January 7 2016

Obsidian Era Notes – the lesson of Andrasia of the Craftmasters – by Spoon – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius with another great story from Spoon. It is entitled

Obsidian era notes – the lesson of Andrasia of the craftmasters

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…allegedly the record of a clay tablet found under some of the Desolis ruins and claimed to be a transcription of an Obsidian Order lecture note where the lecturer is unknown. Probably forged since the name has never been found nor corroborated in other obsidian sources…
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Every now and then we get the question from the acolytes why there are so few women among you. While I have heard a lot of silly theories for this over time, it all comes down to simple deduction. So everyone take out your stylus and take your answer to wax. Take your time, imprint what you think is applicable here.

Everyone done? Good, you are most likely wrong.

The simple answer is that most won’t go through with the hysterectomy, and of those that do some doesn’t survive.

But that answer is too simple, isn’t it? It brings too many other questions along with it. Take to wax the questions that you can think of.

Everyone done? Good. Then put your styluses away and listen carefully.

This is the lesson of Andrasia of the craftmasters. She was of outstanding talent and dedication to the Obsidian Cause. Most of our discoveries are either built upon the work of the Eye or of Andrasia. But you will see no mentions of her or her work and that is because she died young and left all those discoveries to others to finish into theories and practices.

The smarter of you have already deduced the ending of this story by now, so I’m filling in the blanks for you who need to work harder on your deductive capabilities.

Andrasia died being eaten from the inside.

By the gasps, I hear that most of you need to work on your deductive reasoning, so let me state some of the facts that you had to deduce it from:

One – Andrasia studied and became a craftmaster.

Two – To do that she of course spent time in the vicinity of the Grunvald shardfall and brought home artifacts from it.

Three – As you know, children are more susceptible to fomorian transformation.

Ah, I can see that most of you have reached a conclusion by now, but most of you are still wrong. Although that might be due to a piece of data not yet presented.

Yes, something transformed and grew inside Andrasia’s uterus eating its way into her intestines and killing her slowly over several days while we were trying to help her and kill the creature within her.

But! The answers to your questions aren’t as simple as you think.

You see, we are quite certain that Andrasia was a virgin at the time.

We are also quite certain that whatever it was inside her wasn’t anything that we have seen before or since.
This again gives rise to a lot of questions. Some of which I hope that new acolytes like yourselves will answer for us one of these days.

But for now it suffices to say that this is why we require hysterectomies from all females before they become acolytes. It is also why we recommend complete sack castration as a precaution in males even though we do not require it.

And a final note before you all leave. Whatever it was that grew inside Andrasia, it got away from the four sorcerers present and escaped into the Epitaph.
It has not yet been found.

For the adventurous among you there is still a reward for its capture, set by the Cabal itself.

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  1. Elgarion De Khali

    Great work as always Asclepius ? And Spoon’s story was very intriguing! I see it as a great tale told to scare children at a campfire gathering on Hallow’s Eve hahaaa. Don’t let Andrasia’s baby get ya!


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