February 25 2016

Arachnophilia – written and narrated by Womby

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful poem written and narrated by Womby. It is entitled


Background music is by Smartsound.

The battle had ended
and that’s when I spied her –
surrounded by dead,
a magnificent spider.

There we were, the spider and I.
Facing each other. Eye to eye.
Corpses of people and spiders all round…
all but us dead, and nary a sound.

As we studied each other with cautious respect
I lowered my weapon, for I could detect
a sad, lonely tear in one of her eyes –
and what happened next came as quite a surprise.

She lifted a leg, and placed it on me
then beckoned I follow her under a tree.
It was there we discovered a passion so great
that the spider and I decided to mate.

Our 500 children now wander the land –
a sight so inspiring, moving and grand.
Some have two legs, and others have eight
but all think the taste of humans is great.

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October 24 2015

Patience of a Dead Spirit – by EMPstrike – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a couple of wonderful and chilling poems by EMPstrike.
Background music is by Smartsound.

Patience of a Dead Spirit

Nothing to say
Nothing to show

Waiting for nothing, at last it’s arrived.
The ghost of a hope no longer alive
Just the waiting remains with no reason behind.

A bucket, empty, bone dry from evaporation
As it sits, unfilled, for what seems like generations.

And the water is gone.
And gone, that which would fill it

…But damn anyone who dares to renew it.

This bucket must wait to be filled by the tide
That no longer will visit the cavity inside.

The grim ghost of a hope that its contents return.
Not some fresh, new, clean source, but the one that was first.

The Ghost of the dying, or dead Hope that was fueled,
Leaving nothing behind
But patience.

This deadly numb patience, the husk of a goal
That once dreamed each drop would return to the whole,
Is now simply nothing.
It’s for nothing, I wait.

With nothing to show.
And nothing to say.

Sacrificial Sanity

Fear not, in the dark
Of things yet unseen,
That cause slight discomfort,
As you mold your dreams

For there are those, who have dedicated themselves
Their very minds, feeding demons of Hell.

Feasting on beacons of perpetual fear
Sparked like fires in the minds of mad seers.

A longing in purpose to know what is shunned
To experience firsthand, that darkness has won

But long has it been that the fallen has seen,
A glimpse of what measure he took while at peace.

“I despise my humanity, I wish to know balance
But how can I do so, without facing the challenge”

Drowned by darkness, stagnated by sin

It’s so hard
to find…
where I once was…

Does understanding really come at this price?

Is there ever an end to this fight?

My will, long relinquished, atrophied in fear
No comfort in knowing i may never get out of here.

The clarity I gained, before this dark journey
Is what offers the glimpses to know

It’s what assures there will always be hope

The rope I left, hard to see in the dark
But moments, like this
When I note its distance.

And Reach.

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March 7 2015

Beyond the Pale-Written by Sir Hemlock-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

This is Lord Baldrith with a wonderful Poem by Sir Hemlock.  I love the passion that is imbued into this well written piece.

Background Music: Histories and Tales by Alexandr Zhelanov https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov

Beyond the Pale by Sir Hemlock

There’s a clearing through the hollow

Where the woods recede away

I will lead you

If you’ll follow

Through the night into the day


Far from unwanted advances

On my honor-I avow

Free to seek

Or be abandoned

To deny or to allow


And your body I shall lay

Upon a cashmere wave of night

Inhibitions will abate

And we’ll be joined in the moonlight

The song of lovers lost will cover

Us as soon as summer wakes

Inside the hearts of which we covet

Where the chains of bondage break


Aloft the midnight wind we’ll sail

Through raging tempest

Cloud and hail

And we’ll never, ever fail

Always, just beyond the pale


No more will the evils charm us

On my sword-I do avow

And our weaknesses will arm us

With the courage to confound

And all of nature will bow down

And all of nature will bow down


And on the midnight wind we’ll sail

Through the blackness

Cloud and hail

And we’ll never, ever fail

Always, just beyond the pale


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February 26 2015

The Paean Bards – Excerpts – by Sunswords – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with some wonderful poems by Sunswords. They are entitled

“The Paean Bards – Excerpts”
Background music is “Android Dream” by Smartsound

The Treachery of Baram-Kul
By Xan

Where bloodied roses and dry bones lie,
Virtues forsake this unholy ground.
Within the shadows shrieks a voice high,
Take heed good folk, for death is abound.

Why forth have you come, oh foolish one!
To feed the maggots with your corpse?
The gods of mercy shall spare you none,
This darkness swallows with no remorse.

Baram-Kul the Lich will welcome you warmly,
He yearns to feast on your blood red flesh.
From your skull a cup he shall drink deeply,
Your eyes and your teeth, a garland most fresh.

Baram-Kul the Lich is most forgiving he says,
Ghastly flames burn bright in his eyes,
His voice echoes in his kingdom of decay:
“Perform for me and freedom’s your prize”.

Where bloodied roses and dry bones lie,
A dancing skeleton mocks the sunlight,
The stretched skin of a face in the wind does sigh,
As your scream is drowned out, by the still of the night.


Of Curses Betwixt
By Anonymous

Poisoned shroom and spiders’ silk,
I cast a curse on thee,
Thine precious wit and foolish ilk
Rue the day thou camest to be!

Blackened pearl and mandrake root,
I bind my will to ye,
Do my bidding mine faithful brute
So fall upon thine knees!

Red moss and pinch of ash,
I trap thy heart once free,
Twist thine soul and hopes be dash
This crone doth laugh with glee!


Dread Beasts’ Puzzle
By Parnaxis

A crown I wear, a jewelled arc,
Gems that shine, in light and dark.

Through air I crawl, a dreadful grace,
Wings I have not, I leave no trace.

My weapons sheathed, a dagger pair,
Your blood it drinks, your flesh it tears.

Wanderer of the abyss, you draw near,
What am I, the one you’ll fear?

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February 2 2015

The Mug of Balldric – by Themo Lock – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story by Themo Lock, entitled

The Mug of Balldric

Background music “The Adventurist v2″, by Matthew Pablo. At www.matthewpablo.com

The Mug Of Balldric

I was offering aid in Braemar to those who were new to the land,
Answering questions and dispensing gear to all that were at hand,
When a man whose name escapes me, for now let us call him Bruce,
Approached and asked my name and occupation, and if he could be of use.

He clearly did not realise that i was not a merchant or NPC,
And although i tried to inform him thus, he demanded a quest from me,
Struck by a spark of mischief with no intention to aggrieve,
I thought to myself “If it’s a quest you want, a quest you shall receive”.

“Dark times have come upon us!” I said with dramatic flare,
“The community has been robbed of an artefact most rare”,
“It must be returned to me post haste for order to be restored”,
“No man can be left unquestioned, no corner left unexplored!”

Bruce seemed quite excited and ran in circles on the spot,
Though this quest possessed no ending he would give it his best shot,
“It is called the mug of Balldric!” I yelled over the chatter of the mob,
“Great!” he yelled while running off… Bruce was on the job.

Briefly my attention turned to a guild-mate with a question,
When I looked up to spot him in the crowd, he was lost in the congestion,
“Oh dear” I gasped in panic “what have I gone and done?”
I had sent him on a wild goose chase in a moment of harmless fun.

I decided to send him a message and put end to this amusing game,
But I paused with the sudden realization that I had forgot his name,
I ran in his last known direction, my face a pallid mask,
I had to find this newcomer and relieve his endless task.

I searched the lands high and low from Braemar to Kingsport,
Fearing I would now be grouped with those that harass for sport,
I asked after a man that quested for the fabled Balldric mug,
People shrugged and stared at me as if I were on some kind of drug.

Somewhere out there Bruce still quests and searches to this day,
Determined to complete his task unsuspecting of foul play,
I now drown my guilt in ale with no words for my defence,
But alas I cannot say for certain it will be the last quest I dispense.

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January 27 2015

Noob-skin Boots – by Themo Lock – narrated by Solstar

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. I am delighted again to welcome Solstar to the microphone; he will be bringing us a wonderful rendition of a thrilling tale by Themo Lock, entitled

Noob-skin Boots.
Background music is “The Last Encounter”, by Matthew Pablo, at www.matthewpablo.com

Noob-skin Boots

Let me tell a tale of bovine wrath and fear,
The most terrifying tale you will likely ever hear,
A story that will transport you to the nightmares of your youth,
Though sounding false and suspect, I swear it is the truth.

I was aiding young adventurers; we had formed a roving band,
I showed them points of interest as we toured this scenic land,
We quested, explored and battled, we danced, drank and laughed,
Until one young lad raised the question “Hey Themo how do I craft?”.

“Well” i said “good question, it’s simple at its roots”,
“Recipes are abundant but let’s start with leather boots”,
“The ingredients are simple, according to the guides”,
“The obvious place to start would be to gather hides”

“Hides you say?” the same lad asked, a furrow on his brow,
Until an excited lass chimed in “hey how about this cow?”
Her plan was sound, the cow was handy, it did not seem unwise,
Nobody seemed to own the thing so i shouted “kill it guys!”.

The party surged towards the beast, rusty swords in hand,
This shouldn’t prove a challenge i just hoped it bore no brand,
One of the party, overly keen attempted a body slam,
But the cow simply blinked and voiced the words ” VAS FLAM”

Fire erupted from its hoof, and engulfed the would-be crafter,
He screamed and died, i bit my tongue and ceased my merry laughter,
The newbies froze and turned to me with fearful questioning eyes,
“ummmm” I said at a loss for words “this plan we must revise”.

The cow lazily wandered to the crafters corpse, skinning knife in hoof,
I had always suspected cows were evil, now I had my proof,
With horror I realised the beast’s intent and rushed in to resurrect,
Stealth not being my primary trait, my approach it did detect.

“IN POR” it said in husky voice, vanishing from sight,
“Thank god” I thought relieved, at least we avoided a fight,
But from behind me screams erupted as well as a chilling “MOOOO!”
I cast my spell and turned in time to see it bite a noob… and slowly chew.

“GET IT OFF!!” the poor lass screamed to no avail, the rest of our team had scattered,
Aside from one brave newbie soul who was bloody, bruised and battered,
He gripped the beasts tail and thrust his blade where the Novia sun don’t shine,
The cow’s eyes widened, it released its prey and it fled with a tortured whine.

The group reformed and heals were cast, nobody said a word,
Each of us knew we could tell no-one, the tale would seem absurd,
“OK” I said in trembling voice “back to crafting armour”,
“No thank you” the crafter said “I think I want to be a farmer”.

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January 22 2015

Don’t Lick the Moon Tower – by Themo Lock – narrated by Doctor Shroud

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. I am delighted to present our newest narrator, Doctor Shroud.

He will be bringing us a great rendition of a wonderful poem by Themo Lock, entitled

“Don’t Lick the Moon Tower”
Background music “What lies Beneath”, by Smartsound.

Don’t lick the Moon Tower

Strolling through Owls Head town alone and late at night,
No questing left unfinished and no rogues around to fight,
I came upon a Moon Tower that glowed unearthly blue,
Intrigued and slightly drunk I set down my mug of brew.

My elders had forbade me to approach the tower since I was very young,
Yet without a first or second thought… I probed it with my tongue.
Demons surged inside me! tearing at my very core,
My bowels released, i screamed aloud and tumbled to the floor.

I awoke some hours later to a guard’s boot and look of disgust,
My ears were bleeding, my briefs were soiled… bathing was a must,
A mental note was made that day to act only after I think,
And don’t pass out in public or some jerk will steal your drink.

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January 10 2015

Vick the Genius-Written by Themo Lock-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…Here is a wonderful story by Themo Lock. I truly enjoyed this one a lot! I even begged for dibs on recording this one…so here it is!

Vick the Genius by Themo Lock

Background Music: Post Rock by Aran Koning

Vick was not a thinker of great note by any means,

forethought and common sense were just not present in his genes,

yet alchemy was his passion and tinctures were his love,

despite his lack of working knowledge and understanding thereof.


He gathered reagents daily,

working late into the night,

searching swamps for herbs and battling lich and sprite,

devoid of lore or recipe he boldly combined them all,

in a rusted iron cauldron which he stirred with broken maul.


He bottled the chaotic concoction in discarded potion flasks,

and grinned with pride and satisfaction at the completion of his task.

it was time to drink and test his potion to discover its effect,

he didn’t know if it was poisonous but he probably should have checked.


His vision blurred, his hair fell out and extremities went numb,

skin turned blue, teeth turned green and ears began to thrum,

he could suddenly hear colours and became uncomfortably erect,

but beyond all odds and reason gained superior intellect.


He now understood that he was dying and knew exactly why,

paralysed and enlightened he softly began to cry,

his new knowledge of the reagents used filled his mind with dread,

but before a cure could be concocted … Vick the genius was dead.

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December 20 2014

Blackest Before the Dawn-Written by zerowon-Narrated by Lord Baldrith


Hello Everyone: Here is a poem/song written by zerowon (aka Nomad). Very valor themed. I love the strength in the words.

Here is the text:

Background music by Szymon Matuszewski called Guitary

Blackest Before the Dawn by zerowon (Nomad)

T’is truly the end when light fades to black,
T’is truly the end when there’s no going back,
So swallow your fear and gather your pride,
Grasp on some courage and prepare for the tide.

The battle is lost yet the war’s just begun,
Masking the battle by setting the sun,
Twilight beckons the night to return,
Illuminated ashes where bodies once burned.

T’is blackened times in Novia now,
Thousands of mortals take hero some vows,
For now they know t’is past the hour,
To right the land of the wrongs that devour.

The scorching of earth,
Dead children at birth,
No cleansed souls,
No body of worth.

For now is the time,
to undo what is wrong,
The end of all virtue,
The end of this song.

So rise now heroes,
Of this I implore,
Fight for a land,
We all shall restore.

Remember now
Before I am gone,
Its always the blackest,
Before you see dawn.

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November 6 2014

Thank you for Giving me Hope – by Amber Raine

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. The New Britannia Theater Troupe presents an exquisite and tender piece, composed and performed by Amber Raine. It is entitled

Thank you for Giving me Hope
I think anyone who has been through a deep personal loss will find that this is very moving, and indeed strikes a chord.

Feeling the tears well up in my eyes
I fight them back, I do not want to cry
This is the hardest thing i will have to do
Wear this mask of smiles as we say goodbye to you

My heart shatters and I just want to hide
racing for the shadows, “safer here” i lied
Facing the people, I worry and dread
This pain in my heart making me wish i was dead

With a brush you stroked the very essence of my soul
Gave me strength to move forward when life dealt such blows
For you helped me awaken the greatness in me
Without your help it may have never been seen.

With colours more vibrant then my personal greys
You helped me learn of a future with brighter days
Now the clouds have rolled over, the sky turned pitch black
I am returned to the shadows, where I can not be attacked.

A feeling of cold darkness enters my soul
Alone once again, can I keep fighting, i do not know.
No one will ever understand the strength I got from you
Watching you create masterpieces as only you can do

NO one will ever understand what I am trying to say
Why I feel like this for you, you helped show me the way
I soon started to remember what you helped me want from my life
I must seek out the light, it will hurt but it will be alright

Things will move forward, although my heart feels like dying
I will face another day, with an exclamation mark
… of sighing.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM