December 5 2015

Echoes From the Caverns 12-05-15

Hello Everyone! Here is the news for December 5th, 2015. Lord Baldrith here flying solo…Asclepius should be back next week! I hope my ramblings are entertaining for this weeks news!

  • The Making of The City of Aerie
  • New Dev+ Asset Pack: All Avatar Animations
  • Hangout of the Avatar – Release 24 Postmortem/li>
  • NPC Submissions Requested for Trading Outpost of Kiln
  • HoBLotH III: Lifeblood of the Hearth
  • Envyco Gaming’s Tour Guide R24 – Pilgrim Bonnet
  • Stone Creature Statues
  • Release 24-25 Christmas Decoration Contest!
  • 31 Day Countdown for Winter Reward & Price Expirations
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Games to Back

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