January 19 2019

Echoes from the Caverns 01-18-2019

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Echoes From the Caverns
Echoes From the Caverns

Posted by Asclepius - Email Author
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Posted January 19, 2019 by Lord Asclepius in category Echoes from the Caverns, News

1 thoughts on “Echoes from the Caverns 01-18-2019

  1. Sentri

    The Duke Head was creepy – didn’t want one personally. Communication on the backend as you suggested would have been the easiest solution to alleviate the issue although there would have still been a few temper tantrums either way from Kickstarter purists. Lord Forged could have worked if personalized beyond the narrow-minded list of four items which I initially thought would be the case. The newest forced dungeon room is a little shortsighted as some people don’t want to sit around in or even utilize a basement/dungeon. They should have just reached out via e-mail.

    I’m totally carrying on with my storefronts in-game… which still constitutes playing the game IMO despite how you spin it. Great show as usual.


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