March 10 2017

Echoes From the Caverns 03-10-17

Hello everyone! A note: Asclepius is on a well-deserved vacation and so I shall be going it alone for the next few weeks! Please bear with me as I try not to bore you too much! Here is the news of the week. :


  • City Kobold Weapons
  • Obsidian Cabalist Wearables
  • The Making of Serpent’s Spine Mines
  • The Making of The Fall
  • NPC submissions requested for Harvest
  • Spring Telethon 2017 Results
  • Making the Bundles Bigger
  • Music Weekend Flash Sale
  • Lord British Original Shroud Cloth Map Prototype #1 Bundle
  • R39 Offline Data Format Change – Character Preservation Notice
  • Spring 2017 Crafter’s Competition Winners
  • Upcoming Events
  • Community Resources – Players Helping Players
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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