January 19 2018

Echoes From the Caverns 01-19-18

Hello Everyone! Here is the news of the week:

Game Development

  • New Wolves Attack!
  • Making of Sunless Barrens (cont.)
  • Introducing the Watermill Home
  • Valentine’s Day Items

News Announcements

  • Release 49 Postmortem Missed Questions
  • Release 50 on the QA Server
  • DJ Darkstarr’s Revenge: The Sequels (Holiday Party & Release 50)
  • Last Chance for Shroud Perks via BrightLocker CrowdEquity
  • New Free Trial Continues!
  • Job Opening: Executive Assistant
  • Weekend Flash Sale: Signs, Numbers & Letters
  • Upcoming Events Calendar

Community Updates

  • The Avatar’s Guide to Knowledge and Virtue Contest: Winners Announced!
  • Virtue Marathon 2018: Children’s Miracle Hospital Network
  • UO Forever 5th Anniversary: Richard and Starr Live Video Conference
  • PaxLair 20th Anniversary – Jan. 21
  • Did You Know: Shroud of the Avatar Features Taming Skills?
  • Recommended Project to Support: Denis Loubet Patreon
  • Resources: Players Helping Players

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