October 18 2014

Avatar Chronicles 1 – The Return of the Avatar – Episode 4


On one of the many parallel worlds in the multiverse…

Episode 4



(Insert “El Bosque Encantado” By Eliot Corley)
Chapter Three: A Beginning and an End
The Harudan Forest
That same evening…
Having spent the rest of the day traversing Falura Field, our band of heroes decided to set up camp for the night in the Harudan Forest. It was a clear and starry night. Gabriel, Carlin, Nystal, and Theodric sat around a roaring fire as they washed down the last of their evening meal with mugs of Fire Mountain ale.

“Ah, Nystal, that was the finest seafood dinner I’ve had in a long time!”, remarked Gabriel, “I
never would have guessed you would be such a fine cook.”

“One of my many skills I picked up in my travels, Avatar!”, replied Nystal.

“Broiled fish, sourdough biscuits, and corn on the cob slathered in creamy butter. That
brings back some fond childhood memories. My father used to cook that exact same
meal for me when we spent the day fishing at our summer cabin up in Lake George, New
York.”, said Gabriel.

“You will find that many of the foods you enjoyed on Earth are available here in New
Britannia as well.,” remarked Nystal, “Lord British and those who preceded you brought
seeds and knowledge of growing crops with them from Earth. Surprisingly enough,
these crops have thrived in New Britannia’s acidic soil.”

“Master Nystal, I did not recognize that colorful fish we had for dinner.”, said Theodric,
“It had a surprisingly sweet flavor to it and I feel more energized.”

“Ah, my boy, that’s because it’s magic glowfish!,” answered Nystal, “Rarely ever seen, it
provides a substantial boost to one’s health and mana when properly prepared and
consumed. Improper preparation prior to consumption results in violent convulsions
and death!”

“What?!”, cried Gabriel, Carlin, and Theodric as they all suddenly stood up.

“Don’t worry, boys, I’ve been doing this for years! You’re in no danger.”, assured Nystal.
A relieved Gabriel, Carlin, and Theodric sat down.

“Nystal, what can you tell me about the Dragon Lords?”, asked Gabriel.

“Ah, interested in learning about your heritage, Avatar?”, replied Nystal, “I believe
Theodric would be better suited to tell you the tale.”

“It would be my honor, master.”, said Theodric, “According to the Book of Aramus…”
(Loop as needed. Music fades out.)

(Insert “Classical/Medieval Song” by Joe Reynolds – Professorlamp)

200 Years Ago…

Christopher Dane paused for a moment on the rocky mountainside to catch his breath.
His backpack was beginning to wear heavily on him. It was high noon on a warm
summer day, and he had spent the last hour searching the area for the rare Hecamum
plant, a key ingredient in the powerful healing potion he was developing.

He found it hard to believe that it had been three years since he had moved to the nearby
village of Draven with his lovely wife, Katherine, and his young son, Michael, and set up
shop as village healer. A former member of Lord British’s elite Valcin Guard, he had
witnessed the horrors of war and when his term of service was over, he was eager to
leave that life behind him. His choice for his new career would have greatly disappointed
his late father, the great General Marcus Dane, hero of the Tragata Wars, for their family
had a long tradition of distinguished military service stretching back 500 years to the
days of Old Britannia. But Christopher had been fascinated in the medicinal properties of
plants since he was a child, and he knew this was his calling. (Music fades out.)

(Insert “Peaceful Village Loop” by Elerya)

The village of Draven, situated near the base of Mount Hellath, was a farming
community well-known for its wheat and corn. A primary food supplier to the Royal
Army, it’s citizens eagerly awaited the monthly army supply caravan from the capital,
Brittany. Draven was quiet and peaceful, and full of friendly people, an ideal place to
raise a family. (Music fades out.)

(Insert “Classical/Medieval Song” by Joe Reynolds – Professorlamp)

But all that changed a week ago, when farmers noticed their livestock started
disappearing and their fields were set afire late at night. No one dared to venture
outside at night to investigate – all they could hear was the flapping of wings and loud
roaring. The village elders speculated it was the work of the legendary black dragon
Kuroseth, who was said to dwell in an cave deep beneath Mount Hellath. A rider had
been dispatched to Brittany to seek the aid of Lord British, but the rider’s charred
remains were found early the next day on the eastern bank of the nearby Serpent River.
The villagers grew fearful. All hope seemed lost.

Three nights ago, a band of mercenaries known as the Red Wolves entered the Golden
Falcon Tavern and offered their services to the village elders, at a “reasonable price”, of
course. Their leader, Korwin Longwood, was a former commander in Lord British’s Royal Army.
He assured the village elders that he and his men had the skills and firepower necessary to take down the legendary black dragon, Kuroseth. The Red Wolves had ventured forth towards Mount Hellath over a day ago, and had not been heard from since…

Christopher knew the risk he was taking by being here, but he knew that it was well worth it.
He had already gathered all of the other components needed to concoct the healing
potion. The hecamum was the final ingredient. If Christopher was right, this new
formulation would be ten times more potent than anything currently available. It could
save many lives.

Christopher shouted with delight as he spotted a small yellow and purple Hecamum
plant growing out of a mountain crevice. He carefully plucked three of the flowers and
placed them in his belt pouch.

Suddenly, Christopher sensed that someone was in great pain (one of the several
empathic abilities which he had inherited from his mother) and heard an elderly, male
voice in his mind beg him,” Please help me…”

The voice guided him across the mountainside, and when Christopher rounded a corner,
he was surprised to see the legendary black dragon, Kuroseth, lying on his back, with a
huge gaping wound in his chest. Green pus oozed from the wound, a clear indication
that he had been poisoned. Kuroseth’s breathing was labored and shallow. The charred
remains of Korwin Longwood and his band of mercenaries lay in front of him.

“I know how this appears, but the truth is I was forced to slay these mercenaries in self defense.”,
said Kuroseth, “They attacked me without warning as I was flying back to my
lair. I am not the creature who has been terrorizing your village.”

“I know.”, replied Christopher, ” I sense the good within you. You appear to be critically
wounded. How can I be of assistance?”

“The poisoned weapons which the mercenaries used prevent me from using my magic to
heal myself.”, said Kuroseth, “Are you a mage, by any chance?”

“No, I am only a humble village healer.”, answered Christopher, “But I will try my best
to aid you.”

Christopher sat down next to Kuroseth and removed his backpack. He opened it and
took out a mortar and pestle. From his various belt pouches, he removed the individual
ingredients and began combining them together. After half an hour, the healing potion
was ready. He poured the bitter concoction down Kuroseth’s throat and waited. After
two hours, Christopher fell asleep. (Music fades out.)

(Insert “Tower of Great Lords” by Alexander Zhelanov)

When Christopher awoke, the sun was beginning to set. He was astonished to see
Kuroseth sitting upright, fully healed, and staring right at him.

“I owe you my life, Christopher Dane.”, said Kuroseth, “From this moment on, I am
bound to your bloodline for the rest of my days.”

“That really is not necessary, mighty Kuroseth.”, replied Christopher, “I was merely
fulfilling my duties as a healer.”

“No, I believe all of this was meant to be.”, answered Kuroseth, “Now that I am fully
healed and have access to my prophetic powers, I can see now that you have a great
destiny before you!”

“Behold!”, said Kuroseth, as he gestured with his claws and uttered an incantation.

Suddenly, Christopher found himself clad in black plate armor at the head of a long
rectangular table in the main Council chamber of Castle Genar. Eight other armor clad
knights, five male and three female, were seated at the table, staring right at him. “So
Grandmaster, what do you think is our best course of action?”, asked a young, blue
armored knight seated to his right.

“Pardon me?”, asked Christopher.

“King Oswin’s invading army is approaching from the east.”, said Jero Oraci, “General
Caldane’s army has just departed from Brittany, but won’t reach the border town of
Arden for another three days. Thousands will be slaughtered!’

“No! We will buy General Caldane’s army time to reach Arden by intercepting King
Oswin’s army here at Blood Canyon.”, Christopher heard himself saying, as he pointed
to a spot on the map stretched out on the table.

“If we depart now, we should arrive there in about eight hours.”, said Christopher, “If
we split our force in half and attack from both the northern and southern ends of the
narrow, high walled canyon, we should be able to trap King Oswin’s troops. I will lead
the northern squad consisting of myself, Jesar, Kimiko, Marisol, and Duncan. Jero will
lead the southern squad consisting of himself, Senga, Connor, and Siobhan.”

“A brilliant strategy, Grandmaster!”, said the beautiful, young, red-haired, green-eyed,
white armor clad, Dragon Lord Siobhan, who gazed at Christopher longingly.

All of the Dragon Lords stood up and raised their swords. ” Whenever we are needed,
the Dragon Lords stand ready to defend New Britannia! Long may Lord British reign!”,
they shouted.

The Dragon Lords rushed out to the rooftop where their mounts, the Nine Legendary
Dragons, were waiting for them. As Christopher approached Kuroseth, he noticed that
the old black dragon was smiling at him.

“What’s so amusing, old friend?”, asked Christopher.

“Time for you to return!”, said Kuroseth, as he gestured with his claws and uttered an

“What was that?!”, said Christopher, as found himself back on Mount Hellath standing
next to Kuroseth.

“That was your future.”, answered Kuroseth,” From this moment on, you are
Christopher Nightshadow, the First Dragon Lord. You are destined to lead the Nine
Dragon Lords in their defense of New Britannia, as Lord British commands.”

“But I am no longer a man of war!”, said Christopher, “I only seek to ease people’s

“You can not escape your destiny, Lord Nightshadow.”, replied Kuroseth, “Failure to
take up arms will result in this…”

This time, Christopher found himself standing in the middle of his village late at night.
Houses were burning as a kobold army swept through. He saw his wife struggling with
a lecherous kobold. She stabbed him in the shoulder with a long kitchen knife. The
kobold roared in pain and snapped her neck. Her lifeless body fell to the ground. His
son cried out, but he was dragged away by another kobold and thrown in a caged wagon
with other children. The kobold eyed the children hungrily before he drove the wagon
away. The dead bodies of Christopher’s close friends and neighbors were strewn all
about. It was a horrible sight, and Christopher closed his eyes.

When Christopher reopened them, everything was back to normal.

“You can only prevent that from happening by embracing your destiny!”, said Kuroseth.

“What must I do?”, asked a shaken Christopher.

“Put on this enchanted black plate armor and this Dragon Katana!”, commanded
Kuroseth, pointing to where they lay nearby.

When Christopher had done so, he asked Kuroseth,” What next?”

“Now we find out who has really been terrorizing your village!”, said Kuroseth, “Where
did they found the rider’s body?”

“On the east bank of the Serpent River,”, replied Christopher.

“Then let us investigate! Put this saddle on my neck and climb aboard!”, said Kuroseth.
“Wait a minute!”, interrupted Gabriel, “You’re not telling me that this armor and sword
once belonged to my grandfather?”

“Yes, that is indeed the same suit of armor worn by you grandfather 200 years ago.”,
answered Nystal, “The original Dragon Katana was destroyed in battle long ago. The
Sword of Virtue has merely reshaped itself in its image because that is what you
subconsciously desired, Avatar. Theodric, please continue.”

“Yes, Master Nystal.”, replied Theodric. (Music fades out.)
(Insert “The Last Encounter (Original Version)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com)

As Christopher and Kuroseth flew over the Serpent River, the water started bubbling
and a giant, winged, red demon emerged from its depths and soared up into the sky.

The demon paused in mid-air and began hurling red fireballs at Christopher and

Kuroseth deftly avoided the fireballs and charged straight at the demon, breathing black

The demon dodged the black fireballs, and returned fire. Kuroseth zigzagged to avoid
the demon’s fireballs and said to Christopher, ” When we get close to the demon, jump
onto its neck and stab him in the brain with your sword. It’s his only weak spot!”

“And what happens when he begins to fall?”, asked Christopher.

“Don’t worry, I’ll circle back around to catch you when you jump off him!”, replied

“OK…”, said a wary Christopher.

Kuroseth flew close to the demon, who suddenly summoned a massive, flaming sword
and began swinging it at Kuroseth.

Kuroseth dodged the sword attacks and then yelled, “Now!”

Christopher leapt onto the demon’s neck and drew his Dragon Katana. Plunging it deep
into the demon’s skull, he pulled it straight down his neck and spinal column. The
demon roared out in pain. Christopher quickly sheathed his Dragon Katana as the
demon’s eyes turned white and its lifeless form began falling. Christopher jumped and
fell a short distance before landing right in the saddle as Kuroseth swooped in to catch

The demon’s body crashed into the river with a loud boom as the cheering villagers, who
had heard all of the loud noise and come out of their homes to observe the entire battle
in the sky, greeted Christopher and Kuroseth as they landed nearby. Christopher
explained to the villagers that the demon was the true culprit and that Kuroseth was a
friend. Christopher’s wife, Katherine, and his five-year old son, Michael, came running.
Christopher hugged them both. Michael walked over to Kuroseth and patted him on the
nose. Kuroseth smiled.
Meanwhile, on a nearby hilltop, two figures observed the people below unnoticed. The
young, dark-haired man in red and black armor knelt before his master and spoke.

“Master, forgive me.”, said Lord Shadowreign, “Your plan has failed due to my
incompetence. I await your judgement.”

“Rise, Lord Shadowreign.”, commanded the black cloaked figure, “This was merely a test
of your abilities. You have done well. Only a skilled practitioner of the dark arts would
have been able to free such a powerful demon lord from his underworld prison and
compel him to terrorize this village. The demon’s attacks on the other two farming
villages of Gan and Holcroft were quite successful.”
“This Dragon Lord must be dealt with right away, before he becomes a bigger threat to
your plans.”, urged Lord Shadowreign, “Should I take care of him personally?”

“No, Lord Shadowreign.”, replied his master, “You must learn the importance of
patience. Those who rush into battle are doomed to fail. Powerful you may be, but much
you still have to learn, my young apprentice. If this Dragon Lord becomes a greater
threat in the future, rest assured that he will be dealt with.”

“Yes, Master Jonir.”, said Lord Shadowreign.

The cloaked figure uttered an incantation and both figures vanished in a cloud of black

(Music fades out.)
“So, Lord Shadowreign was indirectly responsible for the rise of the Dragon Lords?”,
asked Gabriel.

“Yes.”, answered Nystal, “But he was also the one responsible for their destruction and
your father’s exile to Earth 50 years ago. But that’s a tale for another evening. Now it’s
time for us to clean up and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long day. We will pass
through the Valley of Fallen Heroes, the halfway point to the fortress of the Kobold King,
Ugrod, in northwest Novia, where the first fragment of the Amulet of Vazur lies.”

“Nystal, I do have a question.”, asked Gabriel, “Whatever happened to my grandmother?
Does she yet live?”

Nystal smiled.

“Your grandmother still lives, Gabriel.”, replied Nystal, “Would you like to meet her?’

“Yes, very much so!”, said Gabriel, “Does she live far from here?”

“No, as a matter of fact, she lives very close by.”, answered Nystal, “I will take you to

“Carlin and I will clean up the camp and then get some sleep.”, said Theodric, “See you both in the

Nystal led Gabriel down a narrow path through the woods to a small stone cottage in a
clearing. A cloud of smoke rose from the chimney and a lamp shone through one of the
windows. There was a small vegetable garden located on the right-hand side of the
cottage. Well-manicured shrubs lined the stone walk path leading up to the front door.

Nystal and Gabriel passed through the nearly invisible, dome-shaped mystical force field
surrounding the area around the cottage. Nystal explained to Gabriel that he had erected
the force field when his grandmother had moved into the cottage following the death of
his grandfather. Nystal noted that only good beings with honorable intentions could pass
through the impenetrable force field.

Nystal knocked on the wooden door.

“Who is it?’, asked a female voice.

“It’s Nystal! Katherine, I have someone I want you to meet.”, said Nystal.

“At this late hour?”, answered Katherine, “Oh, all right…”
(Insert “The King’s Crowning” by Telaron)
The door opened and there stood a blonde-haired woman who appeared to be about 60
(earth) years old.

“Katherine, this is your grandson, Gabriel.”, said Nystal.

Tears welled up in Katherine’s eyes as she rushed forward to embrace Gabriel.

“I never thought I’d live long enough to meet you!”, said Katherine, as she stood back
and examined Gabriel, ” You look so much like your father, Michael, at the same age.
Come in, I’ll fix us some nice, herbal tea. We have so much to talk about!”

Gabriel asked, “Nystal, won’t you be joining us?”

“No, Gabriel, this is between you and your grandmother.”, replied Nystal, “I trust you
can find your way back to camp?”

” Yes.”, replied Gabriel, “I can not thank you enough for uniting me with my
grandmother! See you in the morning!”

Nystal smiled, then turned and departed.

As Gabriel entered his grandmother’s cottage, he realized how lost he had felt ever since his
wife, Shannon, died three years ago, but now he had something worth fighting for, something worth living for. Gabriel Nightshadow had finally found his way home. (Music fades out.)


(Insert “Melvin and Waldorf” by Joe Reynolds – Professorlamp at www.jrtheories.webs.com)

Four hours later, Nystal heard a noise and woke up. He was startled to see Theodric and Carlin bound and gagged, with two burly German guys standing guard over them.

“Don’t try anything or we will kill your friends!”, said Hans, pointing his sword at Theodric’s throat, “What’s a matter? Are you a scared little boy?”

Thedoric appeared to be very nervous and was sweating profusely.

Hans laughed in Theodric’s face.

“A slow and painful death, to be sure.”, said Gunther, who was throwing knives around Carlin’s head. Carlin glared at Gunter and appeared to be cursing him, but the gag muffled his voice and it was hard to tell exactly what he was saying.

“Ja, we mean business!”, said Hans, “We’re the Arensdorf brothers and we’re two wild and dangerous guys!”

“Ah, you finally woke up!”, said a very familiar voice. Nystal turned around to see the Tall Albino Man standing there, with a ten year old version of his beloved Chariya in front of him. He had his hands on her shoulders and she seemed very scared.

The adult Chariya realized that the little girl was her when she was a child, and whispered to Nystal “How is this possible?”

“Parallel worlds, my dear.”, Nystal whispered, “There’s a version of you on each one of them!”

“Such a pretty little girl!”, said The Tall Albino Man, stroking young Chariya’s cheek with his right hand, “No doubt she will grow up to be a beautiful woman. I can see why she caught your eye.”

“Let the girl go!”, shouted Nystal, “This doesn’t concern her. This is between you and me!”

“Of course, this concerns her.”, said The Tall Albino Man, with a wicked smile on his face, “She’s the only one you love, no matter what form she’s in.”

“I don’t understand…”, said young Chariya, “I’m scared. I wish Amber was here…”

As if on cue, Gunther suddenly fell to the ground dead, his throat slit by Amber Raine, who had snuck up behind him! Hans was tackled from behind by Mori Tura, who then proceeded to rip his throat out!

“What’s this?!”, shouted The Tall Albino Man.

“Let the girl go!”, yelled Amber, as she dropped her dagger and pulled out her twin swords.

“Not so fast!”, said The Tall Albino Man, as he pushed young Chariya to one side and surrounded her with an energy bubble, “One step closer and I will have remove all of the air from the bubble and young Chariya will suffocate to death!”

Nystal waved Amber off with his left hand and said, “Stay back, Amber! Tend to Carlin and Theodric. I’ll deal with our foe here!”

Turning to the Tall Albino Man, Nystal said, “Time for us to settle this once and for all on the astral plane!”

“Agreed!”, said The Tall Albino Man, “A mental battle to the death!”

Nystal nodded in agreement.

“Since you’re the one who challenged me, I get to select our battlefield!”, said Nystal.

“Very well, Nystal.”, replied The Tall Albino Man, “What shall it be?”

“Why, feudal Japan, of course!”, said a smiling Nystal, “See you there!”

“Death is coming for you, Nystal!”, shouted The Tall Albino Man.
To the others gathered, it appeared as if both Nystal and The Tall Albino Man had suddenly become frozen in time, but on the astral plane the battle was about to begin…

(Insert “Assassin’s Assault” by HorrorPen)

Nystal and The Tall Albino Man found themselves standing in courtyard of a feudal Japanese estate. It was high noon and all was silent. Both Nystal and The Tall Albino Man were both clad in samurai armor. Nystal’s armor was gold in color, while The Tall Albino Man’s armor was black. Nystal found himself full of energy, for in this realm, he was young Time Lord once again and he wielded the Gold Dragon katana. The Tall Albino Man was wielding a giant red bisento (a spear-like weapon with a blade at the end that resembles a scimitar).

The two men started circling each other.

“I understand that you trained under the great Miyamoto Musashi himself.”, said The Tall Albino Man, “Most impressive. Too bad for you I trained under Hattori Hanzo!”

The Tall Albino Man attacked first and drew first blood as his bisento grazed Nystal’s side.
The longer reach of the bisento was a real problem, Nystal thought to himself. If I’m not careful, I’m a dead man!

Nystal drew blood next as he avoided The Tall Albino Man’s thrust and sliced his right shoulder.

“Good. Very good!”, said The Tall Albino Man, “Let’s make this more interesting!”

The Tall Albino Man gestured and suddenly an hourglass appeared in mid-air.

“This hourglass actually runs out in five minutes. That’s how long you have to kill me before young Chariya runs out of air and suffocates to death!”, said The Tall Albino Man, with an evil smile, “Are you up to the task?”

“Damn you!”, yelled an angry Nystal, as he charged at The Tall Albino Man.

The Tall Albino Man deflected Nystal’s blow with his bisento and laughed!

“Yes, give in to your anger!”, said The Tall Albino Man, “For that is the true source of one’s strength!”

Back in the real world, Amber Raine, Carlin, and Theodric suddenly saw a five minute hourglass suspended in mid-air and could see that young Chariya was having trouble breathing!

“We must penetrate the energy bubble before Chariya suffocates!”, yelled Amber.

Despite their best efforts, none of their weapons had any effect on the energy bubble and they could only watch helplessly as young Chariya slowly suffocated…

As the final minute began winding down, both Nystal and The Tall Albino Man were badly wounded and the dirt courtyard was covered in their blood. The two men were breathing heavily.

The Tall Albino Man lunged at Nystal with his bisento.

Nystal closed his eyes, cleared his mind, and then thrust his katana.

Both Nystal and The Tall Albino Man dealt each other a fatal blow. Nystal’s blade pierced the Tall Albino Man’s heart, while The Tall Albino Man’s bisento impaled Nystal through his stomach.

Both of the men fell backward.

“You’re too late, Nystal!”, laughed The Tall Albino Man, “Time has run out! Your sacrifice was for nothing. I win. I’ll see you in hell!”

Then, The Tall Albino Man died, his eyes staring straight upward.

“No… “, said Nystal, as he lost consciousness.

(Insert “Leap into Eternity (Live Orchestra)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com)

In the real world, Amber, Carlin, and Theodric were unable to revive Chariya after the energy bubble collapsed. Carlin checked her pulse.

“I’m afraid she’s dead, Amber.”, he said.

Amber started crying.

“I failed her…”, Amber sobbed.

Theodric suddenly cried out, as he noticed Nystal’s body beginning to glow.

Gabriel suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Amber, grab the Radozan mind cube from Nystal’s pouch!”, he said.

Amber ran over and grabbed the cube.

“What do I do with it?”, she asked.

(Music fades out.)
(Insert “Dream” by Eliot Corley)

“When I give you the signal, place it on young Chariya’s forehead!”, said Gabriel, as he took hold
of young Chariya’s lifeless hand and his green eyes suddenly turned bright white. Suddenly, both Gabriel and young Chariya were surrounded by a white glow.

“Now!”, said Gabriel, as he concentrated on reviving young Chariya.

Amber placed the Radozan mind cube on young Chariya’s forehead and held it in place.

The white glow surrounding Gabriel and young Chariya grew in intensity, while Nystal’s form, which was now completely obscured by a yellow glow, started shrinking…

After several minutes, Gabriel let go of young Chariya’s hand and collapsed from exhaustion. His eyes returned to their normal emerald green color. The Radozan mind cube was now pitch black and lifeless.

(Loop as needed to get here. Music fades out.)

“Did it work?”, Gabriel asked, as he breathed heavily.

Young Chariya opened her eyes.

“I’m alive?”, asked Chariya, as she felt her face, “After two hundred years, I finally have a body again!”

“Yes, my love, and so have I!”, said a young, male voice from behind them. Everyone turned around to see a bald, ten year old version of Time Lord standing there.

Turning to Gabriel, young Time Lord asked, “How did you know?”

Gabriel pulled out a paperback copy of the last novel in his Time Lord series, Death of a Time Lord, out of his pouch.

“Because that’s exactly how it happened in the dream I had when I was writing the ending to this book nine years ago. Strange, though, I never would have guessed that those dreams would turn out to be visions of the future.”, replied Gabriel.

Amber looked very sad.

“Nystal, Chariya, I’m very happy for the both of you, but does this mean that the young Chariya I grew to care for is truly gone forever?”, asked Amber.

“Amber, I’m so sorry…”, said young Time Lord.

“Don’t be sad, Amber. Young Chariya’s soul will eventually be reborn into a new body and you will see her again one day.”, said a smiling Gabriel.

“How do you know that?”, asked Amber.

“Here, let me show you another vision I had of the future!”, said Gabriel, as he touched the tip of his finger to Amber’s forehead.

Suddenly, Amber found herself at some point in the future. She was standing in a large church. Her pet wolf, Mori Tura, was standing by her side. She no longer wore armor or carried weapons, for she was now the High Priestess of the Church of Chaos! She reached into her pocket and pulled out her Chaos Spoon! A handsome, bearded man clad in a white silk robe with blue trim covered in strange golden runes walked over and gave her a hug. Amber instantly knew that he was her husband, the noted historian, Theodric. She heard a familiar voice call out, “Mommy!”, and saw young Chariya come running over to hug her as well. All was well and Amber was very happy. Then, everything turned bright white and she found herself back in the present.

“Was that really my future?”, asked Amber.

“It is if you continue on your current path.”, said Gabriel.

A nervous Theodric walked over and introduced himself to Amber. Amber was stunned to hear about the vision he had four years ago on Mount Krendor.

(Insert “Heroes Theme” by Alexandr Zhelanov at https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov)

Young Time Lord suddenly spoke up.

“As happy as I am about how things how turned out, we have much work to do!”, he said, “We must recover the nine fragments of the Amulet of Vazur before Lord Shadowreign returns in six months with his invasion force. Who’s with me?”

Young Time Lord placed his hand out. Everyone else placed their hands on top of his.

“We’re with you, Time Lord!”, everyone shouted, “To save New Britannia! Long may Lord British reign!”

(Music fades out)
(Insert “Theme of Com-Mecha” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com)
A distant universe, on the planet Naguriama…

Lightning pierced the dark night sky over the massive steel citadel. Thousands of armor clad skeletons littered the rocky terrain outside. In the dimly lit throne room, a figure clad in black armor sat, deep in thought. Suddenly, a cyborg warrior clad in high tech samurai armor entered and knelt before his master.

“Sorry to disturb you, my Lord, but it is urgent that I speak to you!”, said the samurai.

“What concerns you, General Ruko?”, asked the dark figure.

“The men grow impatient, my Lord. They are eager to invade New Britannia and put the renegade Nystal on trial for his crimes against the Jinrazi Empire!”, replied General Ruko.

“I see.”, said the dark figure, “Tell your men that they need to be patient just a little longer. With my aid, your people have been able to track down and eliminate most of the “Old Gods” and destroy their floating city of Ghidara. Do not worry. The criminal Nystal is not going anywhere. In six months, we will be able to pass through the lunar rift. Once we have defeated Lord British’s forces, the Jinrazi will be able to settle on the eastern continent and Nystal will be brought to justice. I promise you that the late Emperor Kuzai and the Jinrazi Empire will be avenged!”

“The Jinrazi thank you for saving us when our battle cruiser crashed on this planet long ago, Lord Shadowreign!”, says General Ruko,” I will convey your message to the troops!”

General Ruko rose, turned, and left the throne room.

After General Ruko departed, Lord Shadowreign talked to himself. “Soon, I will finally be rid of you, Nystal, and then nothing will stop me from reclaiming the throne from my weak and pathetic brother, Lord British! In the end, Chaos will triumph over Order!”

Lord Shadowreign’s eyes glowed bright red as he pounded his right fist down on the stone throne armrest, causing it to shatter into many pieces!

(Insert “The Last Encounter (Original Version)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com)

Sir Stile Teckel
The Avatar Chronicles I: Return of the Avatar

Directed and Produced by Lord Baldrith

Writer and Music Supervisor: Gabriel Nightshadow

Casting Director and Court Jester:
Time Lord

Assistant Casting Director and Director of Public Relations:
Amber Raine


Lord Baldrith as Nystal, Lord Baldrith, Mingo and General Ruko
Asclepius as Lord DarkStarr, Red Badger, Kuroseth, Malgor the Mighty, Demon Lord Argax, Henry, Morgan, Brian and group
Joe Garrity as Gabriel Nightshadow
Amber Raine as young and adult Chariya and amber Raine
Carlin Archer as Carlin
StaticGrazer as Lord Shadowreign
Avatar Acid as Theodric
Dame Lori as Jessica and Katherine
Kami as Sister Agnes and Lareth
Sir Cabirus as Hans and Gunther
Lacr0bat as Master Jonir, Sir Charles Campbell, enemy and group
Chips36 as Marek, teenage boy and group
Elizabeth as Dragonlord Siobhan, Sarah and group
Thornrage as Dragonlord Jero Oraci and Robert
Brian D Taylor as Enemy Commander
David Peters as Guard Bob
Trenyc as the Tall Albino Man
Majoria70 as Vastra/Lady Arabella
Duke Greigor as Duke Garen and the original Avatar
Dwalin Bruchberg as Christopher Nightshadow
Littlegeeklost as Firelotus
Sarg as Marius
Brian Manown as Samuel
Sir Stile Teckel as the Mayor of Ardoris
Indi Martin as Lanthirthel and Annese
Steven J Goldman as John

cipheruzmad as Lord British and Barek of the Old Gods
and starring
Asclepius as The Great Storyweaver
(Loop as needed. Music fades out)

(Insert “Beauty of Chaos” by grindhold and grindhold.de)
Duke Garen’s Castle…
As Lord DarkStarr stood atop the castle wall next to Duke Garen observing the troops training in the courtyard below, he suddenly had a vision. He was surrounded by mist. The mist dissipated and Lord DarkStarr found himself sitting in the front row of a giant cathedral. The bright sun shone through the magnificent stained glass windows which depicted the story of Lord DarkStarr’s resurrection and rise to power. The church pews were fully packed and many people were standing in the back. A beautiful, red-headed elf wearing a black robe was standing at the pulpit preaching the word of Chaos. Lord DarkStarr was mesmerized by the sound of her voice.
When she finished her sermon, Lord DarkStarr found himself at the head of the long line of parishioners waiting to greet her. He walked up to her and said, “That was a lovely sermon you gave today, High Priestess Amber Raine!”
High Priestess Amber Raine replied, “Thank you, my Lord. We all strive to follow the path you have set us on. I thought that you should know that many of my parishioners have praised your good work. Since you became ruler, New Britannia has enjoyed a new age of prosperity. ”
After giving Amber an amorous glance, Lord DarkStarr whispered in her ear, “I trust that you will be stopping by this evening for dinner at the usual time? We still have plenty of meat pie left.”
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, my Lord,”, replied High Priestess Amber Raine, as she smiled.
Everything suddenly faded into the mist and Lord DarkStarr found himself back on the castle wall.
“Are you alright, Lord DarkStarr?”, asked Duke Garen, “You seemed lost in thought for a few moments.”
“I’m fine, Duke Garen.”, replied Lord DarkStarr, “I just had a vision of the future…”
“Oh really?’, asked Duke Garen, “A good one, I hope…”
“Indeed it was.”, answered Lord DarkStarr, as he smiled, “Duke Garen, I need your help in locating someone for me. A red-headed, female elf named Amber Raine…”
(Music fades out.)
(Insert “Beyond the Clouds (Orchestral Theme)” by Matthew Pablo at www.matthewpablo.com)

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(Insert “Omens” By Eliot Corley)

The Port Town of Jerahl…
Marius, the handsome young leader of the Homeguard, suddenly woke up in a cold sweat. Running over to the wash basin, he splashed cold water on his face and stared into the mirror. The face staring back at him was not his own. It was that of The Tall Albino Man! Marius suddenly had a wicked smile on his face and began laughing…

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

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