May 1 2018

da hart ob pitmuck – by Fionwyn Wyldemane

wees comin’ trough dem darkness places,
diggin’ an’ trudgin’ along.
wees haz to leab our fav’rite spaces,
wees singin’ da mournin’ song.
(byes Ozog Giantfart…sigh)

but goblinz be much stronger an’ tuff.
gibin’ up wees neber do!
da heart ob pitmuck laufs when itz ruff,
wees now in da werld wif yoo!
(wees has a new cabe!)

wees got da fishes and nice pee stumps!
our skin bees nice an’ greenie!
wees not dem goblinz wif ogly bumps,
wees neber be a meanie.
(septin’ miehette – she’s not likins “stupis” humies…shhhh)

so if yoo sees goblinz in Soltowns,
come join us wees bee sayins.
dance an’ lauf away dem frowns,
good fun wees bee relayins’.
(goblinz fun bees da bestest fun.)

-da end-

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