May 1 2018

Reaper – by Duke Greagoir

Reaper, Reaper, where are you?
I have some nice fire to show you.
Crafted this arrow because of you,
Need to show you as soon as I find you.

Reaper, Reaper, don’t hide.
Everything is more scared than you.
Forest dwellers don’t attack,
because they know the strength inside of you.

Reaper, Reaper, I found you.
Sitting all dormant thinking if I don’t see him or her.
They won’t see me too.
But we do see you with no leaves out.

As may as I might, as good as a fight.
Reaper, Reaper, I bested you – finally.

Posted by Asclepius - Email Author
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Posted May 1, 2018 by Lord Asclepius in category Echoes from the Caverns, Fan Fiction

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