May 7 2015

The Diary of Eva Grace – Vol IV – narrated by Lady Adnor

Hello everyone. This is Lady Adnor, with the conclusion of The Diary of Eva Grace, written by enderandrew.

The Diary of Eva Grace – Vol IV
Told by Eva Grace

I do not know what brought us there, but it seemed a few other wayward souls kept making their way to this small town, unsure how they stumbled upon it. Rift’s End indeed. I met more and more outlanders. We talked and swapped tales of our experiences. A handful had died like me. Others weren’t quite so eager to do so themselves with no absolute guarantee they too would return from the dead.

But I found people who spoke my language. We needed to learn this new world and how to fit in. But we remembered the same Earth. I didn’t feel as crazy anymore. I knew my memories were real. There was a place I needed to somehow find again.

But equally I felt there was a reason we were all here. This so-called prophecy called for an outlander to be an Avatar. There were enough of us here that I was content to allow another to volunteer for whatever that might entail. It just so happened this town needed a barkeep.

I had found my new home. The people here understood my tales of both Novia and Earth. They shared my fears, my concerns and my aspirations. Each one is so different. If we were called here for some purpose I’m not sure why we don’t all fit the same bill. Maybe this was all just random happenchance, some cosmic event masquerading as fate that we couldn’t possibly comprehend. Or maybe the powers at play were people, but equally enigmatic.

I finally found a place to stop and rest, fittingly in a bar named Journey’s End. Not all journeys end here, and some just begin as brave fools full of mead plan their next grand adventure. But for me, something brought me here and here I shall stay at least a while longer.

I thought it best to write down my thoughts and memories before they slip away again. Maybe I never find my way home. Maybe this new town and world define me. Maybe we will always turn to dust with our stories becoming myth to whatever follows us in the footsteps of time.

Truth be told, I have no answers for myself or any other. All I have to offer is my story thus far and a cold ale. Speaking of such, I need to stop writing. I hear a new visitor approaching. I wonder who has found their way to Journey’s End now?

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