March 9 2015

Rise of the Ravagers chapter 4 – by Lendrick – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another instalment of the thrilling story from Lendrick, entitled

Rise of the Ravagers, chapter 4.

Music by Smartsound

Chapter 4
City Life

Two days later….
City Outskirts of Brittany.

The rain finally let up as Glyndrel and Alexyius made their way south, towards Brittany and hopefully able to finally catch up with Slyphania.

There were many times where Glyndrel had to catch himself and think twice about what he was doing and did he really feel the feelings he thought he felt? Shaking his head forlornly to himself, it was thinking like that which would muddle the mind and cause him to doubt himself. Focus on what’s at hand, and what’s at stake. Slyphania’s family are worried sick, and it’s up to Glyndrel to not only catch up with her, but see if he can make her see sense through the charms and manipulations of this so called wizard.

Slyphania wouldn’t even know he was following her, and had she, would she have attempted to stop him? To somehow lay some trap to thwart his progress? Destiny has a funny time with situations such as these, what, for example, had he not ever met her that fateful day? He would have been none the wiser and certainly wouldn’t be far from home now, moving into Human territory to a city that he had never visited and could be deadly and hostile, all on the off chance that what? She will run into his arms and declare her undying love and gratitude for him following her? More likely she will despise and hate him even more, and that wizard might even turn him into a frog!

Still, a frog wouldn’t have this…”No!” he must stop being so negative, focus on the goal at hand!


Glyndrel must have been shaking his head or muttering more than he thought as it drew Alexyius’ attention who gave him an incredulous look.

“Everything alright Glyn?”

“Yeah, well, no, well, I don’t know. Maybe you’re right in some respects, what am I doing? Out here? Dragged you away from home and for what? I sometime second-guess my intentions and motivations and wonder what I actually hope to accomplish if I catch up to her!?”

“Well, we going to know soon enough” Alexis indicated with his head and Glyndrel looked up. The town gates were a sight to behold, with a large line of traffic flowing in and out.

“It’s massive…” Glyndrel breathed in awe, “I’ve never seen anything so big, and how did they construct this?’ The Castle looming in the distance.

“Must be magic” Alexyius replied off-handedly and didn’t seem to be as impressed as Glyndrel.

“With these many people, surely they won’t mind a couple more elves, no?” Glyndrel stated hopefully.

“I would expect not, we don’t present as bandits or thieves, will just have to play it by our pointy ear”.

The moved steadily towards the gate, flowing into the line of slow moving traffic, and eventually, inexorably, they approached the gates and their perspective changed, zooming into the guard booths flanking the gates and a pair of what must be city watch guards checking everyone as they passed through”

“What be yer business in Brittany then lads?” The guard stated and brought Glyndrel out of his daze of being overwhelmed to realise he was being addressed.

‘Uh, we are looking for a friend who we believe came this way a few days prior” Replied Glyndrel, thinking that the truth was always the best.

“Well, ok, but you will have to check your weapons” The guard replied and indicated to their bows and daggers on their belts’.

Glyndrel was loath to give up his ability to defend himself, and if needed hunt for food, but also didn’t want to cause any trouble and expected they should have them returned to them upon their departure.

Glyndrel gave Alexyius a nod to indicate to give up the weapons and unshouldered his bow, pulling out the dagger from his belt and handing it to the guard hilt first.

The guards placed a number on each and then gave the two a corresponding scrap of parchment with the same number on it.

“For when ye leave, don’t lose that or you won’t be getting these back, on your way then”.

They kept moving, not wanting to hold up the line for the others.

Upon entering the city, the sights and sounds and smells to Glyndrel were assaulting his senses from all sides. Glyndrel started to feel claustrophobic from the intense hustle and bustle. The Street they were in was called “Kings Walk”, and it curved away into the distance, lined by shops and filled with people of all shapes and sizes. There must have been thousands of people to a one, and Glyndrel was starting to wish for his green forests and diamond falls. It was very overwhelming, looking to Alexius for support, he seemed to be taking it all in his stride, which Glyndrel found little comfort in.

“Been here before, have we?” Glyndrel had to almost shout to be heard.

“Yeah, my uncle used to bring me here when I was little to do trading, been used to it ever since” replied Alexyius.

“So what do we do now? Where do we go?” Yelled Glyndrel.

“First thing is to find ourselves an inn, so we can get rid of these packs and have something to eat, follow me and I will lead you to a nice establishment my Uncle used to visit. It’s called the “Dusty Cutlass Inn”, and although somewhat rowdy sometimes, they got some pirates now and then, the food is delicious and the beds soft”. Said Alexyius.

Glyndrel merely nodded and followed his friend.

As they walked, having to push their way through the crowd, it was all Glyndrel could do to keep his friend in sight, and after traversing numerous side streets, Alexyius indicated to Glyndrel and pointed, off in the distance, was a two story building and out the front a sign that read “The Dusty Cutlass” with a cutlass hanging underneath.

Approaching the inn, a Glyndrel noticed a young Human boy, no more than maybe seven or eight, quickly walk up behind one woman and quickly cut the purse strings that held a pouch around her waist. With a frightened yelp and scream, the young boy disappeared into the crowd and was gone. Glyndrel’s eyes flared and yelled out, just about to run after him when Alexyius grabbed an arm.

“Don’t bother, he will be long gone now and that purse palmed off to numerous others, you will never find it or recover her money”. Alexyius was matter of fact about it and seemed resigned. Glyndrel still fumed about the injustice of it all.

“City life I guess, my friend” Alexyius added attempting to allay Glyndrels temper. “Come on, let’s get inside before we are next”.

Alexyius let go of Glyndrel’s arm and entered the inn, Glyndrel still feeling outraged.

The Dusty Cutlass was a modest looking establishment on the inside, and got its namesake from the Cutlass relic mounted above the bar which was never cleaned and thereby covered in grime, soot, and of course, dust.

The innkeeper was a portly fellow with rosy cheeks and beard. Recognition in his eyes upon seeing Alexyius, got a hearty handshake.

“Aly me lad! Haven’t seen you in years! Look at ye now! How’s your Uncle?”

“Passed away I’m afraid my good, urh, Trent wasn’t it? Yeah, he had a nasty run in with a pack of Kobolds” Alexyius lamented, a sorrowful look passing over his face.

“Kobolds? Really? That’s not how I pictured him going out!” What can I get for you and your friend?”

“Uh, we need a room, two separate beds, and two ales, we’ve travelled a long way” asked Alexyius.

“Aye, I have a room that would suit, and the ales are on me, as a parting gift for your Uncle”.

“Thank ye, we really appreciate it” Alexyius replied.

“Yeah, uh, thankyou, very kind of you”, Glyndrel stammered, still overwhelmed by the city and now from some child stealing to a generous innkeeper, Glyndrel just wanted to curl up and sleep.

“Find a seat, I will bring out your Ale, and Grace here will see to your things and make up the room for you”.

‘Thankyou again, you have always been most generous with my family, Trent.” Alexyius shook his hand again.
The two sat down and looked about while waiting for their drinks. The inn was busy, as it was around midday and everyone was having their midday meal. The ale was brought out in short order and while bitter, was cool and refreshing. Glyndrel almost downed his in a single gulp.

“Woah, easy there, I don’t want to have to carry you upstairs!” Alexyius exclaimed.

Glyndrel returned him with a watery look and loud belch.

“That was good, for s-sure” Glyndrel slurred.

“Don’t drink much, do you? No more for you then!” Alexyius drank, but not nearly so fast.

“After this, let’s get some rest before evening, and then we can ask around about Slyphania”.

Glyndrel yawned and laid his head down on the table “Good idea, I’m sick of travelling”.

When Alexyius finished his ale, the two slowly ascended to their room, which was discovered to be neat and clean, fresh sheets, a bath with hot rocks and steaming water, with clean towels and their belongings neatly stacked in a corner.

Glyndrel made a bee-line to the first bed, and without undressing, collapsed on top of it.

He was asleep before his head even touched the pillow.


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March 9 2015

The Green Rogue Volume 1 – by enderandrew – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from enderandrew, entitled

The Green Rogue Volume I
Told by Joorus the Scribe

Background music “Fossil Evidence”, by Smartsound

Joseph had a bad feeling about this. He had argued for years that water was safer than land, especially in Norgard where armies of Kobolds eagerly awaited foolish merchants who left the safe confines of Estgard and entered the craggy, wooded roads leading into Valhold. Yet, that is precisely what he was doing at the moment. He preferred to take skiffs up the Oso river as he never saw Kobolds building boats. Some called them crafty and far more intelligent than their monstrous demeanor might suggest, but Joseph always argued that if Kobolds had any wits about them, they’d be on skiffs as well.

That was before Kobold archers and mages sank his last skiff from the river banks. Even though there are few places to hide along the mostly flat river banks, he was complacent and ambushed. Since he lost his entire shipment on that trip (and was lucky to survive) his partners insisted they take the quicker route on land this time. The weight of their parcel would have made a small skiff impractical as well. They were bringing a new anvil to Valhold. Amazingly enough, they had spent so many years constantly crafting new arms for Norgard troops and their neverending war with the Kobolds that they had actually worn through the old anvil. Joseph hadn’t thought that possible, but he also didn’t think it was possible for Kobolds to make him look a fool.

That neverending war also had the King’s attention focused to the northeast, across the Thrones of Skrekk. This road was constantly traveled, but rarely maintained. The uneven roads and weight meant that even with this direct route, they traveled slower than Joseph would have liked. But he wasn’t about to push their horses and end up having to re-shoe one on the road while they sat still and helpless. He kept telling himself that so long as they kept a steady pace and his armed guards flanked him, they’d make it to Valhold safely. But that nagging feeling just wouldn’t go away.

Just then a figure dropped down from above, landing right next to Joseph in the front of the stagecoach. Before Joseph could react, the masked bandit had a blade to his throat. His guards started to pull their weapons, but Joseph could feel the blade biting into his flesh ever so slightly.

“Stop!” he yelled. The guards hesitated as more bandits emerged from the trees and circled the stagecoach.

“Your guards will get off their horses and throw their blades to the side. We will take your horses and this coach. After we ride off, your guards can reclaim their blades in case you run into Kobolds. We’re thieves, but not monsters.”

Though he could feel a trickle of blood at his throat, Joseph regained his composure. “I thought I was afraid, but you’re a coward, dropping from trees and stealing from honest merchants!”

The bandit pushed the blade in even closer. “Do not make me regret letting you live. I am no coward and I will kill anyone who swears otherwise. Perhaps you haven’t heard of the famous Green Rogue. I have the courage to challenge Lords and Kings alike, even a Titan! While King Granus keeps us in a neverending war, who will stop him? He cannot continue his attack on the Kobolds and protect his people at the same time. That is why he does not really have people. You are vassals, blind servants to a King who would lead you to your death!”

The bandit eased up on the blade and urged Joseph to step down from the coach. As he rode off with his stolen goods, he shouted one last thought. “Tell the Lords of Norgard what happened! Tell them how their authority is questioned and how their people suffer because of them!”

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM