May 1 2018

Firelight – by Bow Vale

When the sky is orange after it has been bright
If I’m lucky I rest with a crackle of sound
Else its back in the box and wearing a frown
My chest as my pillow, my posture not great
Still alert through haze and familiar sounds
I guard the entrance to where my mate can be found
In a warmth that dies off as the hours get spent
I dream of the day and what it all meant

The dark , the undead, hordes of undead
A white beast, half my great size
But with teeth, twice of mine
Unmatched and unequalled when we fight as one
No abomination of nature shall ever overcome

We battle its legions and then itself
With tooth and claw and fire and light
We fight for reward with obvious delight
A prize of meat for I, strange scratchings on hide for they
This continues for what seems a never ending day

A noise, not a crackle or a creak of a board
Causes awaken from slumber, ready to fight
A sniff of the air lends a clue
Mystery solved, with a shout of…No more rabbit for you!

When the sky is orange before it is bright, I can…..usually….. be found by the firelight

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