February 27 2016

The Darkness of Knight Written by Apollox Evanheart Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone Lord Baldrith here! This is an awesome story written by Apollox Evanheart, spoken in a weary and distressed voice. It’s been a while since I did one! Hope you enjoy!


The Darkness of Knight by Apollox Evanheart

Music: Akiam Piano by Snabisch

I am but a man
A warrior trapped inside this armor
A Noble Knight by evening
But my voices are not getting calmer
A fire burns inside
A feeling I have to prove myself
If I didnt fight for loyalty and respect
Id probably fight in the depths of hell

This rage has a gripping hold
I keep on falling
The ale drowns the voices
That keeps on calling
The end to this all
Seems to be a mystery
Another day of sunrise
Is another day of misery

I use to care
I use to have a heart
I use to be full of laughter
Now the happiness has grown dark
How could something so big
Be so empty
A void like a plague
I need no sympathy

Another day I suit up
Another day I’m scorned
I have battle scars on my body
Like I’ve laid in a thousand thorns
I have a job to do
I have a plan
A warrior trapped inside this armor
I am but a man.

-Apollox E. “Noble Knight Of Wizards Rest”

Album with EQ - B&A

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