September 28 2015

The NBTT is Verifying its Cast List of Play Actors

Hello everyone! Stile Teckel here with a request!

It’s been on my to-do list for some time to add into the cast section of the website, those that have performed in plays, live in game. Furthermore I had been keeping a list to do that and… can’t seem to find it (unusual for me!).

As a result I am working from memory (and with some help) to try to figure out all who belongs on that list!

At this time I show the following New Britannia Theater Troupe members have performed as an actor before:

Cast - Play Actors

Doctor Shroud
Duke Greagoir
Lady Adnor
Lord Baldrith
Sir Stile Teckel
Static Gazer

If you should be on this list and are NOT. PLEASE contact me, comment to this post, or let us know in some fashion so we can get you added.

Whether a voice actor, writer, music contributor, or any other role you have ever played it is important me to include you in our cast listings as a member of the Troupe. So please contact us even if you don’t care if you’re listed personally! You can visit the FULL casting lists by role in the cast section of the website.

Thank you!

Ankh Quill

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2 thoughts on “The NBTT is Verifying its Cast List of Play Actors

  1. Duke Greagoir

    Duke Greagoir was a voice actor that played Duke Garen in two of the Radio plays that was on Avatar’s Radio.


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