirl in an immense burst of blue energy. Many of the mages turned to Elgarion with panic or blame in their eyes. Tendrils of furious lightning blasted outward in all directions from the torrent of the portal. Each mage struck was sucked into the vortex. More streaks flashed outward, each finding something to tear away from this plane. Stones from the circle vanished in a bending of space, pulled into the Void. Mages once numbering thirty, now only half as many remained. Some ran from the circle of stones but the flashes of light plucked them away, pulling them into the ever darkening portal. Once vibrant blue, now the rift took on a blackness which was nauseating to behold.

Elgarion was captivated by the horror. Betrayed by his offspring’s son. The end of the world was apparent as the shattered moons rained down a terrible fury. Could the Avatars save them from this calamity? Were they the cause? Kahli’s plan for survival was lost. Even before the first shard struck the lands of Kahli, the torn rift, now opened into an unknown darkness, was pulling in more and more, starving for all which the surrounding lands could provide. Stones… trees… buildings… spires… men, women and children… the tendrils showed no mercy as they stripped away all which surrounded the tear in space, save Elgarion, who still stood awestruck. As the rift’s turbulence lessened, the crackling energies waned. A moment passed in which only the sound of the storm could be heard. Eerie wind danced about Elgarion’s rain drenched robes as he looked upon the devastation and the diminished opening, now nearly shut. A moment of acceptance and clarity came to the old sorcerer; what had transpired finally took toll upon him, and Elgarion become overwhelmed with emotion. The White Mage cried in desperation, tears of agony mixing with the rain upon his wrinkled cheek. Just as Elgarion raised his eyes to meet the shard fall, a final accusing finger of lightning struck him, pulling him into the Void and tearing him from this reality. The portal slammed shut just as the shards made landfall, laying waste to all that remained of the once vibrant city of Kahli.

In unfathomable time, hours perhaps years, minutes or millennia, the peoples of Kahli roamed the Void in sickening despair, perception of time or space no longer possible to them. Darkness consumed all. By touch alone could they move about, all sounds muffled, distorted or deafening. The ground beneath their feet shifting with mocking and confusing intent. But all was not lost, for deep within the dark, a solitary glow emitted from a beautiful form. Hope had survived. A beacon that would not be discovered for centuries to come. For the sapling which grew from the blessed essence of the White Acolyte of Artenius, was now a mighty tree many millennia old. For so long, The Devout One had protected the citizens of Kahli under its umbrella of radiance and warmth. Now, it stood waiting within the Void. Waiting for an old man, in his aimless wanderings through the maddening blackness, to step into its light.

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January 23 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 01-22-16

Hello everyone! Last weekend for R25, don’t forget your tour guide quest!

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • The Making of Paladis Shardfall
  • The Making of Dysborg Ruins
  • Changes to Expired Patron, Navigator, and Developer Pledges
  • POLL: All Content Available in Offline Mode?
  • R25 End Of The World Party (Doc’s Cotton Pickin’ Party)
  • Fastest Decorator in the West
  • Bear Tavern Brawl R25
  • Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment 2
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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January 22 2016

The Cataclysm, the Birth of Daedalus – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another great story from Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled

The Cataclysm, The Birth of Daedalus
Background music by Smartsound

The Cataclysm…
On Sunandai, the 1st of Janus, the Month of Daedalus, the Chilling Season of Wentru, in the Midnight Hour, the Two Moons collided

At the turn of the millennia, two moons collided in the skies high above New Britannia. The horrors that followed were cataclysmic. Cities crumbled under a shower of moon fragments, the seas rose and washed away shoreline villages, the earth trembled and reshaped itself, rivers diverted washing away all within their destructive paths. Those that survived took shelter in desperation to weather the coming years of hardship. Some took to caves, others to the ruins. Some took to ship and sailed to faraway lands hoping to find solace in places untouched by devastation.

The Lamentation of the Fall by Sariah the Blind hinted at what transpired, but still so much is left to question. Other libraries, journals or ancient letters reveal theories regarding this calamity. Blame has been thrust in many directions. Most commonly the Avatars or “Outlanders” were accused; could they have reached too far? Sorcerers and Wizards… Witches and Warlocks… also it is not uncommon to read of or hear the scorn bent upon the evils of magic users; suggestions that fallen ancestors lie at the feet of the depraved spell singers. There are many who blamed the old gods; their names no longer uttered strongly by the multitudes. Only a few speak the names of the divine with passion, but usually as whispers in backrooms, for even the faithful oft ask the painful question, “Why did we suffer so? Were we not worthy of your love?” The Titans… The Oracle… The Virtues… Chaos… Order… The Kings or Queens of the Old World… This list is as long as there are mouths to speak opinion. But Sariah the Blind writes of one elusive truth. The bright truth. The reasons may elude us as to why our fate was twisted under falling moon shards, but the one bright truth shines with certainty. A time of redemption is upon us.

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January 16 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 01-15-16

Hello everyone!

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: SotA Release Schedule Update
  • Dysborg Ruins
  • The Making of Paladis Shardfall
  • Grannus, The Titan of Courage
  • Kobold Architecture
  • Sojourner Tales Printing Press
  • Player Owned Towns: Grasslands Template
  • The Wondrous Winter Telethon of the Avatar!
  • Many Thanks For the Awesome Holiday Party!
  • Lunar New Year Replenishing Fireworks Boxes
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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January 14 2016

The Founding of Kahli – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another wonderful story by Elgarion De’Kahli. It is the first in a series, and is entitled

The Founding of Kahli
Background music is by Smartsound.

4201 Years Before The Cataclysm…
On Moonandai, the 2nd of Apru, the Month of the Farmer, the Life-Giving Season of Strength, in the Waking Dawn, a location was Founded

Kahli, the Wanderer. The White Nomad. The Devout One. The White Acolyte of Artenius. Kahli, the White Mage of the Vale. The Robed Wanderer. So many names… so many untold tales… Kahli, in plain terms, was a sorcerer. He was a devout follower of Artenius, the Seventh Son of the Original Touch, of the now so-called Seventh Son of The Weeping Seven. Little is known of why Kahli the White Mage roamed for so long through the lands of the Vale. Some believed the White Nomad’s travels from village to village which brought the tender touch of Healing, were purely motivated by his devotions to his patron deity. Others believed Kahli was in flight from the forces of Chaos and the acolytes of Larmenius the Sixth Son; oft were they nipping at The Devout One’s heels with presumably evil intent.

Most commonly though, Kahli’s wanderings were accredited to a quest. Kahli, the White Mage of the Vale possessed a fate which was intertwined into a fabric woven from the lifelines of many. With each passing village, it was not uncommon for peasants and lords alike to leave behind their self-serving lives and to assist with the White Mage’s endeavors. Through the passing years, the Robed Wanderer had accumulated quite the following. Oft these devoted ones accompanied the ancient mage, but these devout also took their own paths; oddly, they also seemed to seek an elusive truth.

But upon a year ancient and nearly forgotten, four thousand and some centuries before the Great Cataclysm, the faithful and the Wanderer himself amassed at the northern feet of the Bone Spires. Presumably, there lay what they sought. Why there? To this day it is still a mystery. There is accounting for it being a bountiful land, a simple and practical reason, no doubt. Others account for the powerful lay lines which adjoin in this mystical valley. Another theory being merely the resting place of Kahli himself, having finally passed away here during the final days of wander lust. But a query common to the inquisitive peoples of the Vale, why such long-lived effort was taken to meet in such a place if not for a greater purpose?

The most fabled and documented of accountings was this: As the followers of Kahli made a circle around the aged wizard, beneath the cooling shadow of the Bone Spires and invigorating breeze skirting the surface of the Shimmering Lake, they began to chant. None amongst them were spell singers… these enchanted enunciations were unfamiliar to even themselves. The divine song of Artenius, perhaps? A grand spell they did weave, earth shaking and glorifying to those within its tendrils. A bright fog of magic swirled about the White Acolyte of Artenius, surely fed from the words laced in netherlike energies that danced from the lips of the devout. The ethereal mist became dense… and as it parted, a tiny sapling had sprouted in the place of Kahli, the man. And Kahli, the man, was no more. The White Mage of the Vale left a gift for those seeking a life in pursuit of a perfect Order. Kahli, the Wanderer’s destiny had come and passed. His final purpose fulfilled. From the moment his essence transformed, the Devout of Kahli began a new quest–to build a city of beauty and elegance and perfection. Within its walls, Order reigned. Love… Truth… Courage were the cornerstones whilst Order was the keystone to this society of true believers. As hovels became keeps… paths became cobbled streets… the City of Kahli flourished around this once tiny yet immortal sapling. Kahli, the Wanderer had come home, never to leave… roots now binding his soul to this magical land. The sapling would grow eternal as it fed from the love of its peoples. The city of Kahli would flourish under The Devout One’s nurturing shade. As each twig became branch, the loving roots stretched beneath every home and touched gently beneath the foot of every citizen.

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January 8 2016

Echoes From the Caverns 01-08-16

Hello everyone! Asclepius had some things going on this weekend so I am flying solo. Sorry for the shorter than normal newscast…I enjoy reporting all things Shroud, so it’s too the point with less gab haha.

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • The Making of Sanctus Spine
  • The Wondrous Winter Telethon of the Avatar!
  • Community Sponsored Portalarium Holiday Party
  • Grannus, The Titan of Courage
  • Release 26 Grand Tour Quest Reward: Bowler Hat
  • Spoon’s Silly Spectacles – the Treasure Hunt of the year 478
  • Final Weekend for 10% Holiday Bonus
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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January 7 2016

Obsidian Era Notes – the lesson of Andrasia of the Craftmasters – by Spoon – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius with another great story from Spoon. It is entitled

Obsidian era notes – the lesson of Andrasia of the craftmasters

Background music is by Smartsound.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
…allegedly the record of a clay tablet found under some of the Desolis ruins and claimed to be a transcription of an Obsidian Order lecture note where the lecturer is unknown. Probably forged since the name has never been found nor corroborated in other obsidian sources…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Every now and then we get the question from the acolytes why there are so few women among you. While I have heard a lot of silly theories for this over time, it all comes down to simple deduction. So everyone take out your stylus and take your answer to wax. Take your time, imprint what you think is applicable here.

Everyone done? Good, you are most likely wrong.

The simple answer is that most won’t go through with the hysterectomy, and of those that do some doesn’t survive.

But that answer is too simple, isn’t it? It brings too many other questions along with it. Take to wax the questions that you can think of.

Everyone done? Good. Then put your styluses away and listen carefully.

This is the lesson of Andrasia of the craftmasters. She was of outstanding talent and dedication to the Obsidian Cause. Most of our discoveries are either built upon the work of the Eye or of Andrasia. But you will see no mentions of her or her work and that is because she died young and left all those discoveries to others to finish into theories and practices.

The smarter of you have already deduced the ending of this story by now, so I’m filling in the blanks for you who need to work harder on your deductive capabilities.

Andrasia died being eaten from the inside.

By the gasps, I hear that most of you need to work on your deductive reasoning, so let me state some of the facts that you had to deduce it from:

One – Andrasia studied and became a craftmaster.

Two – To do that she of course spent time in the vicinity of the Grunvald shardfall and brought home artifacts from it.

Three – As you know, children are more susceptible to fomorian transformation.

Ah, I can see that most of you have reached a conclusion by now, but most of you are still wrong. Although that might be due to a piece of data not yet presented.

Yes, something transformed and grew inside Andrasia’s uterus eating its way into her intestines and killing her slowly over several days while we were trying to help her and kill the creature within her.

But! The answers to your questions aren’t as simple as you think.

You see, we are quite certain that Andrasia was a virgin at the time.

We are also quite certain that whatever it was inside her wasn’t anything that we have seen before or since.
This again gives rise to a lot of questions. Some of which I hope that new acolytes like yourselves will answer for us one of these days.

But for now it suffices to say that this is why we require hysterectomies from all females before they become acolytes. It is also why we recommend complete sack castration as a precaution in males even though we do not require it.

And a final note before you all leave. Whatever it was that grew inside Andrasia, it got away from the four sorcerers present and escaped into the Epitaph.
It has not yet been found.

For the adventurous among you there is still a reward for its capture, set by the Cabal itself.

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January 2 2016

Echoes from the Caverns 01-02-2016

Hello everyone! Happy New Year for 2016! I have a great feeling about this year – hopefully it will be the Year of the Shroud!
On my own this week, as Lord Baldrith is busy. The main news items for this week are:

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • Happy New Year!
  • Only 4 Days Remaining Until the Winter Reward & Price Expiration Deadline
  • Resolute
  • North Varisalla Foothills
  • The Making of The City of Aerie – Part 2
  • NPC Submissions Requested for Aerie and Resolute!
  • Dev+ Asset Packs Galore in December!
  • Brass Clockwork Raven
  • White Stone Castle Wall
  • Release 24-25 Christmas Decoration Contest Winners!
  • 24 Hours of New Year’s Parties!
  • New Years Day Costume Party In Obsidian Caverns
  • 4B’s Get In Shape Maze
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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