December 3 2014

Calling All Aspiring Actors!

This is a CASTING CALL for anyone who has any ambition to join and help the New Britannia Theater Troupe.

For anyone not familiar with the Troupe (What – how could you not be???) we are a group of SotA members who have come together to bring entertainment to the community. Initially (and still) we made and still make podcasts, with multiple voice casts, and now we are moving into in-game plays. The mechanism is – the dialogue, music and sound effects are pre-recorded and edited together into a single audio file. Then, at the appointed time, the file is aired on Avatars Radio, while we appear on stage in the game and act out the play. This is the closest thing possible to real life – the audience sees the action AND hears the dialogue at the same time.

We performed a very successful play in R11 – if you would like to catch the video (courtesy of The Mad Hermit) it is here

Now we are in a bind. Our author, Gabriel Nightshadow, has written an awesome script for us to perform, hopefully in R12. The good citizens of Port Phoenix have built an amazing and wonderful stage for us to use. (It’s in Kingsport – check it out!) The play has a larger cast than the first one, and we have had to go outside our small “core” group. And a couple of people have indicated they could help, and then not delivered. As producer and director, I feel bad that we cannot deliver what we had “promised”. I am determined to do whatever I can to get this production aired.

We are short at least one actor! We need a male character, who is able to record lines and would be available to be “in game” for the actual performance. This would be on a weekend, at a time mutually suitable to all.

Recording help is available – most of our cast use Audacity (free download, easy to use) and we hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. Any questions – we are always here.

If you have ever had any ambition to do something like this – and let me tell you it is very exciting and rewarding – please contact me as a matter of urgency. We need you!

And we are always looking to expand our cast – if you would maybe like to do this in the future, but not necessarily right now, please contact me as well. We would love to hear from you!

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