July 4 2015

To Love Me – by enderandrew – narrated by littlegeeklost

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. We have another guest narrator for you today, this time I’m glad to welcome littlegeeklost, who is bringing us a great story by enderandrew.
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To Love Me
By Zoe Marie the Bard

Kendrick looked up and swore he truly saw for the first time.

He was no poet. He couldn’t explain why certain curves, softness, warmth and glow affected him such, no more than he could explain why the right chords from a lute could bring him near to tears. But before him was a beauty so unparalleled and enchanting that he was literally awestruck. If everything that evoked happiness in him could be distilled in one human being, it stood within his sight just then.

In took him perhaps a minute for the sucking feeling in his chest to remind him that he should breathe. That need surpassed his need to touch and kiss this wondrous face, but only just. Emboldened, he strode over.

“Forgive me Miss if I am out of line, but I have never truly known beauty until just now. Grant me a kindness with both your name and the pleasure of your company for perhaps a meal or any arbitrary pursuit you can imagine.”

Erin has accustomed herself to flattery and tried to remain gracious even though it was commonplace. But she couldn’t help but chuckle as Kendrick’s customer took offense to how he had walked away in a near trance to approach her.

“I thank you for your words kind sir, but I should not take you from your patrons.”

“Will full apologies to you both, I do not think I’ll forgive myself if I merely let you go without professing how I feel this moment. Please, tell me your name and that you will see me again. If this isn’t the very definition of love at first sight, then I know nothing.”

Erin’s flattered smile faded a bit into disappointment. “Please sir, do not hang love on sight. You know not me, nor my name. In time my beauty may fade. Ephemeral passions will fade even faster. Let us part then as friends with fond memories of a moment, but please do not mistake this for love.”

A desperate pang set in with Kendrick. The words stung, but he was not to be dissuaded. “If what I feel this moment isn’t love, then perhaps I don’t know what is. But I’m willing to learn.”

She sighed and took a long look at her mysterious suitor. “The troubadours would say love makes fools of us all. But I would say you cannot love that which you do not know. Love comes from devotion and understanding, To love me is to know me.”

Kendrick understood that his earlier professions were firmly rebuked but he felt strangely reassured. “Perhaps I was mistaken. But then teach me. I would know you if it pleases you.”

She relented with a bashful smile. It was true that her beauty was legendary and she was accustomed to repeated suitors. But there was an undeniable sincerity here that struck her, even if it seemed misguided. If someone else wanted to know her, and how she felt about love she saw no harm in sharing her views. So they walked together that night along the peaceful waterways of Ardoris. They spoke of their respectful childhoods and even childhood dreams. The next day Kendrick wished to see her again, but she had her horses to attend to. So he accompanied her in her chores and poured as much consideration and compassion into them as he doted upon her.

Each evening was like the previous with Erin unable to find reason why Kendrick couldn’t accompany her for whatever tasks demanded her time. Days turned into weeks and months, brimming full of fond memories until even years passed.

Erin never saw Kendrick (kind as he was) with the same fiery passion that he initially saw her, but in time they saw each other in the same light. There was a familiar understanding that warmed each other’s hearts at the mere thought of each other.

Kendrick reached out his hands to Erin’s soft cheeks and paused momentarily before uttering “You told me once that to love you is to know you.”

He drank deeply from her lips, kissing her with a passion refined through time.

“I would add, to know you is to love you.”

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