April 13 2016

Heartthrob-Written/Rapped by Apollox Evanheart

Heartthrob by Apollox Evanheart

Music by Omnibeats
I’m the gift
That you never knew you needed
Sex appeal with a splash of conceited
Stare at me to long
Think you’ve cheated
Blizzard outside
I just got it heated
Drooling at the mouth
I can understand
Got a boy at Home
But you need yourself man
You got your toys for delight
But what you really need is a Novian Knight
I’ll try to be sensitive
Im there for your needs
Always eager and willing to please
There’s the moment
Its time for me to Seize
Grab your hips, dip and squeeze
Let me take your hand
Show you what I mean
This might be a fantasy
But its not a dream

Damn she grindin real slow
She got me actin like ive never seen this sh* before
She got this place lit on fire
Make a Playa Knight want to suddenly retire

She Whispered naughty things
She seemed wild
A Devilish Look
But a Angel when she smiled
She had me captivated
Had me mesmerized
I’m The Knight but felt like she compromised
The night seemed long
And the music was bumping
The music got aggressive
And our bodies kept rubbing
Filthy Stag was crowded
Party was getting lit
Best time of my life
That’s Safe to admit
A generous Knight
I paid for all drinks
I caught her off guard
She didn’t know what to think
She whispered in my ear
I want to see if its possible
That we can go somewhere
Where cloths are optional

Wow she had me surprise
Wasn’t sure if she wanted the Man or the Knight
I guess I didn’t really care what it seemed
I suddenly wanted Strawberries and the whip cream
I took her back to my place
So we could be fulfilled
Kick back Avatars Radio and Chill

A night a bliss
A marathon a passion
First night met
Filled with compassion
A fire within
A bed set ablaze
Stay in the morning
Ill make breakfast the next day
I’m the Knight of Wizards Rest
I’m Apollox E
You just managed
To sweep me off my feet
A heartthrob
You just made me skip a beat
A Cold Body
You just Turned up the heat