February 25 2016

The Second Era – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the next chapter of this wonderful saga by Elgarion De’Kahli. It is entitled

The Second Era

The Age of the Warring Cities Begins…
On Moonandai, the 9th of Apru, the Month of the Farmer, the Life-Giving Season of Sprengh, in the Lingering Night A New Era Began
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In the turbulent Second Era of New Britannia, the Warlords of all the kingdoms ravaged the lands, causing mayhem throughout the recently resettled world above their former cavernous homes. This age was a darkened time starved for a uniting strength; the Titans had yet to spread their blessings of love, courage and truth, and the peoples were lost without the mysterious guidance of The Oracle which, in time, would steer many to their elusive destinies. As the scales weighed heavily towards Chaos, it became a lost world–a world without Virtue, and it was the era in which The Obsidian Eye was born.

To what purpose the book stole into the meager farm boy’s hands, the young one did not know, or perhaps simply did not remember. One’s fate oft is written without the practicalities of reason. What was, is. What is, will be, and what will be, is foretold. Some say the boy stole the libram, but many theologians argue fate handed him this bounty, for no other choice was offered to him. One cannot deny their destiny. So by that right, the book was always his. This volume of small metallic pages contained the words of Sariah the Blind. The message bestowed clarity where there was confusion. The boy’s path was aligned to his true course. As he grew, so did his focus and resolve. With each passing year, the boy became the man, and the man became a scholar, a grand sorcerer, and then, Master to the Obsidian Cabal. He was to become, The Obsidian Eye.

In this time of utter turmoil, the world was ripe for conquest. The Warlords would never guess what would befall them. As they were distracted by their greed and territorial squabbles, the power of the Obsidian Eye thrived unabated. His reach stretched across the lands as dark sorcerers bowed into his service. His army was forming, and the world would soon know its conquerer and Master.

The Prophecy of the Obsidian Eye
The world is fallen; fallen into chaos.
Men reached up in anger and shattered the sky.
Its blackness falls to earth like a rain of dark glass;
The ordered customs and rows of society are shattered.
All men stumble
in the blinding light of a blood red dawn.
Sightless who will not see.
Deaf to the truth they will not hear.
Mewing and wailing of and for themselves.
They kill with discordant and untamed shouts
The melodic order of their better selves.
Yet from the Obsidians’ fall shall arise
Seen only by the ordered Eye
The blade which shall render order in their midst;
Silence the voices who screech outside the ordered tune;
Darken the eyes of unwelcome vision;
And bring one vision, one voice, one song
To a world reborn in perfect twilight.
Supreme and ordered once more in its flawlessness.
Of one thought and purpose born and died.
Until only the night remains.

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February 25 2016

Arachnophilia – written and narrated by Womby

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful poem written and narrated by Womby. It is entitled


Background music is by Smartsound.

The battle had ended
and that’s when I spied her –
surrounded by dead,
a magnificent spider.

There we were, the spider and I.
Facing each other. Eye to eye.
Corpses of people and spiders all round…
all but us dead, and nary a sound.

As we studied each other with cautious respect
I lowered my weapon, for I could detect
a sad, lonely tear in one of her eyes –
and what happened next came as quite a surprise.

She lifted a leg, and placed it on me
then beckoned I follow her under a tree.
It was there we discovered a passion so great
that the spider and I decided to mate.

Our 500 children now wander the land –
a sight so inspiring, moving and grand.
Some have two legs, and others have eight
but all think the taste of humans is great.

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