February 2 2018

Echoes From the Caverns 02-02-18

Hello Everyone! Here is the news of the week!

Game Development

  • The Making of The Lost Vale
  • Heraldry Items Revealed

News Announcements

  • R50 Postmortem Telethon Results
  • NPC Submission Requests: Xenos & Yew
  • Shroud of the Avatar Launch Event
  • Livestream: The Making of Physical Goods
  • Free Trial: Choose Any Path!
  • Job Opening: Executive Assistant
  • Upcoming Events Calendar

Community Updates

  • The Magnificent Trophy Rooms Contest Returns!
  • Virtue Marathon 2018: Children’s Miracle Hospital Network
  • Crossroads ‘Palisades Mall’ Monthly Flea Market
  • Getting Started Videos: The Mail System
  • Did You Know: Sun Magic Spells Strengthen Depending on the Daytime?
  • Recommended Project to Support: REEF
  • Resources: Players Helping Players