December 1 2017

Echoes From the Caverns 12-01-17

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the game! I’ll be going it alone this week while Asclepius is having some great family time. Here is the update for this week:

Game Development

  • The Making of Elysium Mines
  • Release 47 Telethon Items

News Announcements

  • Release 48 Postmortem Telethon Results
  • Moustache of the Avatar Movember Results
  • BrightLocker’s Crowd Equity Campaign Shroud of the Avatar Perks
  • Community Wellness with the Meretz Fitness App
  • New Free Trial Continues! Runs thru Dec. 13
  • Upcoming Events Calendar

Community Updates

  • AERIE Fund Dev Crafting Competition & Charity Auction
  • Contest: The Avatar’s Guide to Knowledge and Virtue
  • Party: Portalarium Studio Grand Holiday Party – Jan. 12
  • Resources: Players Helping Players
  • Recommended Project to Support: Denis Loubet Patreon