July 25 2014

Echoes From the Caverns 7-25-14

Hello Everyone!  Lord Baldrith & Asclepius with Echoes From the Caverns.  Thanks to Asclepius we have fine tuned our sound quality quite a lot this week.  It was my fault for the echo, since I do not wear a headset my mic was picking up 2 copies of voice.  Hope you enjoy this weeks news!

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A note from Stile Teckel – These guys are fantastic and I want to thank them for allowing me to work with them given all the people they could choose *bows*. Great show guys!

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9 thoughts on “Echoes From the Caverns 7-25-14

  1. Richard Garriott (@RichardGarriott)

    I too must eat my words. I was concerned about this combat system from the beginning, and always ha the “traditional” fallback read… However, I am now a complete convert!

    While it is still VERY rough around the edges, and needs a significant UI overhaul, I am very excited about where this is headed!

    GREAT podcast by the way!

    – Lord British

  2. Stile Teckel

    Want to say thank you to everyone that posted a comment! I am really fortunate to have fallen in with these two guys and getting feed back lets them know they are awesome!

    The Entire Theater Troupe, its projects, and the team involved are ALL awesome!

    Lord Baldrith and Asclepius really have something though.. Great voices, enthusiasm, and personalities that mesh and are opposite in the right places. This is only their 2nd podcast as a team and for a 2nd piece, its amazing..

    I cant wait to see how they sound in a month!!!! We will be adding special guests to the show.. Next week Ill join in as a “special guest” for a practice run and then after that I will be contacting others.

    My thought on the format would be the guest could join in on the news segment and then take a few interview type questions before wrapping up.

    Entirely up to them though! They run the show.. I just toss out about 5000 suggestions and ideas per day *grins*

    The best thing though is im making some really great friends in working with them!


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