May 9 2014

Founder Knights House-Written by Myrcello-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello, Lord Baldrith here with an awesome Story about the Founder Knights house.  I will include the text of the story plus the pictures here so you can follow along if wanted 🙂

Also, Here is the link:

My name is „Founder Knights House“ and i feel like it is time for me to speak up.

But before I do this I will have to enlighten you about the history of my life as some of the newer ones might not have a clue what I went through.

This is one of my earliest pictures, the day I was born.

I was a proud, a new fresh building. Everyone did love me as not many houses did exist back then. I was Richard Garriott´s favorite house.

He used me in plenty of his demonstration videos.

I also was special because I had been reserved for only a very special limited amount of players.
I did know them all by the name, as it had not been many.

Those few founder knights loved me and had a lot attention on me and wanted the best for me.
They had the feeling that my interior is not good enough and requested upgrades like better flooring and a door to prevent the rain from coming in. They wanted a new wall and protection from falling down the stairs. Some wanted more windows from me to get the warm sun in.

I loved all those knights with the attention they had for me and all those good intentions.
So I did it. I did fulfill all the requests, because I had so much love for them.


I felt special, very special for this little group of knights.

I was kind a sad that after I did change so much of myself in the interior that it was not enough.

My good friend the Benefactor Knights House showed up, and all felt suddenly I needed to be better than him. I was still not good enough.

But I loved them and I did as they wanted from me. I changed my outside inside out. Again!

I changed my roof, I did ad a balcony, I did provide more room inside. I ripped of my whole entrance and made a nicer door.
All because I was looking forward to be that special house all my knights had dreamed off.
I made it.

Finally every Knight was happy with how I had changed myself for them.

This is me today. I know… you did not notice me at first… not much left of how I was as a baby.


But there is more to come. On a bright sunny day something happened. The Founder Pledge Gifting System arrived.
Suddenly one part of my beloved little group of Knights instantly forgot about me. They forgot all I did for them.
They did see only the 25$ Reward and focused all efforts to become a Lord.

All I did and I went through just for them did not count anymore.

And the other part of the Knights did not find me special anymore. They looked at me sad and with every new Founder Knight arriving they thought I am less special. Not rare enough anymore to be proud of.

I was now head to head with my good friend the Benefactor House. But he did not have to go through all the hassle I did. He could just be like he was.

Just as I thought all is fine and I was getting to know all the new Gifted Founder Knights ( the ones with the blue shield, not the white, all so confusing) my brother came out of the ocean. The Founder Lighthouse!

Again I was forgotten. All did envy him. Of course he was taller then me..and oh , wow, he had a flashlight he had with him… sigh. I am happy for him. He also was left alone. Some wanted more stones around his basement, but else they did leave him alone.

Well after going through all this suffering I thought I am finaly, finaly at peace with my live. .
No more new Founder Knights are coming in since 8 th April. Some have left to start all over with what they have done to me to my good friend : The Founder Lord House.
I warned him. More I could not do for him.

But as now the doors are shut to become a Founder again, the new gifted Founder Knights are starting to look at me again. I am scared.. what do they wan´t from me again. It looks like they want to pull off some of my skin!!!


Please, please let me be… let me alone… I just want to be what I once was.
If I look in the mirror I do not notice my image anymore. I do not know what and who I am.

I wan´t to return to be the one Richard loved so much.

So here is my short message for you all out there.

I am what I am and when will you start loving me and stop changing me?

So i ask you.

Is there anyone out there who would love to stay with me just the way i was?

Maybe if enough of you are out there they will ad me they way i was created to the ADD ONS STORE!

If you accept me as i once was just vote YES in the Poll and maybe one day i will be available for you just the way i was intended to be.

Please be aware that my SQUARE METERS are smaller then the current pledge level Founder Knights House. So i would not interfere with that rule!

Your original Founder Knights House.


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