October 31 2014

Echoes from the Caverns 10.31.2014

Hello everyone, here is the newscast for 31/10/2014. Filled with exciting news and content, including:

$5M Raised!
Release 11 Impressions
R11 Community Events
R11 Stays Open! Get Your Carnival Mask Tricorn Hat!
Steam Access Keys Now Available for All Backers
Zack’s ELEMENTUM Wins the Captivate Conference Finals
Get Your 15% Bonus
Holiday Specials
Last Chance Exclusives: Scissors of Prosperity and Combat Sigil Cape
Alienware Sponsors $20 Pledge Upgrade Coupon
Upcoming Events

The Lord Marshall’s automaton, while mentioned initially, seems to have been left out of the update. So sorry about that; hope we get to see it in future releases.

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