May 27 2018

And so Comes Change

Echoes From the Caverns

Hello Folks! This is Sir Stile Teckel with some official announcements!

I want to keep it short so let’s just do that,

As you are most likely aware by now, Lord Baldrith has left the Echoes From the Caverns, to take up other pursuits and needs.

That left the question out there, who will be taking over his spot on the show? Will anyone?

You may have heard through the rumor mill as I did not make a lot of attempts to keep it quit OR if you listened to our last show in whole, you would have heard it on there as well.

That would be me! Now that I work at home for a living I not only do not have time for many hobbies, I also don’t get a chance to talk very often. I’ve come to find I lose my voice rather quickly. So when the opportunity presented to pick up a hobby that doesn’t take a lot of time and I get to talk? No brainer!

Now after talking to the boss a little bit *points over at Asclepius*, he has agreed to try out a couple of ideas I have for the show, in the near future.

I’d rather leave them a surprise, for now, accept to say, expect not to lose anything we have or that you like about it, but do expect some new things to make it a bit more enjoyable for you (we hope)!

Finally, and I may get in trouble for this or even be told that I need to change it, as I hadn’t run it by the previously mentioned boss yet, that I wiped up some new artwork Here it is again so you can blow it up to full size if you’d like!

April 11 2018

Impressions of New Britannia, Written by TG Community Manager Cerus, Read by Stile Teckel

Hello, this is Stile Teckel here with a new piece I had the pleasure to read and then Ascelipus stepped up and made it sound good :).

Impressions of New Britannia, Written by TG Community Manager Cerus, Read by Stile Teckel

This is the opening Poem written to announce the contest you can find here.

I hope I did not roll to poorly on my Bardic skills, and you enjoy!


Can you smell the thriving forests?
Can you taste the salty seas?
Can you sense the blazing deserts?
And the struggling fights for peace?

Can you hear the festive music
In the Taverns of PaxLair?
And the smell of burning cities
When the cabalists appear?

Hear the battlecries of Satyrs
As they come to take your soul
Feel the moments of pure glory
As the gustball hits its goal

Praise the beauty of each flower
Praise the crows above your head
Praise the sweet and too, the sour
Praise every tear that has been shed

Live the New Britannian moments
Praise the light, and too, the dark
For our hopes grow in the darkness
And stars are born from little sparks​