October 13 2016

The Story of Kobold Skrek’Kex – by Kobold Skrek’Kex – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the first instalment of a wonderful tale from Kobold Skrek’Kex.
It is entitled

The Story of Kobold Skrek’Kex
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Chapter 1
A rich smell of flour, sugar, nutmeg and pumpkin wavered through the small rocky paths of the Caverns of Skrekk and found its way into the eagerly quivering nostrils of a small brownishly scaled Kobold stopping the creature right in its tracks. “Oooh, pumpkin pie!!” the creature thought to itself and eagerly rubbed his clawed hands together. Trying to track the scent the Kobold turned his head left and right and quickly began following the scent through the convoluted caverns. “Out of the way! I’se is on urgent buziness!” Skrek’Kex exclaimed when another Kobold was blocking his much desired path. Following the turns and twists of the caves, the delicious smell intensified. Finally, Skrek’Kex was standing at the entrance to another part of the caves, but found his way blocked by a gate and a tall, well muscled Kobold with red and black scales. The big Kobold looked with cold yellow eyes down onto the much smaller Kobold. “Go away, Dobkop!” the Kobold blaffed, baring his impressively long and pointed teeth and gripping his Polearm tighter. Skrek’Kex stopped, taking care to not stand to close to the guard, and trippled nervously from one scaly foot to the other. “B..But I’se has urgrnt buziness with…” taking a quick look at the sign proclaiming whose residence he intended to enter “the Grakkhaz!”. “Psh, Skrek’Kex such a liar. Why would important Grakkazh want to meet with tiny weak liar?” the guard shook his head, then pointed with the polearm at Skrek’Kex. “Now offse you go or I offse your head!” he said and swung his polearm in a quick strike that made Skrek’Kex jump back a little.

The small Kobold was conflicted. He really *really* wanted some delicious pumpkin pie, but alas, one could not eat pumpkin pie without a head. The Grakkazh was also notoriously ill-tempered and through a series of misfortunes, which were totally not Skrek’Kex’ fault, as the Kobold had assured himself and also the Grakkazh repeatedly, the latter to no avail unfortunately, he was not sure if it was wise to be seen by the Great One after such a short time again. But, then again, it was pumpkin pie, the second most delicious thing known to Skrek’Kex. The only thing better than pumpkin pie being of course fish. Skrek’Kex produced a crumpled paper from his pocket. He had pocketed this from one of his latest expeditions into the human territory. He had liked the colorful markings on the paper although he had not been able to make heads nor tail of it. The written words on it were hard to read – even harder than most human handwriting for Skrek’Kex had studied humans and acquired some skill in their tongue – and the sketchy drawings placed at odd intervals on the page had no apparent relation to anything Skrek’Kex had ever seen. There was even a drawing of a figure with a human upper body and a fish tail on it, Skrek’Kex found that very odd. He had never heard of such a creature. If he ever found such an animal he’d love to eat it though! “Lookse, I have found plans a mighty hooman wizard made!” he said, waving the child’s drawing in his hand. The guard hrmphed, then came closer to take a look. “I think they want to attack Skrekk!” Skrek’Kex pointed at some words on the paper and a crude drawing of a Norgard Knight. “It is most urgent I should show this to the Grakkazh!”

The guard slowly pondered the matter. Skrek’Kex was a known nuisance in the caverns – but he was also known to be clever and often ventured into the human territory, gathering useful tidbits of information (and mostly food for his own stores). He’d be in trouble if the little rat really knew something, and not only Skrek’Kex would get in trouble, the guard thought to himself and decided to admit the smaller Kobold. Sensing the change in the posture of the other Kobold Skrek’Kex rejoiced silently. So so close to the delicious pie! Excitedly he trippled close to the guard who turned to open the gate. Just as Skrek’Kex wanted to pass the guard grabbed him at the shoulder. “Youse coming wit me. Bringing you to Grakkazh pe-so-nally.”

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