April 30 2014

Time In A Bottle-Written by Time Lord-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Here is a bit of a romantic one written by Time Lord.  Thanks for giving me authorization on a few Time Lord!  You have some serious writing skill!

Time in a Bottle

Stranded on a coastline in the barren waists of an abysmal beach, I press my heart within this bottle in hopes beloved’s hands it reach. My castaway soul has met it’s keeper’s will, across the waters, near the breakers, where good and evil kill. The shape of time in-which I’m thine, has cast my heart adrift, while it’s stranded I am, while through my hands, short sands of time doth sift. Lost am I as I sit upon it’s sands, a lost man in time forgotten left for not, in the god’s forsaken land. Fore it’s by bandits I crossed and now I watch as they make their way, with all of my life passing them with each of the ocean’s waves. It’s fitting now that I should look once more into eyes as beautiful as thine, as I stare into death’s doorway, abandon in the waists of time. Beautiful dragon doth come for me now, while my arrows lay in a murderer’s fleas. I could pry them out, but t’would only delay thy loveliness’s feast. Come for me now as I am forgotten within your arms I prey, fore death is my cradle and I in love, in your beauty’s death I lay. Forgotten for your love I’ll sleep, as I cork my hearts content, looking into eyes so beautiful as thine, in a dragon’s love I commit. No more love have I left to give or coddle, as I press my heart’s release, within this bottle.Forgive me my beloved, all else is silent…


April 27 2014

The Reflection of True Love by Time Lord-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Here is another great poem by Time Lord.  A romantic poem!
Here is the text (I think the style is amazing as well)



Of True Love.

This is what I am.

This is what you are.

This is what we both are.

I am not a gift, I am a hope.

I am not a want, I am a wish.

I am not a desire, I am a prayer.

I am not a slave, I am a blessing.

I am not your eyes, I am your face.

I am not your arms, I am your helper.

I am not your toes, I keep them warm.

I am not your legs, I am your inspiration.

I am not your finger, I am what you touch.

I am not your heart, I am why it is beating.

I am not your feet, I am what they come to.

I am not your ear, I am what it wants to hear.

I am not your mind, I am what it is mindful of.

I am not your pillow, I am your comfort at night.

I am not your sleep, I am what your sleep waits for.

I am not your bed, I am the security that lay with you.

I am love.

I am truth.

I am yours.

You are mine.

Can I see you?

Can you see me?

When I come To you With L













It’s to be placed in a mirror because it should be reflected by both partners and when seen in the mirror, it’s an umbrella for shelter, a lamp to light the way and a bell that only 2 can ring


April 24 2014

Customs Are Built, From Those Brave That Challenge! Written By Time Lord-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

A powerful short poem written by our own Time Lord.  Read by me Lord Baldrith.  Good work Time Lord!

“Customs Are Built, From Those Brave That Challenge!”

Come we to the sanctuary of where free air can truly be ours
Feed that which binds us in customs for we to enjoy for many hours
Set a pen to adventure’s words to rend humbly to all ears
Take quill and parchment freely expressed Fore customs make years
Place a set beacon for we all to beckon for even more joyous times
When freedom becomes a wind that blows our adventure’s chimes
Take all hearts here to the stage where our stories can all ring
Far from any censorious courts of any oppressing in the name of our King!

“One Land, One King! Grand Bards Come All! And Welcome To New Britannia!”


(P.S. A special thanks from Stile Time Lord!

April 18 2014

Divided Souls Poem by Houston Dragon – Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hi Everyone:  Lord Baldrith here with the first reading of a poem written by community member Houston Dragon.   Very awesome poem!

-Edit from Stile – Adding the text version!
Divided Souls

The Shards did Fall upon this land,
Vast mountains crumbled into sand,
Molten rain from dark skies above,
And Death took those we once loved.

From broken ruins of society’s few,
Came cankered birth, Obsidian hued,
Empire of Twilight’s envisioned Eye,
Doom’s approach draws closer nigh.

In Order’s grip twisted by Chaos’ hand,
Victims of evil’s Pride, left unfit to stand,
Once of Light, stolen from grace’s reign,
Enslaved by Darkness into monstrous pain.

But risen against these ensorcelled fiends,
Those that bring freedom by their means,
Rulers, nobles, lords, all come massed,
Council of Might, strong standing fast.

Through hardship’s struggle, born of pain,
Tempered by courage, forged by its flame,
Futures are weighed, fate’s balance hangs,
Waiting moment, turned on blade’s tang.

Britannia’s wounds fester, poisoned within,
Heroes and villains in battle’s great din,
Shattered moon, reminds of past paid tolls,
Divided, forsaken, all stand as lost souls.

(Inspired by events as told in Blade of the Avatar.)