August 8 2014

Death-Written by Sir Frank-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello all!  Lord Baldrith here with another great story by Sir Frank titled Death.  Background music by Zander Noriega titled Black Drought.

Here is the text:

Death – Written by Sir Frank

The troll clamped a huge fist around Sir Frank, and jerked him skyward.Unable to breathe, let alone scream in agony, Sir Frank struggled to sink his dagger into the monster’s calloused knuckle. The troll whipped the old knight back and then drove him face first into the remains of a thick stone wall.

It was as if being washed in fire and then hit by lightning. Then drowning. Panic. Darkness. Increasing pressure. Fighting to breath. It all faded into a quiet void. Then, the sensation of falling.

His ghost arrived on a high piece of ground. The world below was familiar, but misty and distorted. It was night, and Daedalus gleamed with its otherworldly moonlight. Sir Frank’s spirit hung there for a few peaceful moments.

Then his body arrived. Body and spirit wove themselves together without any effort on Sir Frank’s part. Sensation returned. He felt bruised from head to toe, and then all of his nerves sprung to life, tingling and prickling all over. Finally, cool air filled his lungs, and he was breathing again.

The weight of his body returned, and Sir Frank slumped to the ground.

He took deep slow breaths, staring up at the shattered moon that was his symbol.

“Daedalus in his agony, indeed”, thought Sir Frank, and looked to see what of his equipment had been drawn back to his spirit. He was glad to find his best dagger had stuck with him.

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August 8 2014

Echoes From the Caverns 8-8-14

Hello Everyone!  Lord Baldrith and Asclepius here with another great Installment of the news.  This week we have guest stars Lord Jouten and Sir Frank!  Excellent interview and interaction with these guys they are great to talk to!   Over 1 hour long this week!  Hope you enjoy!

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*Note from Stile Teckel
This is truly fantastic! A special thank you to both Sir Frank and David Peters for guesting on the show. It truly honors me and blows me away to get to work with the people in the community. I am touched that you think enough of me to work with us when I dropped a note asking, it truly means a lot. I can’t do it justice with words so shall leave it as thank you. That goes to everyone of course, but this particular time you both *bows*. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor.

Lord Baldrith and Asclepius amazing as always also, and thanks for braving my insane ideas!

We will be continually looking for new guests and we want you! whomever you are, you have a voice with us – when we can make it happen from a scheduling stand point! At this time I am in talks with several people who will be joining as a guests, and some people I think many of you will be excited about!!! But until I have confirmed dates and times you will have to wait to find out who!