February 10 2017

Echoes From the Caverns 02-10-17

Hello everyone! Here is the news of the week:


  • City Kobolds and Kobold Chests
  • Patterns: Gear and Decoration Reshaping
  • The Making of Upper Fortus
  • The Making of Rhun Ruins
  • The Crawl to K’rul
  • R38 Postmortem Recap
  • Origin PC Steam Key Bundle
  • Alienware Steam Key Giveaway: Lowered to Level 4
  • R38 Offline Data Format Change – Character Preservation Notice
  • Boss Battle of the Avatar – Screenshot Contest
  • Community Livestream – Exploring Blood Bay
  • Community Spotlight: Saint Haley – Player Owned Town
  • Doug’s (IronMaiden) Chemo Relief Fund [Update: Telethon with Dev Crafted Gear Auction]
  • Upcoming Events
  • Community Resources – Players Helping Players
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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