April 18 2021

Creepy Dolly – by Fetid SirDidy – narrated by Asclepius


Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another scary tale from Fetid SirDidy.  It is entitled

Creepy Dolly

Background music by Smartsound

Small fingers tugged at thread.
The first stitch always fought the most. This she knew.
She tugged a little harder and the knot cleared so that she was able to complete the stitch. Her hands trembled and her knuckles felt large and dull.

She spent most of her days sewing. All her days really, she thought, pausing for a moment although that wasn’t quite right. It’s as if she’d been sewing for one day. One long day.
She wasn’t even sure when she had begun to sew or where she had learned. Perhaps her mother had taught her. Perhaps she had learned on her own.

Her mother.
She tilted her head for a moment while completing another stitch. She could no longer remember her mother. Come to think of it, she could no longer remember herself.

Small fingers tugged at thread.
Most of her days were spent sewing because that is what she did. This she knew.
She completed another set of stitches.

Just then a black door opened and out of that door something emerged. First the points of horns appeared. Swirling spears of bone that curled and reached high slowly revealed themselves. Next to materialize out of the dark void was a hoofed foot which stepped forward and clapped down on the floor. Another few seconds and He emerged completely. He who was ancient came forth carrying a squalling infant no more than a few hours old. He placed the newborn on a pile of coal next to the girl.

Tying off the final knot she held out her dolly so that He could take it.
She threaded a new needle and grabbed the child he had brought.

Small fingers tugged at thread.
The first stitch always fought the most. This she knew.

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns

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