September 20 2014

The Cure – Pt 2 – by the vagabond – Narrated by Isaiah

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the second part of a compelling story narrated by Isaiah. It is entitled

The Cure, by the Vagabond, Part 2.

Background music is “Lurid Delusion”, by Matthew Pablo at

The Cure, by the Vagabond Part 2 of 2

My wife continued… “He also accuses me of being a member of an Obsidian Order, and he thinks people are after him and sending him magic messages.” I felt completely betrayed, and  I gave my wife an angry look and I gritted my teeth.

I knew without the context of what really happened that the alchemist would surely think I was crazy and would prescribe far more potent herbs than I needed. I just wanted the suffering to go away, I didn’t want to become a vegetable. Nevertheless, I accepted this situation.

The alchemist didn’t seem phased by what she told him. Yet I didn’t get the impression  he was a member of the Obsidian Order. I think he was just a normal alchemist going about life. There were more horses outside, and the alchemist said “I’m sorry for all the noise we get lots of horses though here. I’m just asking just in case… Do you think the horses are relevant some how?” I shrugged and admitted “well actually yes. I feel like somebody is trying to send me a message.” Now I know he thinks I’m crazy. At this point I’m beginning to think I might be crazy too. In fact I welcome the thought because maybe this could all go away.

I left that place feeling a bit of relief. Maybe the Obsidian Order is going to have mercy on me. As long as I take this medicine that will numb my mind, they will be able to claim I was just insane and people will deny what really happened to me. It really did happen though… WAIT I don’t want to think those thoughts because they can read my mind. I began to force myself to think “I really believe I am crazy,” after each time I think about the obsidian order so the Order knows that I am going to be obedient and keep their secret locked up safe. It seemed like a good deal.

Two weeks later… I felt a whole lot better. The racing thoughts, and the horrible feelings have completely left me. I was still terrified that somehow it was only temporary. I did still see scratchings on the walls, but it didn’t seem significant to me like it did before. I thought either the Obsidian Order had put misleading graffiti on the wall to help me think I am getting better, or maybe none of this ever happened. I still cannot explain the things that happened during that time. Although I’m fine now and I don’t care. The herbs caused me to gain lots of weight, but at least I feel better. I still have crazy moments, but maybe I was just crazy. I don’t want to remember if I am not crazy. If anybody reads this, get help if you are having any experiences like mine. It seems real. Even if it is real just go get help, and get free.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

September 20 2014

Something Epic will be released on 9/27/14…

On Saturday, 9/27/14, in the evening (exact time yet to be determined) something epic will ECHO from the Caverns.  aired by both Echoes from the Caverns and played on Avatars Radio, the first part in a four part story will begin. Airing every week this four part series includes voice acting by over TWENTY-FIVE people!

This production done in the style of an old-time radio show has been over three months in the making! Stay tuned between now and next Saturday to learn new information each day until the play goes live!!!

For today,  the cast!

Sir Stile Teckel

The Avatar Chronicles I: Return of the Avatar

 Directed and Produced by Lord Baldrith

 Writer and Music Supervisor: Gabriel Nightshadow


Casting Director and Court Jester:

Time Lord


Assistant Casting Director and Director of Public Relations:

Amber Raine



Lord Baldrith as Nystal, Lord Baldrith, Mingo, and General Ruko


Asclepius as Lord DarkStarr, Red Badger, Kuroseth, Malgor the Mighty, Demon Lord Argax,

Henry, Morgan, Brian, and Group


Joe Garrity as Gabriel Nightshadow


Amber Raine as Young and Adult Chariya and Amber Raine


Carlin Archer as Carlin


StaticGrazer as Lord Shadowreign


Avatar Acid as Theodric


Lord Trenyc as The Tall Albino Man


Majoria70 as Vastra


Duke Greagoir as Duke Garen and the original Avatar


Dwalin Bruchberg as Christopher Nightshadow


Little Geek Lost as Fire Lotus


Sarg as Marius


Brian Manown as Samuel


Sir Stile Teckel as the Mayor of Ardoris


Indi Martin as Lanthirthel and Annese


Dame Lori as Jessica and Katherine


Kamie as Sister Agnes and Lareth


  Sir Cabirus as Hans and Gunther


Steve (Lacr0bat) as Master Jonir, Sir Charles Campbell, Enemy Soldier and Group


Logan (Chips36) as Marek, Teenage Boy, and Group


Elizabeth as Dragon Lord Siobhan, Sarah, and Group


Thornrage as Dragon Lord Jero Oraci and Robert


Brian D. Taylor as Enemy Commander


David Peters as Guard Bob


Stephen J. Goldman as John



Cipheruzmad as Lord British and Barek of the Old Gods


And Starring

Asclepius as The Great Storyweaver 

The New Britannia Theater Troupe