September 11 2014

Spies Within – Pt 2 – by the Vagabond – Narrated by Isaiah

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius. Once again I’m glad to welcome Isaiah, to bring us the third instalment of this captivating story. This is entitled Spies Within, – Part 2. Background music is “Evasion” by Matthew Pablo, at

Spies Within, by the Vagabond – Part 2 of 2.
She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Are you serious?” when I continued she said, “You are really crazy, I’m taking our daughter and we’re going to your parents’ house.” I could not believe her reaction. We were married for years, and we had a child together. How could she turn on me so quickly over something as simple as this? How could she choose them over me? She would rather protect the Obsidian’s secrecy, than be up front with me? Then I thought, why is she going to my parent’s house? Is it because they live closer than her relatives? Wait, what if she was going to go to my relatives and try to turn them against me, and make them think I was crazy too? I immediately saddled up and headed toward my parents’ house as fast as possible.

When I got there my father greeted me, still a strong man, stopped me at the door and would not let me pass. I was talking a mile a minute trying to explain everything, but she had already got to him. I tried to tell him that she was a member of the Obsidian Order, and she was choosing them over me. I was close with my father, I knew he would understand. He didn’t understand though. Instead he acted cold towards me, and said, “Yeah, yeah, and the walls can talk to you, and they are always listening, Right?” At that point my heart almost stopped. How did he know about the messages on the walls, and one of the messages said they are always listening? I told nobody about that!

I told my father, “It is one thing for my wife to turn on me, but you are turning against your own flesh and blood. I’m your only son. You know me, and you would rather side with them? I don’t know what they have over you, but this isn’t right. This is the most evil thing I’ve ever heard of. Choosing an organization over me.” He wouldn’t listen to a word and kept talking over me. Finally, he said he would call for the guards to have them throw me in prison for threatening his life. I NEVER THREATENED HIS LIFE!!! Why is he making this stuff up. This is all so evil. I HATE IT! I hope there is a God, or some type of force that will punish this evil. I DID NOTHING WRONG! I only made the mistake of speaking directly about the Obsidian Order. Any organization that would deliberately ruin the life of somebody in order to hide their secrets is an evil organization! I hate this. They are all so passive aggressive, there’s no way to prove anything!!! Anybody who reads this, this is only part of what I experienced. I will write more. Stay away from the Obsidian Order!

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