January 22 2016

The Cataclysm, the Birth of Daedalus – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another great story from Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled

The Cataclysm, The Birth of Daedalus
Background music by Smartsound

The Cataclysm…
On Sunandai, the 1st of Janus, the Month of Daedalus, the Chilling Season of Wentru, in the Midnight Hour, the Two Moons collided

At the turn of the millennia, two moons collided in the skies high above New Britannia. The horrors that followed were cataclysmic. Cities crumbled under a shower of moon fragments, the seas rose and washed away shoreline villages, the earth trembled and reshaped itself, rivers diverted washing away all within their destructive paths. Those that survived took shelter in desperation to weather the coming years of hardship. Some took to caves, others to the ruins. Some took to ship and sailed to faraway lands hoping to find solace in places untouched by devastation.

The Lamentation of the Fall by Sariah the Blind hinted at what transpired, but still so much is left to question. Other libraries, journals or ancient letters reveal theories regarding this calamity. Blame has been thrust in many directions. Most commonly the Avatars or “Outlanders” were accused; could they have reached too far? Sorcerers and Wizards… Witches and Warlocks… also it is not uncommon to read of or hear the scorn bent upon the evils of magic users; suggestions that fallen ancestors lie at the feet of the depraved spell singers. There are many who blamed the old gods; their names no longer uttered strongly by the multitudes. Only a few speak the names of the divine with passion, but usually as whispers in backrooms, for even the faithful oft ask the painful question, “Why did we suffer so? Were we not worthy of your love?” The Titans… The Oracle… The Virtues… Chaos… Order… The Kings or Queens of the Old World… This list is as long as there are mouths to speak opinion. But Sariah the Blind writes of one elusive truth. The bright truth. The reasons may elude us as to why our fate was twisted under falling moon shards, but the one bright truth shines with certainty. A time of redemption is upon us.

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